Normie Psychology GENERAL

Hey biz,

What are your thoughts on normies?
How can you tell if someone is a normie, what is your number one way of telling if someone is a normie?

Also : Tell us some stories of when you tried to convince a normie to get into crypto? What ended up happening?

>number one way of telling if someone is a normie
They have a job

I was talking to the head of an IT team about crypto and he told me 'bitcoins an obvious scam, so many people are gonna loose money.'

i was so taken aback i couldnt withhold my autism and audible said 'wew lad'

I've tried talking to so many normies about crypto and they just couldnt give less of a fuck. anything to do with 'investing' and especially the word 'crypto' they get terrified and shrink back

>watches game of throne
>gambling is a sin, but being a fuckoi chad faggot is cool
>cryptos are scams
>muh video gaymes
>listens to pop music
>reads "new york times bestseller" types of books
>seeks comfort and pleasure
>useful idiot (identity poliics)
>networking over integrity

>fucking this

>blogs instead of memes on CuckBook
>easily offended
>self-deprecating for attention
>yoko broke up the Beatles!!1!\ringo jokes
>trust in mainstream media
>white knight
>general Chad/Stacy tendencies

I think the real skill is figuring out who is a neet/Veeky Forums user

pretty much this
friends either think I'm faking or think that I just got lucky
one friend crpyto is only good for short term gains and that it would all crash to absolute zero in a month or two "like blockbuster"

they just seem to have this certain demeanor where they're disconnected from reality.

normies will never find me :^(



>tfw sociopathic normie

They will never know the real NEET inside

>i was so taken aback i couldnt withhold my autism and audible said 'wew lad'


Its funny because when you ask them about crypto they admit to knowing nothing about it but when you start telling them the details, even showing market statistics they turn into experts "NAH ITS CLEARLY A SCAM/GONNA BURST ANY DAY NOW, THERES NO WAY IT CAN MAKE MONEY"

Normies don't use smileys when chatting

>How can you tell if someone is a normie
Blindly following rules because "rules are rules"
Inability to think for themselves
Inability to discern cause and effect
Unwillingness to take risks

95% of Veeky Forums is normie filth. /b, /r9k, /pol espetialy. Bizraelis are the last bastion of Veeky Forums

>Fitter, happier, more productive
>Not drinking too much
>Regular exercise at the gym
>Three days a week
>Getting on better with your associate employee contemporaries
>At ease
>Eating well
>No more microwave dinners and saturated fats
>A patient, better driver
>A safer car
>Baby smiling in back seat
>Sleeping well
>No bad dreams
>No paranoia
>Careful to all animals
>Never washing spiders down the plughole
>Keep in contact with old friends
>Enjoy a drink now and then
>Will frequently check credit at moral bank
>Hole in the wall
>Favours for favours
>Fond but not in love
>Charity standing orders
>On Sundays ring road supermarket
>No killing moths or putting boiling water on the ants
>Car wash
>Also on Sundays
>No longer afraid of the dark or midday shadows
>Nothing so ridiculously teenage and desperate
>Nothing so childish
>At a better pace
>Slower and more calculated
>No chance of escape
>Now self-employed
>Concerned but powerless
>An empowered and informed member of society
>Pragmatism not idealism
>Will not cry in public
>Less chance of illness
>Tyres that grip in the wet
>Shot of baby strapped in back seat
>A good memory
>Still cries at a good film
>Still kisses with saliva
>No longer empty and frantic like a cat tied to a stick
>That's driven into frozen winter shit
>The ability to laugh at weakness
>Fitter, healthier and more productive
>A pig in a cage on antibiotics


If you are:
>in college
>have a job
>have at least one friend
>in or once in a relationship
>smoke weed
then you are a normie

Do they bore you? When you talk to them, do you feel like you've had the same conversation thousands of times with thousands of other people? Are your first impressions of them completely confirmed when you learn more about them? Are they incapable of thinking outside the box, and only go along well established paths? If yes, they are a normie. Think of normies as the NPCs in a video game. They are predicatable, repetitive, and boring.

>watches game of throne
Came here to post this. You can pretty much tell someone is an NPC if they're talking about this.

they don't HODL, they're too emotional

are you 12

.>natural body builder
>doesn't drink too much
>get along great with fellow employees......
>diets on an off depending on time management
>good driver
>safe car
>no children
>sleeps like sit
>nightmares, if i do dream
>extensive paranoia
>many animals
>never talk to old friends
>has morals
>never used a glory hole, not a faggot
>haven't been in love since ex last year
>no charity
>don't kill insects, unless it is a mosquito, fly or other insect which will eat me.
>best friend works at car wash, visit frequently.
>no afraid of much
>grown up
>fast but cautious
>not self employed
>concerned and powerless =0
>both >=)
>does not cry in public, cries in my room alone with music blasting so flat mates cannot hear (only cries when friends die, or horrible even occurs)
>sick alot, not enough sleep
>yokahamas !
>no children
>a good memory
>the notebook and that was once...
>kisses with tounge
>empty and frantic
>winter tires
>laughs only at my own mistakes
>calm on the outside
>fitter healthier and more productive

I have more than 15 friends, go to college and have money. I have a gf and party at least once every two months.
My family is great and my brothers are very intelligent all with GF and jobs .
Also go to the gym browse Veeky Forums and trade crypto, and sometimes /b/ ,/gif/ and /pol/.
What am I?


I had a guy the other day talking about tv shows like GoT. When I told him that I rarely watch tv, he tells me I'm boring. A guy who can only converse about tv shows is calling someone else boring. How rich.

A normie.

you're a gamma, welcome to the mild aspergers high IQ race faggot!



This is the true defining trait of a normie that anyone rarely recognizes

I have this friend that has autism, always had problems socializing and was mocked constantly, he started smoking weed (not everyday but every fortnight or something like that) and he's way chillier now, has made new friends, is doing good in college, I think he even got to hang out with a girl

which takes me to: is weed the easy way to norminesss?

also, weed can transform normies into outcasts, seen that scenario too

i trade crypto
but also watch got and bout 100 other tv shows online
party 2 nights every week, healthy social life
go to uni, have a qt gf
frequent Veeky Forums and a bunch of other boards, including the weird ones

guys what am i

As somebody who lives in a fraternity house right now and likes to be social, everything you just said was bullshit.

Normies hate themselves and their lives are riddled with anxiety and low self esteem. They drink and do drugs to escape.

They make decision they know ill impact them negatively and still seek them out for self destruction.

Who are you describing?

One way to tell a normie? Compare them to you, I suppose? Big difference. You guys have no life. Normies do - they have work to go to, significant others to share their hopes and dreams with, go on adventures such as zip lining etc. But mind you, when normies want to have a good laugh...they come on here to listen to you lifeless crytos! :D

Mentally, yes.

Now try to refute any of my points

Let me add more.
I hate tv in general and YouTubers ( not all, some are decent) and Instagramers, and all that bullshit.
I fucked more than 5 girls and also I am 7/10.
The biggest pro in my life is that my best friends ( not all my friends, most are normies but it try to interact with everyone I can ) are self-adjusted autist interested in knowledge and the important stuff In life ( all getting on crypto too) and with GF.
What am I?

holy shit Im a normie now?

a normie with quirks

I'm pretty sure that guy has schizophrenia

but i'm also chubby, growing a sick neckbeard, have fucked bout 25 people (women and men), do a bunch of drugs and have fetishes that would send most people running

>>No killing moths or putting boiling water on the ants
>>Never washing spiders down the plughole


Wtf does this thread have to do with business and finance? Read the sticky faggot.

a degenerate

i'll settle for that

I'm b4 bucket lists and muh life experiences

you people need to stop trying to pigeonhole and draw concrete borders around normieism. it is a subjective, constantly changing, institution. everyone involves themselves in it every once and a while, but some are so sucked in they are beyond hope

not even judging btw, i'm a chubby drunkass

>>telling water to stop being wet

you think you're smart, but you're missing the point
this isn't a collective effort to finally and objectively quantify the elusive measure of normieness
this is random Veeky Forums fun


yeah buddy i know, it's fine and degenerate really is fitting, although i'd like to know my placement on the normie-Veeky Forumsraeli scale here

when i was in grade 9 back in 2010, i was partially redpilled about bitcoin by some dude that i knew at the time—but, still, i didn't fully understand it, i didn't have very much money, and i had the certified world's shittest™ computer and internet connection (which i thought might wind up playing a factor in potentially losing my funds). i was also 14, lived in canada, and had no idea how or where to buy bitcoin with canadian dollars—and, i lived out in a rural area, which didn't help at all.
eventually, by 2011, i had assumed that it was surely safe enough to buy and hold onto—and, i tried explaining it all to various people that i knew, usually winding up explaining that i thought it was a good idea; all but one of the adults who i had explained it to went so far as to tell me that i was just a teenager who thought that he knew everything, and that i am definitely wrong about bitcoin and i should never touch it. others called it a ponzi scheme, and cited its age of two years at that time as a reason for imminent failure; they argued that the scheme had run its course, and that it'll all be over really soon. there's no way to predict the future—and, i got nervous easily, so i wasn't going to try to convince them about something that i wasn't 100% sure about.
when i had explained it to my dad in early 2012, he completely talked down to me. same shit; he told me that putting any money into this would be a stupid idea, and that i was just an overly-enthusiastic teenager who didn't know anything, yet thought that i knew everything. mind you, this man unironically thought that the world was going to end in 2012—and when i tried to explain to him that it wasn't going to end, he told me that i was a teenager who thought of myself as being immortal.

Does reading the books count? Because the books are pretty good

also, just for the record, i certainly did not speak with excess enthusiasm when i spoke of bitcoin—mostly because i was usually pretty nervous in conversation with almost anyone, but especially so with my dad. when i tried to make a compelling argument for something, i spoke as confidently as i could—but, fuck, man; people tend to talk down to teenagers, but they didn't even get it when i told them that there was a finite supply of bitcoin, and they didn't get the comparisons between the inability to inflate bitcoin to the inflation of so many other currencies.
having had already brought it up a few times, people started to think of me as just a guy who thought that "monopoly money" or just "fake" money, as varying personalities would use different terms, was the way of the future—and, being really self conscious, i wound up thinking that i was wrong about it. they didn't even really seem to pay much mind to bitcoin—they just wanted to mock me for believing in it. they couldn't wait to see me left with shattered hopes—to see me with my opinions being totally invalidated. they wanted me to be completely and utterly wrong. it didn't matter what it was about—it was just the significance of what was being discussed.

>watches lars von trier films
>baseball cap full of live sardines
>organic vape oil
>only lives in coastal cities
>less than 5k in crypto

>that i was just an overly-enthusiastic teenager who didn't know anything

kek so did my parents. My mom thinks I'm a financial genius now, while in reality its a good 80% luck, aka - being in the right place in the right time and seizing the opportunity, my dad doesnt care about shitcoins either way lel

it was just another component in me eventually convincing myself that i was wrong about everything i have ever had a stance on. i wound up forcing myself to think that people like my dad were smart—and put up with years of degradation as a result. i had a sinus infection for five fucking years in his care, which he did nothing about other than tell me over and over again was "all in my head". as a matter of fact, when i would blow my nose, he would yell at me. when i would leave the room that he was in to go to another and blow my nose, he would yell at me. i could barely fucking breathe half the time. when i left with my girlfriend and was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, he still thought that it was all imaginary—and, i saw that people thought that i was an idiot, but respected him, so when i had surgery that failed, i never really pushed that hard to have anything else done. i had to quit my job because all the talking that i had to do over the phone left me seeing stars and feeling like i was constantly on the brink of passing out. with shit finances, i was forced to move back in with him.

Yup as stated earlier, we are cut from the same cloth

>I smoke weed
>I have job, but am high up 3rd place, so its not your typical normie shit job
>been in crypto for years
>have 1 normie friend ive convinced to get into crypto, but theyre taking baby steps, and its not the same as u guis

>to see me with my opinions being totally invalidated. they wanted me to be completely and utterly wrong.

Reading this infuriates me. Your parents are the reason people's kids get taken away. Not that its a good alternative, because most of them get taken to families where they're farmed with 10 other foster kids, for government money, but still.

Listen to other people's advice, but don't let anyone put you down man, get physical if you have to.

dude, normies can't watch Rick and Morty


sorry for the blogpost, my crude wording, and my crude formatting. bottom line—normal people think that they know things, and will get a kick out of making you feel like you know absolutely nothing—but, their words should bear very little weight, because they're usually not empathetic enough to understand when they should apologize for ridiculing you—a teenager—over you proposing the value of a platform.

i recently explained cryptocurrencies to someone i knew at my new job—and again, got called a young person who is still learning and doesn't know anything.
now, i only started investing when i realized that my life is going nowhere, and that i've pretty much squandered the past 7 years through gut-wrenching worrying and fear about what insensitive, relatively dull people think about me.
on august 12th and 13th, with an amount of $1900 USD, i purchased some bitcoin and ethereum. i haven't put any more money in, and at the point where the before-mentioned individual had told me the same thing that i've heard numerous times now, i was at $5000—mostly thanks to some early ZRX shills who brought it to my attention. i'm now at $8000 with pretty good gains from ADX, ARK, BNB, MCO, and ZRX—which i am holding onto for dear life.

i fully intend on hodling a few coins and assets that i have right now for months—maybe years.
i mean this very sincerely; thank you, Veeky Forums.

shut up nigger

bitch i'm so pale i don't go out in daylight

dude normies watch rick and morty. i'm sorry.

normies hate aqua teen hunger force and Venture Brothers

The replies to this prove that the average age of Veeky Forums is 12

>lives with parents
>watches anime
>doesn't follow politics
>doesn't like trump
>cosplays/keeps up with the cosplay community
>eats too much soy
>loves japan

I'm fit, smart, tall, in one the best field as a career, I work hard I party hard, coke, girls, hookers, LSD, clubbing festivals for days and I'm 30.

best friends stay best friends for life, not all of them love to do the things I do but that's fine. oh did I mention that I'm a long time dom, sex without the kinky elements won't make me cum.

I'm also super good with IT (well, is the people in my field are dumbass who knows nothing about computers), I also love Lego, tonnes of Lego for decoration and stock up and sell later for profit.

Don't watch GoT but i write reviews for good movies. and ofc 10k profit in crypto since May, I admit that I'm not even good at this but I made mistakes and i learnt from them and I'm going to make it in 3-5 years.

I'm normies but also not normies. Normies mad when they see what I can do they can't do though,

they can't process the show in their normies brains kek

I tried and seen it myself

First Post Worst Post in this case,

Nice dubs though

>Conventional sense of humor
>Don't know much detail about things, even things they like
>Don't overthink things, including social interactions
>Narrow range of cultural interests
>Too public with their social media

guys who have women in their lives that influence their financial decisions, have no acceptance of risk, only want to buy condominiums and mutual funds
think if there were tv ads for crypto women might buy it

>offer normie friend an eth when it was $10
>he says he doesn't want it
>he sees eth is almost $400
>can I have that free eth now?

this is not how people live

go outside

This is true
And thank you, based Garvel Man

The real thing that makes normies normies is twofold:

First, a normie in the social sense, is someone who goes through life without questioning too much, and then whether they figure out they've been living a shell of a life or not, still try to escape into various forms of escapism like tv, reality shows worst of all, alcohol, drugs, etc.
Pardon my somewhat cynical and autistic wording because I really don't mean to be so cruel? sounding, but they are essentially like cows are to the farmer.

Second, in the biz or any other interested sense, a normie is simply a person who has no desire and pretty much will not have any desire in the given interest.
They're not noobs or newfags because they won't ever try (maybe until they're forced or it's too late) and this closemindedness will potentially harm them in the long run.

It's not the normies that are different, it's you that is different. The vanguard in a risky endeavor/market like this is of course always more risk-taking than the average, measured across the population. New ideas will be taken on first by people high in openness and start-ups are founded by people that are also high in industriousness. This is a niche, which attracts people whose psychological profile naturally steers their attention to it and makes them suitable for it. That's why the "general population" and "normie" depend on your vantage point in this case. We're not looking for some simple common denominator to characterize the "average person", but the demoninators that characterize the kind of person that gets into a thing like crypto at this point in time. E.g some upper-percentile in risk-taking = make access to crypto/info/handling less risky to attracts the vast majority which is less risk-taking. Generally complex topic to get into (have to juggle several different kinds of tasks and information, like studying the tech itself and the application, having good sources and staying on top of news, need to watch markets bc volatility, investment/trading strategies etc.) which means it requires an above average IQ to do well in. As well as time, which makes it unfeasible to get into it in any depth for anyone whose not either 1) young and has free time (flexible schedule, fewer responsibilities, no family) - 2) already in tech

etc. etc.

Look at what characterizes crypto and work backwards from that, othwise all you'll get is a NEET circlejerk about how the stooopid normies xD, which will be anyone who doesn't fit the temperamental/societal subset of people most likely to deal with crypto as it is right now.

Anyone else wish they were a stupid normie? I feel like being to inteligent is a curse sometimes

>happily watches garbage like american idol and whatever is trending on netflix
>believes in an afterlife despite being totally illogical
>gleefully takes out a second mortgage and then a reverse mortgage when they're older thinking nothing of their kids future
>mostly feel good liberals
>genuinely entertained by the shit that plays on the radio

I feel like ignorance is bliss sometimes, lads.

>no savings
>not Veeky Forums
>eternal wage slave
>no ambition
>no idea whats happening in the world
>can barely use a computer
>oblivious and happy

Shit, I screwed up words/grammar because I'm on mobile, but I hope you catch my drift.

normies are unencumbered by self-awareness

went to the bank to do a wire transfer for Gemini

they didnt really understand what crypto was when I told them and thought I was being scammed

Finally just said "just let me do the dann wire"

Ok computer. Settle down now.

>no understanding of political philosophy, yet always the first to spout their nonsense
>traveling is a means to climbing the social hierarchy
>taking a picture with a vietnamese orphan you will never see again = cultured
>legends in their own mind
>post and reshare anything that allows them to virtue signal
>standard gym regiment
>game of thrones, breaking bad, etc
>yeti hats and whatever else is in style
>use phrases like "How's it going?" as some sort of club password into society
>success is defined by status, income, and social approval
>reads 48 Laws of Power and suddenly believes they are a lion among sheep
>constantly posting tired phrases about their S/O which would signify eternal love, like, "forever and always" when 90% of relationships are destined to fail
>fears what they do not understand
>perceives themselves to be weird and different because of banal quirks that every normie has
>completely forgettable

settle down Buck-o

I am extremely high in neuroticism with shit-tier industriousness/conscientiousness yet here I am playing with crypto all day. Very high in openness though, I must admit.

now go clean your room

Normies don't read so of course not.

i first heard about crypto from one of my old colleagues who went on to work at goldmans. of my current colleagues, all of them have heard about bitcoin and a few know about other coins but none have invested. only one of them is planning to start this weekend and he first heard about crypto through spread betting xrp on plus500.

my other colleague who is interested said yesterday "did you know there's this cryptocoin called dogecoin? it's based on this internet meme from reddit and Veeky Forums haha" i was just like "oh right haha" and tried to hide my power level

that said, i just drank my last 24hrs gains at the pub so maybe i am the normie

b is fine actually. most normies would last there for 3 seconds.

pol is also full of shit that normies wouldnt ubderstabd like ancaps memes and shit. Also all the racism would make them flock back to facebook.

how the fuck is r9k normie?

I feel so fucking old for knowing what this is

GoT is good, retard. Other than a couple of deus ex events like the ice dragon busting up a 200 ft thick ice wall in seconds, the plot is solid.

The rest of the list is alright.

>Explain dad i did x2 on a week
>Look me strange and refuse to believe
>Cash back at x12
>He thinks im on some kind of mafia.
>He now act really strange towards me.

We are all normies to someone on this planet, there's always someone more redpilled than you.
But I would say normies are completely manipulated by politics in general. They have absolutely no idea what's behind the curtain (so do I, to a lesser extent)

Right, exactly. I would add that at their core, normies simply do not question many things in life. They follow conventional, even pre-determined paths in life, and assume whatever is on the surface. They dont really delve any deeper or think past whats right in front of them. No critical thinking, really.

So naturally, normies dont care about crypto, because crypto is not mainstream, and normies are the essence of mainstream.

> dubs
those are trips you fuckin normie scum

Crypto its been shilled so hard now, im kind of scared.

Lol no dats dubs.

No, you dumbfuck. 222 are dubs. Trips would be 333
Fucking newfags

>goes out on Friday nights
>thinks government is there to protect him
>believes what MSM is telling
>pays to watch popular shows like GoT

el mao

the best they ever made

Rick and Morty is for normies. It's just for normies with iqs of 105-115.

>What am I?

a self important fuck who can't shut up about himself

Its not that old dude

normies watch archer. smart normies watch rick and morty. redpillers dont watch tv.