How is this coin not being discussed more?

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it's a cancer coin

Nobody wants to promote rapefugee coin.

Too overvalued now. It's a good investment in the long term, but shitty one in short term. And by long term I mean like 5 years.

IMO this coin is the future of cryptocurrency and the internet of things. Solves so many issues the blockchain is struggling with.

...while bringing new problems of its own

Such as...

Should have sold this coin when it was 1.10$ :/

Waiting for it to hit 0.90$ again so I can bail out

The fact any coin can use tangle and replace iota. Or that there's already trillions of iota in existence and plans to make more

There won't be any more iota. There were 2,779,530,283 released at the ICO and there won't ever be more. There dont need to be as 1 miota is 1.000.000 iota, which is plenty.

And yeah IOTA is open source. But it's the first of its kind. Literally all other crypto coins are also based on Bitcoin or Etherium blockchain technology, so what's your argument?

what problems retard

Aren't all coins trying to outdo eachother anyway?

I've been waiting for this to drop below .50usd for weeks now, when it does I will eat that shit up

IOTA is coming to new exchanges in the coming weeks, so I wouldn't wait too long. You may just miss the boat

I can see your retarded so ill make it simple for you...

If Iota captures the IoT sphere's M2M commerce market, then it will block out any other form of crypto from interacting with the devices it controls.

So it creates a huge barrier to entry. Go google what that means you fucking retard

binance listing iota soon?//

It's not being talked about because Biz is retarded.

Already made a comfy 100% gain on this coin, feels good man. Keep buying your shitcoins biz, maybe you will make enough to buy a rope and fucking hang yourself when IOTA moons.


Have fun with your stupid rapefugee coin that already has 2 trillion in existence. While you're hanging on your worthless coin the rest of us will actually be making money thanks to coins that actually work and don't need mass adoption to be good

Daily reminder that Iota will be worthless without a patent on Tangle.

Because the team is quite pragmatic and chooses to continue building use cases and business relationships instead of hype. It's a long term hold where many on biz can't manage to concentrate on a coin that stops mooning for more than three days. Every iota thread I see gets hit with the same fud but honestly the creator btfo all these arguments during the ether review #69 interview

They have to make mathematical proof for every shitty little thing. Like 2 pages mathematical proof. Im not saying they are not solving these eproblems briliantly, but it will take time.

for example, this is the proof they had to do just to establish a timestamp:
The tangle looks alive. Like something microscopic, or neural webbing

>tfw birth of skynet

Amazes me that IOTA gets trashed for their refugee nonprofit. Only fucking thing Refunite does is help refugees find their families.

Not buying IOTA because of rapist refugees, is still trading on emotion.

>not chipping refugees and integrating their minds into the tangle

>not buying your own refuge for 1 iota

because nobody cares about, a tones of people are holding it, including me. but actually nothing happens. you cant pay with it anywhere no fancy wallets, no big volume. the community isnt big. litrally no action .

i'll take 2 syrian and 5 ukranian qt's

that will be 7Gi, thanks.

It is NOT decentral.
At the last update they've shut down the entire network with a finger snap, you couldn't even start the wallet.
Because of this and the refugee-shit i sold all i had.
Fuck this shit.

Ah, btw. All Transactions before the update got deletet, older wallets are non-existant anymore.
Do this with another Coin, like BTC-based or ANY ERC20 and it would crash down to the earthcore.
IOTA is literally (((Merkelcoin))).

t.once the greatest IOTA shill and fanboiii

>peacenerds detected

its a trash coin that is centralized by the IOTA foundation.

Volume is already maxed out, it'll be years before it spikes to $2

Welcome to the ground floor. Only way from here is up.

most manipulated coin on the market. You can literally watch the bots pump and dump. Not to mention someone who spent $150 on the ICO can drop the price 10% at will.

IOTA distribution

Was excited to get some shares until I used their wallet and was required to generate a 81 digit hash code. Realized then they will probably never be normie friendly in ease of use which is where mainstream gains comes from. It might be a very practical coin and superior in many ways but won't make much compared to blockchain coins, like Linux is to Windows.