I got a question, is it wrong to clone yourself with magic or something, then screw your female self?

I got a question, is it wrong to clone yourself with magic or something, then screw your female self?
Would the kids be messed up or come out as a copy of yourself?


I'd totally fuck a female version of me, though. As long as you give yourself consent, why would to be wrong to go fuck yourself?

>is it wrong to clone yourself with magic or something, then screw your female self
You will only share half the DNA your female self has. Females have XX chromosomes, males have XY.

>Would the kids be messed up
Genetic defects are more likely to occur if you have any recessive hereditary genetic defects. There may be other unforseen problems.
>or come out as a copy of yourself

>is it wrong
According to the bible, it's fine if you use divine magic to do it.

Well I'd imagine your clone would have all your memories, only diverging from your personality when having experiences that you don't later on.
So they should have the same plan as you at the start.

So it could pull genes from any part of your ancestry just like with two normal parents, just all from the same pool?

What kind of defects?

Good to know the gods approve.

I mean, that seems like it depends on factors you're not bringing up.

If you've made some mindless, magic bimbo clone and then screw that, that raises some unfortunate implications.

But if it's a fully sentient and intelligent copy of yourself, but as a girl, who has the same memories and desires as you and gives consent, then I don't see why not.

Then again, inb4 SOMA crisis of self-identity and whether a copy of a real person is as real as the original person.

>clones myself with a female body, with the intent of having at least one person willing to fuck me.
>Turns out, the clone is able to notice just how autistic I am and tells me to fuck off.
>tfw I wouldn't even be willing to fuck myself.

>Is it wrong
On a genetic fuckeruppery level, almost certainly. But you probably don't care about that, so:
Can it consent? Is it DTF?
Personally, I'd assume anyone who's desperate enough to bang their alternate self is desperate enough that their alternate self is similarly inclined.
The main moral objection to incest is that it screws up the kids and the kid's kids, and it fucks with the family dynamic on top of that. Even if Restoration could prevent the genetic problems, if you're the sort of person who wants to have sex with yourself you probably need counseling.
At certain rare points of history incest couldn't be really helped, but when it's possible to not screw yourself, it's probably not a good idea to do so.

That would be downright depressing.

I care the most about the genetics, given I could just go "it's magic, who cares" but I'm curious now.
I wish to know how a character who has the same person for both parents would be like health-wise.

2nd post best and most complete post

>So it could pull genes from any part of your ancestry just like with two normal parents, just all from the same pool?
Uh.. you don't have a library of you genetic ancestry... You just have two sets of genes, one from each parent, and each of those genes was pulled at random from two possible choices in your parents genes as each gene has a sort of slot where it fits into you dna strand.
>What kind of defects?
Depends on what genes you have.

Be honest op.
Have you been jacking it to yourself in faceapp


I don't know what that is.

I'd clone myself and fuck male me. I'm gay though.

Is that extra weird?

No weirder than gay twins whom fuck each other.

No genetic issues there. Just aids.

But we're not brothers and didn't grow up with each other since childhood, so it's not incest.

But I don't have aids. Would aids spontaneously form because it's gay clone sex? Kind of like how dolly the sheep got arthritis?

It's an app with which you take a selfie.
It can then turn that pic female.

The results are often shockingly good

Now THAT could easily result in genetic fuckups.

....if, you know, you somehow managed to get pregnant. Which I suppose would be an achievement no matter how messed up the baby is.

>and it fucks with the family dynamic on top of that.
I don't really see what's wrong with that, actually. There are no real issues with incest other than genetics, and "your own clone" is basically on that same level. Are you saying clones are incapable of parenting?

People are missing it.
This is a CLONE
So it's an exact copy, it doesn't have the XY, but if it does have a functioning vagina that can breed offspring, you are creating an exact male clone.

So, clone in the scifi sense, with female bits, that you fuck, to make a clone in the real world sense, which is genetically identical to your original form.

You could also do the reverse and get a female that YOUD give birth to, you sick fuck

One chromosome out of 23 != half DNA.

Wouldn't a magical female clone be you, but as if you were born a girl?


Hey, it's the natural progression for the character.
He is like Narcissus with magic, not fetish stuff, it would be something totally different if I was doing that.
It's a better choice than drowning kissing your own reflection.

use a condom or flipper kind will ensue.

House Telvanni approves.

There's actually a very rare ase of "true" hermaphrodites who need to take care to not impregnate themselves accidentally.

Not sure if any research went into what such an offspring would be like (I mean, we are talking about someone who is, genetically speaking, already kinda messed up), but could be something to research (explain THAT browser history, hah).

Surely someone has done it, for science.

That's probably just your clone being an awkward fuck who doesn't know how to articulate her thoughts, resulting in her immediately alienating you. She's just like you, after all.

Kids would be fucked up because of how traits are passed on. There'd be a chance of any recessive trait you have as a hybrid pair showing up for instance. Same issues that arise with siblings fucking, or cousins fucking over multiple generations. If you had multiple kids, or worse, your kid did the same thing, it would get even more fucked.

XX/XY is not your entire dna, smartass. It's just one chromosome pair.

*if you had multiple kids and they had kids together

I'd tell myself to fuck off just because it would be kind of hot to cheat on myself with someone else.

What's the point of a magical female clone of you if being born a girl would make the clone have a different life and personality? She'd be the equivalent of your sister.

I mean genetically not personalitywise. Like you if you had come out a girl, not literally you with a vag.

Again, what's the point of wanting to fuck someone who's genetically similar to you? It's not you, it's just someone who looks vaguely like you.

Only one hot female clone of myself to bang is not enough

I don't think you understand user. You take your mind, slap that shit into a female clone. done.

>clone self
>remember that I hate myself
>kill clone
>start thinking of fun shit to do with a dead clone of myself

>banging yourself
>technically just masturbating
You're in the clear.

Related question:

If you clone yourself and eat parts like the brain and the spine etc can you get all those prion diseases that you can get from eating other people?


A copy of you isn't you.

With all that effort, you could just hire a prostitute to fuck you to sleep.

If all the genetic information comes from two of you, your children will not be the same as you, because your genetic information came from your mom and your dad.

You may be a heterozygote for bad recessive alleles (versions of a gene). When you make sex cells, you can probably assume an equal distribution of the good and bad version of the gene, and when mixed with another you which has a good and bad version, basically leaves 1/4 of your children with the bad version. In other cases it might be better or worse, but very broadly speaking you may be inviting problems.

>I got a question, is it wrong to clone yourself with magic or something, then screw your female self?
I feel like this is strangely appropriate.

>I got a question, is it wrong to clone yourself with magic or something, then screw your female self?

From a mental standpoint, it's just masturbation.

But from a physical and genetic standpoint, the clone is for all intents and purposes your sister. So I guess it depends on your stance on incest.

>or come out as a copy of yourself?

Again, for all intents and purposes, you're fucking your identical twin sister. So the kids would be as healthy as any other incestuous product of twins fucking.

>I got a question, is it wrong to clone yourself with magic or something, then screw your female self?

The exact details depend on exactly what you mean by "clone" here. Are we talking about your exact duplicate, but female, or are we talking about what is effectively a very similar sibling?
If it's the former, then it's pretty much just masturbation. If its the latter then it's a bit weird, but I guess so long as you're both okay with it then no-one is being hurt.

>Would the kids be messed up or come out as a copy of yourself?
They would be at a significant risk of being screwed up. Having kids would be pretty unethical.


>clone self
>close 2 copies of female me
>fall to slaanesh as now I can live out every single one of my sick fantasies that convincing others to do with me would be near impossible (or impossible for the simple fact that they aren't me)

Do not remember the source, but I remember reading that incest is unhealthy not only because of bad recessive genes playing up, but because of bacteria and viruses inhabiting your body. Simple organisms can mutate and adapt way faster, creating new strains with new qualities. Huge and complex creature like human has no way to keep up, and his immune system is only so good, and his immune system is only so good. As a result, harmful bacteria inside the human body gradually become better and better at fucking his shit up, evolving to perfectly deal with his defenses. And, of course, when a human procreates, he passes his bacteria to his children.
Which is exactly why you need two people to have sex. If your child was a perfect copy with all your chromosomes, he would have exactly the same defense mechanisms in place - the ones which your bacteria are tailored to deal with. Given that infant humans are pretty weak, they would not be likely to survive. And, even if he endures it, every next generation would have to deal with even more specialized infections. That's an arms race complex organisms simply cannot win, as they are much less flexible.
But if you have two parents who mix their DNA to reproduce, you solve that problem. Sure, both parents pass their harmful microflora to their offspring, but the child is not a copy of any of his parents. As a result, neither set of bacteria is particularly adapted to his immune system, and has to evolve anew. And when they finally adapt, generation changes and they have to adapt again. That's the only way to prevent bacteria from winning - to constantly change the environment.
That's why relatively simple, genetically unstable creatures have only one gender - they can adapt to bacteria as fast as bacteria adapts to them. Long-lived complex animals have no such luxury. You don't fuck your clones unless you are a worm.

Considering how modern medicine works for almost everyone, I wouldn't think that our immune systems are that different - certainly not different enough to stop an adaptation to one person fucking everyone over.

The whole adaptation issue isn't so much in response to infections, but to evolutionary pressures overall - sexual reproduction is common in complex organisms because you get more mistakes, and more mutations increases the chance of something beneficial coming out of the end.

So, kinda right, kinda wrong. t. highschool biology

Your female self would be just as Autistic as you are and would realize that the best she's gonna get is a gender bent clone.

Nah, a female version of me would realize she could easily set higher standards for herself and have a greater chance of getting what she wanted

>not raping your own clone

>implying you can rape your clone if it's willing

>not making the clone desire to avoid having sex with you

>you will never make a female version of yourself.
>you will never alter it slightly so she can't speak.
>you will never mind break her and force her to submit to your dominance.
>you will never turn her into your personal living sex doll.
>you will never not know that she was pretending to fight back and actually wanted that the entire time.
why even live?

Everything apart from making your clone mute: pic related

I'm gay and I wouldn't even fuck myself. but that's just my body image issues.

So, assuming consent, let's get down to it.

I'm not some chemistry or biologyfag, but wouldn't you basically be fucking a twin? And like some other anons mentioned, if it's female it's XY, not XX. Would you need a female's DNA to do that? Would it still be, genetically, a twin? What's the likelihood of a twin/twin relationship making deformed babies? Anybody with some kind of genetics knowledge better than me can respond, I have no clue as to the answers to these questions.

I actually have a fantasy species created by a wizard (with no sense of right and wrong) cloning himself enough to make a small civilization and then letting them all breed like normal. I handwave the chance of deformities away because he was a life/biomage, but it couldn't hurt to know some actual science.

Just make sure you don't end up killing each other.

I dunno.

I wouldn't fuck me though, so I doubt that a female version of me would.

You wouldn't even give you pity sex?