DoD butthurt over Monero (XMR)




SUBJECT: Additional resource request for ACC project

1. 2nd Battalion's joint NSA/CPT anonymous cryptocurrency project needs additional support in the form of new hires and additional funding to meet GWOT and drug interdiction objectives outlined in July's Command update brief.
• Requesting authorization to add additional civilian consultants to the ACC project and to initiate their SCI investigations
• Requesting additional funds for class 7 and 9, amounts indicated in attached cost analysis worksheet.

2. The success we have had with Tor, I2P, and VPN cannot be replicated with those currencies that do not rely on nodes [?]. There is a growing trend in the employment of Stealth address and ring signatures that will require additional R&D. Please reference the weekly SITREP ON SIPR for more details regarding the TTPs involved.

3. BLUF: In order to put the CPT back on track, we need to identify and employ additional personnel who are familiar with the CryptoNote code available for use in anonymous currencies.

4. Include this request for discussion at the next training meeting.

5. Point of contact for this memorandum is CW4 Henry, James P. at DSN (312)-780-2222.


Well there you have it, a/biz/mal faggits: the DoD is butthurt over "CryptoNote" (i.e. Monero, the most advanced cryptonote coin, b/c of RingCT, minimum mix-in threshold, and upcoming Kovri).

w-what if DoD created Bitcoin

Who ever posted this is a dipshit considering you can see their CAC card on the right side of the screen

Youre fucked we all see your id in the corner right.

is this for real?

i f*ckin love XMR. best privacy coin in existence.

i wonder how they feel about zk-SNARKS.

Nice! Just bought 100k... or did I? Well, DoD, did I?

OP not gonna respond cuz he already got vanned.

Monero has terrible scaling though. Fees will be high if gets mass adoption.

I hear ZCash is adopting the bitcoin ledger with a new coin called Bcash (lel). Looks decent

I hate it when people say cac card. It's the same as saying atm machine.

zcash is cia

dude wtf - lol!

>being this retarded
Sorry user ur gonna get gitmoed

Fuck I'm so glad I own 15 XMR and 10k ODN.

Why would someone do this unless they were doing it on purpose? You were doing that on purpose... right, OP?

elaborate ruse no way op is this stupid

I think he realized he fucked up and is in panic mode

OP probably didn't produce this. it was doing the rounds earlier today. plebbit monero sub already has it.

i think it's fake and someone deliberately included the ID

>DoD butthurt over Monero (XMR)

This isn't a surprise. In fact this is good news because "need more R&D" shows that XMR is currently safe and usable and will likely remain so. The smart thing would be for darknet sites to move to XMR-only transfers (if they don't already) and for you to buy.

>success we have had with tor and i2p can't be replicated
Translation: we can't just keep throwing money at the problem until we control 99% of nodes.
They're butthurt they have to do actual research now.

Might not have been the one taking the picture.

It looks rushed, the angle is weird for someone who would be sitting in front of the screen.

I'm betting it was some dude in the office wanting to get a decent shot off quickly.

wow thanks for cruising plebbit on our behalf - case closed!

Thanks for the tip buddy. RiP oP


Do they own 99% of tor nodes?

>The smart thing would be for darknet sites to move to XMR-only transfers

XMR has always been the darknet coin of choice. it used to be top 5 on coinmarketcap back in Feb, it tanked when Alphabay got vanned by the FBI. now it's recovering.

XMR hodlers going to Moonero.

They control lots of them.
Not like they're gonna release public reports on exact numbers.

Can I ask a question to anyone in the know?

Holding crypto, I would think, is a problem for your security clearance. So the guys investigating this stuff are expected to forgo the gains and be stuck as nocoiner cucks? Even though they must be constantly aware of it mooning?

Quite the contrary. Most of these DoDfags hoard Kiddy porn and drugs. All the monero goes directly into their pocket.

can confirm it is not a problem to have both

Remember the story with that guy Plural of Mongoose? They hoard that shit

>Plural of Mongoose
What's the sauce on that? Interesting

I was in the military and this looks legit. Also interesting timing check this shit out. OP you need to remove the cac card id or else you could be discovered even if that's not you in the id.

Save your own SOUL OP.
Delete this thread. We can see your pic.


lol fuckin saved.

perro CACa


the militaries are in this thread

adjust brightness/contrast/sharpness, discuss


Why would people with good understanding of cryptonote work for the fucking pigs
Trechouraous pieces of shit

digitally signed on 24 JULY. price on that date $44. make your own conclusions.

the DoD is buying up XMR to prevent it from being in circulation.

OP is Satoshi fucking Nakamoto and he finally slipped up.

>report for is prepped by staff
>2 days later CW4 James gets around to sending the report out for distribution

Checks out to me man. The real question is who here has called that number or run it through a background info site

checks out. whats a realistic market cap from here ? 2.2B therefore 100% gain. buy and trade approved.

so buy?

also if the DoD buys up all the monero while i'm holding doesn't that moon the fuck outta my lil' bag?

archive search /biz on those dates

this them

what if we put in a buy order that's too lit for them to not fill tho

which moons the listed price

and then we sell

wtf i love the DoD now

we also need to make sure "monero" comes in searches by them - > more occurences, more they feel they need to buy - > price go up

>DoD working through Korean exchanges

correct. N. Korea trying to use xmr? s. korea exchange to make the play?

so let me get this straight. DoD buys up tons of Moneros, to infiltrate IP addresses, which are exposed briefly, during transactions?

they have a lot time + resources to do such a thing

ya no shit, i just didn't expect the beginning of the end of Monero to be today.

you asked /

The price of Monero doesn't matter if you are doing a transaction into and out of the currency (from to fiat), it only matters if you are holding it.

This is big news.... lets see how accurate Veeky Forums autism really is

im sleepy now, hopefully there is a thread tomorrow

Those dates, just a (((coincidence)))

cool larp

Getting really sleepy now too, anyone else?

CIA Mossad

Literally created by John Hopkins, MIT and Israel.

Trust these guys goyim they're not datamining at all, trust them to destroy your info right away, why wouldn't they?

Even then they can only get ips of the nodes and no actual info on who is holding

Yeah. Good call. Need to get some sleep too. maybe look at it tomorrow

Money, Prestige or because they're brainwashed manlets.

1) it doesn't work that way
2) anyone serious runs the wallet through tor anyway

>XMR has always been the darknet coin of choice
Not yet, really. People still mostly use bitcoin it seems, because TAILS has an in built wallet for it. Eventually though, XMR will be the only coin people use, so you're right, we going to Moonero.

Run dude, you have 24 hours, otherwise you are gonna get 10 years in prison, Russia seams to be popular destination.

Holy shit I fuckin love Veeky Forums

You would have to be a fucking aspie to let it bother you.

You want people to go around saying common access card?

Good to see the American military back in the business of funding pedophilia and terrorism again!

The language sounds fake, really. They wouldn't name off technologies they gave already compromised in a non classified doc. Too showy.

Stop trusting Navy honeypots retard


I really just want to own some monero because how much is pisses off the Government cucks.

>Monero has terrible scaling
Wtf, it has dynamic scaling you dip.

Welp, OP. You got fired. Lets hope you don't get imprisonment for OPSEC failure.

It's only a honeypot if you use their nodes.

They aren't butthurt, they are researching cryptos to use themselves.

They can't buy it all up. Before they could it would give massive attention to Monero and the price would skyrocket.