Top 3 ICO's to (aka how to get a lambo within 3 months) "re-post"

This was an ultra popular thread so I am re-posting it because there is not much time left for some of these ICO’s. See the original discussion here
So I pretty much started researching ICO’s fulltime while totally neglecting my PhD... buuut the 10x gains on DNT and 4x on CAT were worth it so far. Looking back, those were just lucky guesses now I am way more confident with my picks so I will share them with you.
1. Chainlink

the first decentralized oracle network; allowing smart contracts secure access to external data, off-chain payments, and other API capabilities. ChainLink operators provide their services to smart contracts for LINK tokens.

In our private investors groups on telegram/discord we filled up 3 pools each worth of 300 ETH within one day.


2 Blackmoon



3 BitDice

(tokensale has already started)

transformation of a well established casino. BitDice is expanding its boundaries by entering a USD 50 billion market of fiat online casino and upgrading itself to the next-generation technology platform

You only need to watch this to make up your mind.

They already make profit, and will pay quarterly dividends.

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How do you become a chainlink operator? I need to max my social LINKs to improve my purseowners.

can anyone fill me in on bitdice vs edg?

Feeling better about getting into chainlink and blackmoon, thanks op
Only an eth each, might sink more towards the crowdfunding dates

watch the youtube video

I am in all three but my fav is actually bitdice, watch the youtube vid

Balls deep in Chainlink and Blackmoon.

If interested in Blackmoon use this ref link plox (original link doesn't pass Veeky Forums spam filter):

Wealth accumulation: CSNO holders are entitled to 70% of BitDice profits distributed quarterly via Ethereum smart-contract.

70% ?!
bottom of page at

I swear to god, there are so many hot ICO's coming out every week these past few months. This must be truly the best time to be in crypto. A privilege to be here, anons. I have a feeling many of these ICO's are going to be big generators of wealth in the future.

Real poorfag here, if I only have .12 ETH is it possible to get onboard anywhere? for example blackmoon requires .2 ETH minimum

>bitdice vs edg

>not Ethbet

edge barely even fucking has a product and theyve been out for months

Already poured 5BTC in BitDice, those fegs better generate the doe I expect

bitdice is actual company thats been for a while, right?

yes, i'm sure you wont lose out 100% but you're not going to get those jiucy 10x gains

yeah, more like steady income

if you are taking all of the risks of crypto without the rewards, doing it wrong.

if you want steady income you're free to sit in stocks for your entire life

if you can't go out and paint a garage or suck a dick or in any way earn .08 eth, then I'm sorry, you are in a part of the world where the only way out is through the barrel of a gun

You think so? I actually project bitdice to make 20-100x, once people find out about the dividends and if they scale up what they already have.. I think this is the best profit/risk ICO out there right now

protip for retard: avoid any obviously scam shitcoin with the word "moon" in it. Can't spell this shit out any further for you.

> recommended an obvious scam
> missed MTH which smashed hard cap in 17 minutes

Cool story sis


> muh dividends
Greedyfags gonna not notice nothing has put their face and name behind it

I want to get in on chainlink but obviously do not have 100 ETH to throw at it. Are they dropping the contribution amount soon for the ICO?

wow are you stupid? You obviously didn't even look into it. Condemnation before investigation is the height of ignorance.

MTH doesn't even have a whitepaper, they advertised on facebook, not kidding.
Have fun with this crap.


>BitDice already a huge player in the crypto casino world.

Stay poor user

yes, but why bother it's going to be overvalued. even a fraction of 100ETH will make you a millionaire from Ethbet

>>BitDice already a huge player in the crypto casino world.
I actually believe in all gambling ICO's lol, but BitDice is already established.. why do you think ethbet is good?

if you read their whitepaper you'll realize that they will offer lower fees than any other platform

so if they get a bunch of users it will be amazing.

also the coin will be amazing because it will be so cheap, it's a small project. easy 10x gains, because they're not asking for 50M in funding, just like 1 or whatever

>gambling on a crypto that allows people to gamble with other cryptos

like it or not, that is where the money's at.

some stupid gambling projects have already gotten people 20x returns like edgeless and funfair, and they dont even work

ethbet looks scammy as fuck

BitDice concerns me for being a dividend paying crypto, which will be illegal in some districts soon.

Funfair's a good alternative at the moment.

its being advised by the people behind waves, aka complete centralized retards who banned niggercoin because it hurt their feelings


OP makes these threads for the purpose of spamming his referral link (see ). Use this link instead if you're checking BitDice out:

isn't it everything the SEC is trying to shut down? it won't be listed on any big exchange

looks like a last hurrah grab-the-money-before-it's-too-late ICO

where is the market cap of black moon or total number of black moon to be sold? why the fuck would I buy if I dont even know if its worth 1 dollar a fucking coin?

You are truly retarded, all of your success is luck if you are going to have that much confidence in blackmoon to put it as number 2.

in fact, doesn't look like they intend on having their token listed anywhere, looking closer at the whitepaper

My dad is friends with a woman who set up the largest online sports betting site in my country
I wonder if I can convince her to introduce crypto to the site and do a token generation event...

>calls people retarded
>doesnt know what a fucking market cap is

I've got a question about bitdice
So you get the tokens in your wallet etc all good, I don't sync my wallet very often because the only crypto I keep there is longterm crypto that I don't play with, will I need to sync my wallet everytime dividends are coming or will I still the dividend but they won't be "accesible" until I sync my wallet which I do once every year or so since it takes fucking ages and I don't plan to keep my computer running 24/7 just syncing etherumwallet.
Also the anons saying bitdice won't give big returns, look at DICE, it went up 10times and 5000% at a point and etheroll does less profit and has a smaller market than bitdice.

Tfw your btc and eth wont arrive until saturday and blackmoon preorder ends tonight

The dividends will still be paid you jjst can't see them until you update wallet

it depends

The are excluding US investors like most ICOs so they dont have to register with the SEC, apparently it's expensive and takes forever

but you might be right about exchanges not liking 'securities', although i know that they can get around it by just not allowing US persons to deal with them, like usual.

Regardless, they cant stop transactions with it, or etherdelta, etc. I think it will be okay for at least another year idk

but it's not up to them to get it listed, the exchanges have to approve it. obviously they will try their hardest, why wouldn't they?

EtherDelta will have it anyway, and other decentralized exchanges, since anyone can use them and trade anything on them without approval.

OK so this Blackmoon seems interesting, it's my first ICO. Can I use my nano ledger S wallet?

> lying on the internet

For BTC and LTC you can use whatever wallet you want, you can send even from more than one address.
For ETH you have to send it from the address you have registered there and only this one. Do me the favor and use the ref link in It will give me a few bucks and costs you nothing.

> implying crypto casino world is so big this couldn't be an exit scam

SEC are just trying to save Wall Street, this kind of model for securities is far more efficient in stocks and cut out a ton of waste. US will get left behind so fuck them.

Exactly,the regulations just make everyone exclude US instead of adhere to them. I'm gonna be going all in on ethbet either way idgaf

I see that this time you fixed the numbering on your shill. A wise edit. Last time each ICO bore the number 1. A slight mistake that went unnoticed.

Hope everyone here read the whitepapers.

Question on the Chainlink investor group. Can I create a smart contract pool to contribute 300? It can circulate here or wherever and the functionality would be to fund the ICO and fractionally distribute any tokens received. It should be fairly easy to do using ETH. If anyone else is interested here I will get it started. We can put in a minimum buy of 3 ETH.

By the way, that's what I put on BitDice based on your last post (a few days ago). You're a math PhD student, right?

Problem with this thinking is being lived out in Etheroll. They do the same thing, except their game isn't fun. Unless you like statistics.

Anyhow, the get a dividend. So price goes up during lockout period, then peters soon after. Real huge swings too, since the house can (and statistically should) lose bankroll.

I'm in. But not sure I'll stay. ICO Etherollas made sick bank (60x I think). 1st and 2nd wave PnD had to time it right. But if you held (I did) you lost 1.5x.

I don't think it's a biggie. Who cares if it is Keyser Soze?

>house can (and statistically should) lose bankroll.
did you mean the opposite?

the house cant even go bankrupt in etheroll becuase as it loses money it decreases the maximum bet.

similarly Ethbet cant have a house go bankrupt since there is no house

both are safe

Ever heard of exit scams

I meant the bankroll can have a negative streak.

No. Enlighten me.

trading is not a meme stop trying to be funny, what you're talking about is called margin trading

I put $150 into it (.34...?)
You can make it happen through coinbase, but if you just don't have the spare change then don't

Really wanted in on all three of these but none of them accept US investors. :/

thought you could still buy into blackmoon ICO as a US resident . _.

USA slaves getting cucked out of massive gains my sides.

fuck that, buying ethbet either way, they cant stop me


blackmoon does accept US investors you cucks

it just doesn't accept USD.

Bitdice not having a team page scares me

For any reason Singapore is excluded, but Blackmoon is open for US citizens.
use this ref plox

>referral reward: BMC 0.77
thank you guys.

>it just doesn't accept USD
which means I can still get into ICO with btc,eth,ltc as a US citizen ? no?

But I thought they said in the whitepaper they wouldn't give you your tokens?

> Ethbet, Bitdice, Edgeless
> all scams with no product and no payouts
> not using Etheroll
> Etheroll already has a working gambling site with 10's of millions of dollars in Eth wagered.
> first rewards period worked FLAWLESSLY

stay poor you fucking retards.

etheroll is great brah, but it isn't going to 10x any time soon, that's why I'm moving on to new products. Ethbet is gonna be the next Etheroll with at least a 10x. don't care if others dont believe me.

Oh look, another ethroll faggot trying to steal investors from the actual good crypto casino

Ethroll is fucking shit
The numbers speak for themselves

>Ethbet FAQ
>Why is there no team page?

>At this moment, this website features no 'team' page. Many ICOs have resorted to significantly exaggerating or lying about their team members in order to deceive investors. We're not going to join in on this, so you will not see a team page where we list 30 ex-CEO and PhD members with titles like 'Executive Marketing Analyst' and 10 advisors including Vitalik himself. Our team consists only of a few permaneant technical members, and other temporary members, such as those contracted to help with graphics, marketing, legal, etc., which we do not consider members of the team due to their lack of formal affiliation with us. Maybe if we were more attractive it would be worth enscribing our faces into circles and plastering them up with fancy-sounding titles, but we instead hope that our project valuation is based off of its market potential and merit rather than a shiny but deceptive team page.

Scam or not?

not scam but not a serious contender either.

It's definitely not a scam, just based off my own judgement, but it's a smaller project. I think they're trying to make it clear it's not a 100 billion dollar project that changes the world, just an improvement on dicing

I talked to one of their support team members and they said you'd receive tokens as a US citizen as long as you made a contribution, so I dont really know whats gonna happen

how do i buy chainlinks?

> The numbers speak for themselves

Ok, well here are some numbers for ya bud:

Bankroll at start of period: 5,000 Eth
Current Bankroll: 5,526.398 Eth
Number of bets: 96,198
Total amount bet (Eth): 157,947
Average bet amount: 1.642 Eth

What are your numbers?

too late for chainlink pre sale

>begging for steem followers to make a few extra pennies
>pretending to have profitable investment advice

pick exactly one, stop shilling yourself here, enjoy your shitcoin bags and go broke.

The only good one in OP is ChainLink.

BitDice looks alright

fuck off richfag, i hate you

I'm in no way a richfag, those are the live stats for Etheroll.

The circles project is looking pretty good so far, looks like an easy 5x at least.

It's a sleeper I think, not that many people know so far

Take a look at the team behind blackmoon, one of the guy is the founder of VK (the russian facebook). And guess who bought out the russian facebook a couple of years ago... I'm going to let you take a guess. I don't know about you but I'm willing to be on the side of russian oligarchs, we are not talking about millions here but billions, billions that sometimes need to evade sanctions or be laundered.

hard cap is between 15-30 millions. Do your researchs

stupid fuckers

Please biz help me. I want to join Blackmoon, so i created a wallet on myetherwallet, i'm transferring some eth on the wallet, then i will only have to send my eth to the address that they gave me on my email?

CTRL+F *three-letter string*
0 results
*rubs hands*

>but why do you hate, he explains it's legit exchange of sharing info and his time (of smth people maybe wouldn't find out about) for a small contribution that doesn't even come from you. I think it's fair.

Bitdice not having a team page scares me
Unfortunately team members are not disclosed up to the moment when all the legal formalities related to gambling regulation are resolved. From our experience, we know that all projects related to gambling my face legal issues unless they are properly structured and licensed. To avoid potential legal liabilities, we will not provide personal information of the team members. We understand that this is huge drawback, but consider our experience working with legal parties that's our decision for now.
>you should have made a dedicated page where you'd explain and defend why your team stays anonymous. Team is the number one thing that's judged by the common groups of investors (even more important than the product itself!)
As it was thoroughly posted in the slack and explained individually - we are dealing with a highly regulated gambling industry for which many things are still in a sort of unchartered territory, including the ICO legislation. So we decided not to disclose the Team to avoid the potentially harmful legal liabilities. That is the measure we consciously decided to pursue even though we knew it would hurt our fundraising potential.

what ?? :D

First of all, you're not fooling anyone, OP. You write like a retard, so it's obvious whenever you post here on a proxy.

Second of all, I personally wouldn't mind a single referral link in OP given you provide useful info. You, however, keep bumping the thread and spamming the link using different IPs.

Finally, >>>/global/rules/11 explicitly prohibits referral links.

In for 5 eth on blackmoon. Hodling for 20x

I apologize if I offended you. I sometimes reply from my phone and yes sometimes bump the thread (I think it's a valuable discussion, as well as the previous one), however I do think those are good investments and I put my own cash in them as well. I also try to reply questions that I know answer to. Why the hate ? Good luck in the crypto game, we are all in this together and we will all make it, I think the proper mainstream hype hasn't even started yet.