This 23-Year-Old Makes $60,000 A Month

>It’s not often you meet a 23-year-old who majored in political science and religion and has figured out how to make a six-figure income in less than a year, all while working less than 15 hours a week and completely remotely.

Why haven't you started a six figure business yet Veeky Forums?

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I don't know any journalists who I can fuck for free advertising

>A 28-year-old quit her job to start a business that brings in over $15,000 a month — and she works only 4 hours a day

I freelance sometimes.

Are you a beautiful woman between the ages of 18 and 24?

nobody cares. a bitch could sell her body on the streets and make more than that these days

Yes is called high class prostitution op and now tell us in what exchange do i buy her

>I'm supposed to believe this is a 28 year old

She must be a Veeky Forumsposter if she could make people believe that shit

white women age like milk. Shes 28

there's just no way their body is part of this
>This 28-Year-Old Started A Side Hustle Which Now Makes Over $1M A Year


>forbes takes a break from fudding crypto to promote good old fashioned hard work
I wipe my ass with this rag.

lots of feet pics in the article

yeesh we biz fags scrambling for internet coins are lookin pretty pathetic

Hardwork? They are literally the same class of people who sell get rich quick ebooks and niggers buying altcoins.

Yeah, but that's not what they are passing it off as. They're just trying to convince people to make money the old fashioned way, but normal people are too stupid to make scams like that work, so they read articles like this thinking they can get somewhere someday all the while believing the bullshit about crypto that they also read about on Forbes as the continue to do their 9-5 jobs and making $100 extra a month on their "side hustle".

My business pulled $1.2million profit last year and this year is headed for almost double that.

I'm 27 years old.

No, is right. There's no way she's 28.

Pic related is Asher Keddie, she's 41.

some people just have an idea for a gap in the market and make a packet from it. making money doesnt mean you are brilliant or hard working. as salty as it may sound, there is an element of luck in it.

would you like some SALT tokens with that whine

no one is getting paid $60k / month to shitpost for a couple hours a day on the internet

she is / was a prostitute and this is her cover story. over half of all white american females that go to college try outright prostitution at least once. the ones that stick with it overtly (pretty much all the 8s and 9s, the 10s get the rich dudes / athletes) need a way to clean their cash when they graduate if they were smart enough not to blow it all.

>My mom is a financial analyst and my dad is an accountant
I don't think she needed prostitution...

go venture outside for a day or two

the middle class fuckable-but-not-a-prize chick like her is as close to the typical ho you can get

she's not getting paid to shit post. she's helping people build online businesses. you know, being productive and helping society. something people who make money on pump and dump shit coins know nothing about.

ahhh, right, because a 23 year old know nothing suburn ho is exactly the kind of consultant everyone needs

>she's helping people build online businesses.
ICOs raised more money for businesses this year than all of venture capital.



>23 years old
>work a a grocery store
>12.15 an hour

I know right.

>I hired a business coach for $3600

Like, I don't have the sort of money to pay someone $600 an hour for 6 sessions over a month and a half.


You can't post any success stories unless it's a white neet or you'll trigger all the special snowflakes.

t. proud redpilled MGTOW

I know you fags are gonna get triggered at this but this shit is pretty sexist. It tries to imply that "almost no one" makes this kind of cash but because all they're featuring is women it makes it seem like they're saying "no women make this kind of cash".

There's an element of luck to it. There's also an element of luck to poker. You have people who serially win poker and end up being professionals
You have serial entrepreneurs who make successful business after successful business. There is luck but there's something else to explain the statical discrepancy

What do you do user

Digital marketing. I've recently started investing large portions of our profit into crypto and its been going really well.

Crypto is an amazing way of investing in ideas you believe and im happy that it cucks the jews out of their broker fees. However only the devs/ PR team and miners are making the product, most people ( like me and probably you) just throw money at it. So yes, hard work the old fashioned way is still needed somewhere

how the fuck can she help anyone but 18 yo trying to be sluts on instagram?
Anyone with an iq of above 80 just needs a web developer, a nice camera and photoshop skills for an online business

how ? I am genuinely interested, what type of clients do you have ? What do you provide for them ?