STRATIS releasing Breeze today

Veeky Forums are you holding any STRAT for preparation for the breeze release today? Prize is already starting to grow up after being underrvalued for two weeks. This shit has been touching 450k sats at ATH, but is now only at around 160k-150k sats.

>breeze release today

Really though? Where can I read that?

I am holding STRAT. But I don't know about this

>This shit has been touching 450k sats at ATH

Don't I fucking know it. That's where I bought in, been bagholding for months.


An alpha on testnet is not a release dipshit until its on mainnet nothing will happen

You should never buy at all time high...

actually, price should react before its released, not after. The breeze wallet release is already factored into the price.

Still a release though. And as they say, it will not be in alpha on a test net for long... It will influence the price as people will speculate before main net release.
People who are baghodling this will be rewarded if they did not sell yet.

No shit.

Forgot this shitcoin even existed, why the fuck would I buy it

>acts like a smartass saying "no shit"
>bought at all time high

U wot m8?

Because Vietnam is waking up

>saying "no shit" qualifies as being a smartass

Wow, a wallet. I'm sure THIS is what the entire crypto industry has been waiting for.

actually it is.
good way to launder your illegal money which is still the biggest part of btc

we are the stratimarines

The ability to launder money has very little to do with how pretty the wallet looks. Also, there's much better coins if money laundering is your goal.

And with tumblebit in the breeze wallet, this money will be completely untraceable

The wallet is not the thing being released, and is not what the news is about

Tumblebit is getting integrated into the breeze wallet, which makes STRAT having the best privacy between transactions of all the coins out there.

bought in at 140k.
pretty comfy so far.

bought in at 0.004
terrified at this point