Did anyone else sign up for the Red Pulse ICO? Look at this email I received...

Did anyone else sign up for the Red Pulse ICO? Look at this email I received. I'm apprehensive about sending them my passport copy. Wat do

chinks gonna chink
I wonder if ICO KYC reqs will make use of CVC one day

send in a shopped one

>pussying out about giving passport
not gonna make it

Red Pulse is literally THE top tier of ICOs. If you want to get in, you gotta do it on THEIR terms.

burgers btfo

btw I can help user for 20% (2/3 of bonus tokens)
t. yuropoor who submitted KYC yesterday

How did you manage to get that email? I subscripted to their mailing list but haven't heard back.

>Dear ,
Pajeet ICO confirmed, oh I'm lauffin.


you had to confirm your subscription from the inbox

I kekked too, but OP just left his name blank in their form

Did that too. Guess I just need to wait for that mail

yeah i got the same one. its a bit suspect t b h.

>individual cap $50k

pretty high for a poorfag like me

pre-sale min is $10k
they'll reach $15MM target in a day, I'm sure of it

Does it have to be passport or can we use driver's license or our country's ID

Is it too late to sign up for this?

bump for this

From what I read, it seems it is still open. just need to fill out KYC.
Only pre-sale is over, but I guess that is more for whale investment

I used a drivers licence and got approved.

yeah pre-sale was apparently for 50k min buy

no you didn't, your approval will come 1h before crowdsale starts, you only got confirmation for your data submission
yes, until 7th

Just checked, you're right, it was just a confirmation. Hope it's enough. Was enough for Kyber.

Is kyber still open for registration?

when will kyber release the tokens?
RP still hasn't announced when RPX transfer shall occur

When you buy an ICO on the ether network, do you make a new wallet in ethereum or do you just give them your main ethereum address?

wrong thread, skelly

Not really, just looking for an answer about ICOs and its not worth making a new thread about it.

well, if you trust public:private key cryptography you have nothing to fear

What is the best neo wallet and is one available for mac?

NEON is ok, audited and werks
dunno about mac, just make a windows VM and run it there

Im more interested in where my ICOs go. They say I an just give them my ether address and I receive ICOs which means they are compatible with my main ether wallet? I just dont want them entering the void.


ERC20 tokens reside on Ethereum blockchain
once you submit your ETH to an ICO addy, you get the tokens on your source addy, simple as that

What about the enigma ICO? Is that whilelisting over too?

Apparently so. Kyber, enigma, chainlink. Probably three of the best ICO's of this year, in one month and i missed them all.

Kyber and enigma are closed and most plebs wouldnt know about them if it wasnt for that stupid porch monkey youtube crypto nigger

The fact that red pulse is hard to get into might make it worth it to sign up for through all the hassel. If people are apprehensive enough they'll just wait to pick it up on exchange for more than what you're paying for it. Certainly all the chinese who want it and can't get in will.

What ID's do they accept? I used a proof of age card.

i dont think he's THAT popular boyo. maybe so but fuck me im salty about missing out on them

Thank you for the information.

Is it just a passport and no other documents?

>t yank with a euro passport

any doc that's used as proof of identity will do, which includes (in my cunt):
national ID card
drivers license
weapons permit