A-are there any girls who are into crypto?

a-are there any girls who are into crypto?

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I have a female friend who's into crypto. She is not attractive.

100% not a single one like this one


My girlfriend has started taking an interest because I'm into it.

Yesterday I told her about the the Monetha ICO and when I got home she said "Did you get your MSP?"

I said: "Are you retarded? Mothership is NOT a crowdsale ICO. Are you talking about MTH? If so, yes - obviously I did."

Then I tried to explain the blockchain using the Byzantine general analogy and she got really confused so I shouted at her and she started crying.

user you shouldn't verbally abuse your gf it's not nice

I bought 100 BTC for my daughter 4 years ago

wow can I marry her

True Story, a girl I was dating was camwhoring on bittit. She got me into crypto about a year ago. Very lucky.

Same with me right now; got into crypto on Sunday and have been glued to my phone looking at my gains
Made about $300 so far
To be honest, crypto has awakened a new passion in me.
Been trying to talk to her about it but I think she's just happy that I've found something that I'm passionate about again.
A better hobby than DotA2 that's for sure

Janice Griffith

I've sent thousands of dollars to reddit cam grills when BTC was worth only a few hundred. Makes me mad that I probably made these girls millionaires but I never actually held onto any BTC. Any. At all. Just bought what I needed to get a show.

Dumbest poorfag right here

>a-are there any girls who are into crypto?

Nah, everyone knows girls are mainly into BBC.

My sister desu. I shilled her into buying Monero and OMG a few weeks ago desu.

>got in on Sunday
>thinks he will keep his gains

Dude you are supposed to buy the dips, not the tops. You are in for a surprise, hope you got strong hands

yeah, simpe calculs
but i got lucky with the OMG moon. Veeky Forums shills got me good
just signed up recently for chainlink and blackmoon ICOs, will see if they pay off

>doing anything

Whats something simple i can start with with not much money. As an non biz neet?.


you can start with THIS

*unzips dick*

Don't hate all women. There are some bro-tier walking holes out there.

Fetlife has a forum for sex workers that I lurk on. They all wish more men were into crypto.

Like all tech communities, the majority of the women are male-to-female trans. So even if there's women most of them aren't really.

my mom

she got interested once i got in and has been day trading profitably for months now

she doesn't even speak english and is turning a profit ffs

how are there so many people who can't make money in this

No, but in about 3-5 years there will be girls who pretend to be into crypto for attention just like with gaming and programming.

Should I shill my autistic neet gf on crypto or encourage her to stay as a part-time wage cuck? I've been teaching her a little about technical analysis and how crypto markets function and she seems somewhat interested.

Right now she's doing nanny work bringing in ~$100 a week and she's my fallback to help with bills if I don't make enough gains.


yes i am a girl into crypto very qt
3btc direct to my wallet and we can talk

What if she enjoys it?