Litecoin price predictions

There is no way this shit ain't 200$ or above by 1st Jan 18

What say you, user?

$200 at the end of september

litucoinu buy CHEAP now

Here is the litecoin cope thread summing up recent events.

People said it would reach $100 by the btc fork but its just happening after not before i guess

79.48 ... 79.64 ... 79.68 ...

Just keep buying :^)
It will happen by October if the buy walls continue like this

MFW I opened up a 1 btc long yesterday

I wont be closing it anytime soon

>MFW I opened up a 1 btc long yesterday
should have opened a LTC long, it's up 6% on BTC today

Thats what I did

Why do LTC retards use USD instead of BTC/LTC? You guys are crypto fucking retards. I started with 18 LTC I june and sold that piece of shit for a decent profit, made way more money swingtrading other coins than I'd ever make holding this shit coin.

I knew/know LTC would/will explode in value.

But I have 1,500 OMG and that's 100% of my portfolio. I'm going to lamboland soon and can't risk it all on some 50% litecoin gainz.

Enjoy the ride gentlemen, wish I could join you

>Mfw I opened up a 1 btc long
>it's actually a 1 ltc long
Make up your fucking mind retard

>all in on one coin
dont you think that is a huge risk? why not diversify? You can lose all your money instantly.

>Doesn't know how to read

I opened up a 1btc long for ltc yesterday. Learn to read

It would normally be a huge risk.

But OMG is not a risk. Beyond the big three BTC/ETH/LTC it's the safest bet there is in crypto.

And since the upside is much larger than the big three, it's a must all-in.

BTC: 3x returns in a year
ETH: 5x
LTC: 4x
OMG: at least 20x

Easy call

When I bought into crypto I got ac few Ltc just because it was the other thing I could buy on cuckbase, I sold it $20 early listening to Veeky Forums saying it was pointless.

But if I buy back in I'd be listening to Veeky Forums again...

We might as well call it the big 4 now. Maybe neo can be part of the big 5 if they get their shit together.

What exchange?


ltc will hit $100 by next week. already establishing new bottom floor, ltc will never retrace 61 fib again.

The hype has gone too far.

Fuck I can't use that in the US

You're right anounymous. But I'm one step above. I'm in a coin through ltc market

I think the point is fairly fucking obvious that I think ltc will outperform btc by end of year

Bitcoin would have to be 12,000 to make the same gains as ltc to 200

You think that is happening ?