Walton (New NEO)

Blockchain + RFID = Easy money
Available on Binance

This a new Neo easy x10/20 !



"But i have no account on binance"
bascially the reason why u missed bnb pump and ll miss this one

Well +20% and +34.65% volume !
This is a next Neo, you loose the new opportunity!

I made a thread here if you want more infos.


seems huge, current price is still under ico one

>literally sold the bottom of the dip yesterday after buying in at 30k to buy Bytom

Literally, just kill me. Please. Put me out of my misery, lost like 20k on this shitcoin.


Easy x10... why aren't you buying already senpai?

Who sub 000130 masterrace here ?

I don't speak chinese

Here: www.waltonchain.org/language?language=ENUS
Also the website is slow as fuck, must be the traffic spike.

get your bags before it's live on bittrex

god that website hurts my eyes

whats so good about this? shill a bit more plz user

i was too lazy to add funds to binance yesterday
big mistake

See this

WTC is the new neo available only on binance, imagined when it will be on bittrex, it has now only 25 million in circulating supply ! issou !

Okay I am going to buy some, signed up on binance. How do I import funds here? I have always used Coinbase/Bittrex

>"Bittrex guys!!!"

normally this is a red flag but this seems like a cool project so i tossed a few ETH at it

this is future top10 coin right there


Binance requires 30 confirmations to deposit, fuck this I'm late.

>Binance requires 30 confirmations to deposit, fuck this I'm late.
i had only 8 for ltc

no you are not, this coin will reach 30$ soon

only 5 confirmations for NEO

dropped my bags just like that

He was talking about eth network

BTC actually. Only 1 confirmation so far. I want to buy a few dollars of this.

WTF Official bittrex twitter account just subbed to WTC twitter account !!!!

How far are the chinks gonna take this one?

Nevermind, only needed 3 confirmations. I guess it was a typo on their website. Bought a few dollars, hoping to double.

to double? its gonna be 10x in really short time at least

I'm a bit of a pessimist.

Give it to me is this a scam?

The order book is insane. Walls popping up and disappearing on both sides constantly.

very low market cap, only 20 millions supply available. 25 millions market cap

dat 102 buy. good times good times

do i need to give them my documents to trade? i dont want to give those to anyone, even more some fucking chinese

I didn't have to give them anything. I think you're limited to a 2 BTC withdrawal if you don't verify though.

you don't need to give anything on binance

Is this a fucking scam what the hell is going on

Bittrex followed them on twitter

Scam? Bittrex followed them on Twitter, yea sure, bittrex is a scam

jesus christ

everything is a scam in crypto. learn to be the scammer instead of the scam victim.

No it is not, their team is off the chart, one of the best if not the best

What a disgusting dishonest mentality...

False. Jesus Christ this pump and dump crew has 5 faggots spamming everywhere

I thought it was a lie too

means literally nothing
bittrex followed signatum on twitter lool

>buy in four days ago at 29k
>sell yesterday at 11k after losing all hope
>it moons

Literally kill me.

give us info is it a legit company

its a 4 day old coin
why would you sell at a loss


Fuck it. scared money dont make money i'm in

In for the moon mission bought 1600. Praying for lamboland

damn this little nigger has already given me 30%

thanks biz

Forgot pic

just HODL and thank me later

Why is marketcap unknown? Makes me uncomfortable.

I've never been so confused in my life, this almost looks like a coordinated scam operation

Just sold all of mine.

Made an easy 0.25 BTC and got the fuck out. To the hodlers, good luck wherever this may go. I promise not to pink wojak if this goes to $5.

it is just added on coinmarketcap there will be 25m created for this year and less then 20m will actually circulate. Over time there will be 100m coins

Source: twitter of WTC

Are you fucking serious kraken?
I'm tier 3 verified and you pull this shit now?

good call. I'm leaving 0.05 btc just for shits and giggles for a few more hours.
amazing wall action

>decide to FOMO WTC for $1k
>make binance acct
>instabuy LTC from coinbase so I don't have to wait 30 BTC confirmations
>get my LTC on binance pretty quickly and sell it right away
>buy WTC with the BTC
>start punching my trades into my tracking database and realize coinbase sold me the LTC for $98 and binance was selling it for $88
>10% of my funds gone instantly

What do you guys seeing this hit? I think its gonna peak so dont buy into hype now lol

under 300 I think you should consider yourself lucky desu, but time will tell, I have bought it at 200 and in a month time that wont even matter

just a feeling for me. I had the same feeling with SIGT so I thought fuck it. I'll probably sell around 3x gains. I expect it'll make a correction but those are usually to difficult to time properly on fast movers, which this looks like, so I bought now.

Just don't take your eyes off the chart and you'll be ok I guess.

i've been doing this for years man, sometimes that isn't enough, take my word for it.

just invest mid term and when possible watch chart to sell high buy low to get more coins, this project will be huge

Bought for 250. Any guesses as to how high this will go?

how fucking long does binanace take to receive btc from bittrexholy histstshsitssgkljdshgkjads

pump and dump incoming; don't be left with bags

It's a very well coordinated scam so I just don't know.

not a scam lul

Discord pump and dump, dont bite. Another user should be dropping some screencaps soon

with a 25m coins in circulation and the team behind it who knows... It has more potential then NEO had and if it were to follow its path it will be over 100$ per coin pretty soon

Just sold 8 NEO and put a small amount into this. Looking to sell 3x. Good deal?

Those sell walls are nothing... jesus...

Just HODL and try to improve your position when pushback gets in

Looks like you're right judging from the orderbooks...How long do we have?

Thanks, just sold 100k

I think we have at least 2x from this. The volume will go up to 2k, I think.


bought 100k cheap. Thank you

I haven't been around here for a long time but are chink pnds like this common? Maybe we can get a general going?

keep shilling, i am sure you might get one idiot to fall for your pump and dump scam

fucking insane, volume increased like 2000 ETH in 10 minutes.

So how do I buy 100k?srs guys how do I buy though

Slight "dip" and then we can keep mooning.

>being this butthurt over missing the train

Delicious, see you at 0.000389 salty faggot

holy fuck this shit is intense

Pickup up a few more on that dip. Going back up now...

Well, now it's going to explode now that we got that dip out of the way.

clear path to 400, no walls on sight

first few moon days on these chink coins are amazing
gas, bnb, now wtc
if it behaves the same as the other 2, gonna see green for days with artificial pullbacks like just now to shake some hands out

fuck me...i almost sold.

>it's going back
Holy shit... can't be stopped!!!