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r8, h8 and ber8

This is for our semi-competitive group. I'm likely to face Eldar, MC-spam Tau, Crons, Guard, Nids, CSM, all flavors of SM, and AdMech.

Idea was to build a fairly powerful list that doesn't make you want to tear your hair out. I played something similar against my mate's Dark Eldar and got fucking tabled. That time I only had a CAD though, this time I'm bringing the Hunter Contingent and double the markerlights.

Reposting R8 and h8

What is this a list for ants?


With all these lists I thought I would post something fluffy. C&c for skitarii/ironhands/ordo xenos explorer force?

Nth for only buy miniatures



Got a 2k game tonight, and i wanted to run chaos:

[That abbadon termintor formation]
5 Terminators, 4 fists, MoT, power fists, combi-plasma 222
Abbadon 265
[ CAD Iron warriors]
Chaos lord, Power axe, fleshmetal exo. 110
1 Oblit 140
5 Havoks, 4 lascannons 155

[CAD alpha legion]
Deamon prince, nurgle, lvl 3 spell familiar, wings, PA, hydra blade, gift of mutation 350
lvl 3 soc, termintor, combi-melta, mind veil 172

Chosen, 2 plasma guns 125
8 chosen, melta gun, rhino comb-melta power sword, power fist 239

Cultist, 10 autoguns 60
Cultist, 10 autoguns 60
Cultist, 10 autoguns 60

i am still 50 points short, any ideas?

How many grenade launchers should Ravenwing black knights take per member?

Non shooting cultists

He's the Death Guard biker autist, of course he's retarded.

are they realy worth it? at least gun cultists can kill a marine or three

The one who spams bikes in every FA slot, or the one who screams when bikes are used at all?

if you took a look at his list, i'm sure you could figure it out.

I am continually in a state of disbelief at how awful the Guilliman model is.

There's so much wrong with it. The armor is ugly. The pose is generic. The HH model was so much better. Fan conversions to make better poses are so much better. I just don't understand what went so wrong.

Nothing wrong with his list you fucking tard

Played a pretty amazing 2000pt Guardanon on Guardanon game yesterday Veeky Forums was a Maelstrom game and all I'm gonna say is it came down to one point. Think you lads would like a batrep?
And what's the closest game you ever played?
Also game /army pics for the God Emperor

That's a lot of Blood Tithe points user.

Do you have anything that will make grey knights able to assault tau after deepstriking.

I want the most anti clusterfuck list you can imagine.

I want this because of reasons.

>Is this the guy who hates bikes?
>List includes bikes
gee I wonder.

Thoughts on this list?

He doesn't spam them either so how is he being a biker autist?

Why are you calling him an autsist though?

Only a few armies can assault from reserves.

I'm not the guy who said that originally, i'm just saying it's a fairly self-evident answer to your question of whether he likes or dislikes bikes.

>Shitty weapons
>Shitty armour
Are Rhinos better than Chimeras in the fluff?

If so, how?
If not, why do Space Marines not use Chimeras instead?

Rhinos are designed to carry marines, fit in the marines deployment craft and share chassi and parts with the predator tanks.

They are much more self sufficient, which is important for a rapid deployment strike force that can't be sure of supply lines.

It's why on the TT they have the ability to repair immobilized on themselves.

They're meant to cheap, easy to produce and more self sufficient, not better.

It doesn't matter if they get blown up because their cargo is power armoured super soldiers.

Has anyone seen some good rough rider conversions?

Just clearing something up, Necron Gauss weapons autowound on a 6 to wound, Invuln saves can't be taken against those can they?

SW:A scans

It's kind of MSU-y so that I can pick and choose my targets more freely. It also helps with the +1 BS bonus to shooting with 3 units from the Hunter Contingent. The Broadsides are in single units because you need a minimum of 3 units for the Ranged Support Cadre, which gives my pathfinders Shrouded.

Depends what you mean by better. Long story short, they're cheap and easy to produce, and the chassis is versatile enough to fulfil most combat roles. Sure the Chimera might be better but if I want one I have to place my order with the Adeptus Mechanicus and wait 8-12 years for delivery. The Rhino can built in my fortress monastery's workshop and be ready by next month.

*8-12 years not guaranteed, pattern may vary, terms and conditions may apply

What makes you think that? It's an automatic wound regardless of toughness, not an unsaveable wound.

I'm not GGA, but I have brown guard and many of them. Would anyone be interested in some battle reports when I have games? my local gw is chill and pretty casual, there's even painted tau

Probably the automatic part, confusing wording, thanks for clearing that up though.

They fulfill different roles. The Rhino is an APC that's designed to haul around Marines and fit in Marine aircraft like the Thunderhawk Transporter. Chimera is an IFV designed to move Guardsmen around and support them once they get there.

>And what's the closest game you ever played?
Enclave Crisiswing vs Thousand Sons.
Really small format - just a Commander, two Ta'RoChas of Crisis suits with drones, two Pirahnas and one tetra on my side, two ML3 sorcs, one stock unit of Rubrics on a Rhino and one footsloging (but actually flying on the scroll) unit of Sarab Occult.

Now TS are usually pretty terrible, but seeing as my army was all Sv3+ and I rolled really bad on terrain generation so there were not much BLoS on the map.

We both went for glass cannon armies so things started dying spectacularly fast from the tuen one.

By the end of turn 4 only four models left on the map - my Commander, a stray drone from one of Pirahnas and a Chaos Spawn that used to be ML3 Sorcerer before he killed my Crisis Shas'vre in Challenge and rolled Spawnhood, and an immobilized Tetra with one HP. WIth some hilariousl rolls they fought in close combat till turn 7, spawn mmanged to kill the drone and take two wounds out of him, but died.

I'm not sure if the idea's any good, but every now and then I consider grabbing a pair of dark rider boxes to use as rough riders. They've got the spears and holstered gun-like weapons.

Just a matter of a head swap and ditching some of the errant spikes and symbols. Maybe covering up the cloak leaves with some GS furs.

So instead of being a WAACfag and playing biker and centurion grav spam ive decided to use this list in an upcoming tourney.
1000pt, 1 CAD


Im tempted to either drop the Sternguards Heavy Flamer, or Nocturnes Fury down to a regular flamer, to put dozer blades on the razorbacks but is fire > mobility?

Chimeras are more heavily equipped but rhinos are faster, more durable can carry marines who weigh about 500kgs each in power armour and have greater range and can be dropped from smaller transports.

The table top representation is accurate. The rhino pops and you are shit scared of the contents. A chimera pops and the guardsmen pop too

Technically the rhino could also fit in the cargo bay of the regular thunderhawks. GW just ditched that when they decided to make their 40k-scale metal (and tiny) thunderhawk.

Well, Rhinos aren't cheap, but they're cheap to mantain and repair, as their chassis is almost indestreuctible - some Rhinos were in acitve use since the Great Crusade, and were destroyed and rebuild thousans of times.

>almost indestructible

as long as you don't shoot at them, I guess

>chimera hit
>thick layer of chunky guardsmen on everything
>thick layer of chunky tank on everything

>rhino hit
>marines pile out and beat the offender to death with his own limbs
>rhino dragged away to plug the hole with green stuff and put it back into service

Which is better for Belial: his AP3 Fleshbane sword and storm bolter or a TH/SS?

Rhino Chassis are tough, engines, plating and threads aren't. You can wreck it quite easily, but the wreck would still contain mostly functioning chassis that could be rebuilt into Rhino quickly and for (relatively) cheap.

Is this even a questuion?

You lot think having these two lists fight would be fun? Kill team btw

16x Shootaboy, 1x Nob with shoota
3x Warbuggy, 2x rokkit 1x big shoota


tac squad with heavy bolter and flamer
Rhino with Hunter-Killer missile

Rhinos should be fast or assault vehicles and the "holy shit this tank is so baller that it can actually repair itself" rule should kick in more frequently than on a 6.


TH/SS is always the better option, unless you can get something AP2 that strikes at initiative.

What's the best factions for Tourney?

Sort of because the only way I can give him the TH/SS is if I cut off the nub on his right arm (which is what allows his storm bolter arm to stick on).

eldar, daemons, vanilla marines


Daemons (and R&H)
Space Marines (including DA and other SM-focused Imperial Superfriends style lists)

Note that there is a gap between those first three and Tau and that well-played and moderately lucky Daemons are easily the best.

>Note that there is a gap between those first three and Tau and that well-played and moderately lucky Daemons are easily the best.
slight corredction, there is basically 1/2 builds for deamons, with 3/4 of the codex being high mid teir at best

I don't have any magnets small enough to fit on this guy.

Any feedback on this?

And Space Marines might as well be Codex: Grav Cannons and ObSec Transports. Doesn't change that Daemons are one of the best armies in the game.

First are SoB
I've won tournaments by just baiting people into bad plays. "Afraid of a bunch of girls" "I dare to face my girls out in the open! Are you afraid?"

Till a player with half a brain shows up and I have to actually play.

good? No I tried my own conversions with some old chaos riders.

Next time I want to use Scions and AoS Dark Elf Cold one riders and at that price point I will run them as deathriders.

>that sperg that thinks he's some sort of psychological genius and spend half the game trying to taunt you into obvious misplays
Please stop. It doesn't actually work.

then wait until you do

or convert your own Belial

It does, granted it only worked once.

holy shit who designed the dreadknight and how do we lynch them

Seriously it's the stupidest fucking model ever, it could have been so much better like pic related.

i've found people don't know how to play against daemons and get surprised when i can ignore stuff like morale checks with army wide 5++

Red Guard Guy with a quick report on VS Death Guard and VS Tyranids last night.

Fuck Gargoyles
Fuck T5 fnp

Why dont you just get Pistoliers ? Dark Riders have a weird crouched stance that really dont fit RR.

Or like this too

no, there are much worse. the dreadknight is an easy fix

This was Kill Teams btw I'm just too tired to remember to say that apparently.
Hammer of Wrath plus Blind is some straight up A+ bullshit


There is literally no reason to not take manticores every time.

And how do you get rekts by gargoyles ? Theyre T3 with 6+ save.

>Why dont you just get Pistoliers ?
Pistoliers lack lances and are fucking ugly, stationary models.

SeeGargoyles were being used as guided debuffs while Warriors just casually strolled to objectives. It was amazing how he could shut down each and every Plague Marine for at least two turns.

>no, there are much worse

a tired father who wanted to imagine himself as a giant mech.

Do Exodites have any purpose besides giving Eldar motivation for righteous vengeance?

Yeah, being Space Wood Elves and GW never making them a playable faction

another bit you're overlooking or taking for granted is how easy it is to build. while i love the exalted seeker chariot i can't deny that it's a terrible model to build and has moldlines out the ass

the dreadknight looks like a solid chunk of plastic

who gives a fuck

im talking about the design of the model, it doesnt matter if its a solid piece of plastic if it looks like a s olid piece of shit

What is the psyker power that lets you summon burning chariots, and where can I find it? It's definitely not sacrifice for summoning heralds.

dunno what theme you're going for but pistoleers + Victoria miniatures rough rider arms + optional head would get you a pretty good rough rider unit. (picklehelm heads with gas mask would get you closeish to DKoK)

What would be some good models to use this paint on?


It's basically Commercial Vantablack, that thing that's the blackest possible black, but this one was developed because artists wanted to be able to use it, but only one artist owns the rights to it, so this was developed. I was thinking of bashing up a Blackstone fortress model from scratch and using this on the weapons.

Or using it to paint Necron or Eldar warp weaponry.

>Doesn't knows the difference between an M113 and a Bradley, and why the former is often considered one of the best light vehicles ever while the latter is often mocked as a Master of None that only works because it's stuffed to the gills with technology

Bitch, do you even panzer? If your using the Rhino's gun and not flat-outing or popping smoke you've either already dropped the marines on an objective and are using the rhino as a los blocker or your doing it wrong

Yeeeees this thread needs more batreps and fewer balance arguments. Post Games!

I don't think you want to use this thing on models. Sounds like it would make it hard to see the details.

Yeah, that was what I thought, hence why I was thinking of using it for effects, like just on the tip of void or warp weapons to produce that kinda look.


Those clenched fists... Just like a RoboCop figure for kids...

What a lucky game for me. Switching to Escalation rules really turned the game around for you, but dedicating my rolls to Buddha saved the day for me.

How to handle Wraiths?

Those "brown" Russ look just like RGG stuff and now I'm going to constantly confuse the two of you.

yeah I know but that's actually hard to fix

Looks like you got everything covered. A sorcerer as a battery could be useful.

Fix Bayonets