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I want to dethrone God and make everyone happy!

i bet god wouldnt be happy with that

The other CYOA mentioned in "Lighted by the Aurora".

>holy trip's
God confirmed for overthrown by the people's rebellion, fluffy tails for all.

I'm torn between 'An Emerald Shard' and 'Lighted By The Aurora'


So? God is 1 entity; 'everyone' is... what's the current population of Earth? 6-7 billion or something? Either way, the math is pretty clear, and any utilitarian moralist worth their salt knows which choice is the right one.



Did anyone save the most recent RWBY cyoa? I have the old version, and the new version has the better semblances.

Is it any of these?


>any utilitarian moralist
Not so. If god's individual happiness was massively more important than any individuals, let's say 10 billion times as important, then the overthrow would be an objective bad thing.

the math is pretty clear that if everyone isn't happy that means that everyone isn't happy

sorry user, if you want to make everyone happy you'll have to get a better plan

It's weird how many action adventure games would have the word "Dark" in their titles. I'd make an expansion for this but nothing good came out recently except for Dark Souls, and I don't like that enough to know much about except it's memetically difficult and "Praise the Sun".


Does someone have the dark lord cyoa + the extra page that was made later?

we don't need cyoas to be dork lords here, user

>tfw no comfy evil cyoas

There's one in progress, I think. Though it may not be comfy.

you need to be dumb to be comfy, and being evil and dumb together isn't a very good idea, mister dim lord

Idiot villains are toptier though. There's something to be said for a villain so powerful he's free to act like a moron without repercussions.

A dragon villain that just revels in the luxury provided by its hoard could be pretty comfy.

I'm sure you can be very comfy, anons :^)

It's also the classic scenario where the dragon gets killed because it acted like a moron.

Or you could just be so powerful you spend most of your time sleeping, eating and shitposting on Veeky Forums.

Name: Obidah Slate
History: familiar face (90)

Age: 17
Sex: male
Race: human

Starting location: Shade academy

Semblance: Taskmaster

Will (80)
Intelligence (70)
Ferocity (60)
Tactics (40)
Memory (20)
Strength (0)

Weapon: Variable, Macuahuitl + chainsaw(600)

Collapsible (550)
Armor (450)
Parachute and grappling hook (300)
Rebreather (250)
Targeting glasses (150)
Wilderness gear (100)
Additional weapon form; assault rifle (0)

Why is the Darkness described as such a shit option when it should be the best one, huge negativs but still the best one.

that does sound dumb, but not very evil

You could put in stuff about seeing off the pesky knights that come by thinking that they'll become famous by slaying you. Minions to set traps and ambushes, or just roasting the knights. Just keeping the tone somewhat comedic can resolve that issue without hurting the comfiness level.

>you'll never be Yukari
>you'll never lurk /cyoag/
>you'll never manipulate the border between fiction and reality of your favourite cyoas
>you'll never cross the border into those cyoas

You're trapped on this Earth forever.

>However weather or not you pursue this opportunity is up to you
>However weather or not

Because the author barely understands anything about the games he's making writeups for.

Have faith user, if you become delusional enough you can totally do those things.

Do CYOAs count as OC?


Perfect Dark Zero. I mean, Tomb Raider is also tempting, but this way I can take off the spy catsuit once I'm done and wear a sweater or something - you know, not be videogame girl eye candy ALL the time. If I take the Tomb Raider option I'll spend the rest of my life struggling to get anybody to make eye contact ever. I'm up here, boys...

Also better guns and stuff. Which is obviously what really matters here. Yep. Totally.




Ask again later

Well, to be fair, "best option" out of "universally terrible options" isn't the greatest award.

>yukari is evil
That's a pretty funny meme.

You're not the boss of me now!

She hasn't transported me to a world where I'm not considered a loser, has she?!

>tfw you notice a big hidden surprise in one of your favourite cyoas

Why don't cyoas have more easter eggs?

I've noticed something peculiar about my taste in CYOA over the years.

Back when I was younger, I would always forego the choices that revolved around cultivating a domain in favor of picking options that would allow me to be an adventurer supreme, but now that I'm a bit older all of my choices revolve around gaining as high quality a stronghold as possible and constructing my choices in a manner that would allow me to have as much power and prestige over my domain as possible.

So I've been thinking that this is probably a side effect of my hormones changing with age and making me more inclined to settle down.

Do any of you think that you can accurately determine the age of other people based on their choices, or indeed, the age of the constructors of the CYOA games themselves based on what they choose to focus on?

Obviously a lot will come down to taste, but I think there may be some broad recognizable trends there.

a hidden surprise? like a box?

That can't be real?!

Lady Yukari, fix the borders please and thank you.

Some people just don't have any cock control.

There something I ain't seeing here?

The scrawny man has a big erection that jumps up as the strong man flexes.

For me it's always been like this

Humble but Pleasant>Eternal Traveler>Castlelord of Comfy>Paladin Fucklaw>Death Destroyer of Worlds

I'm averse to opulence and prefer simple things, whether it be travelling or settling down.

That's not big. That's enormous.

Let me chime in. For me it's:

Death the Destroyer of Worlds living a Humble, Pleasant life in a Comfy castle, occasionally going out to Travel and mingle with the mortals, and bully Paladins who come destroy me.

This is the ultimate powerfantasy.

But user, there is no such world.


Those are called mystery boxes dear and many cheat and read them.
If you mean references and shit that gets done all the time. Either you get them or you don't.

It's better that you know now. Before anything truly disastrous happens.

We ended up doing a double elimination challenge for this CYOA a few days ago.

When the thread died, the two challengers ended up being

"The Trapper"


Accuracy 9.6
Speed 8
Power 9

Deflection 2
Dodge 0
Absorption 1

Prowess 30
Final damage * 1.3

at 3 wins and 1 loss, and

"Halfling Berserker"
hobbit, brutal, none, sword, shield
attack: 8, 9, 6, prow 30, -50% base to enemy's base armor stats
defend: 1, 5, -1

at 2 wins, 1 loss.

It's also linked on the 1d4chan page for Conduit.

I really like the Black Sun but face it, it's the Fermi paradox. You'll almost certainly never met another single living being in the entire universe.
Unless you hang with Spirits Beyond one-man zombie show and the Emerald Shard on the rare occasions they leave their hidey-hole or go ghost hunting with Void Promise or dungeon delving with Truth in the Ruins, you'll be alone forever.

Fucking boring but go ahead and make it.

The Knight
>Great weapon


Accuracy: 8
Speed: 11.25
Power: 9

Deflection: 1
Dodge: -1
Absorption: 2

Prowess 90

Rejoice! It's time to unleash yet another of my CYOAs upon this world!

Uncensored version

Let's see how you fare against the other challengers.

Trapper: (9.6 - 1 = 8.6) * (8 + 1 = 9) * (9 - 2 = 7) + 30 = 571.8 * 1.3 = 743.34
Knight: (8 - 2 = 6) * (11.25) * (9 - 1 = 8) + 90 = 630

Berserker: (8 - .5 = 7.5) * (9 + .5 = 9.5) * (6 - 1 = 5) + 30 = 386.25
Knight: (8 - 1 = 7) * (11.25 - 5 = 6.25) * (9 + 1 = 10) + 90 = 527.5.

So the Trapper is at 4w 1l, the Berserker is at 2w 1l (I made a mistake; he didn't lose beforehand), and your Knight is at 1w 1l.

Uncensored version

Uncensored version

>noone posted beri's OC yet
For shame

I see someone has been browsing the baggy eye thread on /d/.

My nigger

Baggy eyes is the shit!

>no waifu (male) option

So close yet so far.

Sui, Because Cute is Justice!

Is there more to this than waifu's? Why does a waifu cyoa need an uncensored version?

Haven't even looked how viable this one will be but


Accuracy: 7
Speed: 7
Power: 10

Prowess 30

Deflection: 4
Dodge: -1
Absorption: 4

Basically you get powers and cool shit, but you pay with your waifus "sanity", the more messed up you make your waifu the more points you get for powers.

>Appearance - Shallow As Fuck!

Cool. I'm dumping her immediately. Don't give a fuck if some stranger kills herself.

So you make a shit waifu and get super cool powers when you make another have a shit life? You don't even need a waifu then.

If you dump your waifu the love godess who matched you up with your waifu will find you and kill you, its in the CYOA. So no loopholes.

>If you make her feel unloved or break her heart, I will find you and murder you in your sleep.

Wouldn't recommend it, user.

The fact that i am ok with so many of the ''quirks'' worries me...

So just kill her instead. It also says she'll hook you up with the waifu of your dreams, but no one wants a shit waifu. This is basically that broken waifu CYOA except with powers and much much worse.

Then I die.
I'll cuck her instead, whatever makes you happy.

>choose T2 power

If you don't want your insane waifu what are you doing with this CYOA then?

Is there already a delinquent cyoa? I just realised how much of a fantasy of my pasty, nerdy self that's always been. To be a delinquent, ditch school, do drugs (nothing too bad), etc. Even better if it's anime-tier delinquency that's mostly just fucking cool.

If there isn't already one, then how should I go about making one? What does a good become-a-delinquent cyoa need?

If I take the nightmare option, will a yandere waifu see that as cheating?

It's just someone who hates tokhaar.

well it's not even that

>Basically you get powers and cool shit, but you pay with your waifus "sanity",
>Basically you get powers and cool shit

But that is not the point!

Nope, its perfectly safe, otherwise the goddess wouldn't offer you that option in the first place.

Skill, Tier 2 (Writing) (-4)
Adventure, Tier 2 (A universe of my own creation) (-4) [-8]
Hearth and Home, Tier 2 (-3) [-11]
Power, Tier 2 (The Will and the Word) (-7) [-18]
Immortality, Tier 2 (-6) [-24]


Exhibitionist, Tier 0 (+3)
Twin Sister, Tier 3 (+2)
Magical Girl (+1)
Cuckqueen (+1)
Fertility, Tier 0 (+1)
Snug Fit (+1)
Desserts (+1)
Weapon Obsession, Tier 99 (-1)
NEET (+1)
Loli (+1)
Seductive (+1)
Phone Sex (+1)
Pet Play (+1)
Quiet (+1)
Sexist (+1)
Horny (+1)
Bestiality (+1)
Daddy Issues (+1)
Hungry (+1)
Sensitive (+1)
Blunt, Tier 2 (+2)
Meek (+1)

Powers are infinitely better than a waifu.

Rolled 7 (1d12)

>That massive-ass wall of text at the start
>That autistic "HAHAHA" smeared everywhere
That's off to a bad start.

>Be the Girl Mode
Wait, so who gets the perks?

>Low Standards 1
Hoping for four, nine, or ten.

>High Libido T2 3
>Exhibitionist 4
>Magical Girl 5
>Let's Try That! 6
>Attention Whore 7
>Futanari 8
>Denial T2 10
>Seductive 11
>Nightmares 12
>Hungry 13
>Somnophilia 14
>I Say Stop 15
>Blunt 16
>Unique Style 17
>Bossy 18

Assuming the generic husbando gets the powers:

>Money T2 15
The greatest superpower - and shareable, too!
>Beauty 11
Having a 10/10 waifu sounds nice.
>Adventure 8
Comfy urban fantasy, with a splash of action and lewd.
>Hearth and Home 7
A penthouse in the fantasy universe.
>Comfort 5
Can't have a dirty waifu!
>Immortality 0
Probably not necessary, but obligatory

>you're not allowed to play CYOAs how you want to!!!!!

The goddess doesn't really seem like someone who has her shit together.