No. Twill be one more aeon.


>bat will only be used for the brave browser
>price wont rise very high
dont think this is going to be a big thing



Imagine the pajeets realizing they can sit there watching ads all day to make money.

We're not looking at 300 any time soon.
It's at 30 cents and 3.00$ is very possible.

I have 75 BAT.

That means $75 million by October.

Deal with it.

You said quadrillion wrong.
Yoloswolo pajeet life.

>bat will only be used for the brave browser

Real talk but, I got in at 25c and now its sitting at 30c I'm thinking of selling considering its been like a 60% rise in the last 2-3 days. What price do people think this run will go to before correcting?

Brave is going to be bigger than you think; and BAT is already planned to get apps with other browsers.

Why make Brave, anyways? BAT could be done entirely through a Chrome plugin no problem.

The granules of time slip and slide. The chosen one shifts, slowly at first, rising from his lengthy slumber.

His speed burgeoning. He crosses 6k sat. The movement comes with ease.

He will wake.

it's been a 25% rise. i think you'll regret if you sell now, the big releases are coming in september.

How can you stop ppl from bot viewing ads and earning infinite amount of bat?

they started working on brave long before BAT was an idea. And i guess they have more control this way, not sure about the specifics. I mean who really knows all the ways that chrome is tracking you.

Thank you, ancient whales, for keeping my NEO and BCH dominated portfolio afloat.

The quickest whales had aligned themselves with him long ago. The others take notice. Do they join themselves with him?

Hesitant at first, but the knowledge comes in time. Tis the chosen one. The three angles. The signs, pointing skyward.

The lion

i use brave but i dont have any bat. fight me

should be the other way around
it's a shit browser but this is profitable because people love using shit browsers

>it's a shit browser
It is literally the fastest and safest browser for Android

My understanding is that Brave will only be the first browser to make use of BAT and that they will be making addons for other browsers later.
I really hope they make Brave good. I want to get off of Firefox and Chrome because Mozilla and Google are both shitty companies now.

What's the problem with Braver? It's faster than chrome and doesn't have nearly as much botnet.

>da brouwza

its a great browser except for a couple of little tiny problems but they will be sorted soon enough

See, that doesn't make sense to me. It'd be much less risky to start out with a chrome addon since building a modern browser that can compete with current mainstream browsers is far from trivial. Not to mention a plugin would make BAT far more accessible to just about everyone.

Also, I wouldn't trust a company based entirely around advertising to be any more ethical than Google (also a company that makes nearly all its revenue off advertising).

My main problem with it is simply that it's not customizable in the least. I have a lot of Firefox addons that really tailor my experience and provide useful tools, and Brave doesn't have any extensions at all.

They address this on their site:
>How does BAT deal with ad fraud?
>We’ve covered the problems with ad fraud in the existing ad model in this post, but here are just a few ways that BAT deals with ad fraud: the token eliminates third-party traffic sourcing, and the Basic Attention Metrics (BAM) system reduces fraud entry points. The code will be auditable as open source, with attention and engagement verified using Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) protocols. Ads and payouts will be rate limited, and user growth pool token awards distributed over time to make bot operations less desirable.

>faster than chrome

Unlikely considering that it's literally a fork of chromium.

Give it time user. It's a very new browser and isn't established yet, It will likely get more support in terms of add ons/extensions as adoption increases.

Every company has to make money somehow. They are all beholden to someone. Whether or not they make money from advertisers, they need to attract users first. Google already has enough users that they can afford to fuck some in the ass or sell off all their data.
Brave was founded with the intention to protect its users data. Now with BAT they are aiming to disrupt the advertising game as a whole. Brave even has a built in adblock because they idealistically believe that it should be up to the user to decide what they see and who tracks their data. While Brave isn't in a state that I want to switch over to it, I respect them and hope it will be in the future.

Also, remember that there's huge demand for a more private browser as more people want to get away from google. Braver has a lot of shilling potential.

You're being naive. They have built-in adblock so they can monopolize advertising towards their users. Honestly, being deluded for a second and pretending that Brave becomes one of the big 3 browsers now that Firefox is more or less dead, the built-in adblock will likely be the target of many lawsuits from 3rd party marketers.

Also, sounds like a user nightmare. Lots of websites don't function with adblock enabled these days, so a built-in adblock will be a major headache. Some sites might even just block all requests from Brave user-agents.

>wanted to invest when BAT was at 19 cents
>decided not to

You seem to be missing the point of creating BAT and pairing it with Brave completely.

As far as I know Braver will also reward publishers and advertisers:
>Brave will work with publishers and advertisers to establish best practices for judging user attention. One potential metric: the number of total views of advertising content for a certain number of seconds. Or, points assigned on the length of a view.
Who Gets What?
>Users viewing ads will be rewarded with BATs. BATs can be used for premium content or services on the Brave platform. Publishers will, as part of this service, receive the lion’s share of the total ad revenue. We anticipate that users will also donate back some tokens to publishers, further increasing their revenue.

I bought at 20 cents, but don't plan to sell any of my position before it gets to 7000 sats at least.

I kinda like the idea (and hope for my cute little bats to fly to the moon…) and I agree that we need a new system for the internets money/ads backbone, and maybe brave/BAT is the thing, but there is one part I don't understand:

>websites and users will be paid in BAT
>advertisers by ads with BAT
>BAT is a highly volatile cripto coin
How does that work?
>Hey that was a really interesting article, I'll just send the site .2 BAT for it. when I got my bats, that was around 50cents.
>I just paid $200 for an article about the best dragon dildos!!!!!
They would really need to decouple BAT from whatever the user/advertisers sees and uses to make it handleable in real llife.
And then why bother with BAT anyways?

nothing goes 400x in the span of seconds

and I think the people who imagine anyone making big money off browsing, or making click farming bots are misguided. it won't be a huge money maker, it's just a way to easily toss a few cents at the things you enjoy so that content like that can be funded, instead of everyone just being inundated by commie propaganda all day every day

As it stands now, pretty much every crypto is very volatile as fuck. Do you think that's viable to have every store in the US accepting Bitcoin now? Of course not, the technology is still new, it takes time to be adopted and the swings in price are still huge. People don't invest in BTC because they think it will be used by everyone everywhere in the world NOW, they invest in BTC because they think it will be in the future, and as BTC becomes mainstream, the boom will stop, price will stabilize and become much less volatile.
Same goes for BAT, it's volatile now because it's new and things are uncertain, as it begins to be adopted and hits ''mainstream'', it will become more stable.

>nothing goes 400x in the span of seconds
yeah, but possible in the span of days or weeks.
>Buy BAT when you start using brave and believing in the whole idea
>Buy a few hundred of them, because it's just a few dozen dollars
>dont spend as much as you expected
>takes months to even get rid of 10 BAT
>normies dont follow the market
>hey, I wanna pay this article!
>some automated "thanks for sending us BAT! These are the hottest BAT articles on the web right now, fi you wanna read on"
>"Bloomberg: ###breaking news### BAT mooning!"
>we get the situation described above

I don't think the idea is for users to buy BAT.

You'll get a little bit of BAT automatically by browsing. You can withdraw it if you want to go through some painstaking KYC to make a few cents, but more likely you just donate it back to your favorite content creators with a click right through built in browser tools.

Forgot to mention, advertisers will be the ones buying BAT.