SEC is coming to get you

>On August 24, 2017, we were contacted by the >United States Security and Exchange >Commission regarding the initial coin offering of >Protostarr tokens to fund the development of >our Ethereum decentralized application. After >consultation with multiple lawyers, we have >decided to cease further operations and refund >Ethereum collected in our crowdsale that began >on August 13, 2017.

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>be American
>get fucked for investing in crypto
What a good day to not be American.

Yeah that's because protostarrrrrrr was the biggest fucking scam rip off coin to ever grace the Earth if anyone was going to get caught it would be that fucking shit box I'm glad it happened

I'm glad it happened and you should be too

>be american
>have nation perfect
>be founders
>write and write explaining to the future citizens how not to fuck it up
>haha just kidding
>curse of bigness
>jefferson was right
>no income tax except to pay of debt from war until 1913
>fed created, permanent income tax, expansion of federal government, 17th amendment
>lose almost all freedoms
>dont care though because i got a new iphone
>what is the 10th amendment
i want to fucking kill myself
this nation is screwed
the federal goverment has no right to touch anything except defense and intra nation trade

i-in the land of the f-free...

>Be dumb white trash
>SEC investigating scamcoins and shutting them down
>Get mad at the SEC for watching your back

Just cant make this up. Shouldnt you be out protesting the police or something?

You are completely delusional if you think this is contained to the USA. Governments in every civilized nation are beginning to raise an eyebrow to cryptos. Google is your friend.

>implying i have no right to get scammed


> be rich
> have dual citizenshit
> RDP comp in Canada
> sign up using Canada comp
> fill out KYC information using Canadian information
> doing all this while physical location is in America

Welcome to 2017, where old out-dated methods of regulation are going to continually fail and will only continually benefit the rich.

> be poor
> can't dual citizenshit, never saw a reason for it
> want to get involved in ICO
> can't cause SEC
> thank the sec for having my back

> be a few years later
> meet dude with dual citizenshit
> says how he made over 300% on an ICO I wanted to get into
> go home
> cry deeply, but think how uncle sam has my back


>Be buger from bugerland
>Invest in crypto
>Caring about SEC.


I don't give a fuck!

Do you think I'm going to obey laws and institutions that are designed to keep normal people poor.

Fuck that noise.

Salty coiners about to get btfo

lmfao thank god i saw a reason to get a mexican gf

It's actually bullshit that gov thinks we need their protection. If you faggots understand this principle how the hell are you still a liberal?

that's what i would tell people if i were to try and convince them to buy. but instead i say it's a scam

The SEC only has a problem with scams and double dippers, people who issue ICOs and stocks. Secondly, I dont need duel citizensship or a computer in Canada to buy any ICO I want.

WTF did you fuck your dog and did it push out a half human half dog or smth?

If you're actually successful prepare that anus of yours down the line

The NEO crash will probably replay in ETH
just saying

If you want the crypto market to go truly parabolic you need normies and normies aren't going to touch this world with a 10 foot nigger dick if they keep getting burned.

> admitting to identity theft over the internet

That's not good user.

Unless your friend sells you ICO, but that's illegal ;).

fuck SEC and overseas goyim

Forbes Headline

They have publicly stated their stance on ICOs. I would be wary of any ICO thats worried about the SEC.

>SEC shutting down scam icos
I don't see a problem here

you don't understand that 99% of ICOs are scam don't you?

Bitch, Call the cops.

Here in the Netherlands cryptos are just considered untaxed goods, used as an investments. So no special laws apply to it.

So you just pay 1,2% savings tax over it once a year and thats it.
No profit tax, no vat, no currency regulations, no big deal.

that picture disgusts me

that is everything that is wrong with this country

That's every ICO. SEC has defined any ICO that doesn't use their tokens in their software is illegal.

Which is why many new ICOs are blocking all US residents and requiring identification in order to purchase, to prove that you're not a US resident.

People of America have the right to get scammed. It's the free market. If people can't do their own research and are controlled by greed, it's deserved. People are getting to babied by the government and need to go back to being an individual. This dependence on the government is an issue that's not going to get resolved. But it will continually make the rich richer, as the rich are not dependent on the government, the way the poor are.

can i move in with you? you can fuck my gf

If you own more than 25.000 euro in savings. Otherwise its untaxed.

can i move in with you? you can fuck me while my boyfriend watches (i'm a girrl)

If you both pay half my rent we can get a house for 5 people no strings attached.

Hmm i never understood all this. I figured if i was unable to invest it would block me. I threw a bit of eth at obsidian and it allowed me to do so ::thinkingemoji:: its all pretty confusing

Learn how to greentext ffs.

Comma splices, don't make you sound competent

>tfw you're going to make the first SEC registered and approved, legit dividend paying company born from an ICO

Feels good man. I'm going to name it Moon.

>Google is your friend
and you're calling others delusional.

Didn't USA banned all cryptos or was that just all fud?

Can you move in with me? We can fuck my gf together.

neo market movements ar small as fuck no impact for the major market its like a penny stock crash

No the USA has not banned cryptos. Where the hell did you hear that?

kys ifag