Tfw being a scammer is actually really hard on my soul

>tfw being a scammer is actually really hard on my soul
How do I toughen up to be able to do this? I actually feel sad every time I see one of my victims part with his money but then I remember I need food.

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kill yourself

Relax fatass you're probably too smart to fall for one of my scams anyway

how scam teach plox


When I'm rich one day and no longer doing this, I'll tell you.

If people are dumb enough to fall for your scams you deserve the money, espically your that desparate for food money.

Also just think their money is better in your hands.

okay thanks

I work in web security, so I can scamz. I just don't because
> is actually really hard on my soul

I was scammed myself once by a real hustler out in West Philadelphia and it hurt badly, a few years ago.

It's not the money, necessarily, but when people get all worked up and start canceling things because they want to send me money or something that gets me.

It feels worse to steal people's time than their money.

Don't you both mean that feeling of gulit because you take advance of the foolish?

When you feel bad when you scam someone that is just God telling you that you are going straight to hell and it hurts your soul.

That is just a fact.

People are naturally selfish and no one cares for anyones good. The reason some people act in your interrest is because they also win something. Donating to psychiatric patirnts will make you feel better for example and you will be convinced you are a good person deserving good. Helping a friend will win you good boy points and a return of the favour in the future. People are selfish. You are evil even if you don't scam.

But like when someone is really stupid and just hands you some money, it doesn't feel so bad and you think "wow, that guy was dumb lol cool now I have his money."

But when someone gets all flustered and you can tell he/she is really giving up his/her time because he/she is simply a good, naive person, that's when it hurts..

>a real hustler out in West Philadelphia
top kek

Nigger convinced me to just hand him $40 somehow. How the fuck I was so naive back then I'll never know. I was about 17 or 18 at the time.

Lol good thing I don't have empathy
I still don't scam people

I don't have empathy either though. I'm reminded how much I hate all you mother fuckers every time I post here and that's what fuels it.

Tough shit, be a man and live with some honour and dignity.

He doesn't deserve anything, you stupid fuck.


If he can make someone knob out there give their money to him because he can scam people because they didn't research or whatever. He deverses that money because at least he can use it better then the idiot who gives it.

>People are naturally selfish and no one cares for anyones good

people are selfish but being a scammer is a whole different thing, that requires some kind of fucked up personality. you know the broken family kid that his dad beat, those type of guys grow up as scammers not normal people

>I can scamz xD
>asks how to scam plz
No you can't. You also never had a job. Faggot.

If you feel this bad about it now, wait until you grow up. You'll probably regret this the rest of your life. If you don't, then you'll regret losing your integrity for the rest of your life.

I had a job selling cell phones once and my boss had the highest sales in the trip state. By scamming people. If you left without 6+ phones, he just signed you up for them anyway, then cancelled them. He didn't lose commission for returns.

After I learned about this, I threw the key to the store away when I was supposed to open one day. I never showed up again despite them calling me and leaving me furious voicemails.

I bet your family is really proud of you. I'm sure you will be really proud of yourself for this later on. Was it worth it? Pic related is you, you're literally a fucking nigger.

I've observed people I've known who are very low empathy all think this way. Basically to them, everything is a zero sum game, everything a competition, everyone is as selfish as they are, all morality or goodness is just stupidity, life is more or less meaningless except for personal material advantage over others which is what they ultimately live for. If you keep doing what you're doing you'll probably move even closer to this mindset or you'll calculate you could be happier doing something else.

That kid that got beaten will grow up and be afraid of everything so he won't be aggressive and he will be playing the nice guy. A scammer will take risks and will aggressively go for his victim.

Normal people are the worst.

I mean I'm 23 now. But I remember stealing a lot around age 14. But stopped that shit completely because it didn't feel right and the stress of getting caught killed me.

It's a very different feeling to scam people that you deeply, deeply hate.

>t. Literally JUST saw the Wolf of Wall Street and thinks he'll be the next Jordan

you gotta be fucking kidding me, you're clearly on of the fuck ups

t. newfag.

Veeky Forums is literally the jew board and full of scammers.

I am and this is why I have never scammed anyone, while I have been scammed myself. A sense of guilt stops me from scamming ""harmless"" victims. This guilt is a result of being a weak person not taking an initiative to follow my interest and this guilt is a cover of my fear.

t. Poor person
Rich people have an abundance mentality. They think Win/Win, where there's enough winning for them and whoever they're working with to win. Poor people think life is like a Call of Duty game where one team wins and one team loses, with no inbetween. You're just on a completely different wavelength than most rich people. You fundamentally see the world different due to being a poor person, thus you'll stay a poor person forever.

I'm OP.

My friends and I made a lemonade stand in college as a joke but then my friend started saying all money was going as a donation to a certain charity or something. People started giving us $20s and even a $50.

I couldn't fucking take it. I told them to stop and fucking left. That was too much for me.

I am all for cooperation when it fits my interest. Are you trying to put words in my mouth?

I hope you die horribly

Consider that what I'm doing takes maybe 5 minutes of time and actually pays well. I am looking and studying for my career job but every couple minutes take some free money out of my scam because it's just fucking there and it's free money.

I'm not consumed with scamming people or anything, but for fuck's sake when it's THIS EASY it's just free money. It's literally just "oh shit I have to pay for X. I could use my own money or do 2 minutes of work and use somebody else's. Gee....wonder which one I'm gonna do."

When it's that fucking easy, I have all the time in the world to focus on more productive things.

You bailed out, because you were in front of these people. Your natural insincts kicked in, but I know you were scared.

Having the person you scam in front of you. You also had fear. I can assure you, that if those people were not in front of you, but you were managing shit from a computer from afar and you saw all this money comming in, you would have done something diffefent.

Yeah I know, but part of that is because I'm weirdly angry at people who take the internet too seriously..

When I was in high school I realized how easy it was to break into people's email accounts, and thus their Facebook accounts, simply by answering the recovery questions. Most people are idiots and put very, VERY obvious questions and answers.

So I did this for about 30 accounts of people at my high school. One time I, like a dumbass, sent a message from one saying that if nudes of the owner of the account weren't sent to it, I wouldn't give back the password...

So the police showed up at my house....twice.

I still think people who trust Facebook or ANYTHING on the Internet enough that losing it "ruins his/her life" are idiots and deserve to lose it. The Internet is a fucking toy and shouldn't be taken so seriously.

I don't see scamming someone over the internet any differently than scamming someone for a few thousand gp in Runescape.

The internet is a fucking toy and fuck all the morons out there who take anything on it seriously.

>how do I get rid of my morals
Why in the world would you want a life without morals?

What the fuck? Sometimes I forget what enormous pussies some people are lol

mate, those two are literally the same thing. instead of having to see them face-to-face give you the 'charity' money, essentially you think you're much less guilt-free if there's a virtual screen separating you and your victim.

hope you get scammed one day out of your hard earned career money, and finally see yourself for what you truly are

See I think the Internet is a "toy" and anyone using it seriously is a fucking moron. I don't care how the fuck people have tried to co-op it into some business machine. It's no different than a fucking video game.

can't you target dickheads then?

Hence this board. Fuck newfags.

You guys don't understand. You're literally stuck in a poor person's mentality. You're probably even one of those poor people who thinks "hurr durr every rich person is a scammer!" If you had an abundance mentality you wouldn't feel the need to harm people, which will only harm yourself in the long run (probably not because that would involve scaling your scam, which most poor people would never even think of doing).

I don't think rich people are scammers. I just acknowledge that when there's free money available without ever really moving a finger, I may as well take it...

wait, the internet may have been a toy at one stage, but you do realise these days with the exponential growth of the technology, people are actually legitimately relying on it? - they earn entire livings off of it (youtube/twitch), banking is essentially mostly done off the internet (do you deposit money physically at the bank every week?), shopping etc etc.

people forget the internet was actually military technology created to facilitate sharing of information, and sure it got trivialised in the early 90s/2000s with the amazing weeb shit, but fuck man, what kind of a mindset do you have

It is a matter of convincing yourself as said. If you scam someone on the internet you can do more psychological damage than if you do it irl depending on the situation. It is easier to donvince yourself that there is a justification when you are online and anonymous, because you are more secure. Irl you can also convince yourself rasily if you can legally scam people. Plenty of examples for that

>People are naturally selfish and no one cares for anyones good. The reason some people act in your interrest is because they also win something. Donating to psychiatric patirnts will make you feel better for example and you will be convinced you are a good person deserving good. Helping a friend will win you good boy points and a return of the favour in the future. People are selfish. You are evil even if you don't scam.

t. third world subhuman

So basically scammers and /pol/ posters are all autistic? It's not like we didn't know this already.

>people are actually legitimately relying on it
Fuck them for taking something which is a shitty toy and acting all serious on it and then expecting everyone else to act serious about it too just because they've decided it's not a toy.

This mindset comes from spending 7 hours a day on /b/ from 2007-2013, then like 7 hours on every board except /b/ since 2013 until now.

Fucking newfags make me actually angry like some kind of weird nostalgic autist and fucking people who use facebook and reddit and all that and take it seriously are shit too.

That's where it fucking comes from.

Whats a good way to spot a scammer?

What are the tells?

Not really poor. Have my own inherited house and a job in the UK ( which is a big thing considering I am going to return to my shithole of a country with loads of money).
If a scam is well executed with small risks, why not do it? I know people with very stable carreers that are manipulative and sometimes even do illegal shit. Why would you think that the rich won't exploit the poor? Even in the current system they are naturally doing it without moral consiquences.

I want literally everybody who either came to this shithole from reddit or after 2008 to lose all their money and kill themselves. Fucking newfags get out of this place.

If you look at the ammount of shitcoin shill threads on Veeky Forums, you might wanna add this board.

Buy posw! kek

>Fuck them for taking something which is a shitty toy and acting all serious on it
>Fucking newfags make me actually angry realize by getting angry you're taking it seriously, right?

alright, finally i understand

you're the guy who never got any friends, hence never really used facebook/any social media for how it was intended, cruised through the last 13 years by sitting on Veeky Forums for 7 hours a day, and now you're trying to 'rebel against the system', raging at it for all the real life experiences you missed out on.

it all makes sense now. this was meant to be a pity post but now i feel bad. you should genuinely seek some help user, not trying to play any cards here now

The fundamental idea behind 99.99% of successful business ventures is "how can I provide value to someone where they will pay me money for it." You don't have that mindset. Your mindset is not scalable for business ventures that would make you wealthy. If you try to scale where you'll actually become rich, then you'll get into legal trouble and lose everything, rightfully so for harming the society that we've spent thousands of years creating. Yeah, Scientology, Herbalife, shitcoins being made in 3rd world countries with anonymous creators who sell everything once they make $1m, etc, those are the exceptions, not the rule. But if you don't scale, then you'll be poor forever. You may say "this is only temporary", but your mindset will stay with you forever unless you attempt to change it.

I mean maybe..? I'm married at 23, have done alright in life, traveled around backpacking and making friends and learning new languages a lot, was a frat boy who drank and worked out a a lot in college, etc., but never really left Veeky Forums, ever.

I guess I was always more like the rat that everybody liked and was friends with but if I had a guaranteed anonymous opportunity to fucking torture or make them all broke I would do it in a heartbeat.

you need help

What do you not understand when I say that I do have that mindset and understand it, but at the same time free money on the side is still free money. It's not who I am or what I mainly do at all, it's just there to discreetly take from if I want, but it's not related to my actual, value-producing work.

I wouldn't dream of trying to "scale" these scams. I am scaling legitimate things. This is just free money sitting on the table. No need to scale it or anything when I can scale bigger and better legal things and one day just forget about it.

- scams people, with the rationale that this is acceptable behaviour because you're angry they're using the internet in a different manner to you
- 'have done alright in life'

?what if your wife gets scammed out of her hard earned money, how would that make you feel? - i suppose you'd be angry, and this would infuriate you more into scamming others further. i'm surprised with all the emotional/cultural learning you could have had with all the experiences you've talked about, that you still don't have a shred of empathy in you

good luck user, keep living the way you do. let me know how you feel at 35 yrs old

What kinda scam? Do you just rob total retards who will believe anything or is it more elaborate?
I really don't sympathise with morons that give their money away to strangers but scammers still belong in mass graves.

I took enough psychology in college to understand... I actually went to a top 3 university...

I always had this mindset a determination to be the CEO just so I could fire everybody that made it difficult for me, take as much money as I can, and burn it to the ground.

>her hard earned money
My wife stays at home and I am the only one that has ever made money for us. I get the point you were trying to make.

The truth is I think people take money too seriously too. When it's so easy to take other people's money without getting caught these days, enough to live off of, money just feels kind of free.

All I really want is to have enough money to stop working and go live abroad some more.

I think that's like saying having an ego is bad. There's a point where you're just bloated and full of yourself, but there's also a need for it to be a decent human being.

aha dont tell me you're one of those who took 1 sem of psych and thinks he knows the ins and outs of the brain now

why did you create this thread in the first place? i assume it was to air out your ethical grievances, and then nitpick a few like minded people to provide enough reassurance that what you're doing is okay, and then breathe a sigh of relief as you continue on your daily ways to scam

is that what this all is?

ok i have a confession since

i used to go on craigslist in 2015 and meet up people to buy macbooks drones etc

electronics that cost about 500-2,000 dollars

i would have two envelopes

one with money in it

the other with the same amount of bills but much less money in it maybe a hundred in the front and the rest one dollar bills
i would let them count the money then i would take it back as if i didnt want it to buy it anymore

i make them try to sell me on the item some more

then act is if ill take it and give them the false envelope

80 percent of the time they just take the envelope and put it in there pocket and leave

i didnt this about 15 times in my life and when i get caught i just say that was the wrong one

i rember one girl got REALLY REALLY pissed and was yelling at me.

i just stayed quiet and said that that envelope was for something else and it was a mistake then she actually calmed down.

i invested all that money in bitcoin

i have been living on it since 2015.
i would have to get REALLY REALLY REALLY DRUNK before every encounter. to be able to go through with it

for some reason you think girls would be easier but actually guys were the dumbest lol

I majored in mathematics and had no respect for psych majors.

Anyway I think I had a little guilt when I originally made the thread.

But at this point I just started airing out my personal psychology and bragging. I made this into a bragging thread.

Getting (You)s feels really good.

Also, the whole thing about the rich mentality is to pick the right partners to begin a partnership relationship with. Rich people scam others and put them down, but only if they are not in their tribe. If you don't see profit from working with someone, you will see profit from exploiting him. My current boss is the perfect example. He is rich as hell, but all of us under him and his family that is also running this company are underpaid as well as manipulated and blackmailed to not leave. He and his family sees us as a tool of capital. His relation with us is to get as much work done and save on as much money as possible.

i don't know if it's more pathetic that you had to resort to scamming or that you invested it all in bitcoins.

My "tribe" are the fucking autists who browsed /b/ from 2006-2007. That's it and I don't think anyone who was on Veeky Forums doing that back then is still dumb enough to fall for my scams now. It's all the fucking reddit shitters and newfags that fall for it. That's why I do it.

>i didnt this about 15 times in my life and when i get caught i just say that was the wrong one
You're human garbage man

>i would have to get REALLY REALLY REALLY DRUNK before every encounter. to be able to go through with it
Thats no excuse

literally everything you're saying is mindboggingly retarded

just ranting about weird fucking ideas like 'the internet is a toy' and 'money doesn't mean anything' with the vaguest justifications possible

you're fucking scum no matter how many layers of bullshit you smear on it

i don't know what kind of "rich people" you hang around with or have met, but almost all the rich (and i mean truly rich, not just some boss or some shit) people i've met who had to make an effort to become rich were good people. coming from the bottom and making something out of yourself through sheer effort gives you a different perspective, it humbles you. most rich jackasses i've encountered were born into the money.

He's been living on it since 2015 user. He invested well.

Holy shit I remember you from a thread a few months ago

you know i never felt good about it

but at that time i quit my job, i was alone. i had 15k in credit card debt.

i would go to home depot and just walk out with merchandise.
severl times alarm went off and no one ever tried to stop me.

i would sneak into expensive festivals like edc and coachella. get drunk and kiss average looking girls.

i would snort cocaine.

it was a bad time in my life.

but still i dont regret it

i never got caught for anything

and i also have never even gotten a traffic ticket in my life.

He DOESN'T fucking deserve someone's money just because they're gullible. Say some poor schmug - with small savings - works minimum wage and gets scammed by op, do you really think that guy deserves to lose his money?
The only thing op deserves is jail time. Fucking lowlifes.

This rich boss of mine is the CEO shitskin that came in the UK and made a succesful business. I don't see why you think rich people won't use the system to meet their interests. They would cooperate with some and maneuever around others to get a favorable deal. These rich people you know, how did they become rich? Even if unintentional, they have shat on many people in their lives then mental gymnasticed their way out of guilt.



>How do I toughen up to be able to do this?
that's not possible, you have a weak temperament. i think you should stop before your guilt finally breaks you.

well of course you feel like shit you are litteraly seeling your soul to the devil

for instance i know a man who worked for a good portion of his life as a builder doing nothing but physical labor. then he decided to change his life and got into the art selling business, buying and reselling paintings and so on and made a life out of it. who exactly did he shit on? and like him there are many more.

i think you're mistaking capitalism and trumping your competition as shitting on people.

do you know who I'm talking about though?

Press F if you knew Omar

Capitalism is about shiitting on people, though. The interest of the capitalist is to make profits and why would he stop of doing something considered immoral if he can get away with it.

I am sure this art guy would cheese the price of whatever he buys as much as possible and manipulate the person before reselling it to someone by manipulative shilling. You would either deny this or call it capitalism and not immoral, but in reality he cares to maximize his profits as much as possible by whatever legal means possible.

Too much morality discussion in this thread, and not enough tips. How are you scamming people? What are some good strategies?

>feel like a scammer scalping NEO for bread crumbs
>feel like an idiot when it moons and not holding any

really it comes down to the coins themselves. If it's a solid project and people have done their DD, good on them. If it's some chitcoin and morons buy ATHs, it's best they part with their money.


there's a line between pawn stars-tier ripping someone off and reselling it and actually paying a fair price on it and still making a profit. there's also more work involved than just picking it up and reselling it, many works need some fixing up and need to be properly taken care of. in a way it's closer to those businesses where people buy old cars, repair/revamp them and then sell.

do you live in a thrird world country? because it's common for people from such regions to have this mentality that life is this one big competition and everyone is the enemy so either you shit on everyone at every chance you get or they'll all shit on you. you'd be surprised how many people don't really seek maximum profit all the time or don't rip others off even when they have the means to do so.

again, there is a difference between making a profit to keep your business going and ripping others off.

Having morals is an evolutionary disadvantage as we move further towards centralization, and away from our tribal upbringing. Genuine communities don't matter as much.

people are not naturally selfish.

That's something your capitalist overlords want you to think so they can excuse their violence

>again, there is a difference between making a profit to keep your business going and ripping others off
And what if advancing your business can be done by ripping someone off? Those 2 are not mutually exclusive and with enough mental gymnastics you can convince yourself that you are not in the wrong when you rip off someone.
In order to make profit by selling something, you have to convince your customer to buy it and you would point out only the positive things of your product, but not your flaws unless you are afraid of a retaliation over a flaw.

It is all about mental gymnastics, but I fail to see how being immoral can cause you to be poor. The decisions that you make to achieve money matter more than that if you are guilty over ripping over someone. If you were to care about not hurting someone, you would not be rich, because morals would be in your way.

>do you live in a thrird world country? because it's common for people from such regions to have this mentality that life is this one big competition and everyone is the enemy so either you shit on everyone at every chance you get or they'll all shit on you. you'd be surprised how many people don't really seek maximum profit all the time or don't rip others off even when they have the means to do so.

Yes, I am from a shithole in eastern europe, but I have also worked in Germany and now in the UK and in both cases I was ripped off. First time over holiday pay and now in the UK the CEO himself is lyhing to me in person, not paying my hours and threatening me. Your theory that I am a poor third worlder, because I acknowledge that people will put thyemselves before strangers is illogical and absolutely retarded.

But how can one not be selfish if his entire existance is based over him and his perception of it?

How do I scam people out of their bitcoins? I read in another thread that some user gave away his private key to a website trying to get free bitcoin. how do I successfully do this? Once I get the private key how do I access people's wallets. Thanks biz

Newfags actually think shit like "a Veeky Forums user wouldn't fuck over a fellow Veeky Forums user, no way" or "yeah, Veeky Forums will totally give me their secrets".
It's funny.

>muh sanctity of a japanese anime website
>muh don't scam your own brothers shit - from someone who got here after like 2008 and still tries to fit in

I'm not gonna fucking tell you. You are one of the fucking idiots who thinks like I said above in this post.

The fact that people are naturally evil and selfish is why capitalism actually works to an acceptable degree, while socialism/communist have and will always fail.
This is the truth you left-winged faggots can't handle.

Wow, you're actually a cuck