Smart money has left the building

Bought at ICO, topped up at 29k. Took my 50 bagger and ran, currently accumulating for my next 50 baggers, got two in mind currently.

Dont believe the ramping and echo chamber here; buying something that has gone from a few cents to 13 dollars in a couple of months is begging for trouble. Not to mention the impending bitcoin crash this month. I'm not FUDing, this is the best advice a noob can get.

lotta FUD on this one lately

15 easy then slight drop

200-500$ dollar coin in 2 years

I think that's too far. Not saying it isn't possible

last time i saw such a divisive cryptocurrency (CHINK SCAM / ABO LAND) was Antshares.

food for thought.

>muh impending crash

Some people are just destine to be poor kek

I recently talked to some very IMPORTANT people in the techcoin industry, they all told me that OMG was UTTER bullshit.

OmiseGo? More like OmiseSTOP investing in this right now


Concurred, see my analysis last thread at

TL:DR - OMG is way out of line on multiple time scales when it comes to fibbo retracements. Its only a matter of time

fk, lol

>OmiseGo? More like OmiseSTOP investing in this right now

Your fib charting is done incorrectly.

yeah what OP said.

> i'm accumulating slowly.

Why will this go down? It has been healthy since it's inception, usually hitting ATHs and then correcting for weeks on end. How is this unhealthy?

because OP is unhealthy and jelly.

OP share your wisdom, whatcha holding now with smart money? we will follow you and pump your priceses thusly

please, show me how its done where the retracements are being met. I'm down to improve my tek

OP: P-please sell s-so I can get some.

>same colored flair
>same geolocation
>both outspoken against OMG

you have to think we are dumb as fuck if you dont even bother to use VPNs when spreading your FUD.


fucking cringeworthy. just stop faggot.

So what are your two 50 baggers then?

oh shit!!! I better get out of here