I just went all in on this

I just went all in on blackmoon ICO. Anyone else riding this train with me?

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had an advertisement for it pop up the other day that caught my attention. Sell me on it

Got 1 BTC riding on this bitch



Anime Chan shilled me into it check the archive for a black moon thread.

>riding this train
Although there might be some gains, I won't feed some fucking russians that want me to work for them to push this shit's value.

>putting all your money in a single coin
there are 6 better icos this month, I put in pocket money for this.

How the fuck do I make an account on this shitty website. Literally only offers 'existing account' options

which ones, user?

I set aside 10 ETH for ICOs, already put 5 in Blackmoon - was planning to put the rest in ChainLink (if I can get in during crowdsale), but maybe you can shill me on something else.

im in but im not sure if i can completeley trust a guy with typos in his linkedIn profile

not sure english is their first language user

These fucks have the shittiest support I've ever dealt with. They will act like they are going to help you and then do absolutely nothing. I've been waiting for 3 days for them to get back to me.

They are russian. You should see some professional profiles in Italian.
Man they are good at their job, but please god forgive them for their english

isnt it over now? rekked

I've just sent some LTC over there, right after eight minutes of the official end of pre-sale.
I wrote to some guy called Roman in support, and he confirmed that I could still send it. If I get fucked over, a lesson will be learned.

Its over lads

Pre ICOs are the new ICOs

ICO s are scam. Pre sale is where it's at

>Hey guys! We are about to overpass the cap for our pre-order - the $5M threshold. That is 1/3 from our lower hard cap for the whole sale. We also have about $2.5M in hard commitments that are now in the transferring status. So we intend to stop the pre-order at 2pm UTC time on Friday, September 1 and focus on preparation to the main sale.

Looks like 7.5 Million in total, this is going to be awesome if true.
Very excited about this project now with such a low amount of people having contributed to the presale.

Did any of you guys even bother to read the white paper???

The entire project reeks of scam.

You'd be better of just buying ICN

Oh wait this was presale. So in Russia even pre-sale s are scam. Pre pre-sale aka first look is where it'll be

I sold 5k of my 40k zrx to buy in to blackmoon... Hope it was worth it.

fuck russians


Look at their team. They're all big players in russian business. Theres more incentive for them to make sure the coin succeeds.


If anyone hasnt joined, you can do so using my referral link:


checked all the successful deals they've already done, yeah.

fuck yeah i got in on this just in time

I put in $4k. How much are we expecting each BMC to be worth off the bat?


2x is likely

if the total cap is going to be ~15m like I think it is, then we have the potential for a 20x (to rival iconomi) putting tokens at 20$ each.

>" big players in Russian business"
>"all the successful deals "

Yeah the squad they have seems really good, but so what? the project fucking sucks and sets off multiple scam alarms.

Did you anons think you were going to be getting a fat slice of black moons profits??

Not unless your a "Continuous Contributor" or "Investment Advisor" meaning that you've depositing to them your tokens ( 10,000 to 100,000 for "Investment Advisor" they wont even tell you what it takes for a "Continuous Contributor") then you have to apply for a "Job" within the platform and actually do it.
All for what? 3% ?? some of which comes from its "transaction fees" from charging people who take their coins out of their wallet and into exchanges?

From my understanding regular joe HODLers dont even receive dividends ( If they do i'm sure its small. considering giving them a substantial amount and working for them only gives you 3%) the profits generated from the investments will be used for "Token buybacks" and said tokens burned when bought from you. So literally the ICN model.

You are literally buying tokens from them, only to give them back and go work for them. No thanks.

Lucky for you anons they have set aside a decent portion of the money raised to buy back your tokens for 80% of what you paid.

Stay based user.

The Blackmoon site is trying to spread fud about iconomi by referencing the iconomi dividend system, while Iconomi dropped the dividend system idea 6 fucking months ago.

They also don't have a working product yet, but the marketing is enormous and aggressive (incentives for posts on social media and forums), and the design concept of the whole thing is slick as glass. MAJOR red flags.

They're promising all kinds of shit that they'll do better than Iconomi, while they don't even have a first release yet.
They'll be playing catch-up while Iconomi simply implements everything they promised. They'll be a year behind Iconomi every step of the way.

This is obviously a smoke-and-mirrors pump&dump.

If anything, blackmoon only serves to validate Iconomi's concept.

Science ico team looks way more trustworthy. But this could be good too

Glad to see another based user.

I didn't even mention their aggressive facebook and Google add campaign or the pajeet shill tier bounty system they put in place. Look at reddit and you can see countless shills making posts/threads about them with zero replies.

Just look at the "black moon introduction video" full of fancy visuals and sound effects, the two "Big Russian players" come to speak and you can barely hear what they're saying over the special effects added to their voice. It all looks pretty lee epix technology future.

waiting for and to give some justification

Screenshotted your posts so that you can be added to the name-and-shame thread ;)


>tokens at 20$ each.
nice, i'd be happy with that

ICONOMI already has a working product, Blackmoon is PDF file.

I would certainly not send my eth to some shady russians.

thing is, you dont actually have to do any of that for your own tokens to be worth money

investors to the platform will have to buy in at least 10'000 BMC tokens from the getgo - let's be conservative and say only 100 people will actually use it
that equals out to 1 million BMC tokens taken off the market from upwards buying pressure (keep in mind there will only be like 20 million)

on top of that holders aren't going to sell for the above reasons

did you know that iconomi's "crypto hedge fund" was literally a paper trade? iconomi had 0 experience going into it, compared to blackmoon who has real connections and proven performance history

its not spreading fud if it's a competitor user, thats just capitalism.

and you clearly haven't even tried logging onto their site, they have an MVP already.

dont like science


Investment reporting interface:
[email protected]

Advanced investment management interface:
[email protected]

>they have an MVP already
What did I say about the marketing?

All flash no substance.

This coin has BILLIONAIRE MONEY written all over it and you think they will scam you for a hard cap of 30m usd ? Idiot

Poorfag here. I threw in $100 of prior gainz to see where this goes.

I'd wet my britches for 10$ a coin

The Chainlink crowdsale is like 300 ETH minimum.

>dont like science
why? cost of buying in?

>you think they will scam you for a hard cap of 30m usd ?
Lol, yes?

Archive does not have blackmoon in title, search 'redpill'

This my first ICO

5 eth reporting in.

I will but an account for .11 BTC, which is 10% more than what you paid if you bought access with the .1 minimum

Dubs, I meant buy*

you're investing in a vc company that invests into companies pre-ico when you can just buy the ico of said company and make likely higher gains

You FOMO invested 4k into the pajeet version of Iconomi. Reading the white paper only takes 5 minutes user.

Anyone serious about becoming an investor or contributor to the platform would have bought a substantial amount of the tokens during the ICO.

Your punished for moving your tokens to and from the special wallet you store them in so the vast majority wont even be on exchanges. When you buy your job with them, your 10,000 tokens aren't burned - they are set aside and returned to you should you fail to contribute. Tokens are only burned when they are bought back by Blackmoon.

The only thing giving the tokens value is buying a job with them to receive your tiny dividends or the buy back scheme from their profits.

If these Russian big dogs are so well connected and experienced, why are they waiting until the middle of next year to start applying for a USA license?? With the goal of starting USA trading in 2019? Surely given their vast wealth and connections this process should be underway ASAP.

Why the need to make an aggressive bounty program and add campaign with all their connections?

Righto mate.
p.s I look forward to the pink wojacks in the months to come >:3

>Your punished for moving your tokens to and from the special wallet you store them in so the vast majority wont even be on exchanges.

didnt think about this one, thanks user

more bullish news

Ok mate, good luck.

isnt it just the presale? source?

*Hai hai!~* Just passing by~

Since it hasn't been mentioned here yet, this was from Sergey Vasin (BMC's investment director) via the slack:
>Terms of sale update. We have updated the terms of sale to explicitly state that USD 30 million is the hard cap. Any funds on top of that will be transmitted back at the cost of the contributor.
>However, the company can choose a lower hard cap if deems it reasonable.

Original thread is here:

Ah, you might have missed their summary halo-san:

>The Incubator expects to hold on average 25% (as a match of equity investment) of the tokens of each incubated portfolio company at the time of each portfolio company’s ICO. Of this 25%, it is expected that 70% of the portfolio tokens will flow to SCI Tokenholders, in proportion to their SCI Token holdings. The remaining 30% of portfolio tokens will be sold (in a staggered fashion, or as otherwise deemed appropriate by the Incubator) as needed to refresh the Incubator’s funds.
So you're automatically getting the ICO'ing company's tokens just by holding SCI! You can buy more though if you want.

Also, buy backs! They're going to buy back SCI from the open market and burning those tokens, likely pushing up the price of the remaining tokens.

Buy Blackmoon

til i see numbers on that i really can't say that's such a great idea

i can go in with a predefined amount of coin into an ICO and expect a certain ROI, with science i'm not only getting a fraction, i'm not even sure what that fraction is

i'm sure it will make money, but its too slow.

I don't care about a working product, i care about making money. This includes marketing, what this guys obviously are very good with. This is not some "yaddayaddayadda-buy-this-coin, senpaiiii!!1". They did a good job and it appears serious and reputable as fuck.
They even picked "BlackMoon" as a name, what is genius. Google "BlackRock" and you'll see what i mean.
Beside of that i think it is a great project with a great future, but in the first place it will generate gains.
Let's see how this comes out. In worst case scenario i'll dump my bags at x2 in a few months, what is pretty unlikely.

There's something sexy about long, curvy legs combined with tomboyish sneakers.

I love it.

this is also a factor

everyone who tries to shit on projects that have good marketing need to look historically at them

every project that has ever had good marketing has always mooned. ex: dash, pivx, neo