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Sup Veeky Forumsinities?

Which of you are in on what is going to be the greatest money train of the year? Which of you fags are going to be crying for missing the boat?

>The most real world applicable crypto project out there

>New Contracts with wikiHow, WordPress and a rumored Steam contract soon.

>About to become the international standard for age and user identification for any and all platforms

>Already has numerous contracts including with Citibank and soon the United Nations

>Already 320%+ profit in it's first six weeks

>CEO Vinny Lingham is a Crypto legend who's conducted TED talks on BTC and been all over Shark Tank

>New release coming out in October which will make Civic available globally

Buy as much as CVC as possible and thank me later. Civic is going to be a moon mission unlike anything seen before.

Civic Website


Vinny Langham's TED Talk

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Is this a pasta
Saw this exact same thread last night

Despite shilling I think this could be very big, have a small position because it's cheap

When Vinny is involved in a project it is guaranteed moon.
>can't Bingham the Lingham!

Come on Vinny, you fat fuck.


Why the fuck does this needs a coin?

When is the moon bois

>Authenticate without the need for traditional physical IDs, knowledge based authentication, username/password, and two-factor hardware tokens. Here are some of the services and solutions we are launching with our Civic Business Customers but many more are under development.

>New account creation can be simplified by providing verified identity data with the Civic app. While this service may sound similar to Facebook Login, Civic’s Secure Private Sign-up (SPS) and Secure Private Login (SPL) offers both privacy of data transactions and greater trust in user identity. By utilizing SPS, you can rest assured that new accounts are created by the true owner of the identity data. Civic’s SPL enables you to allow your users to log in to your web and mobile apps without a username or password. SPL provides a better user experience and multi-factor authentication without weak passwords, password reset vulnerabilities and the hassle of legacy two-factor authentication.

Secure new account creation using Civic verified identity for KYC. Multi-factor authentication for web and mobile apps.

Better user experience with more options to establish various levels of trust in the identity of a signer of a document

Secure account creation that offers varying levels of privacy to your users, including anonymity or verified demographic attributes

Financial Services
Avoid new account fraud with verified identity data. Multi-factor authentication with simple user experience

Reduce the impact of data breach by not storing user PII with credit card data. Avoid identity fraud with a Civic verified identity

Allow Civic Members to securely store and instantly share authenticated medical records from their device with the Civic App


this is the coin that gets me to lamboland. I know it

companies pay for KYC with civic tokens (cheaper than other methods), customers are paid in civic for using it.

Sold it. This shit's not going anywhere

Vinny's talking about civic on Bloomberg today

Here's the interview, fast forward to 28 minutes.


Waiting for more money to roll in or I woulda bought days ago. FUCK COINBASE


Right? Holy shit. What fucking idiots these people are, lel. I was literally just chimping out in our Slack saying the exact same fucking thing.

Goddamn these media parasites. If you knew what the fuck you were talking about, you'd be here making real money instead of fellating yourself on television. I want to punch that long haired faggot after Vinny in the face.

wat slack

By the way, Goldman Sachs prediction is sucking a dick. No one has been able to explain to me why investors in China, India or across the globe give a fuck about what these corrupt assholes have to say. I've never seen them get a prediction in crypto right yet.

A couple of us long-time investors hang out in a Slack all day talking about crypto and hockey. We're bullish on Civic right now and seriously bearish on the Canucks.

Also checked my dude.

CIVIC is a bretty entredesting coin and it is on support. Lets see if in the incoming days we have a Norkorean rocket assault

It doesn't. I seriously considered investing in this until I realized there was absolutely ZERO need for a cryptocurrency to implement something like this, which led me to believe 1 of 2 things...

1) The development team are complete fucking morons
2) They are scammers

2 is the most likely reason.

It's funny when people don't know what they're talking about.


how exactly would a coin help in identifying anybody?

It's funny when people shill this hard.

Tell me why this project cannot be created without a coin?

>Civic is an identity management service that allows you to protect and authorize the use of your identity in real-time. We also offer additional features to help protect your identity such as credit report alerting, identity fraud coverage, and access to 24/7 fraud support.

They are a blockchain based identity company who's developed an Identification system that holds all of your person info and verify who you are without any of your real world info going out in the world.

>The tokens (CVC) will be used to transact in IDV-related services. The CVC paid in a transaction is distributed to the validator and the user as a reward for sharing information. The more usage for CVC, the more valuable the tokens should be.

Because anything but a decentralized blockchain is subject to be compromised. You would know this if you understand how blockchain technology works.

I could understand the appeal, I'm really new to these investments, what's a safe quantity to go with? I have never bought a coin and I'm only researching for now before I throw money away.

>They are a blockchain based identity company who's developed an Identification system that holds all of your person info and verify who you are without any of your real world info going out in the world.


Say it with me: S-C-A-M

5 bucks

sounds like any other company offering some kind of insurance or service.
they just want ICO money for free
on top of that the concept itself sounds retarded, so you can identify somebody with the coin... without giving out real world info? wut what?

this thread is FUD free. please vacate

That's up to you my dude. Be very very careful my dude in crypto.

As a new investor, I would stick to bluechips like BTC, ETH, zCash, Litecoin, Ark, CVC for awhile to get your feet wet before you jump into the deep end.

>This fucking faggot obviously can't read as he decided to write this ignorant bullshit when the info is three posts above this one.

No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to do anything. If you want to lose, that's your choice.

...why are you people putting money into this when you don't understand the technology you're investing your money into?

zcash, ark and cvc are blue chips? what are on nigga

zCash is the best currency option behind BTC ATM.

Ark has the best technology and community in the game right now.

CVC has the most real world potential.

Why does Vinny always get roasted on twitter

I can't lose anything from something I never had, moron. But I can warn others. This technology could be easily replicated and licensed to industries with absolutely NO need for a coin. All these assholes are doing is attempting to capitalize on the crypto-frenzy.

Are you retarded? Civic cannot exist without a coin, the coins are fuel to compute the identity of a user.

Fucking MORON.

He's not the most well-liked person. In fact he's kind of a cocky dick who's obsessed with his public image and building it.

I look at that as a positive though. CVC has to be a success or all his media spots and attention disappear.

>This faggot still hasn't read three simple paragraphs explaining what the tokens do in the CVC blockchain.

Read them. It's all horseshit. Someone could build an app tomorrow that does the exact same fucking thing with no need for blockchain. That's why this project is retarded and will fail.

>This faggot lost the argument and is now just pulling random shit out of his ass to not look like such a faggot

A developer could come along and develop an entirely new blockchain project around identity that has been adapted at Citibank, wikiHow, Steam and meeting the UN's protocols?

Would you like to leave now or do you want to keep embarrassing yourself?

>Too stupid to realize such a project doesn't need a blockchain at all.

I swear some crypto-tards are just completely fucking delusional.

>This faggot doesn't understand crypto tech and is boo-boo faced about his ignorance being exposed in this thread.

Okay, explain how a decentralized identity platform works without a blockchain. This is going to be fucking hilarious.

Decentralized/distributed computing has existed since well before anyone ever came up with a blockchain.

What are you fucking 12?

>This faggot has no argument so now he's trying to flaunt some sort of superiority despite getting BTFO repeatedly

Why the hostility though? Enough with the namecalling from either sides provide some good arguments if you want a normal discussion. All of this ends up being a shit flinging contest where nobody wins. Are you guys arguing because you desperately want to be right or are you actually going to prove some sort of point?

Explain how it works faggot. Don't use buzzwords.

It's ok, I remember my first time being retarded.

This person is like a five year old trying to explain how the Apollo Mission worked. It's pathetic.

Holy fuck you're actually retarded. KYC has been frustratingly expensive and the current methods are susceptible to hacks and security leaks. The blockchain opens an avenue to solve both of these issues. Stay poor faggot

I don't really care. If the idiot wants to lose his money let him.

Unless you can unequivocally demonstrate why this project needs blockchain technology (which it doesn't) then it's worthless and simply riding a hype train.

>A decentralized project involving security doesn't need a blockchain

This is fucking retarded. You think it's going to work like TOR or a project where multiple people have access to your info or the system?

Again, explain how it would work. You're the one who claims it can be done in a day. Explain it.

How else is it going to distribute the info in a decentralized manner without a blockchain or tokens for verification? This is fucking idiocy.

This is the dumbest fucking project ever. A goddamn Google Authenticator could accomplish all this shit.

Oy vey. Just buy in and make money wtf how are people so stupid.

Probably doubt omg and neo too.

Jesus christ, why do you people invest money and spend time around technology you don't understand. How would Google Authenticator retain

Social Info
Financial Services Info
E-Commerce Info
Medical Info
Steam and Game Logins

why do you need a token to store all that shit? just use a password manager or even a text file.

>what is a qr code

A QR code can be used across multiple applications and institutions?

Uhhh.... yes? Do you have the dumb?

You don't.

Show me where one QR code is used for identification across multiple platforms like the one Civic is being used for. I will be surprised if banks and government institutions are using individual QR codes to identity individuals but I'd like to see it. Prove it.

Because your information is still getting stored and sent across centralized locations where it can get picked off. Why do you think all these government people keep getting DOXed? Remember Ashley Madison getting picked? That's a daily thing now.

I was on Ashley Madison and my wife left me because of that incident. If I had been using Civic I would still be happily married. Sad.

I'm not trying to be mean, just reading the fuck white paper guys. Everything that's being said here is addressed.

If you weren't on Ashley Madison you would still be married.

>Because your information is still getting stored and sent across centralized locations where it can get picked off. Why do you think all these government people keep getting DOXed? Remember Ashley Madison getting picked? That's a daily thing now.
And how does MEMEic help?
Let's say I want to open a bank account.
I still need to give the bank all my info.
Let's say I want to book a flight.
I still need to give the airline all my info.
Let's say I want to buy some shit from Amazon.
I still need to give Amazon all my info.


>what is walmart + chasepay

as far as I understand it, it's a better replacement for something like "sign in with facebook" as opposed to an identity store for all your personal info

there's a lot of value with having a sort of disqus like sign on for anywhere that doesn't require a central party like facebook to manage it

that doesn't mean it needs a coin per se, but I can see where the coin would come in as a token for exchanging "work" on the system verifying identities across the web

That's a payment system not an identification system. Plus you still have your identification in centralized places.

some say the cucumber tastes better pickled.

Have you never had to pay $40 to have your identity and credit checked for jobs or when renting a house? How neet are you to not know the value of what Civic is trying to solve?

>sub 10k sats on CVC after the dump
Oh dear

It's crashing


It's probably because I just bought 2k

Please sell so it will moon suddenly

it's the great 2cent crash of 2017.

Does this thing have long tern potential and should i buy this dip? Looks like its been on a downwards trend for months.

flush yourself down the toilet.

You buttmad from losing your ass on this shitcoin?

think you know a lot about asses, huh faggot? i bought for 10cents during their ico. you like that? you like my ass, faggot?

>Paying for a credit check

Lolwut? What kind of nigger shithole area do you live in? I've never even heard of such nonsense.

I just meant background checks where they look if you had tickets, arrested, where you lived in the past, etc

Again, never heard of such a thing. People actually pay money to see if someone will let them pay them money? This is the ultimate cuckery. Where can I get in on this shit?

I had to with my current shit landlords. Fucking idiots charged me after I signed a lease saying I had to for """security"""

I should've brought them to court when they ignored my maintenance request for months which was very illegal of them where I live.

most of the time i see autistic retarded post here in Veeky Forums there are some that have made me gains,I have to agree with OP here Civic is a sleeping giant best time to get in is now , be patient hold its not going to moon over night how ever with everything that is coming its way this time next year you will be able to give yourself a nice bonus ;)