Write a description for the made up word in the post above yours. It can be interpreted in any way, creature, item...

Write a description for the made up word in the post above yours. It can be interpreted in any way, creature, item, place, etc.


A dinosaur that looks like a tower. It eats plants and defends itself with its massive body weight.

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A small climbing lizard with a mane it uses to regulate its temperature, remarkably intelligent they make popular pets.

The Whispergun

A magical flintlock that was enchanted by a mischievous wizard. Instead of emitting a loud bang, each shot is now accompanied by a tiny voice whispering the word 'bang'.


A massive land-based octopus like predator, famed for its thick hide and rooster-like habit of crying out in a bellowing voice at daybreak.


An unholy mixture between a land kraken and a mastodon. Aggressive and predatory, this unholy beast was created by a Druid and a Mage working together for some unspeakable reason.

The Vyondai

An exotic dessert, prepared in a traditional far-eastern style. It consists of delicious fruits lathered in a thick cream and served slightly seared with a sugar coating.
>The Vyondai
A nomadic tribe from the Broken Hills. They ride upon strange, goat-like creatures and wield tridents and nets in battle. They are tolerant of outsiders.


A priest of a small cult of devil worshippers from the southern deserts.


A scanning device to measure the breathing pattern of a subject from a distance


A gem that occasionally emits sparks. No two sparks are of the same spectral wavelenght.


A gemstone most commonly found in the Gnome hills, renowned by Gnome tinkerers as the best power sources for clockwork automata, or as inventor's charms. Trolls love the taste of them, and Dwarves envy their users as more skilled mechanics than any produced in the mountainhomes.

A crystal famed for its electrical conductivity and storage. Often used to power small machinery for extended periods of time


Bumbulimbolughs are a bizarre form of goblin crossbreed, produced by the Union of A bugbear and a half-hobgoblin. These creatures are strong and monstrously cunning.


A peaceful giant who lives in the mountains. He's kind to passing travellers, although it's rumoured he possesses strange, magical powers hitherto unknown to other races.

The Razza

Bonadarb is a half-troll city state constructed in the hollowed out bones of the great monsters who fall into the great chasm of the desert.


A Garrolock is a particular kind of shield used by the mighty Hill Dwarves of the far north. It's made from steel and stone and forged in dragon flame.
Follosiak is a legendary Djinn from the eastern sands who speaks only in riddles and half-truths. It considers itself above mortal codes of morality, looking only to amuse itself.


The Razza is a small ogre shaman who dwells in a small stone lean-to on the side of the great road, and who accompanies travellers safety across the marshes for a toll of food or drink, and he has even before offered travelers trips on his river-barge in exchange for metal and fine gemstones.

A terrifying breed of highly predatory parrot intelligent enough to not only duplicate voices it hears perfectly, but form a basic grasp of language over time and use this to lure prey into often-fatal ambushes.


A muzerker is a slur against the petty half-dwarves of the bog country, with Muzerk being the dwarvern compound word for "Sludgehome"

A small box found among a huge treasure. On examination, it appears to be crafted by gnomes, but cannot be opened by sheer force or regular tools. It has a small crank. After you turn it, the box will start giving booming sounds from itself which get stronger over time and can sometimes last for hours.


Berserker muses who inspire people to go postal.

A champion of the brutal Crushing Pit, known for wielding a huge flail that can shatter bones and splinter shields. No one has ever seen his face.


A combundilug is a tiny insect of the West Marshes. It is harmless to other living creatures, but eats primarily metal, which is why attempts to build greater cities in the area failed miserably.

Dunn-Krazee s an elite school of sorcerers, specialized in activating energy points within any living creatures. They can heal wholistically but also cause powerful mutations or extract life energy to move inanimate objects or cause explosions.

The Shield of the Forsaken

A buckler found in the crypt of a cruel and greedy baron. It becomes stronger and more resilient with each selfish act the wielder commits, emitting a sickly green glow.

The Rev-Gars

>The Shield of the Forsaken
The name of the setting's bible. Most people being illiterate, they keep the book only as a talisman, and many times they make up the teachings with what they misheard or twisted from the real words. Many tinkers take out the drawings from cookbooks and journals and sell them to illiterates as Shields of the Forsaken

word: fistro

A martial art using a method of hard, rapid punches combined with forcibly expelling air from ones lungs.


Troll colloquialism meaning 'hit' or 'attack' e.g. "We're gonna phwop 'em good, lads!"


Extremely vain gaseous creatures with their bodies encased in soap film exoskeletons. Hardly ever survive past a couple of years, bursting their exoskeletal bubbles while trying on posh clothes.


Diarrhea causing illness.


A tribe of Night Goblins who consume the mineral-rich mud from their subterranean hot springs for sustenance. Often sprout crystals from their hides as a result of mineral overdose.


A relatively rare disease where the afflicted bowels decompose, becoming an earth like substance.

Tall, dark beings common in forests of northern continents with features similar to human skeletons. Sapient and harmless, they subsist on a diet of various mushrooms and rarely venture outside the forest they were born in.

Mythological Demon-like creatures who represent righteous and holy war in many cultures. Said to protect children and elderly people from diseases and danger.


Additive drug, causing hallucination, euphoria and also eroding blood vessels after prolonged use.



An aparatus to transfer matter from other universes into this one.


Formidable extraplanar order of technoknights flying with their metalpegasi to recover lost artifacts for high paying nobles.


A small, spontaneous growth on the forehead that appears extremely commonly amongst the clergy of a particular religion, said to be a mark of their god's favour.

Word: Hrrflagnis

A renamed Free Imperial City, seized by the government to conduct dangerous magical experiments there.


A mace enchanted with earth magic that could shater stone and collpase any structure building of any size with one strike. It's last wiilder tried to use it to collapse the world pillars.


An ability to sense Georges in an area of several miles.

Racial slur for the fish people of Freshduck Lake.

A large boil that can manifest in the presence of experienced wizards, made out of pure mana. It is often harmless, unless left unchecked for too long.


A tumorous growth on a star, caused by a warpstone meteorite crashing into it. Shines in hard gamma rays, causing everything its light touches to wither and mutate.



A dish of meat and herb boiled in stew still cooked by remnant nomad people dwelling in the region of Amethyst Steppes.


Informal slang for outsiders in Imperial cities.

A state in which you are unable to work, referencing the Cult of Jores in the early 6382dg.

To declare a member of The Holy Order unfit for service, or Hollist them.

Brash, foolhardy. Often used to describe prominent nobles.

Codename for one of the Drempest's mission black projects in the fourth Hilltop War.

A chicken-launching mechanism devised by the military to provide a living, moving target to archers. Named after the infamous Major Fenda.


A type of burn caused by the spell of Radiant Spear, employed by members of the Starlance Knights.


An infamous monument within the hedonistic port town of Blackrat, under which a notorious pirate apparently sodomized twelve cabin boys at once with his massive member.

A group of warriors who roam the Wasteland on high-powered hot rods, clad in studded leather and donning fearsome face paint.

Used by veteran pastry-makers and chefs to give their creations an ethereal shimmer which makes them taste even sweeter.


A complex maneuver in Free Hover Racing League matches which involves using thrusters to side flip over a pursuit drone and into a third lane bonus.

A special tribal dance used to indicate the presence of viable male warriors to other tribes during a regional inter-tribal meeting.


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The unions first interplanetary space ship. Has since become a colloquial nickname for a ship whose bridge is located on the exterior of a ship.

'Man am I glad our ship isn't a Caradence class frigate. The turnover on Bridge Officers on those is insane.'

A generalized slur for an undesirable person, gives no indication as to any of their qualities other than that they're unpleasant to be around.

Impresionistic Necromanticism

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Used to indicate tiredness or boredom to a gardian/caregiver.

An artistic style of Necromancy which is meant to represent fundamental aspects of beauty using corpses. Most other Necromancers call them pretentious


The ease with which a material receives magical enchantment.

One of the ostentatious superstructures of a grandiose but deranged architect.
Connoisseurs appreciate the more direct approach of those later works, but residents would have favoured more a modest building.

A guy named Harris with a speech impediment.



Savan Hurris, head of the "Woodcutters Rebellion", an armed uprising of native berehian peoples against the yonian colonian authority in the land of Nova Brachia. After the uprising was violently suppressed he escaped and along with his followers managed to elude capture for 20 years, continuing his fight but never managing to start another major action of that scale.



Ork insult designing a ork who constantly need to be told what to do and how.


1. Scientific: any substance excreted during mating
2. Vulgar: a pooling of sexual fluids usually resulting in flipping the mattress over for the night


An unofficial combat medic who is treated as a combatant rather than a nonhostile.


A crime lord of the Kashar people, famous for emptying the vaults of the Sultans Palace armed with a wooden spoon.



An alcoholic beverage famous in dwarven strongholds. Rumour says that the recipe was discovered on a stone tablet inside some subterranean ruins.


A type of chestplate with high gorget, used and made famous by Nopperian mercenary-knights.

The Skethenor is a deep sea animal with the strange quirk of its ribs and some of its skull growing on the outside of its scales, giving it a fairly ghastly appearance. Despite this, it is typically docile and, when seen, can even be fed by hand.


>Kasuadhan, Arabic
1. Any member or members of a group consciously formed to subvert dominant cultural beliefs in some way
Origin: The numerous groups that formed in the caliphates of the 14th-15th century with the goal of overcoming what was seen as societal malaise and advocating separation of secular and religious institutions after having witnessed what they considered a corruption of the latter by intrusion of the former.


A dark colored, glowing element that exists between fluid and ethereal, it is an extremely rare element that can freely change where it springs from. It is a crucial component of forging equipment to deal with ethereal beings. The mines that extract this element are known for being similar to caravans, rolling across the land to keep track of veins.



An archipellago to the south of Themorian cost. Known for housign various gangs of pirates and smugglers.


A bipedal flightless bird with unusual strength for it's size. It's long legs allow it to traverse uneven terrain better than a horse or a mule, so many domesticated ones can be found in mountainous regions.


A mummy preserved by seasoning the deceased ruler with incredibly potent spices.

An undead creature: walking gallows possessed by the evil spirit of the murderer executed there. It uses its beams as legs and sustains itself by drinking the breath of its victims.

A sun-worshipping steppe tribe known for the lenses made by its medicine men that can focus sunlight into healing beams.

A giant skeleton who kidnaps the children who misbehaved during the year on midwinter's night and imprisons them in its ribcage forever.


> Otavia, middle French
1. Any substance created by fermentation in some way.
2. Vulgar: any sort of repulsive substance made by prolonged neglect

Origin: Originally the phrase used by early distillers to refer to more high-proof spirits, it came to mean any sort of desirable product of fermentation - i.e. Cheese, beer, truffles. etc.

A tar-like substance sometimes found underground near swamps. Comes from rocklike minerals partially dissolving over centuries.


Old Martusian term no longer in use meaning glove.

3rd Chair War

Hendfur: Originally the fur of the legendary Bull of Hendvale, turned into a cloak by a great hero of eld. His name is forgotten but the reputation of the cloak lives on.



Coronal emission of the home star of planet Ferana as it is seen when it passes through the trail of the Tsaretz comet. Word of native origin, meaning roughly equating to "Kind Light".


>3rd Chair War
Let's just say that the politics of the Hyderian Trade Council are complex, vicious, and hard to follow for the unacquainted.


A tribe of black-skinned goblins known for their large manes of curly hair and ample red lips.

A person who tends to reject any propositions without giving them much thought; a contrarian.

A goblin snack used for prolonged speleological expeditions. One block of zetbreld can famously last over a month, mostly because a normal person would rather suffer hunger than eat this thing.

An eight-legged deer with four normal legs and four legs on the back, which it switches to when the bottom legs grow tired. Famously difficult to catch, widely considered the holy grail of hunters.


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>Mooslump: Any gathering of peoples for the purpose of competing in trials of skill or any activities held at such an event

Origin: name of the regular events held by Palugi people wherein multiple tribes in a given region would, after summoned formally by the most notable tribe in the region, gather on the Summer solstice and would send challengers to compete in highly ritualized feats of physical prowess and exchange gifts with each other's leaders



A large domesticvated animal species used by Gakan people as a beast of burden and plow as well as a source of thick and warm wool. Known for it's obedience and low intellect. See: "As daft as a Drontus".


>And once more, just as his father and his father's father had done before him, Lord Tirsyn had grown envious of the Queen's throne, not for her power, but because it was perhaps the most comfortable chair in the kingdom.
>Thus, for the third time in only thirty years, a Chair War had begun, only now Tirsyn had the strength of the Dark Elves and their Necro-Carpenters, and many might chairs were made using the bones of those who died in the wars before
>Tirsyn's armies swept forward brandishing chairs the like of which the kingdom had never seen, and all seemed lost for the Queen and her throne of Gold
>Yet her costly alliance with the Dwarven Couch-Maker's Guild after the Second Chair War came to fruition, and in a masterfully maneuvered counter attack both Tirsyn and his group of Occult Carpenters were slain with top of the line Dwarven Folding Steel Chairs, and the Queen's Throne was defended once more


A malicious faery lord with a nose almost as large as itself. It requires the assistance of a court of lesser faeries to lift its nose off the ground, but when it does, it can smell anything, no matter how far away, determining its exact location and trajectory without error.

>3rd Chair War
The final war in the series of conflicts known as the Chair Wars, originally sparked when the gnomish ambassador at the Vridran court was given a chair too for him to climb onto.

An employee of organised crime, a person with considerable criminological knowledge who is tasked with destroying all possible items of evidence before the police can find them.

A unique position within the royal goblin stock exchange, the exact functions of which are next to impossible to determine because of the excessively confusing and byzantine goblin bureaucracy.


The name of a dark figure in old world folklore. Parents would tell stories of the Despector to their kids to keep them from running off into the forest at night. It is said the Despector rises from the dirt and grabs children by their ankles, forcing them to keep running through the trees until they die of exhaustion, where the Despector then burries them in the dirt to eat later


A literary figure of a poor but wise fisherman that inadvertently give great advises to heroes in becoming at a moment of doubt.
Became a very common character in many legends of the whole continent.

A type of singing voice popular in the islands kingdoms courts.

>3rd Chair War
One of the many many wars that followed the great spell leak of the eastern kingdom enchanters ring.

A spell preventing scrying.

A dubious drug that allegedly prevent gambling addiction.

Kakkar Kaul

A natural poison that counteracts another natural poison.
A small humanoid creature with elflike ears and beady eyes, these homunculi are sapient but cannot use and are immune to magic. Treated well, they are willing and loyal servants. Treated badly, they give three warnings as to their master's behavior before simply leaving, or, if their master is particularly bad, punishing their former controller. They are naturally protective of children- masters who tell a Heemin to mistreat or kill a child will soon find themselves with a vicious golem on their hands.


Secret magical staff used by the Swamplords of Mossfell to make sure new would-be denizens have a level of toxicity compatible with the rest of the population.

A slang term that refers to a unique species of mildew that quickly grows on ships landing on Xerxes VIII. Though it grows quickly, it also dies quickly as the ship exits the planet's atmosphere.


1. A term of endearment usually in reference to someone who seems to know a surprising number of people from distinct social groups in the community
2. Archaic: the representative of jarls in Baltic kingdoms whose task was to act as ambassador to and mediator between the Church and the jarl. The position came to encompass acting as representative of the jarl to numerous institutions, i.e. trade collectives, guilds, young men's associations, and was eventually retired with the formation of local councils which gave these entities direct congress with the local governmental leader after the reforms of Enlightened ruler Prestor Jaakal.

The name of a legendary shield. It is said the god of war was enraged on day, and took out his rage on the peasants, burning and destroying their fields, stomping on their homes, and throwing their livestock over the horizon. Angered by this tyranny, the god of fields commissioned a shield to protect the peasantry from the gods divine wrath. The shield was made and the war god stuck it, but it held strong. Angered even more by this the god of war struck harder and harder, until eventually his fists shattered on the shield and the god ran away crying. The shield is revered as one capable of standing against even a god's rage


A subdivision of the city militia, usually in charge of a district.

A coastal duchy at the end of peninsula. Isolated, mountainous and only facing the great ocean, it has little to offer but impressive cliffs and hardy people. Current Duke has some hope to develop a mining industry however.


Gtir - An alchemical substance used by dwarf jewelers to purify imperfections in certain varieties of gemstones. The name comes from the Elvish "Jitir" which is the same substance, but the soft J sound doesn't exist in the Dwarven alphabet.

Aberhavre - The Holy city of a little known splinter cult of the Goddess of the Sun which holds that the prophet Aber made peace between warring human and halfling Tribes at the site that would later become the city



A phenomena in which dimensions created by communal belief ideological precepts spontaneously manifest in the dimension where these beliefs are held, creating a hybrid plane of reality with physical laws determined by poetic logic. Outbreaks regularly occur when social ideologies polarize, and can lead to the rapid downfall of areas where beliefs are homogenous and of malicious character. Not necessarily destructive, but the usual impetus for their its manifestation, social polarization, will usually have destructive tendencies associated with it which unavoidably manifest with other ideological focal points.

A battlefield littered with milk.


>Prestor Jaakal
A legendary sneak and spy who allegedly became the King of Thieves and stole his lifespan from Death. If these legends are treated as true, he's hidden somewhere in an underground city where he keeps the tremendous troves of wealth that he's gathered over the course of history.
Also known as the Alchemist's Deathblow, Gtir is a theoretical manipulation of the target's nervous system that would cause the target's body to collapse on itself and die in writhing pain. Obviously, research into this is strictly prohibited by any member of the Alchemist's Guild.


A band of warriors travelling the land in a castle on wheels, searching for unstable regions to spark a war in. Founded by a war-obsessed general who destroyed his own kingdom when his king signed a peace treaty with the traditional enemy.

A large bull-like magical animal covered in bright feathers and sporting two pairs of wings covered in elaborate patterns. Can perfectly reproduce any sounds it has ever heard, communicates by using quotes it's heard before.

A primitive tribe of sentient centipedes who inhabit the ruins of an ancient human civilisation and have come to believe themselves to be humans after reading numerous human books found there. Their interpretation of what it means to be a human is extremely misguided, though.

An evil sentient thundercloud that finds great pleasure in destroying and knocking down any flying machines it can find. Born from the amalgamation of the souls of all the birds killed by the pollution created by airship exhausts.


A group of performers composed entirely of prima donne.
A long polearm whose axehead resembles a duck bill in form.


>Kakkar Kaul
The official titles of the king of all birds, chosen yearly by the democratic gathering of every bird in the world on the cloud island of Nephelococcygia. Voting in this election is the reason why the birds leave their nests in the Autumn and fly towards some mysterious destination. Kakkar Kaul is entrusted with the Crown of Feathers, which gives him absolute control over the four winds.

The evil counterpart of Klabautermänner, the Bilgeri are evil water faeries who inhabit ships, particularly the ill-maintained and unloved ones, and cause trouble to the sailors: drill holes in the hull, cause the provision to go bad and rock the ship during calm weather.

A legendary mountain goat with only one extremely muscular leg that it uses to hop between the peaks. There's no food growing atop the peaks that it inhabits, so it chews on its own long beard for sustenance, where large colonies of algae and fungi constantly grow. "Catching the Gtir" is an expression used to describe an endeavour that seems trivial, but is actually impossible.

A city founded at the mouth of the river Havre. The wet ground of the fenland surrounding the estuary made ill-suited for construction, so most of the buildings in the city are in fact old repurposed ships moored in the river, and its streets are wooden bridges constructed between these ships.