How does tg like their cyborgs?

How does tg like their cyborgs?

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Like that actually. Just like that.





I personally like Nanocyborgs best like Senator Armstrong or the Extremis virus. It is impossible to know where the human ends and where the machine begins. In fact a Nanocyborg has is mechanical compounds so integrat in its body not you can not divide the human at cellular or molecular level.



Got it in one OP.

The problems I've always had with half tank-half man sort of borgs' is figuring what they do in their down time when they aren't busy ripping and tearing things? Do they run a farm where they're both the farmer and the tractor? Maybe practice landscaping? It sounds like their hobbies would be a bit restricted.


Yeah I tend to go Nano Aug when I have the opportunity

I'm actually playing a character at the moment who approached this from the other direction.

Initially, they were a rogue nano-entity who ended up consuming their creators and the entire moon they'd been created on. However, over time they began to develop a sense of self, an understanding of what they'd done and an awareness of the universe outside of their world. They regretted that their life had begun with murder, but also knew that as an unbound nano-entity, no intelligent life form would be willing to tolerate its existence if it spread.

After its final act, terraforming the moon back into a habitable world, as well as setting up a graveyard and memorial for its creators, the nano-entity purposefully allowed itself to be shackled into a mostly humanoid form with severe limitations on its ability to grow, replicate and shape itself, all in the name of being able to leave their origin world and to explore the universe, to seek a meaning to their existence beyond murder and ceaseless consumption.




Looking mostly human, but upgraded. Modular parts. Maybe there's a brain in there, maybe it was slowly converted to hardware by nanites one neuron at a time, maintaining self-continuity and demanding a "ship of Theseus" argument as to when, or if, it stopped counting as human.

With the technology being as unintrusive as possible.

Meat-metal hybrids as a symbol for cyborgs are baroque and outdated in the same way that the first renditions of robots are. They're an attempt to imagine a distant future that had already arrived. They're brazen and in-your-face when the truth is infinitely more subtle - and insidious.

Chances are you're already a cyborg, and have been for a long time.


>maybe there's a brain
that's just a robot user

Destroying the enemies of man and being ignored in fluff

As little meat as possible. Full-body, if possible.

That's actually really interesting. What system/setting?


Why does it regret? Why does it care what other intelligent life forms think? Why is it looking for meaning? Why would it destroy itself in response to the potential for conflict instead of adopting one of the unlimited other solutions to that problem?

None of these things make sense for something that starts as a... perverse contradiction of singular machine entity and simultaneous hive organism. Which obviously makes no sense. So presumably all of the members that made up the entity that didn't agree to be shackled were genocided by the ones that wanted that to happen? And how did the faction that championed self-restraint and cared about stuff like not killing others end up as the one committing genocide? You'd think it'd be the other way around, wouldn't you?

I mean... I get that it's not supposed to make sense and you're just making a tragic backstory for your character but damn. Having stuff that has no reason to think like a human think like a human triggers me.

That's cool.

It thinks like a human because the intelligence systems it initially absorbed and based its intelligence on were the mental patterns of its creators. Their cognitive systems and neutral networks formed the basis for its developing consciousness, hence it gaining human-like traits.

Its initial existence was that of a singular entity comprising many more basic individual elements- Just like a human being, with our many different cells that are integrated into a symbiotic and mutually beneficial whole.

A pulp sci-fi setting, currently using a modified form of Legends of the Wulin, since we love the combat dynamic and utility the system offers.

She's got some nice augmentations.

I like my Cyborgs dark and edgy and devoid of any humor


Mildly fetishy

Function over form, but not to completely sacrifice form.

I want to still be humanOID, but I'm willing to sacrifice the FUCK out of body imagine for cool shit. After all, if you can't adapt to it you can just change push those fucking boundaries.

Aesthetically? Semi-plastic looking and artificial or full on metal ass frames. Any fleshy bits (which I prefer at a minimum) would be heavily protected and covered.

And if I were to personally have the option?
Armor it to take a fucking NUKE and give me extendo-arms. Fuck everything, I'm totally cool with being an immortal fucking BOXBOT.

The cyborgs from rifts Russia are so damn sweet. Fuck year brother these motherfuckers way and breathe bullets.

Sorry for the shit resolution guys but I can't remember their specific names rn. I'll borrow my friend's copy of warlords of Russia to get more specific.

You rifts guys might like this as a funny aside. Rifts is really like this, too for anyone who doesn't know about it. Not knocking it at all it though. It's very much a everything and the sentient kitchen sink kinda setting at times (New West tho is EXCELLENT).
>Grackletooth with a heavy plasma ejector FTW

This picture makes me feel uncomfortable


Fuckable yet able to kill me with ease. Preferably without fucking me though, but if that's how they do it, that's how they do it.

(middle dude not cyborg)

And there's always:

>How does tg like their cyborgs?

Misshapen things that should not be. Abusing technology to shore up their failing bodies.




With tank treads.

GitS cyborgs are the future I hope we're headed towards.

heavilly armored

Crammed in the cockpit of a Battlemech and drunk off their own ego.

These are what have always appealed to me, as a vector for horror.
Cybernetic tech could be used to reduce a person into a machine by robbing them of some abilities and overspecializing them for very dedicated purposes (usually also compromising the cyborg's ability to resist "programming").

Then you are going to like the Thallax

With big energy weapons on their arms, like Megaman, Samus, or Teen Titans' Cyborg

Nanomachines, Son!






I think that was the point, and it's an interesting one. If a person does go the route of gradually replacing all of their bits with tech, even managing the brain by way of
>slowly converted to hardware by nanites one neuron at a time
like mentioned, is it still a cyborg? They started off human, so calling them a robot doesn't seem like the right terminology, but cyborg usually means you still have a bit of flesh in there somewhere.

Uploaded consciousness is the closest phrasing I can think of, but it's still misleading for this particular situation.

Six arms are the pinnacle of cyborg fashion.


I was going to say downplayed and subtle, but you can argue with that art.

>weaponised knees


That's... that's something special.

When I'm a dirty old man I hope I can have my brain put in the android body of a hot asian chick with smashing norks.

Chock full of gubbins.


I loved the look of the Cyborgs in Asura's Wrath, they had that organic look while still clearly being artificial
It's why I love the GUNNM/Battle Angel Alita cyborgs


Great now I need to go find his stuff again.


Forcibly converted

For years I always wanted to see a female version of this



When there's nine of them.




Meat metal hybrids are real though. Some modern prosthetics are like something out of a cyberpunk novel, abd direct brain computer interfaces are coming.

The seamless merger of artificial and biological.

Basically Realians from Xenosaga

Meat/metal hybrids are what modern cyborgs are, though? As you said, the distant future they were imagined in is now.


I like my cyborgs to be spaceships. Hell, you could have a partially plant based ship that acts as a water filtration and oxygen exchange system that needs to eat comet chunks every now and then, or can heal by basking in a close solar orbit to accelerate growth

I like mine as post singularity humanity, living as a collective super organism, self-replicating in space until we colonize the observable universe and create a giant network of super intelligence that can then escape the heat death of the universe and allow us to live in a digitally produced reality for eternity.

...this is my fetish.

I prefer the pursuit of the "Singular Organism" creating a self sufficient body capable of existing and surviving for millennia alone without the aid of the collective species
I'm sure a collective intelligence network would exist in the form of some sort of Quantum Internet/FIVR network linking individual humans across known space though
But if I had my way I would head to some asteroid belt in the middle of nowhere and stay there for a few thousand years without interacting with a single sentient being other than those on Quantum Veeky Forums

>Quantum Veeky Forums

Indeed, Veeky Forums will survive this time. Scholars will search internet records and our shitposting will be museum pieces like the shitpostings of old romans.

/pol/ on election night was entire threads full of screaming and anime reaction images. I can't imagine dealing with that kind of raw emotion through a direct neural link.

>Believing any of it is geinuine
>Believe any of those fucks are capable of any other display of emotion aside from memeing

/pol/'s ability to give a fuck was what gave them the strength to resist paid psyop subversion attempts and still away thousands of votes. Most of it was quite real.

I'm willing to believe that the same way you'll know doubt believe that russians were pushing memes pretty hard and /pol/ was riding that dick pretty hard to elect of a fucking doofus to the highest office of the land.

Steal votes? Pol's doing? Reaaaally now. I find that hard to believe, even for Veeky Forums. Sorry for ot.

I like all kinds, I like every kinds
If it's a cyborg, I like it

What's this from?

>t. butthurt commie
If he's such a doofus you must feel like a real jackass for not being able to outsmart him. :^)

/pol/ created a Reddit colony that now has millions of subscribers.
/pol/ analysis of poll data was "borrowed" by talking heads and spread to normies on Twitter and FB. Bill Mitchell ripped it off wholesale, and he's got a huge follower base.
/pol/ was the driving force behind the Clinton Foundation memes thanks to FBIAnon. Spirit Cooking and #draftourdaughters alone flipped at least a thousand votes.
/pol/ spent months spreading its influence on other social media.
/pol/'s unique visitor numbers during the election exceeded cable news networks' ratings.
/pol/ tanked a multi million dollar shill hit, pulling aggro away from Trump himself. Look at the effort spent attacking Pepe in the media.
The fabled "Russian dossier" was made up pee pee fanfiction written by a /pol/ack catfishing Rick Wilson, who then took it to the intelligence community.
Trump's campaign staff called out Veeky Forums by name as a factor after victory.
Sean Spicer is literally one of us - a Gundam otaku, and quite likely the TrumpNightlyNews tripfag on /pol/.

Super informative, ty kindly user. I've been avoiding pol for a couple of years after lurking there a bit and didn't know the current chant about it.

Finally got a decent pic of this one. For the life of me I can't remember its name. Really dig this artist too.

the nineties were a hell of a drug.

Rifts cyborgs are the coolest. The bionics sourcebook is awesome, I recommend grabbing a pdf.

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