A or B?

A or B?

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A would be my pc, B would be my wifu


I prefer the white robes of RT.

if I recall correctly, the color of the robes indicates rank, with more white meaning a lower rank. Right side is probably just an enginseer, lexmechanic, or transmechanic. Whereas left is likely an Artisan or Magos

Is that blue mage and white mage from FF tactics?





wouldn't all that long flowing robe get stuck in the joints of the spider-like legs, perhaps she should shorten her robes.


D is for Delphan Gruss.

Well she's probably got a Servitor to carry the hem so it doesnt get caught in anything.

Spider legs? How can B even compete?

That reminds me, I need to find a drawfag for my female Magos. She actually turns from B to A after an encounter with an assassin cut her legs off.

Can we have the girl but also with spider legs?

The problem isn't the robe she leaves behind her, you can see the robe doesn't even touch the ground. My problem is that the joint between each spider-leg seems like it would catch some of her robe every time she moved, either slowing her down and/or damaging the holy robes of the machine god.
The only way I could see a servitor stopping that would be if she had one underneath her at all times lifting up her robes whenever she wanted to move...and that just seems..lewd.

I think both are female

>Useless sacks of fat

user I like tits but it doesn't make sense for admech to look sexy in anyway. Those not into the whole body mutilation thing are kept way low in the ranks

There's admech personnel designed to keep a form that would better allow them to interact with fleshbags. If that means being sexy, they'll get sexy.

Is that a visor or a smirk?

Well, they're not exactly fleshbags, but the fabricator chick from Mechanicum (the horus heresy book) had her form like, super ornate and with a boobplate/legs for days look.

Koriel Zeth.

This is the Blanchitsu version, which means she probably looks nicer when not drawn by an ink wash spamming gimp fetishist.

B. How is this even a question? A looks like a dude and probably doesn't even have a pussy based on the extent of body modification.


probably the only time I've been pissed off by a john blanche piece

Idk, I can't stand his style. It's too abstract and lazy looking for me. His art of wahammer chicks is the worst, though

Too much flesh showing. On both.

One hell of a diarrhea.

For some reason, i look at this image and see a cute girl just wearing an ugly suit to make the other mechanicus like her.

>Those not into the whole body mutilation thing are kept way low in the ranks
Nope. Arkhan Land had pretty much 0 outward implants of mechanic improvements, and he is one of the most celebrated magi of the entire Ad Mech.
His reasoning: The Emperor is such a perfect being, he must have mechanical improvements but as he looks like a man he has hidden them.

Honestly fair enough, he's not for everyone. I like his style because the messy distorted figures he draws seem very evocative of the insanity of 40k, but his rendition of Zeth doesn't do her justice.


i want his monkey

>Lower rank
Isn't magos high as all fuck?

Read that again cogboy.


A is probably too stuck up to tolerate fleshies and/or already in a happy loving relationship with a toaster or a vacuum cleaner so I'll take B.

>A is probably too stuck up to tolerate fleshies
Betcha she's got a kinky fetish for unaugmented humans and gets off on knifeplay with her many spider-y legs.



Yeah but Land was still an exception, and even then, was regarded as a lunatic by his peers, even when considering his finding which where tremendous.

Another user said that members destined to act as diplomats might retain a semblance of human form, but they would probably keep facial features and general limbs, probably not tits unfortunately.

Is she ... rollerskating down a pile of skulls?

Yeah, what else would it be?

>no one went for F yet
more for me

That's pretty damn metal

White is what they wear during peace time, Red is for war priests.

>Deals with meatbags
>Not keeping anatomy meatbags often find attractive

It took me forever to realize she was saying bolter

They're not Dialogus though, they rarely have to compromise. Barring Space Marines and the Inquisition (and even then), the Adeptus Mechanicus is one of the biggest players out there, they can most definitely demand stuff and get it. No need for tits when you're the one making everything humanity needs to survive.

>rarely have to compromise
>Thinking that they have all of the power
>Not realizing that without the Imperium's logistics and Manpower, Admech would just be a bunch of Toaster Fuckers, wandering around space, practically begging to get raped by any Passing xenos or Chaos
>Not realizing that both the Imperium and Ad-Mech know this, and conduct their diplomacy on equal footing, as neither would survive without the other.

There's a reason the Two-Headed Eagle Aquila is commonly thought to symbolize the union of Admech and the Imperium.



>Like I'm wearing Nothing at all.

But the admech do have a diplomatic corps known as Factors (at least around the Calixis sector); their entire deal is having subtle, outwardly human looking augmentation to set people's mind at ease when dealing with them.

B with A's "leggs"



full chrome, is best chrome

Fuck those tiny bitches.
Humans are like orks, and the bigger you are the more important and powerful you are.
You gotta be yuuuuuuuuuuge



You are huge! That means you huge cogitators!


This picture annoys the hell out of me. What tune is she supposed to be singing?

One day, you may grow as large as Magos Robertson.



The human form is sacred and it is literally heresy to profane it. I would say the AdMech has lost it's way but it was always perverted since the inception of the Imperium.
It's necessary reform never came to be.



How hard can either fuck? I like my cock nice and sore.

What'shisname ruined everything for everybody

visor, retard

Which related to what I'm saying. The Adeptus Mechanicus is not stronger than the Adeptus Terra, but the fact that it is on an equam footing with the strongest orgnisation in the Imperium makes it pretty damn powerful.

Not to mention Dominus HIT LIKE A FUCKING TRAIN.

you know it


B, but she could have more Cyberdongs.

That looks neat.

user it could be some Dark/Golden age cape tech that never gets caught in her spider legs.

Geez is not that hard to figure it out.


>>Waiting for it

Okay fine! Obligatory.



it's a big old galaxy, anything is possible