1 month ico and it started a week ago

literally what did they mean by this

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they reset the timer because nobody wants to buy in it LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

FUCK I can't believe I sent $3500 to this... 10 eth down the drain.

Yeah was my first ICO feelsbadman

And we wont see ETH returns anytime soon if this timer reset is real lmao

Think of it as a penalty for investing in blockchain coupons. You'll get your eth back eventually.

If you guys watched their demo video, it should have been a red flag. Their "product" is pure shit. The team itself....embarrassing.


i hope you have the script running on a state of the art quantum computer dude. the competition is gonna be fierce.


I too let them borrow 10 eth. Feels real bad man.


yeah... lmfao


let me try again

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>last 5 mins of the ICO a rich dude drops several bitcoins into the ICO so it just meets the 30% threshold and giving him 60% of the supply as the rest gets burned up
i could see this happening. the only problem would be if there is no demand then he would become a huge bagholder. on the other hand, owning such a large supply of a low circulating supply coin could be appealing to somebody.
even if the idea is a failure, such a low circulating supply could give this coin at least a 2x. who knows anymore in this crazy crypto world

what's with all the medieval soldiers shit in their marketing material

This is what'll happen theyve backended their VCs instead of frontending them to crunch down the supply, guarantee you the "extension" is to ensure the VCs have time to move their capital
'Avalon' is a King Arthur thing hence the knights

You didnt notice the bitcoin ATM partnership? The group buying power aspect doesnt seem to be their end game it looks like they want to be the only crypto payment platform with a triple A style discount structure

Normies like cheap shit whether or not theyll actually use it is one thing but perceptively its a good bet for a x3

First order I am making is wojak dressed as an avalonmarine shirt. putting my discount to use.

are you joking dude? they literally have 0 ZERO information on their website.
why would you send them money?

>Avacucks on suicide watch
Wait just a fucking minute. They extended it to 21 days just yesterday and now it's 28 fucking days? They're just going to keep extending this shit until eternity, aren't they?

I bet you believed all those paid biz shills lmao