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Infinity is a 28mm scale futuristic skirmish game by Corvus Belli where they give you as many Mercenary Snipers as you want, and more than you need.

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Universal JSA list?

Keisotsu everywhere

Domaki link with a couple of missiles, a ninja or two, maybe another HI or Raiden, and a few cheerleaders. JSA can make a bunch of lists though, aggression is generally favoured but it depends very much on your playstyle.

The only one that matters: Full Keisotsu Link team, then all the ninjas you can fit.

You secretly write down which of the three models is the real one, and you move your three models keeping that consistent, until you reveal through an action that is not movement (or by being discovered/shot at by the enemy). Also bear in mind that at the start of the game you can combine the effects with Holo L1 and project as a different load-out or unit entirely. This can help to initially disguise your Holoprojector troop as some three innocuous regular troops of which the jig is up when you move/reveal. After you've been revealed, you can "recloak" with the Holoprojector to have two echoes in B2B contact and have a new chance to write down which of the three models is the real one (this can result in a small 1" movement/re-positioning or bigger if you're the Lu duan). This can happen as the result of a long skill in your active turn, or for free at the beginning of the enemy's tactical phase if no one is in sight of the holoprojector troop. This can result in cheeky actions like being at the corner of a building out of sight but in suppressive fire and then using the enemy's tactical phase to re-position yourself 1" and end up in sight of the enemy.

Anyone painted up the Fat Yuan Yuan yet?

Knauf is a gay.

And? It's the future, you can rub and stick your genitals anywhere you want.

> From PanOceania
> Homosexual


Stop rubbing your balls on miniatures and tricking people into picking them up.

You can also do that right now, actually.


That is uninspiring.

That face is hideous.

Show us the profile already you god damned Falkland Islanders.


I like the gun a lot. Might steal that for some conversions.


>Knauf is a gay.
Wonder, if they'll make that Japanese guy as well.

Show me the rules. THE RULES!

He knew he was since the day he was sent to take out Wallace.

>Knaufadai fanfics everywhere


Wow, that model is absolutely ...boring. I mean, jesus, it's not only yet another character sniper, but the pose is uninspired and the face is hideous.

Are finally any Outrage scans out yet? Really wanna know if they produced something nice there.

Cause worst case it's some cringy presentation that I will have to actively ignore.

Haven't seen a scan yet but reviews are coming in, from what I've seen of those reviews (reading Spanish and German) it seems adequate.

IDK, maybe somebody who also browses /a/ or /co/ can make a scan.

In the back there is apparently a small section for a glossary of infinity terms, a couple notes from Victor Santos, a portfolio of the process of making the Manga with sketches/notes from Kenny Ruiz. Something somewhat cutesy as can be seen in this page, where he had a moment debating with some infinity creators/designers (like Carlos Gutier) about wondering if Pistols cock in this universe and being told various answers like yeah go for it if its cool, or there are no shells for bullets so cocking would be useless.

>Corvus Belli have told Modiphius to rejig some of the lore sections they already signed off on
Outrage support?

link to the german review?

I'm mostly let down that Angel didn't produce some sick sick painting magic on the cloak regarding the croc(?) skin in the dossier.

Well, what d'ya know, Ana came sooner rather than later.

Im not that surprised since i know her face would be Fussilier level of hideous since the her 3D preview.....

But i also think that Angel's shadings wouldn't do much help either, its too deep and pronounced. Its wierd that the previous girls like Gorgos pilot, RV Ghulam girl and Bunny Moderators are qts, but this....

That's either a huge stretch or the tamest 'hommage' CB has ever done.

And her cloak is fucked too. It just looks bland and boring, concept art looked much more interesting. Pretty mediocre paintjob anyway.

Yeah, i think that his attempt at speed paint this piece kills it badly.

Is it even Angel painting? Could be one of the other studios or DAF.

Is the setting dark or light?

I'd say grey. Lighter than 40k, darker than Star Trek.

All the factions are technically at peace (except with the Combined Army), but most of what the skirmishes take place in are covert and sanctioned grabs for power, resources, and knowledge by governments and corporations (in a few cases both government and corporation being the same). Most of the weapons that do explosive and shredding damage are banned (think direct template weapons and ammunition that make you do more than one roll for damage). People die, some who are exceptionally rich or worthy get resurrected with technology in the setting. There are few occasional bits of really dark/messed up fluff like Ariadna residents intentionally getting pregnant women attacked by aliens native to the planet Dawn so that their babies come out strong enough to survive the planet as a genetic hybrid (hence the werewolves in this setting) or people paying to see Pupniks (those animals that accompany the Catgirl Uberfallkommando) fight, and at the end of the fight have the chance to have sex with them (not to mention how Pupniks themselves are abominations of genetic splicing to produce beings of near human intelligence).

Also, you may think that Aleph, the AI overlord, would be written out as something more sinister but it turns it really does have a decent, almost compassionate interest in humanity.

>like Ariadna residents intentionally getting pregnant women attacked by aliens native to the planet Dawn so that their babies come out strong enough to survive the planet as a genetic hybrid
Lemme guess, that one was written by Modiphius?

CB have to sign off on everything Modiphius write, so...

>Also, you may think that Aleph, the AI overlord, would be written out as something more sinister but it turns it really does have a decent, almost compassionate interest in humanity.
I see our resident Deva functionary forgot its name. Don't believe the AI's lies, a true living being isn't created by evolves, thus EI is the superior entity. Just ask the Tohaa once they break out of their religious conditioning they receive on their home planets.

Aleph being kept deliberately ambiguous has always been a nice touch. It's not an evil AI, it's just a shifty fuck like everybody else.

The Concilium Convention banned weapons have never made a whole lot of sense though.

Pretty sure that one's always been there. Ariadnan governments wants its super soldiers.

If people are really that thirsty for the manga I can just take pics of mine and put it on imgur really quick

Maybe, but things slip through cracks. Also, stuff someone else wrote and the original author said "eh, good enough" isn't the same as the original.

I'll have to read up then.

Wouldn't that take crazy long?
But it would be spectacular.
Well as it turns out, yes.
>"Oh, I'll just take the pics in 15 minutes, upload them, then crop them, it'll be quick!"
>Imgur puts all of my pics out of order so I have to rearrange them
>Instead of quick edits it takes 5sec per pic just to rotate them because of the loading size of large files
Already more work than I wanted to put in, so excuse my wonderful hand and desk in every pic, if anyone wants to crop all the pics feel free.

Still waiting for my copy to arrive. Thanks for making the waiting a bit easier.

Oh my god this translation job is atrocious.

Thanks for the pics user, waiting for mine to come in is torture.

Yikes, authors didn't have much love for LE Druze hacker.

I know honestly I would prefer taking shots to the chest rather then getting apart.

What is an Aristeia in infinity?

A sport.

A something like sport shoting?

Basically gladiator combat sport, because you gotta have gladiators in every setting.

No, it's an underground fighting circuit.

Aristeia! is legal, Aristeia! Underground is the illegal Nomad equivalent.

>Entice people with limited edition model.
>Have her character turned to flying mince.

Nicaraguan logic

>Buy manga from 3 different stores to ensure getting it first.

>End up reading photo scans before either order has updated


Let me pitch this idea. Let's call it a Genin.

A JSA Warband, a bit like a Shaolin Monk with CC 23 and Martial Arts L3, but instead of the usual Warband Chain Rifle, we give it a Tactical Bow, reduce PH to 12 and we add ODD to boot. Make it about 8 maybe up to 9 points as its hard to estimate. AVA 4 at most to result in a sort of Warband/Shikami hybrid. Think there's a place in Yu Jing/JSA for it?

>at less than 20pts

No fuck off

Its basically a myrmidon. Should be 17-18 points.

But her model has already been sold out a year or so ago.

I bet you really hate pi-well who gets ODD for about three points compared to the other FO remotes he's basically identical to except in shape. Or Miranda Ashcroft who's 18-19 points.

It was considering those examples that I was thinking 4 points would be fair.

Myrmidons are much more expensive than I'm proposing because they are regular instead of irregular for one, and Frenzy instead of extremely impetuous.

A chain rifle is roughly six points less than a combi rifle on a warband, and a tactical bow is comparitively 8 points less than a combi rifle on a ninja so ballparking a hypothetical 4 point warband with a tactical bow to discount the PH difference and the Tac Bow, otherwise like the Shaolin monk but with some four points for ODD would have been a fair estimate for a troop who is still Irregular and Impetuous.

Any other thoughts? Like, is it a niche to be filled? I mainly just want to think up about a non-character source of smoke for JSA that's like a Ninja in training.

Honestly seems to good

An irregular extremely impetuous ODD warband with no smoke and a bow instead of a chainrifle? I could see it costing 9 points, especially with ph 12 and cc20 with no martial arts and a DA ccw

Ah, no senpai, ODD and smoke will run you up to at least 12 points

Mimetism and smoke is another story

This was drawn a long time ago in /co/.
Guess now we need Dudley as Domovi

>Your disorder makes you look like kids
W-what did he mean by that?!

It means the Loli isn't a Loli at all.

Still creepy, just not illegal.

Why would they give ODD to such a unit? From what can be gleaned, it's expensive technology and giving it to a disposable dude runs counter to Yu Jing's MO.

Balance wise no. That's not a design space that needs to be filled, especially with Yojimbo.

Irregular only nets a 1 or two point discount and dropping to x impetuous from frenzy won't get you that far from a myrmidon.

I want a topless Uhahu pic because I am really curious about that robot arm of hers

Nomads, and a particular Moon is a Harsh Mistress reference. That's why.

Also, we can't be sending children into battle right? Little 9 year olds can't be KHDing people's faces off.

Not a bad read at all. Not a super good one either, but mediocre is fine for what amounts to gratuitous fan service. You can tell someone at Corvus really loves the Takeshi Kovacs novels. Infinity Cubes are basically ripped straight out of them and the 'twist' in Outrage is pulled right from Woken Furies.

Santiagos always knew how to dress right.

How does one pronounce her name?

The presentation is really nice. I got the feeling there were definitely a few places where it could have tonally shifted and expanded the setting. Going from operators operating operationally to a more noire like/Altered Carbon theme. Overall a pretty comfy read, wish there was more.

oo-hah-oo ??

The little girl is actually a 300 year old vampire so fucking her is ok.

The concept art in the back showed they initially intended her to be an Otaku with a skirt.

I don't know what that spoiler means so I'm going to try to do my best to not look it up.

I am curious about the scene with the Knight of Santiago though, heard they had to tone it down from a character killing five of them with a knife.

Aren't cubes supposed to be similar to cyber brains from ghost in the shell?

They show them in Outrage. They're just a little storage device attached to the spine near the neck, pretty much identical to Altered Carbon's cortical stacks.

> heard they had to tone it down from a character killing five of them with a knife.

Oh jeez the outrage from Military Order players would have been absurd.

So I bought the operation red veil to play with buddies but does anyone have a suggestion to make both sides bump to 300 pts? Should I just use what they suggest in the book?

I remember Bostria mentioning this in a BoW vid. He didn't specify Santiagos, but said how they quickly contacted the scriptwriter to tell them how killing a bunch of 50pts guys effortlessly with a knife is not gonna fly.

Ehhhhhhh the suggestions in the box are sort of ok but not exactly great. The Dire Foes pack is great and the units in it are fantastic. However, buying two TAGs to round it out is questionable. For 300 points, you'll want at least 10 orders, and that route you gets only 9. It really depends on your budget and what you think looks cool. I think getting a sectorial starter for each faction will round out quite well though. Imperial Service or JSA for Yu Jing and then QK or Hassassins for Haqqislam will give you lots of options.

>Should I just use what they suggest in the book?
No. That's almost laughably far from optimized.

The Dire Foes box is actually a decent buy if you've got a buddy to split it with, as it helps both sides round up close to 200 points, and the units are highly optimized (like the equipment Xi Zhuang has gives does not add up to twenty points, it should be more but it isn't).

Otherwise, I highly suggest both sides get a support box (the JSA support box is the better option for the YJ side), and a remotes box (Yaokong Husong/Weibing and Rafiq/Sihab have a lot of value for beginning players).

After that I suggest Saladin, and a Hunzakut and/or Al Hawwa Hacker for the Haqqislam side (followed up immediately by Ghazi Muttawi'ah and a Fiday if you can).

Guilang Combi-Rifle (to field as a FO/repeater or AHD), Shaolin Monks, Raiden Seibutai, and the Rui Shi/Lu Duan box for the Yu Jing.

That'd cover just about every "essentials" while also having mostly good looking models. You're not going to field everything at the same time, but neither should you.

Oh you sweet summer child.


You mean the "TAG + something" CB suggestions? Those are retarded.

The new ISS+Haqq Dire Foes box is very useful, so split one. For YJ you want a combi Guilang, I'd recommend a HRMC Yan Huo but you already have 2 HI in the box. Yaokong/Yaoxie drone boxes are very good, Aragotos are great blitzkrieg options.
Basically seconding most of except I only take Raidens in a JSA list.

Did CB change printers recently or something? I just got some new boxes and the print quality is quite shitty, less clear, worse contrast, misaligned colors in concept art, pretty shoddy.

Also, I hope Bostria happens to read this so he can kick whoever redesigned the iconic YJ weapons in the nuts. Didn't the shitstorm after the microguns of 2.5gen teach you anything? FFS, CB.

3 of the the 4 Santiagos got downgraded to Order Sergeant mooks (Mixed Santiago OS links when) and without spoiling too much, MO fans should not hate the portrayal of the knight.

So, that was entirely ...okay. Not exceptional, not horrible, just straight middle of the road.
Domovoi dying like a chump was predictable, and neither Beba nor Naruto had much hope in my expectations, either. Kinda surprised Knauf didn't make a heroic sacrifice or something. The rest of the story was predictable and the characters as such didn't stray at all from their archetypes, but that was mostly a given, considering how Infinity works.
Art felt a little like mid 90's Adam Warren, which is always appreciated. The fights were mostly well-choreographed and on point.
Overall, I enjoyed it and I don't regret spending money on it.

I thought it was really good with exception of how callous it was to the side characters. They were diverse and interesting, seemed like there was an established group dynamic that we barely got a glimpse of before it didn't matter.

Everything else was on point. I hope there is more, and if this is the size they will operate on I hope they have one that spans multiple volumes. It should get easy on Kenny and Victor after the RPG gets translated to Mexican.

The Santiago acquitted itself as a CQB HI as should.

> Gets into melee
> Proceeds to waste a bunch of orders accomplishing nothing

Seems about right.

>side characters
Beba, maybe, from what little we saw of her, but the dude whose entire character was "I'm a ninja" and the other dude whose character was "I'm a werewolf" were not particularly interesting or compelling. And, honestly, neither was Uhahu.
Emily and Snake managed to piece together a personality by the end, but even that was very generic.
Weirdly,I thought the villains were a lot better in that regard.

Getting shot to death after doing fuck all? Sure.

Bro actually made all of his armor rolls unlike my heavy infantry

He got up after being spitfired and was alive watching the Dolly Dagger depart, I can understand you being too stupid to read but being blind on an image board is surprising.

I've posted the image anyway so other people can see what a dumb cocksucker you are running your mouth without a clue.

>Seeing a crouched sniper - Inmediatly suggesting it's an Overwatch reference
>Not even knowing about the Djanbazan Sniper in the same pose released 7 years ago.

CB 69 Blizzard