So...umm...what kind of absolute retards are buying crypto at this point?

I mean, how deluded you have to be?

This is an obvious normie bubble due to Floyd Mayweather and John Cena posting about crypto.

It is equivalent of shoeshine boy giving stock tips.

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Yes John Cena alone has doubled Bitcoins value

Smart money left the building a long time ago.
If you got into crypto after June you were too late.

Literally laggard normies and sheeple buying now.


We're either just fueling the crypto rocket to get to $1T value (Apple has $260B cash on hand for reference)

Or its a pyramid scheme about to fall

It is a pyramid scheme, short it now and be rich.

John Fucking Cena posting is akin to shoeshine boy giving stock tips

How the fuck is bitcoin a pyramid scheme?

Show your naked short if you're so certain

It is not a pyramid scheme if it is you can prove it easily so i suggest you present your facts or continue looking like an idiot

>Bitcoin just hit $5, what kind of retards are buying now?

>Bitcoin just hit $50, what kind of retards are buying now?

>Bitcoin just hit $500, what kind of retards are buying now?

(((You))) later today:

>Bitcoin just hit $5000, what kind of retards are buying now?

OP is a poorfag

OP fucking retard

> Banks just now starting to offer bitcoin trading
> Banks just now in the talk to offer btc transaction
> OP STILL call it a "normie bubble"

Normies wont get into btc till banks offer it because they only trust centralization.

It's parabolic, it will have to crash soon.

When Bitcoin was $500 John Cena wasn't tweeting about it stupid.

Show me how these banks will "magically" implement bitcoin now?

You will be able to pay your taxes with Buttcoin and Meth instead of USD? Dream on.

Idiots buying bits and shilling every day until other idiots buy their bits.

So? Have you heard people in the grocery store talking about it? Has your Uber driver told you how much he's making on it? Etc

It probably will run up for a bit, normies will pile in, then it will temporarily dip/crash and normies will sell at a loss or vow to never again buy in. Then the rise will continue

Also OP doesn't understand
> Normies join in
> Normies can't trade or understand fundamental blockchain technology
> Normies just pump money into it causing the marketcap to increase which increases the value for us whos held for longer

>So? Have you heard people in the grocery store talking about it? Has your Uber driver told you how much he's making on it? Etc

Literally yes on the Uber driver.

Facts have spoken, get out of this shit now or suffer the consequences laggard

>we need crypto to go mainstream
>washed up """wrestling"""" celeb makes a half assed tweet about it

kinda this. Most people aint tech savy and dont get/trust half the exchanges and shit.

Plus, changing fiat to cyrpto takes too long (with low fees) and puts loads of people off.

>crypto becoming popular while still not available in everyday use is somehow a bad thing and a sell signal

you retard, it's a sign that the price will increase drastically and businesses will start adopting it.

> Banks just now starting to offer bitcoin trading

Which banks offer this and how will it work?

I agree that if you can literally exchange RUB/EUR/USD/JPY for BTC in banks then it will raise the price of BTC.

>what is market growth
This is the one time you should embrace the normies. You can literally take their money.

>I just bought a shitload of bitcoin

I did my bachelor thesis this summer about application of bitcoin to banking and financial sector. They are moving, the tech is full of advantages but thery are still experimenting.
PwC's global digital IQ survey reports that 9% of institutions surveyed at the beginning of this year are experimenting and 36% are planning to do that in the next 3 years.
So it's as fast as you can think

>Normies wont get into btc till banks offer it because they only trust centralization.

Banks will offer only their own created coins, they won't offer Bitcoin. Prove me wrong with sources where it says they will

Can you let me know which banks allowing buying Bitcoin?

we are the smart money

these banks wont even offer coins, most likely they'll run private or interbank blockchains. my money is on blockchain tech being used for transfers between banks because it allows for a shared, immutable, trustless ledger - i think that might open things up to a 51% attack if they use something that uses PoW. i dunno

already cashed out original investment and still up 5X.

cryptos can go drop 50% and i'm not going to sweat it.

poorfag will be poorfag

Stop being such a pussy OP . Imagine these two scenarios:

1. A year from now, the market has crashed complety. All of that money you invested in crypto is gone!
2. A year from now, the market has tripled in size. Great! But oops! You never invested because you were too busy worrying about a crash.

In which scenario would you be more upset? I can say without reservation that it's the second one for me. Just invest what you're willing to lose, this is a once in a lifetime chance. The normie flood is only just beginning.

>they fell for the fiatcoin meme
Bitcoin is heavily manipulated, you will get burned.

BTC will grow in value forever.

>Typical purchases with BTC?
Bill Gates buying an apartment for his asian hooker.

Rich hollywood actor buying assets to hide from the divorce settlement.

Jimmy Jackson buying a fleshlight or a sex doll.

Carlos Ese buying car with drug money.

>So as long as there are awkward purchases, BTC will continue to grow?

>BTC will grow in value forever.
Why? It has zero intrinsic value.

Typical purchases with BTC will be more in places that lack institution and law with corrupt systems and for purchases people wish to keep secret from government, mostly drugs rather than Bill Gates buying a fucking apartment.

the Goldman Sachs shills are getting quite dense these days
go play with your gold

Because of a never-ending cycle of increased demand/price and increased adoption. If institutions realize that they can overcharge people for BTC and sell it higher they'll accept BTC for more expensive assets.

BTC and crypto in general allow for seamless macro and microtransactions across the web without a bunch of hassle as these technologies develop.

Currently for most transactions you need to submit your credit card number, name, shipping address, etc... If you're already holding BTC or another crypto, you can then just trade them in for a service or another token that uses that service without needing to make an account or deal with any other headache involved with traditional payment systems.

Say you want to download a movie and pay for it (lol i kno right) and they accept BTC. Well, instead of needing send in a bunch of sensitive personal information, you can just send some BTC instead which only shows a public key to everyone. There is nothing to hack or exploit and you receive your download.

>Because of a never-ending cycle of increased demand/price
Due to manipulation. Bitcoin market cap is low, it's easily manipulated and it has been manipulated for a while now. Again, Bitcoin is just another FIAT bubble bound to burst. Don't get burned.

Suddenly you don't have to tell people where to ship things when you purchase something with bitcoins? Cool.

Idiots buying stocks and shilling every day on the phone until other idiots buy their stocks.

Literally the plot of Wolf of Wallstreet you fucking retard.

Holy shit.

The days of ridiculous gains with crypto are over. Once everyone starts talking about something, and expecting mad gains, it's over. The only chance is some weirdcoin no one is currently talking about. No one was talking about NEO when it was 12 cents. By investing today you are flipping a coin. Expect a crash in the coming months

Except there's something behind those stocks, they represent something. A bitcoin represents air.

>movies, software, music, VPN, other internet services

You are also glossing over the fact that a shipping address for physical goods isn't as much as a security risk as sending your credit card number online.

You're right, just substitute BCH for BTC.

I don't get negative nancy pessimist loses like you. You'll never achieve anything.

Not so smart money has already missed out on 2x since selling.

he's right though. i've known about bitcoin since 2010 and didnt bought and the cia is using me as a guide for when they should bust out their psy op marketing campaign

So pay directly via your bank, or swish, or paypal, or any of the other available transaction methods.

The first ETF's are coming now we are just starting.

John Cena is a multimillionaire actor who makes well over $1 million for his performances in a soap opera for men. He's not exactly a normalfag, assuming his actual personality is the same as his television character's is kind of ridiculous.

apparently smart money didnt make any money then you jackass. the bubble just started in like april, its got a long way to go before coming down... i hate to be the guy that compares this to the dot com bubble but that sucker expanded for years.

come on, you know he has normalfag following though, so far it's only really been tech nerds talking up crypto

>continues to completely ignore the argument presented over privacy, security, and streamline

Either you don't understand the potential of this or you're salty or both. That's just for use, this doesn't even go into its other advantages over (((USD))).

bro i was getting lap dance from a stripper the other night and she pulled out her coinbase account MID DANCE to show me her btc. WE BUBBLE NOW

maybe, just maybe they're getting paid to advertise? you know since they have a gigantic following?

Posting a picture of bitcoins is not "talking about crypto". Its no more getting normies into crypto than those stories about the guy who bought a pizza for 10k BTC. Whenever normies see crypto all they think is "OMG WHY DIDNT I BUY 6 YEARS AGO", never "maybe I should invest now"

>assuming risk

Why would you go and lie on the internet like that?

>come on, you know he has normalfag following though
And how many of them will follow investment advice from him? The shoeshine boy analogy is retarded, a shoe shine boy is some poorfag, Cena has more money than 99% of he people on this board if not all of this board.

I mean you're making an argument for sure, I'm just not convinced it gives Bitcoin any intrinsic value. Surely Bitcoin has potential to make transactions more efficient but it's not something that the current market can't adjust to.

The USD is equally worthless to Bitcoin, both are currencies with no intrinsic value.

Bitcoin does have intrinsic value but most of the current value is speculation. There's people who have been kicked off of every payment processor and who banks won't accept yet bitcoin functions perfectly for them and allows them to send money back and forth over large distances without being reliant on such institutions. Of course if this was the only thing in play and there was no speculation it'd be back at $1 or so, not the current market value.

Both fair points.

>A bitcoin represents air

Try to get a bitcoin of thin air. Bitcoin is backed by kWh and is not free in the same way that mining gold is not free.

>Plus, changing fiat to cyrpto takes too long (with low fees) and puts loads of people off

That's why you buy ARK my friend

The wallet is fucking beautiful as well. I think we still have one more leg up at least before it corrects down hard.

my gf just made her coinbase account.

we now trade together after we have dinner.

she is pretty smart

she loves it

i also took her virginity

she is a good girl

>Why? It has zero intrinsic value.

Buying drugs online anonymously is not 0 intrinsic value.

Evading capital controls is not 0 intrinsic value.

Avoiding tax via crypto is not 0 intrinsic value.

Source? The ETF got rejected.

we can go higher

Where's the intrinsic value in Bitcoin? What makes it different from any other coin?

The same with fiat, what makes the difference between the usd and cad?

Trust and confidence.

Let's be serious here, fiat has as much legitimacy as bitcoin as long as people believe in it.

when normies ACTUALLY pile in, the value will skyrocket.

99.9% of people will still give you blank stares if you mention crypto.

I am out since 1000.

The exponential rise started in April. Floyd and John made their posts relatively recently.


pulled 2/3 of my stack off from polo and back into fiat

made awesome gains and this time i wont be bagholding through the correction like the last time.

i dont think i will crash. but sooner or later its going to correct 40% or so again. it always does.

Jimmy Jackson buying a fleshlight or a sex doll.

Literally me.

where to find virgin gf

You don't. They don't exist over 15 years old.

Yeah but fiat have government backing, that's the difference.


Crypto are autism backed.

I will take people who know nothing of economics and are most likely poor, for 800 Alex.

Yeah which is just trust and confidence. there is no guarantee that trust and confidence won't go down the toilet.

One is backed by nations through trust and confidence the other is backed by code through trust and confidence. Same shit different assholes.

Which banks?

IIRC, there isn't a single proper bank offering liquidity into BTC.

It's all done via the sketchy exchanges.


Once the Crypto environment has a proper, INSTITUTIONAL source of liquidity, not just crappy exchanges, then it will take off massively.

Until that happens, we're liable to lose it ALL.

>governments force your coins to go down in value throught inflation (yes, inflation is a willed policy)

Exactly, it is a lie. Not even sure banks can offer BTC legally.

Fiat inflates
Fiat is printed whenever
Fist is destroyed whenever
Government lies to you about everything else
Fiat of certain countries has gone to Jack shit because other fiats killed it

Bitcoin is the same?

No. Stay poor. Stay a slave. Enjoy buying a big Mac for 100USD soon because USD will be worth shit.

shillbot on suicide watch

i cant wait for cryptos to burst and the entire meme to collapse so people would stop shilling this bullshit

fucking shills il break ur headmotherfucker :@

You are the normalfag for those who got in 6 years ago

shilling has ruined this board

if I saw that on the street id legit be afraid of that mutant

like a real monster