Does anyone else think about shit like this?

If I was able to double my money 7 times, I'd have 1 million dollars. 10 times and I'd have 8 million dollars. 8 million fucking dollars from just getting a 100% ten times on crypto.

If I was able to make 4% per day but was on 2.5x leverage, I'd be making as much as a surgeon($27X,XXX) annually. Even off leverage, 4% per day would give me over $100,000 per year. All before taxes, but it's still significant.

It sounds so tempting to do this instead of going to university to become an engineer.

you have to risk the whole pot every time you do this doubling though, which can be a pretty hard pill to swallow once you are dealing in the 6 figures.

yeah it's pretty easy to be a millionaire OP, don't go to school and get an education

And it gets harder and harder to sell without tipping the market when you have large amounts

That's the big problem. It feel so close but so far away.

my second thing is much more realistic, 4% on 5-10k can't possibly be that hard, but probably very stressful.

ICOs and profit taking at planned price points are the best way to try to pull it off.

going to coinmarketcap and looking at the coins that had the following

>high enough volume and market cap to actually cash out a significant sum
>~100% or higher within the last 7 days

less than 20 coins out of the ~750 listed on coinmarketcap fit that. this is not encouraging.

lol you greedy fucker, anything less than 100% gains isn't good enough for you.

This is the mentality that makes people buy at ATH and FOMO non-stop.

Change your outlook or enjoy losing everything.

>have 400,000 dollars in crypto beginning of the year

>split 8 ways on 8 icos

>million dollars every time I consolidate back to eth




If like, you bought ALL the dips of today and sold right at the top then you could be a millionaire TODAY

like how fucking AMAZING is THAT??

and the best thing? you could do that EVERY DAY!!

Calm down user

Like I said, the second idea of trading for a profit daily on what I have would make me more than people make out of college. ANY profit, really. Even 1% would give me something like what the average american makes.

Then do it? You can be happy with 10% gains a week if you're playing around with big money.

When people first read about crypto and look at the amazing returns, they always think they can go 100% every day.

It's different when you're actually invested, you realise hindsight is everything.

Invest $100 and you'll see what I'm talking about.

I trade like $7,500 right now. It's scary.

Gets scarier honestly. Once I passed $50k I found it far more difficult to make decisions, that's enough to buy a nice four bedroom home where I live. Part of me wants to just cashout but I'd know I'd hate myself in a decade if I sold my moon ticket now so instead I've just been finding exit points that I'm happy with for the alts I'm in and putting everything in BTC/ETH to hold longterm. Other than that I'll throw a bit at ICOs but I can't handle daytrading this amount.

> Does anyone else think about shit like this?

Everyone who enters a casino

this thread is interesting and describes it well. im currently around the 200-300k range and getting to the 7 figures is definitely a different game than 10k to 100k.

Go big or go home/Get rich or die trying, I guess. I turned $3,500 into $7,500 being diverse but it was from holding for a couple of months. I feel like it's not enough and I should be going for more, all in on one thing until I hit something like $50,000 and then start splitting it up.

There's no chance you'll reliably make 4% a day. I understand that with 1% a day, I could make $300k a year. But it's just not reliable.

Go to school.

Yeah bro I made a 2% trade on $20 if I did that three times a day with holdings of 100k I'd be agazzillionare in no time

This is how chump changers get burned to a crisp trying to play wolf of wall Street

>300k in shit coins
>$203 in bank
>$17 in taco bell gift cards
>drive around a civic
best prank ever

You should be happy if able to consistently gain 1% a day.

pick 7 successful icos in a row and you'll be a millionaire

that's why you diversify when your capital is that high.

Why not just take 90k and trade up that 10k again, rinse and repeat?

>HODL 300k with high quality coins
>Put 50k in ICO's that look high quality and have hype
>at least 3x gains every time
What's the issue user?

if youve honestly got $300,000 then cash out $250K? buy your self an apparent maybe a less shit car and spread $50k over some solid coins and get real comfy

you can get gold for btc at a few places if you wanted to cash out? or maybe take a few weeks holiday and lurk on local bitcoins to sell it.

but Lamboland is yours now senpai, youve done it im proud of you.

sorry about your tax issue, we dont get cucked in the UK over crypto. but the gold one could be a good shout buy loads of gold and just slowly sell it not to bring any attention, maybe get a decent accountant? those guys can be life savers. Congratz tho man youre no longer a cuck

My bot uses up to 10% of my account on every trade - when I started this was nothing, now it's over 10k. I think that's one of the benefits of using a bot - my emotions do not fuck with performance.

what bot are you using ?

what bot are you using ?
are you having consistent gains ?