Doom Slayer wakes up from another long nap and emerges in 40k. How fucked is Chaos?

Doom Slayer wakes up from another long nap and emerges in 40k. How fucked is Chaos?

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>How fucked is Chaos?
Depends on the fanbase

Not very.

It takes him several hours to wade through a small science outpost, by WH40k standards it wouldn't qualify as a tool shed. The first time he comes across a demonworld, he'd be there fighting and winning forever. But the likelihood of him inflicting any critical losses to Chaos are slim to none, even if he takes down some princes.

We have this thread every day, don't we?

Doom slayer vs doom marine: who wins?

There are so many daemons and monsters on 40k that you can't just let him loose on the galaxy. You'd have to leave him on the Eye of Terror or that webway portal under the Golden Throne for him to actually make a difference.

Not really.

He dies within a few hours and doesn't rez because he's no longer in a videogame

maybe he takes out a few scores of bloodletters and a couple major daemons

if he's lucky

really the only reason why he's so badass in Doom is because you can keep playing after dying once.

Just because it takes you 20 tries to get past the first level, doesn't mean it takes Doom Marine 20 tries to get past first level. It's just that you're not badass enough to be Doom Marine.

He only has to murder so many demons before he starts to pick up the attention of the big guns, like the daemon princes and keeper of secret tier demons tho. And then, they are fucked.

You got it all wrong.
The only reason he's so weak in Doom is because you're supposed to die and retry. Or else the gameplay would be boring.
Canonically, he rip and tear his way through the entire game without any issue.

>The first time he comes across a demonworld, he'd be there fighting and winning forever. But the likelihood of him inflicting any critical losses to Chaos are slim to none

>Canonically, he rip and tear his way through the entire game without any issue.
Canonically doesn't he literally absorb energy from demons into his suit, becoming more powerful with each kill?

He and Maugan Ra become best buds.

>Doom slayer vs doom marine: who wins?
What's the deference?

>Drach'nyen aka the End of Empires aka Echo of the First Murder
>It's a daemon that was born when the first sentient human murdered his fellow man in cold blood
>This act, It's birth, is THE defining moment of mankind. It's when humanity's destiny was sealed
>As it was born, it reached out into the minds of all mankind. Every man, woman, and child that live, lived, and will live felt its touch as it tainted mankind across time and space
>Truly, a daemon of Chaos Undivided. It's kindred with all the daemons of Four and yet it stands apart. Wherever it goes, it will find a home each and everyone of the Four Powers
>It can sense anyone who shed blood no matter who or what it is. Machine or flesh. They are its prey. It hunts those who committed murder and feasts on their souls and flesh
>It can shapeshift into anything. From the tornado of claws and jaws to microscope bacteria
>It can mass possess machines and humans. However, it cannot possess the Custodes or the Sisters of Silences, these hated enemies it just slaughtered.
>It hunts the Emperor seeing his destruction and the fall of his empire as its singular purpose
>So strong its connection to mankind that Emperor was vulnerable to its lethal violence. Where it wounded him it sucked out his soul. Its destruction or banishment was something beyond the Emperor
>The Emperor fooled into imprisoning itself inside a Custodes who then fled as far as he can from the Emperor to protect he Emperor from the daemon meant to kill him

Doom marine faces the Drach'nyen and dies screaming. Doom demons are shit tiet compared to warhammer daemons.

>Doom demons are shit tiet compared to warhammer daemons.

I'm not so sure about that. The only real indicator of power of Doom demons we get is that they're capable of blowing up the world and that the Marine himself can mostly deal with them. It doesn't give all that much context on just how terrifying they are.

Could be they'd be precisely as bad as the WH ones if you gave them some more room to spread, more planets to blow up and less badass soldiers to slaughter.

Chaos is doomed.

Non. They are literally the same person. The events in Doom 2016 is likely in another dimension that the Doomslayer entered because Hell is a junction to various dimensions.

Doom demons were captured and restrained by humans who subjected them to all kind of scientific experiments.

Not only would 40K daemons would never have this happen to them but they will drive humans to insanity by just being close by,

If this doesn't end with him and Kaldor Draigo tag teaming Slaanesh, I will be wholly disappointed.

But 40k Imperium also does that kind of shit all the time.

So why is not Drach'nyen the supreme Daemon of Chaos Undivided instead of Be'lacuck?

Oh wonderful, a thread where Doom wank and 40k wank can collide and become a giant autism splooge crusted jizz rag.

lets get this out of the way




Now that we have that out of the way, here's an honest fucking answer: Doomslayer in 40k would be a demonic entity of some kind himself, similar to the Legion of the Damned. This is actually pretty high tier because the Legion of the Damned routinely fuck shit up. He's not going to be taking down any chaos gods any time soon, but he can rumble with major demons and chaos champions.

Given his extreme HATE and RIP AND TEAR, Khorne would probably purposefully draw him onto a demon world and feed him a never ending tide of demons to slay, much like that ork warboss everyone likes, because Khorne rolls like that.

Now since this thread is fucked, lets learn about the Legion of the Damned instead

>The Pyrocataclysm of Vilidad Prime (006.M40)
After broadcasting a terror message condemning the lack of beauty in the populace, the Renegades of the Flawless Host invaded the Adamantium mines of the world of Vilidad Prime. The 122nd Imeldan Destriers, a veteran Imperial Guard regiment assigned to monitor the tithe, made a valiant attempt to hold back the Renegades. Modified nova charges were set by the Flawless Host throughout the Adamantium mines and the population centres above them. Though the surviving Destriers fought the Chaos Space Marines every step of the way, the vast majority were slain in battle, their persecutors claiming the kills are "for the sin of mediocrity in the face of true beauty." Though the Destriers were reduced to their mortis threshold within the first three solar days of fighting, reports of strange Space Marines appearing in the mining districts croped up again and again, each time engaging the Flawless Host and driving them back. At first, the strikes were so sudden and brutally effective that the Destriers thought they had a real chance of outlasting the Renegades. When the Chaos Lord that called himself the Visionary joined the fight, a hundred daemonic handmaidens at his side, the tide swung back again, for many of the Legion's number were banished by the vorpal claws of the Slaaneshi daemons.

Sorcerers and Necrons can capture daemons because they have the mental fortitude to withstand their madness inducement.

Normal humans can't bare being in the presence of daemons for too long.

Because its a sword now.

Just saying that Be'lakor should have been the sword instead.

Those Legionaries that remained became searing columns of fire, fighting with a fury that made them every bit as frightening as the Renegade invaders. During what came to be known as the Pyrocataclysm, the fire of the Legionaries proved able to burn even daemon flesh, and the Slaaneshi entities were sent screaming back to their master's foul realm. Though commiting a number of spiteful acts during its retreat, the Flawless Host fled back to its ships rather than risking disfigurement and defeat. During the fighting, a dozen new seams of adamantium were revealed by weapon blasts that scared the surface of Vilidad Prime. The nearby Forge World of Lipitou Anville tripled its production of war materiel, ensuring the majority of its labours benefited the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes.

>The Swords Reforged (343.M41)
When Hive Fleet Moloch invaded the Imperial weapons testing planet of Ghodba, the Tyranids found that the world had a vicious bite of its own. Everything from unclassified super-heavy war engines to gatling Macrocannons was employed by the Tech-priest Enginseers that supervised the planet's defences, with entire phalanxes of Baneblades and Shadowswords leading each charge against Moloch's many leader-beasts. Yet though Ghodba's surface was soon thick with Tyranid corpses, reinforcements couldn't reach the planet for solar months at best. The war of attrition startsed to tip in favour of the xenos invaders. The last Steel Fury squadron, the Swords of Ghodba, was crippled by sustained bio-cannon fire and swiftly overrun by numberless Gaunts. Its crew commended their souls to the Emperor, taking up their Laspistols and Autoguns, preparing for a last stand. Upon throwing open the hatches of their mobile fortresses, the crew of the Swords were stunned to see squad after squad of black-clad Space Marines forming a cordon around their tanks, the relentless pounding of their Bolters and the billowing flames of their heavy weapons blasting back the Hormagaunts scuttling around them. The crew bailed out, their saviours maintaining the cordon around them as they fought across three miles of corpse-strewn battleground to reach a squadron of Doomhammers, whose crews had been slain by Lictor attacks. With the chameleonic assassin-beasts blasted apart by pinpoint volleys from their Legionary escort, the crews of the Swords quickly familiarised themselves with the weapon suites of the Doomhammers and rejoined the fight. The introduction of three more super-heavy tanks and almost a hundred Legionaries tiped fate in favour of the Imperium. The invading swarm was shattered, dispersed, and hunted to extinction, forcing the rest of Hive Fleet Moloch to seek its prey elsewhere.

Be'lakor is too smart for that. He didn't survive for millions of years as renegade daemon without being smart enough as not screw himself by shapeshifting into a form he would be stuck in.

Whoever wrote that shit fanwanked Chaos to the next level and beyond mate.

>Chaos shouldn't have their own version of the Emperor in form of daemon that represents all the evil within men born out greatest act of sin in human history
>A dark reflection of the Emperor, the damnation to his salvation

What do you have against poetry?

Little bit of all these.

Doom guy isn't particularly dangerous if you just avoid him: when he was originally thrown into HELL the demons for a time were content to come after him wave after wave in an attempt to kill the doom guy and get all that delicious glory, but eventually it became quite clear that the more demons he killed the more powerful he became.
To the point where he was starting to kill some seriously powerful titans of hell... So they just avoided him. Whenever doom guy came rolling into their shitty little cave-demon-shanty-towns all the demons would just get the fuck outta dodge.

So, yeah, I'm not 100% familiar with all the warhammer fluff, but I'm pretty confident that in the warhammer universe; doom guys threat to chaos would only really begin and end with the demons he'd actually be able to get to or the ones stupid enough to fight him.

Doom marine is physically tireless and seemingly unaging, appears to be totally resistant to mental fatigue or madness, is functionally incapable of dying or even running out of ammunition (not that he's really averse to using his bare hands) and in the past has killed demons so large that they're essentially a titan. One of the biggest ones. Whilst it was presumably focused entirely on him and likely had a lot of demonic support.
As for speed, Canon is probably a casual play through on a medium difficulty so expect him to have murdered his way through in less than 24 hours without pause. Which includes murdering his way through (a) hell.
Extrapolate from there as you will .

After wrecking the shit out of a couple daemon worlds or heavily corrupted hives, the Inquisition catches up and tricks him into being sealed somewhere back in suspended animation. As powerful as he is, Doomslayer has a history of falling to shit like this.

Then they'll release him again whenever they need to fuck something up in a corrupted world somewhere, like some non-doped all-natural Eversor.

Not that guy, man, but that wasn't poetry. It's not even really ballance.

Nah, mate.

Don't forget to sage

Nah, it's mostly along the lines of the Old Testament. It's very fitting for a primordial force such as Chaos.

Huge exposed guts. Gets ripped and torn
Makes a hundred thousand plans, all of which fail to take into account that the Doom slayer doesn't give a shit about any of them
Gets pummelled for so long that they eventually get bored of the sensation and promptly cease to exist as a result
Tries to corrupt Doomguy, but realises too late that he's encountered a being more pissed off than he is


No user it's pretty dumb. Not least of which because it's incredibly human centric, and relies entirely on a real earth judeo Christian world view. Why should the first human murder be significant, at all? The Eldar were busy raping a good into existence at the time. One of Khornes major demons would later be born from ghengis fucking Khan who killed millions.

Cain/Abel is only significant if you believe in a benevolent creator diety who created a world on which violence and murder was wholly unnatural, a corruptive element born from humanities freedom of choice and disobedience of God gone wrong. Not to be maximum fedora, but within the context of the Warhammer 40k universe? This is factually and completely incorrect. There is no singular universal all powerful god, benevolent or otherwise. The nature of the universe is not one of structured order in which disorder and death is unnatural.

The author - who was of course, Mr daddy issues himself - completely missed the point and lost himself in his own Abaddon wank.

Problem is, 40k Chaos is pretty human-centric as it is. It's mostly humans that get into that shit, mostly humans that're favored by them, and three out of four Chaos Gods have explicitly been born out of humans. Why would a guy being born out of the first human murder be any different?

Probably because it echoed in the Warp for an eternity until it manifested and then traveled back in time because that's how the Warp does things.

GW already gave Chaos hamfisted judo Christian bullshit when they inserted Be'lakor that's basically Lucifer.

A single death is insignificant in the warp, especially in a warp that was relatively calm at this point, especially since humanity was not a psychically awakening race at the time.

Nothing about Cain's murder of Abel would not fall under the purview of one of the already long existent chaos gods, except for Slaanesh who would not be born until millenia later.

>three out of four Chaos Gods have explicitly been born out of humans

No they haven't? Khorne, Nurgle, and Tzeentch existed long before humans. Human signifigance is a relatively RECENT phenominon, it's one of the reason it asshurts the eldar so badly. We were literally banging rocks against rocks while they were fighting cataclysmic intergalactic wars against stargods. Humanity was the scum on the universe foot at the time. They didn't start to really 'awaken' pyschically until the age of strife, one of the reasons the Emperor revealed himself was the situation was becoming untenable and he had to act NOW to save Humans from being devoured.

Still, we can re-write this. We can even include the Judeo-Christian bullshit. We can make it all make sense. You want your primate murder? sure, fine. Drach'nyen can be the antithesis of the Emperor, born from Cain's murder of Abel. Please allow me to explain how.

>Khorne, Nurgle, and Tzeentch existed long before humans

They were born out of mongol invasion, plague, and renaissance, as I recall it. I don't think it was ever explicitly retconned away.

False, DOOMBREED was borne out of the Mongol Invasion. Khorne was 'young' but already existed, and sought him out.

First, we must accept that everything we 'know' about the Emperors origins are likely null and void. The old 'shaman gestalt' idea, as it existed, probably is no longer applicable. This is important because this headcanon insinuates something about said unknown origins.

Now, second, we have to look at the myth of Cain and Abel. What is it about? The favor of 'God', and submission before him. Cain is a farmer, and offers God his crops. Abel is a shepherd, and offers god his meat. God likes meat more, because fuck vegetarians I guess.

>"Now Abel kept flocks, and Cain worked the soil. 3 In the course of time Cain brought some of the fruits of the soil as an offering to the Lord. 4 And Abel also brought an offering—fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock. The Lord looked with favor on Abel and his offering, 5 but on Cain and his offering he did not look with favor. So Cain was very angry, and his face was downcast.

>6 Then the Lord said to Cain, “Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? 7 If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.”"

The language is a bit tangled up here like it usually is in scripture, but the lesson is supposed to be about submission. The insinuation is that God already KNOWS the defiance in Cain's heart, and is warning him against it. God is God, it likes what it likes, who are you to question God? The meat is better because I SAID so, now stop being a little bitch.

This is Cain's first 'sin', he questions God. A sin sprung directly from the fruit of knowledge, which gave humanity that very ability. Adam and Eve were the first humans to disobey God, thinking they knew better. Cain follows in their footsteps.

Is BFG Division playing in the background. Because if so, all of chaos is fucked. Thats coming from a chaos player.

>8 Now Cain said to his brother Abel, “Let’s go out to the field.”[d] While they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him.

>9 Then the Lord said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?”

>“I don’t know,” he replied. “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

>10 The Lord said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground. 11 Now you are under a curse and driven from the ground, which opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. 12 When you work the ground, it will no longer yield its crops for you. You will be a restless wanderer on the earth.”

>13 Cain said to the Lord, “My punishment is more than I can bear. 14 Today you are driving me from the land, and I will be hidden from your presence; I will be a restless wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will kill me.”

>15 But the Lord said to him, “Not so[e]; anyone who kills Cain will suffer vengeance seven times over.” Then the Lord put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him. 16 So Cain went out from the Lord’s presence and lived in the land of Nod,[f] east of Eden.

Now Cain tricks his brother and murders him. We don't know why. It's always assumed and interpreted to be jealousy, but it never outright explains.

God immediately knows what happened, asks Cain about it (who plays dumb), and God curses Cain. He curses Cain to forever walk the earth, unable to die, and unable to return to his life as a farmer.

Cain becomes an immortal wanderer, and according to Apocrypha, immediately goes off and bangs a demoness to sire monsters and shit. In the Canon, he founds a city, which becomes the origin of all human civilization.

An undying wanderer, cursed by the Divine, who raises up civilization and breeds monsters.

You forget Khorne and Khornish demons who whole shebang is that they try to fight the big fight. That's where doomguy starts to become a trouble. When he slay a daemon prince of Khorne or someshit and khorne takes issues with him. Then he'll throw demons at him, powerful ones, before finally sending his own avatar or pulling him in the warp and fighting him 'in person'. Doomguy would end up sitting on the skull throne.

You've probably already figured out what tired trope i'm heading towards with this but i'm going to pretend it's a dramatic reveal anyway.

Drach'nyen isn't BORNE of mankind's first murder. It IS mankind's first murder. Powerful in the extreme, able to defy the Gods. Just like it's brother.

The Emperor is Cain. For whatever reason - whether to gain himself power, or because Abel wanted to serve the Gods where the Emperor wanted to defy them, the Emperor 'killed' his only equal, his brother, and cast it's spirit into the Warp.

That's why Drach'nyen is so powerful, that's why it has a vendetta against the Emperor and all human civilization, that's why it's inextricably connected to the Emperor and all of humanity itself.

There was not one potential God Emperor of Mankind, there were two. And one seized that potential at the cost of the other.

At least that's how i'd write it. But I didn't, and That-Guy-Whose-Name-Escapes-Me but he loves to Wank Abaddon and Aaron Dembski-Bowden, author of Master of Mankind, are self indulgent hacks, so we got what we got instead.

Royally. By the time he gets to something that would present a challenge (a la Greater Daemon/Daemon Prince) he'd already have powered up beyond them.

Thoroughly. Regeneration simply postpones the inevitable and gives him more to rip and tear.

Sideways. You cannot seduce something made of rage. It will not be a good pain.

No one cares about your shitty fanfiction

PS: Abaddon doesn't have the real Drach'nyen, Cipher (who is in fact the long lost Custodes) does, and when he plunges the sword on his back into the Emperors chest finally the brothers will finally be reunited and become a true Warp God of humanity and anti-chaos, a fedora paradox of fuck you /headcanon

My shitty fanfiction is still better than master of mankind

Getting molten lead poured in the eyeballs is better than Master of Mankind, but that doesn't make getting acid in them feel any better.

The acis will probably get rid of the gold though,gold is very soft. I'm not sure if that means it dissolves easily someone should Google that. But it can't hurt more since you already have gold in your eyes. What we really need to look into is whose pouring all this gold into people's faces. I suspect the Parthians

That idea is more interesting than the shaman crap.

Chaos has minor gods outside the big four. Their presence is not required for Chaos or other malign Warp gods to be a thing.

It would explain why Emperor wanted to kill all religion: mental hang-ups from youth when God thoroughly and unfairly put him down, festered and grown over tens of millennia.

> What Are Inquisitors?

Look at all that headcanon and ignorance over Drach'nyen.

I will keep it short because I am planning on making a mega-post about the rectons of Chaos in the general thread or its own thread.

A) Not really a retcon but time has no meaning in the Warp.

-Drach'nyen birth part says that in the Warp there is no before or after. There is only now. Eternally now. Drach'nyen influenced and drank from the twisted darkness of mankind that itself inspired in mankind in the first place. It's a paradox and part of the reason why it was so powerful. The Echo of the First Murder is all the EVIL of mankind in a single entity.
-The Chaos Gods always existed the Warp. They were not born of humanity. They do not require humanity. They are immortal and eternal. In fact, the time of the Necrontyr and Old Ones, Chaos Daemon invasion was a big provlem that made the Necrons and Old Ones construct World Cages to imprison the Chaos Daemons. Be'lakor has memories of those times.

b) The Emperor didn't have a mega destiny that was given to him before he was even born. He choose his own purpose. He was just a kid born as a perpetual with psychic powers. Realised that humanity needed control after he slowly murdered his uncle because he murdered his dad. Without that event, the Emperor would have been one of the many Perpetuals that just hung around human history and melded in the background

C) The Warp was never calm

The Warp was a daemon infested hellhole before the War of Heaven even started. The Warp seemed calm only because of the Necron Pylons and the fact that humans and other races can only look at the surface area of the Warp which was calmed by the Pylons. Within the depths of the Warp where no psyker can see through, it was total anarchy and CHAOS. The Chaos Gods hid there bidding their time until their champions invited them back into the galaxy and started destroying the Pylons that kept them out for too long.

That's all for now. Get updated , you jerks.

ADB was a mistake

But if that is true having so much more deamons around wouldn't Doomguy just automatically make that much stronger and and stronger?

The bigger question is

Doom slayer vs Sly Marbo

That's actually pretty good. Better than most of the Black Library stuff. Certainly better than the "BY YOUR POWERS COMBINED I AM CAPTAIN PLANETFALL!" origin story.

Gold should not dissolve. It is chemically almost totally inert.

Sly Marbo is one of Doomguy's silent expressions of rage that gained sentience and manifested itself in the materium.

Aqua regia can dissolve it.

Black Library being in charge of the big canon segments was a mistake. BL has always been better at telling smaller and more personal stories.

>Sly Marbo is one of Doomguy's silent expressions of rage
>silent expressions of rage
>Sly Marbo

Even Doomguy's silence will be incredibly loud when forced out of mortal lungs.

Not at all. He's just another shitty old school meme character. Nothing he has is even impressive aside from the BFG and the Crucible. He's warp susceptible and would quickly fall due to his hate.

>warp susceptible
i'd love to hear you explain this one.

>Warp susceptible

>Doomguy wank
>Cuck'nyen wank
This thread was a mistake.

>He's warp susceptible and would quickly fall due to his hate.
Except he isn't? The games directly describe him as being incorruptible since his only desire is to kill all of demon kind and his only emotion is hatred against anything related to hell. Killing demons is his literal only purpose in life and nothing else, you can't corrupt that kind of mindset.

>He's warp susceptible and would quickly fall due to his hate.
But he is the embodiment of the Emperor's hate against chaos, every amount of chaos energy he takes into himself strengthens the Emperor.

Literally this.

lol no. He resists possession and he was so powerful that the demons had to keep him asleep from stopping him from destroying Hell because killing him only pissed him off further.

Didn't we just fucking have this thread?

Wow I guess you are one of THOSE people that seriously think that as soon as you feel any emotion you immediately fall to Chaos. That is not how chaos works.

I thought he was angry because they killed his pet bunny.

It's one thing to fuck up things you can safely ignore, like the Primarchs, but allowing the unholy spawn of Matt Ward and Cruddace to dictate shit about chaos, abaddon and the emperor is simply madness.

Yea, i still don't understand what the fuck they were thinking allowing that to happen.

I suspect it was an overreaction to the failbaddon jokes.
They don't seem to grasp that turning him into an obnoxious SI faggot doesn't help, and that his personal powerlevel was never what made him feared.

No that was Doomguy, we are talking about The Doom Slayer.

He can kill as many demons as he likes, but he's still one man limited by time and space like everyone else, so Chaos won't be all that affected.

He is gonna destroy Chaos and THEN he's gonna murder the Imperium too for being a bunch of useless fucks. It's gonna be great. About goddamn time.


Same guy.

Here's the better question, what would the Imperium think of him

Honestly, if he were to die, he'd likely be resurrected by the Emperor and become a Living Saint, wings and all.

He has died before. It doesn't stop him. He just claws his way out of Hell while tearing it a new asshole.

Isn't the Warp Hell, technically? Has anyone come back from it aside from Greater Deamons and Living Saints (who are basically Emprah deamons)?

I figure that the Doomslayer is like a perpetual or something.

>When he slay a daemon prince of Khorne or someshit and khorne takes issues with him. Then he'll throw demons at him, powerful ones, before finally sending his own avatar or pulling him in the warp and fighting him 'in person'. Doomguy would end up sitting on the skull throne.

The only problem I potentially see with this is doom guy hatred is "purer" in the sense that it literally begins with demons and will end when all the demons are dead; he was sealed away inside hell for decades (possible longer by in-game time?) and he remained committed and unfaltering in his commitment to destroying all of the demons that were within arms reach.

He's only genocidally enraged when it comes to demons and as far as I know (by all means correct me if I'm wrong); he isn't interested in fighting any other beings unless they're associating/helping demons or it's self defense.

I think it'd be more likely that he'd either ignore or desecrate the skull throne before moving on to fight more demons.


Making Doomguy as the chapter master of the Doom Slayers, gonna replace the bolt pistol with a Kromlech double barrel and put a chainsword on his belt
Does anyone have any recommendations for Doomguy legs, he looks a little short and unarmored with these ones

>Doom Slayer
Im triggered

It reads like it was thought up by a 14 year old edgelord.

Doomguy/Doom Marine
Is effectively immortal. A champion in Hell (the Warp) killing demons so hard they flee from him.

Most detractors will say he will just become corrupted & that could possibly be true, even though he has immense willpower & holy hatred. But even if he was able to be corrupted he will still be able to resist because of his Doom Armor. It absorbs the demonic taint. Doomguy is corruption & insanity free. The Doom Armor would change the balance of power in 40k. The Warp literally is the bodies of the Chaos God's & demons are just small bits of thier power, his Doom Armor can actually steal the Chaos Gods' power a chunk at a time. He can kill all the demons & bring peace to the Warp, absorbing all their power into his armor.