What is fun?

What is fun?

Looking to compile a list of every mechanic, rule, etc that people from various tcg and board games greatly enjoy (outside of 'its social'- although likeing a mechanic because it makes the game more social is a-ok in this context).

>I really like 'chaos' effects. Random die rolls, warp world and hive mind in magic the gathering, reverse turn order in uno. Things that make a game turn on its head.

Infinity. The ARO mechanic, and the fact that there's no "must take" units makes it a much more tactical game, and more fun, imo.

Plus, I really enjoy the aesthetic, and the hard scifi setting.

It sounds like your autism is too strong for you to grasp what fun actually is.

>roll 3 dice to see how many dice you roll

I've never played a real game with it but it seems neat.

Fun is many things to many people which is the point of this thread and the point that we have nore than one game with more than onr rules set: people enjoy different things.

Codifying a list of "fun things" is just going to be a list of all things. It will also double as a list of "the cancer that's ruining traditional games"

I really love recursion swamping the enemies in tabletop games.

Vampire counts in Whfb is a prime example. Start the game with 20 sekeltons, finish the game with 80.
Skeletons die by the dozen every turn and do literally nothing but waste the enemy action economy.
>This is my kind of fun.

Malifaux has the ressurectionist faction which does this exact thing only on a lesser scale.
Still fun.


Good ol' fashioned ERPing.

My group has fallen in love with the Through the Breach cards instead of dice mechanic. No one is cursed solely with bad luck, because even if you hit a patch of low cards, you know the high cards are coming later. And cheating out cards adds a level of strategy and interaction that dice rolling lacks.

For reference, my group are ex-DnD players who play a home brew that started out as d10 system, moved to d6 (which was my favorite in terms of probability but took too long to calculate) and has now come to cards.

I like cheating.
As a mechanic, I mean.
The thrill of checking everything on everyone and not being caught myself.

so player based knowledge characters in-game wouldnt know?


Alternate win cons that are build around. Door to Nothingness, Battle of Wits, etc.

>Tfw when it's 2017 and I turned 35.
>Tfw at the age of 30 you are already considered to be old.
God fucking damnit, it's like we are back at the fucking dark ages all over again.

ARO is fucking awful. It's a system designed to discourage doing anything


He does such nice work, but his stories are always REALLY fucked up... though I'm sure ShindoL could out bad him.

Death Rolls, from URealms is pretty cool. It makes dying a real threat for your character, but unless you play really crazy it mostly just creates tension instead of killing you.

In terms of objective harm Asanagi is doing "worse" stories. By a long shot. Pushing both the scale and the extent almost to the point of parody. >everybody's getting raped.jpg
ShindoL works better with narrative though, so it digs deeper, gets more "real" and feels worse subjectively, even when it's really just one girl who only has herself to blame.

>What is fun?
A meme.

I know the one of asanagi's that has characters from the show with Belle and Hestia (cannot for the life of me remember the name of it) has a girl get her arm cut off/ crushed off by a mino when she goes looking for the two the story was about. Its the one with two amazons

A buzzword.