Need direction as to how to save £15k ASAP for a new BMW

Hi everyone, I want to buy a BMW M135i because it is a good, fast car and girls love BMW so it helps with their opinion of me.

After bills and expenses, I am left with £500 per month to save. I already invest £150 per month into crypto for long term HODL'ing but now I want to trade short term to earn enough for this car.

Saving £500p/m = 30 months before I can purchase this car. What if I put £500 into poloniex each month and made smart trades, how long would it take before I have £15k? I plan to split the £500 into the coins shilled on here.

Thanks everyone. Can't wait to be nice and comfy on my drive to work and dates with better looking girls :D

>15k car
Wanna know how I know you'll die poor?

Sexy car. too bad they don't sell in the states.

Elliot Rogers drove a BMW and girls hated him

Unless it's a Diesel you are basically buying the gayest BMW there is.

>girls don't like me
>it must be my car
Are you legitimately retarded?

don't lie you turd.. second hand they are 15K ..

also most drug dealers in my area (SE12) drove around in cars worth 50/60K


The girls aspect is a bonus but its' mainly for myself. I want to be in a GOOD car. I just need help regarding the finance aspect regarding it. Will my strategy work?


Hope you did research on that car, particularly 135. It's expensive as fuck to maintain.

a bmw 1 is for faggots. a bmw 3 is for sandniggers. proceed carefully....

shitcar and certainly no pussy magnet

get a used 2010 A5 or something.

lease it

>Buying new car
>Instant 20% loss of purchase value with change of ownership
>Deflates another 10% per year

Why don't you just fucking kill yourself instead?

10/10 it will lose half it's value as soon as you buy it, might as well go to an used dealer and buy an used car.

Buy a 2010 Prius OP. Girls (the ones that are worth it anyways) like a guy that seem like they would be a stable father.

>how to save £15k ASAP
Yeah, I wish I could know too...

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Unironically this. M135i was the pistonheads meme car of the year 3 years running because of cheap lease deals. Just do the same on a M140i now and don't have to worry about HPFP and all that shiz

>not striving for a lambo

>implying women care what car you drive.
You know how I know you're a betacuck? Because you think that a more expensive car will somehow get you better looking women.

It's called a lambo

it's 22,5% first year, another 20% second, 10% third
sweet spot to buy used is 2-3 years, drive it for 3-5 and sell for 50-70% of purchase price
if you have a village mechanic on top of it all you're set


I'd lose more money with the lease.

Yeah those lease deals at like £250 a month for a brand new M140i were a no brainer. They don't exist anymore.

Right now a 2 year lease deal on an M140i will cost me £7-8k for that period whereas if I buy a 15k one it will depreciate to 13k in 2 years so that's only a 2k loss.

I just need to fucking know how to make 15k quickly guys HELP A POORFAG!