What do I tell my wife Veeky Forums?

Fuck I can't even sleep at night.

The 0s are stuff I have not cashed out on.

Wow, what did you do?

>What do I tell my wife Veeky Forums?
Convince her about investing in crypto, make it sound like it's her idea.
Then say to her, honey, it didn't go as expected and we lost a lot of money.

Thought I could play with cryptocurrencies.

I feel physically nauseous every day.

Dont tell her anything
Short Ripple 100x leverage no stop loss

what did you do to lose 90k and 47k?

Invested in shilled shit coins on Veeky Forums.

I don't know if this would work. She is incredibly frugal.

You really gotta be a special kind of stupid to lose that much from crypto

If it goes up 1%, he's fucked.

Put everything that remains into BTC. $5k in a few days, $10k before October and $50k by Christmas

What is 100x leverage, if I put in 50000 what can I expect to get back in return?

That could cover the losses I haven't filled in my sheet yet.

>falling for the cryptojew
I remember when this board had oil and stock trading generals.

Which coins?

This is a joke right?

This is so pathetic and uninspired that I am inclined to accept this is a non larp actual real life fuck up. Sorry user. Research more, I don't know what to tell ya. Go long on omg

This is a lesson to never catch a falling knife.

You might as well just HODL the coins and see what happens.

A lot of the coins being shilled here actually mooned, but if you made all your trading decisions based exclusively on what you read here you fucked it up big-time. Your results tell me that you did buy high, sell low, buy Ath, go all in, etc. You suck at this dude, sorry.

if the price drops only 300 sats thats a 100% increase for you buddy
you would have 100k. Ripple is going to drop 300 sats by tommrow

what am I looking at?

two mistakes.
Jews and marriage

What happens if it doesn't go down 300 sats, what if it just flatlines?

My losses, I couldn't bring myself to fill in the other numbers so the losses for the 0 slots could be calculated.

If it flatlines, nothing happens. your money stays the same

I need to recover at least 200000 to cover all my losses.

How do I do that with ripple, do I need to put up another 100k or how do I do with 50k?

>I need to recover at least 200000 to cover all my losses.
>How do I do that with ripple, do I need to put up another 100k or how do I do with 50k?
Jesus fuck bro
just buy and hold onto BTC LTC and ETH at this point
OMG too. Buy n fuckin hold

stop trading on margin idiot, its for smart people

>op got shilled out of 100k
>listened to user mongol catmilking board
>people will attack me when i warn them they are on shaky ground with 21mm altcoins

Do not put up another 100k. You are obviously frantic about your losses and not in the right state of mind to make proper investment decisions. Quit before you lose everything.

Open up an IB account

Stop listening to the faggots on this board playing with fire

Buy gold futures
Sell bond futures
Short the Euro

This. Wtf op? I hope you don't have kids.

Don't listen to these morons. BUY Ripple and hold it through Q1 2018. Jesus Christ the XRP hate here is unreal yet it's the only coin with a real world use case actively being put into practice.


you fucking idiots, what about HODL is so difficult to understand?

Hey guys most great traders before your shitcoins ever existed had this happen to them multiple times before they made it. His real problem is that he is listening to coinshills instead of actually learning anything useful.

This is actually a great litmus test for your wife. If she wants to leave you let her go before you regain your losses.

hope you are joking because it´s really sad
never risk what you cant afford to lose and never follow Veeky Forums shills

Buy Espers on Yobit. Good coin sir. Many profits

how the fuck do you manage to lose this kind of money when the total crypto market cap is up like 60% in a month?

I can't hold, I liquidated our VTSAX and VHDYX funds to go in on crypto. The taxes I would have to pay alone would kill me right now.

What coins made you lose 90k and 40k? wtf man. Never invest more than 20 or 30% of you portfolio in Alts


What did you do exactly, tell us the story!

Oh no :(

I hope you are trolling

I would have advised you to go BTC/ETH/IOTA. You cannot lose with these three long term

I have a 2 year old daughter, I thought after I made the initial 30000, it was going to be easy.

When it breaks $5k it's big news again and millions of people more will buy in..

OP seriously speaking you have a move you can make: Put every last cent that you dont need to live for the next 30days into a big bet. Doesn't matter what.

If fortune smiles, no one would know what happened.

If not, kill yourself

Bite the fucking bullet and set up a payment plan. I guarantee you if you try leveraging whatever you have left you're gonna get your ass handed to you.


My first trade was Populous/PPT token and that was a huge rush, and I just kept on buying into the tokens people kept saying to buy because I thought other people would be as well and it has been nothing but regret ever since.

OP don't kill yourself over fucking kike coins! fuck this shit, live your life, no matter how bad it is, it's literally nothing, you will make it.

>I liquidated our VTSAX and VHDYX funds to go in on crypto
bro what the fuck were you thinking? holy shit.

I don't know how my wife would react. If she left me and took my daughter with her, I would have nothing left.

Man the fuck up user. I'm assuming since you have a 2 y/o daughter you're fairly young. You have plenty of time to recover.

Lay it out to her: You wanted to do something good for the family and you fucked up. If she's worth her salt as a partner she'll be pissed but she'll understand your intentions.

Split everything you have left on the top 4-5 coins and just hodl. Don't trade. Don't panic sell. Don't fucking touch it for 6 months at least.

How old are you?

you always have life dude, I never even had a wife or children.
you are still ahead of me even if you are 200k in debt and everybody leaves you. You passed on your genetic material, nobody can take that away from you

(except if somebody murders your kids lol)

I think you are a scammer and soon will ask user's money because muh daughter muh family

this board is full of scammers nowadays

How long do you have to make your money back and how much do you have left? If you invest in useful coins like BTC, ETH, XMR, and LTC you will make money in the long term.

yeah op is a phony

How is it even possible to lose $90k on a single coin?? Has no one here heard of stop losses?

People need to learn how to manage their risk. Going all in on a shitcoin hoping it moons and you become a millionaire is great and all, but you have to decide how much you're willing to lose and put in a stop loss when you buy in, otherwise you're emotionally invested in ignoring any signs your position is going to crash and you'll have no idea when to cut your losses, you'll just sit there going "as soon as I sell it'll just spike up, just gotta hold on a little longer, if I had sold yesterday I wouldn't have lost another 5% but now I gotta keep holding on to make it back, it can't possibly go down anymore" etc etc.

BEFORE you buy into a coin you have to decide where your stop loss is going to be. Then you can't possibly lose more than 1% or 5% or whatever you decide and you'll be happy you're out of a losing position. This is like trading 101...

The hardest part of trading is managing your own psychology and emotions, NOT picking winners. Because even if you do pick a winner, it's really easy to fuck everything up by getting greedy, emotional, impatient, or all of the above.

I cannot handle the tax burden on the funds I have sold and I don't know if I could tell my wife what I have done.


It isn't debt but it was our life savings plus retirement.

I don't want your fucking money.

OP should kill his kids before killing himself so nobody can have them

OP, your thoughts?

Have you never heard of pump and dump schemes?
If someone is telling you to buy shit without giving actual valid reasons (No, 'it's going up' does not count) then that means they already hold shit and are looking to unload on others before it drops.
They slowly set up sales in small amounts and wait so that it doesn't all crash at once from supply, then dump the rest and watch it burn.

Only ever invest in something you believe can succeed.
For random, hardly backed shitcoins, there is no technical floor from faith in the technology. Avoid holding onto those, and always sell when necessary.

No, scammers would claim poverty and work with small amounts of money.
Donations from user wouldn't make a dent in this guy's situation.

Alright I'm going to throw you a bone cause you're fucking retarded. Take that 30k and do the following:

3k into BTC
3k into ETH
3k into LTC
HODL these

5k into Chainlink, liquidate after 4x
5k into Kyber, liquidate after 4x
5k into Redpulse liquidate after 4x
3k into monetha, liquidate after 4x
3k into 0x liquidate after 2x


Like I said before, if oyu can't handle the tax burden then just set up a payment plan. The IRS won't give a shit as long as your making an effort. They have WAYYY bigger fish to fry.

I got burned by the monaco scam (not as bad as you) and now trying to make it back very slowly with OMG. My wife doesn't know that I'm in the red, but if she knew and left me over it, no matter how painful that would be I'd still say fuck it, go if you want to.

Women expect you to make money and support the family, but when you fuck up in this very chaotic and volatile world and they are not there for you, I say fuck it, good riddance. It'd be very painful, but I'd hold ground strong.

Number one thing now is don't shame yourself and don't feel guilty. You weren't wasting all this money on cokes and hoes, you were trying to win for the family. The world is aggressive to people and it fucked you up. This is exactly when you need your family support. If your wife leaves you in this very moment when she has to be there and support you, let her go, she ain't worth you.

I seriously mean this. Be strong.

What do I tell my gf Veeky Forums?

Fuck, I can't even sleep at night, I just want to take more of OP's money

The $'s are stuff I have not cashed out on.

Also OP how can you be so stupid? I am a 18 year old kid who made a couple of thousand this summer by trading these shitcoins, how can a 31 year old lose so much money?

I feel so sorry for your wife

I'll look into it.

The thing is I would understand if my wife left me over this, I went behind her back without first consulting her about what I was going to do with our financial future.

I am just dreading the moment when she realizes what happened. I don't know if I should tell her first.

I really must know - what coins were you invested in OP?

I mean I barely know what the fuck I'm doing and I'm making money.

I bought into DNT around 22 cents and ZRX around 45 cents per.

>he fell for the women meme
>he fell for the marriage meme
>he fell for the shitcoin meme

BRO , stop looking for a lottery investment... dont fuking invest the last of your money , hoping to recoup the loses.
save 30K... for a rainy day. and invest the other 20K in low risk stocks or bonds...

OP I can help you out. When did you cash out your stocks and deposited into crypto?

Dude it's been like a week since those prices. Just fucking HODL IT.

another shill salesmen... your probably the same cocksucker who got this guy into the mess he is in...

May 5th I cashed out VTSAX for 75k

Bought ETH on Coinbase when the electronic fund transfer was done

July 1st I cashed out VHDYX for 60k

Bought ETH on Coinbase a few days later.

We had about 40 thousand in our savings account that was under my control at this time I turned into ETH.

>Hundreds of millions in VC funding
>200 employees
>100+ banks currently phasing in Ripple tech
>SEC registered
>Member of Federal Reserve Task Force

Name me any other crypto that can match these qualifications.

Oh that's right, you can't. Now shut the fuck up.

I dunno. Sounds like the female makes way better decisions on this one.

You broke the first rule of crypto

this guy knows what he is doing. Top level ICO plan.

Sad that OP cant get into this due to full whitelists etc.

You know what to do OP. Post them coinses.

>ETH was around 80 May 5 and 280 July 1. Should have had a healthy profit from these two alone. Did you go all in on shitcoins?

Yes because that is what everyone was saying, that the money was in ICOs.

You gotta tell her dude. I can't believe you got this far without your wife knowing. Why would you think it'd be ok to liquidate HER retirement without telling her??

Before I got into trading I talked it out with my wife and we decided together what was a reasonable amount for me to trade with. There are obviously huge opportunities in crypto trading and like everyone I was really excited to dump money into shitcoins and collect my lambo, but if she had said "no, it's too risky" I would have dropped it. It's her money too!

Now my wife trusts me to do this, I tell her every day how my trades went, and I know if I had to tell her I lost it all and there's nothing left she would be upset but she knew going into it that that was a possibility and she participated in the risk/reward decision. We both decided together at the beginning of this that we would be ok if this money disappeared. Now you're in a position where you're afraid your wife may take your kid and leave your sorry ass, and she'd be within her rights to do so.

Let this be a lesson to every user out there trading their partner's life savings behind their back -- stop fucking doing it! If you're already dumb enough to think this is a good idea you'll never make any significant gains trading, just quit now before you lose it all like this guy.

You need to man up and come clean, and be prepared for the consequences of your monumentally stupid decisions. If it makes you feel any better, your wife knows you better than anyone so she already knew you were a greedy idiot when she married you.

you shut the fuck up... i dont care about your digits on a computer bro... even if you have a great business foundation behind your crypto... it still has no intrinsic value.... there is FIAT currency .... so shut the fuck up shill


wait wat... so you lost 50% on DNT and 20% on ZRX and somehow that's >$150k?? something is not adding up...

Also, it's only been a week or two... you need to chill out.

Good distribution, but your liquidate recommendation is way too early on some ico's

The monetary system of the entire goddamn planet is Fiat with no intrinsic value you fuckstain. What's your point? Do you pay for shit in Wampum?

Yeah, ICOs. As in the initial offering only. You pretty much have to sell really quickly afterwards, because a crash from the initial rush is guaranteed.
You again. Seriously, stop it with the ellipsis, faglord.
Crypto in general has intrinsic value in that they keep their own secure, immutable ledger, the blockchains cannot be easily shut down due to distribution, and in most cases there is no owner of any sort. It removes the manipulation aspect of currency.
Many coins also have other intrinsic value in their inherent use cases. Such as anonymous coins with private ledgers for hidden trading, or smart contracts for agreed upon programs to activate in certain conditions.

Some of the other losses involved Monero, Binance, and Neo.

Sorry, I am not really good at excel spread sheet so it isn't really clear.

At the end of the day you are right. I need to go tell her.

Top kek you fucking failure, I hope you already reproduced. Wow, I'm mean tonight.

Seriously OP, with that much capital, all you had to do was invest in blue chip coins: BTC, ETH, and HODL for a few years and you would have been set to retire early sitting on millions.

Why would you risk so much of your nest egg trading alts, and poorly at that? You clearly have no idea what you are doing.

If you insist on staying in this game (which I don't recommend), then only buy ETH and BTC, DO NOT TOUCH IT and wait it out.

So you held ETH from and bought into those around the 21st?
That would be roughly 345k, plus whatever you gained from the 40k in savings without a given date. Certainly up from 135k.
And if that is the case then you're only down then you're only down like half at most, which should still be over 135k.

What's your current portfolio value in total?

yeah maybe for some of us with a brain but OP needs to earn his money back and never step foot in the arena again.

The reason there are zeros is that I haven't sold the rest of my losing positions yet. The value of my portfolio would be around 20000 USD.

we cant give you proper advice which coins to keep hodling and which coins to switch if you dont show us your full folio. Without that we cant help you and this thread doesnt make any sense.

No fuckin' way. You do realise you managed to lose over 80%, possibly 90% of your original investment in a bull market, right? One that is going up nigh constantly as a whole.
You could have put an even amount in every shitcoin available and still went green.
But you went and bought into the absolute worst positions. Almost straight at ATH. Why? What led you to believe that was a good idea the first time, and HOW did you continue the next?

I would feel physically nauseous too.

don't take advice from biz shitters. You are in this spot because you bought fucking biz shills in the first place.
Don't do margin, you are way too emotional for that shit.
Tell your wife about it. You can make it back. Crypto are still a great opportunity to make money but sit the fuck down and do your research and read A LOT. these people have years of experience on shitcoins while you are newcomer getting scam. Good coins will always go back up. It take 3 years for people to break even on litecoin.

I didn't really track my trades in the beginning, I would always pull out after 10-15% losses and repeatedly did that thinking every one I would get would be a winner like PPT because people were always talking about stuff going to the moon.

I don't know, it just evaporated.

>Listens to biz shills
>Margin trades
>Gambles more than he can afford to lose
>Has a young child

It's the last fuckup that I find most disappointing. You mong.