Why is tenx dropping so hard...

why is tenx dropping so hard? i thought after the monaco fiasco people would switch to PAY since they have a working product but its going down for 2 days now


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No idea, specially this sudden dump, the only thing I can think of is the Wavecrest thing and even that has been talked about by the company.

Idk but it's frustrating, this is the second time I have bought in and been shit on. I wanted to believe in this fucking thing I really did.

bump. relevant to 50% of my interests...

Their dev team has too much diversity.
It's almost as if they hired people based on other factors than skill alone.

Because smart moneys moving to TKN. TenX already hit a huge marketcap. Monaco fucked up. TKN is the smart move right now.

meanwhile monaco was pumped to $25 . it didnt even had a working product . this market doenst make sense lol

Buy the dip niggers

before "buying the dip", it would be better to know why the dip is there to begin with

Has anyone tried the TenX app? I sold as soon as I did. I know its a beta but that is still your public product. It was worse than a year 1 CS students first android attempt, and using the same stock UI anyway.

A user will visit the TokenCard offe today in London and stream it live:

I just dumped my bag, fuck this coin. I will make more just holding btc in my backpocket instead of this shit.

Cause a visa partnership is complete shit in crypto land?

>why is a complete scamcoin dropping

the real question is when are you going to realize you are fucking retarded if you fell for it in the first place. idiots, idiots everywhere

the order book isn't looking good though. What's your take on that?

the only reason people bought tenx was to make some more gains of monaco hype they are similiar so once one coins gets popular the offbrand cheaper one will also cmon now

dont know what u talking about, the app on my galaxy s6 edge works like charm? maybe upgrade your dumbphone lol

It's still at $4?

Actually the only reason I bought is bc of Simpson's meme

its going back up bud


korean whale group. join their free telegram group.
they announced a buy signal last night. they are pressing the price down to pump it soon.
look at the fake sellwalls

So you be sayin' there's a good entry point now?

Every time i try to make trades based on the order book i lose. It just has a nice bottom forming, its competitors are either fucking up or already 10x TKNs marketcap, and it looks like someone has a bot accumulating. It just looks like a good buy right now.


I hope when they issue the cards it go up.

TKN oder TENX so i can know which one To dodge

The whales kept making walls so they dumped the price, the walls have just been eaten, to the moon we go

TokenCard livestream in 2 hours:

which one, dolphin club?