Why do people mine with GPU's when there are much more efficient ways out there?

Why do people mine with GPU's when there are much more efficient ways out there?

This cost $1300 and will be making around $700 per month

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Where the fuck and what are you mining?

this ones for litecoin. im in US

What website did you buy it from?

the manufacturers.

got two. had to wait about 4-5 months to actually get it.

>implying it's not full of malware and the coins won't just magically disappear from your wallet one day

This cost me 20 litecoin from the manufacturer 4 or 5 months ago, here in the states they go on amazon for 4000-5000 dollars

Someone explain mining to me

Well, how did you contact them... a website, yea?


Brand, which manufacturer, which miner is it, hashes per second, power consumption give us specs you mongoloid, and a time stamp would be p. cool too.

I never see ASIC miners for litecoin or ethereum, usually just GPU rigs. Shit looks like ASIC.

it is ASIC.
bitmain l3+
504M hash/sec ~1Kw/hr

jesus christ seriously op what is the brand or are you larping with rando pics off the internet

>had to wait about 4-5 months to actually get it

this is because they use them themself until the mining difficult increased and it doesn't pay off. after that they give it to you for a hell ton of money.

>Sold out

What's the point in telling us "oh man, look at my miner" when there's no way to get em' now?

watch the website.
they manufacture in batches. batches will be sold out for a month or so, then a new batch arrives

By the time Jihan sells his mining equipment it's already worthless, lmao.

I feel like the difficulty will rise sharply with each batch.

It is. litecoin was half the price when i ordered it and spent 20 litecoin.
im trying to ride the gravy train. Keep all my coins mined as LTC as watch it grow in value
right now with the two I have ill be making 20 litecoin a month

1127W (11.5TH/s batch)
what am I missing here?

I wish.

u dumb
u right

where are those numbers on the website?

I'm talking about the difficulty. If the difficulty rises every time a batch comes out, will it be worth ordering in the next batch?

but im going to keep the LTC and they will grow in value along with the difficulty.
ride the wave so-to-speak

Im not going to. Im going to buy the D3 on the next batch

Bitmain is kinda shitty tho. They're the only ones creating the ASIC's cuz they have a patent on it and are capable of monopolizing litecoin mining.

Welp, they got to it first. Kinda nice to see someone outjewing the jews at their own game.

Is that $750/month profit after expenses like electricity?
Hmm maybe I should get into mining.
But I'm not sure I'd want to drop five grand on an ASIC that only has one specific use. Ben then again it's hard to argue with making money.