Thread for those that already made it. Please no poorfag.
Here we are talking about the best places to go live in to actually cash out profits from crypto.
Best country with low/no taxes.

Please let's keep it serious.

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Estonia pretty much

There are no taxes on the moon
>implying you're not a poorfag asking where there are less taxes

Here in Italy we have lot of taxes overall, but cryptocoin and relative gains are completely untaxed because unregulated, and knowing our governments of old fuck tech illterates the situation will remain this way for the next 10 years minimum.

Feels good.

..Are they not count as capital gains?


" foreigners resident in Malta aren’t subject to income tax on any foreign sourced capital gains, even when they remit these gains to a Maltese bank account (for example capital gains made by buying and selling shares on foreign stock markets). "

So basically 0 tax on crypto
There's still a tax if you work as an employee or sell stuff in Malta


"The freest economy in the world for years now, Hong Kong is one of the best places on earth for investors. As part of its tradition of respect for capital, Hong Kong does not tax capital gains."

cost of living seems pretty high tho

>..Are they not count as capital gains?

They do count by only if you are a society, as a physical person you don't need to declare anything relative to digital currency.

The Netherlands, not a shithole country, no chinks and no capital tax.

I'm moving to Hong Kong

that's really interesting

As a frenchfag I would really like to live in Italy

So there's no cap for crypto gains ?
Could I withdraw 100k€ in a month with no problem ?

And no declaration ? that's nice

"In the Netherlands you do pay a general 1.3% wealth tax on your total wealth, in whatever form (you need to self-report crypto holdings)."

You have to pay a tax for every single trade afaik

no sorry, just pay 1.3% on your total wealth
but crypto is included.

So taxes are increasing as your total worth is increasing ? Every year ?

That's a bummer

Exactly. Obvuolsy you need to declare that 100k if they reside on you bank account at the end of fiscal year.

Declare those 100k but there will be no taxes ?

sure if you wanna give 20% to maksu- ja tolliamet

Yes, because they are exempt:

Exemption VAT for bitcoin change operations:

Traditional currency trading with virtual currency traded by market operators does not discount the VAT as it falls between banknote and coin transactions. For customers, physical people, instead, who hold bitcoins outside their business activity, are ready-to-use transactions that do not generate taxable income because they lack speculative purpose. These are the main explanations of Resolution n. 72 / E published today, by which the Revenue Agency, in line with the recent EU Court of Justice guidelines, illustrates the tax treatment to be applied to those engaged in buying and selling virtual cash prizes in exchange for "traditional" currency.

Direct taxes and VAT:

The practice document states that bitcoin transactions are VAT-free services. On the other hand, on the basis of direct taxation, revenues from intermediation in the purchase and sale of bitcoin are subject to Ires and Irap, net of the related costs. To evaluate the bitcoins that the company has at the end of the year, it is necessary to consider its normal value, that is, their listing at that time.

No tax substitute charges:

As regards customers who hold bitcoins outside the enterprise, the resolution clarifies that they are ready-for-sale transactions that do not generate taxable income because the speculative purpose is lacking. It follows that traders are not required to perform the duties of tax substitutes. The Agency's ability, during the audit, to acquire client lists for the appropriate verifications remains unchanged.

Yeah but will it stay that way ?

Seems like they want to change it

Kuwait. Not taxes at all.

>drive lambo for 30 minutes in traffic
>at end of country

So if I were to move to Hong Kong for 5 years, make 10 million in crypto, and move back to America I could just keep all my money?

the country at the bottom of that map

no crypto taxes, weak fiat currency, lots of cheap land, and its really easy to insulate yourself from all the shit in the country.

>Living among cammel fuckers

go to fucking malta you dweebs