Sell or Hold?

Sell or Hold?

Hold til 1 sat,then hold til delisted


I bought the dip and sold it. It's just business, nothing personell kid,

Hold, user. Red Pulse ICO is only 10 days away.

nice bought 100k

Didn't red pulse cause NEO to crash?

>Contributing to the further downfall of NEO by buying lower lows and selling lower highs
ahahahaha this shitcoin is going to follow the same graph as stratis


Yeah, the fud was real with that article. An article that said China MIGHT POSSIBLY look closer at ICOs. Same as what the SEC is doing. If you're smart, you'd buy NEO at this ridiculous dip, get some RPX and sell to the Chinks as soon as it hits the exchanges.

sell me your bags

I have 2.5 NEO right now, should i sell 1 and buy 2 OMG with the difference?

you should get a job so you can afford more meme coins user

there are better things to buy if you're working with so little capital

Such as? Not looking on making a quick buck, want to turn my single digit investments into at least triple digits

would ten x be a better option over NEO for small capital?

Invest in a gym membership.Anything less than 5 digits is pointless desu
Its basically the same thing as 100k becoming 10 million

>mfw after the 2014 boom I bag held at least 5-10 shitcoins straight to delistation
thanks for reminding me


anyone with a decent amount is just staking them and generating GAS. only a matter of time before this FUD blows over

Hold. Remember ETH was hovering between 7 and 13 dollars for like a year

Hold, I'll do the same.
Dont sell solid coins with a loss.

i usually take my NEO out when im at the computer and trade around for a little then put it back in when NEO when im not around the computer then I put it all into BTC before i go to sleep.

I just got into ADX will probably make a little BTC then put it into NEO to see what happens and then put it in BTC before i go to sleep in a couple hours.

Red pulse ICO in not far away... why sell when you need NEO? Red pulse is gonna be yuge u idiots esp since china has a super high demand and can't the ICO dont be stupid

Skelly said sell and buy OMG.

He's right, you know...

sell and buy ETH, LTC, or OMG

Wow. You sure do like transaction fees.

I bought in at like -35% on bittrex, HODL if you just bought, get out if you were hodling from before the dip

its really not much i only play around with around .2 btc and i usually will just go all in real quick and try to make .01-.09 then im out. if it drops i sell fast and wait till i see something else, i don't always have time to sit there and watch it and i have more fun trading it that way. Its only my play money