Did anime pollute the roleplaying community?

Did anime pollute the roleplaying community?

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Personally, I believe the anime did somewhat pollute the roleplaying community, similar to how video games and popular media has. Sometimes, people get inspiration from said things and make get characters or settings from what they've seen, even if most of the time it's done badly. Other times, they just copy and paste the damn character and setting, not caring if it doesn't work.

Only in the sense that TSR originally "polluted" the roleplaying community, but since you were born into the preexisting environment, you see it as normal and the recent change as abnormal.

I only witness this pollution on Veeky Forums, not in real life.

Anime ain't jump anybody on foggy moors and turn them, they fall because they sucked in the first place.

No. You did.

It's a feedback loop.

A lot of Anime took influence from Western Media, which in turn influenced Western Media and rinse and repeat. And that's not taking into account the number of Light Novels and the like that received anime adaptations that were influenced by the authors RPG group (Record of Lodoss War, Log Horizon and Overlord to name a few).


Whenever you're thinking "[medium] has gotten a lot worse since I joined it!", be aware that 99.9% of the time you are objectively being your grandma telling you that video games promote Satanism.

Yes, in a rollplaying aspect because lazy people or people with shit imagination will copy-paste a character and instead of generating a personality and playing that they do a sub-par job of roleplaying an already established character.
>on a side note, anime protags are usually chaotic good/neutral which is another contributing factor to shit players.



Anime created growth and a new audience within the role playing community.

It brought us many beloved games like Teenager From Outer Space. And many people got brought in by the likes of Maid RPG and Big Eyes Small Mouth.

And Japanese RPGs are often very anime influenced but bring in their own special design philosophies that many like.

And additionally anime, like all pop culture fandoms, is a big part of the free form roleplaying community. And naturally people often move from that into table top. And the new blood is more than worth the occasional shitty Naruto homebrew that comes about because of it. I'd bet real money your first homebrews were shitty too.

Though "anime" happened to RPGs back in the 90's and early 2000s. It's old news. So it's very weird to be complaining about it NOW.

I think it's probably closer to your dad telling you that genre fiction is for babies and asking you why you don't read more detective novels like he did your age. Same medium, but the genres and flavors change overtime and everyone views whatever was current in their time as the "baseline" from which deviation is deterioration.

>Implying that character rip-offs are limited to anime.

That's fiction in general. I've seen the same with people copying characters from fantasy novels, fucking Star Trek, action movies, CW dramas, etc.

I'm saying the anime ones promote shit playing because of the general nature of an anime protagonist compared to someone like Wander from wander over yonder.

The anime was always within you, user.

Pissing in an ocean of piss hardly counts as pollution.

being a newfag both on this board and in TRPG (started about 1.5/2 years ago) I usually see anime-oriented RPG existing because there is a demand for it.
However I fail to see what bad influences it could have had outside of the occasional player making a character like his waifu/husbando from time to time. We're here to have fun, no ?

I'd make the point that anime isn't a genre and further that speaking for myself I see a bit of video gaminess in the games that I run, and of the sort that is influenced by the games I played in the 80's-90's which were predominantly from Japan so there is that connection too.

This too.

People just did that with Legolas and Gimli beforehand, or Luke and Han.

No, no, no, no, no, Marty. The weebs are just fine. It's the furries, Marty. Something gotta be done about the furries!

Imagine a D&D party made up of anime stereotypes
>Fighter (Edgy, Guts-like character who is kind of a loner but learns to love the misfits he calls his companions)
>Rogue (Kind, motherly maid who also happens to be a ninja)
>Cleric (Plucky, teenage "chosen one" of his village. Acts like your average shonen protagonist, including being HOTBLOODED and PASSIONATE)
>Wizard (Arrogant loli genius who just wants to get her research done and doesn't stick with the party because she likes them or anything, b-baka!)
Tell me with a straight face that this doesn't sound like a fun party, I dare you!

Depends on which group I'm running for.

The Wizard sounds like a huge pain in the ass, but otherwise quite fun.

Or watch Record of Lodoss War

>when the elf isn't interested in the paladin romantically but is just pretending so she can take his magical sword when he dies

>I only witness this pollution on Veeky Forums, not in real life.
Someday when you're old enough to go to college, or outside in general, you'll see differently. Weebs literally wear their obsession on their sleeves, and pretty much any public gathering (conventions, malls, etc.) is almost guaranteed to have a handful of them waving their obnoxious anime banners proudly.

Our very own /pfg/ is a stellar example of how the hobby gets tainted by anime, because despite many of the official beast races being entirely animalistic, the weebs can't help but contort them into shitty cosplaying moeblobs that are just lolis with fox/cat ears, taken from the most obscure third-party supplements made by others who can't restrain themselves from inserting their obsession into tabletop.

If anything, Pathfinder is made BETTER by anime moeblobs.

Conventions surely shouldn't count, they're where obsessions go to flaunt themselves.

40 years ago obese men gathered together to pretend to be homoerotic, half-naked Frank Frazetta barbarians and went home and jerked it to Heavy Metal Magazine illustrations of big tittied Elf queens

Nowadays obese men gather to pretend to be homoerotic catboi trap barbarians and go home to jerk it to Comic Unreal illustrations of big tittied Elf queens (male)

I'm not sure at what point the hobby was 'polluted'

I'm running a campaign set in early magical Japan. It's based off the premise of natural deities vs humans, sort of like Princess Mononoke. I'm not running much of the oriental adventure bullshit either.

I don't think anime influenced my initial decision to create the setting in Japan, however I may borrow a couple plot hooks from an anime.

All in all, is most right

If anything, anime has made hobbyists more accepting of both Asian people and gays.

Excuse me, homoerotic Frank Frazetta catboy barbarians are clearly superior.

Replace rogue with "douchebag with a heart of gold" and all instances of loli with "old man" and you've got a typical American group

Whiny ass millennials polluted the community with hhheeeerrrr-muh-story and duuuuuurrr-my-player-buy-in-mandatory

Elves with big tits were a mistake anyway.

>Someday when you're old enough to go to college, or outside in general, you'll see differently
Damn, I graduated uni without seeing a single weeb. I'm pretty disappointed now.


"Badwrongfun" retardation polluted the roleplaying community.

>Whiny ass millennials
t. guy born in 1989

No, just make fighter 'chosen one,' cleric 'motherly type,' and rogue 'edgy' and you're good.
and loli to old man

80s kids are still millenials.

>Implying an edgy loner fighter is at all a good character to play with
>Wanting a literal shonen protagonist in the same group as you
>Even being okay with playing with a "loli" character
I was gonna say I didn't think anime had polluted the hobby, but reading this I can see where so many bad D&D characters spring from. Sounds like a horrible party.


It is inevitable that different mediums with overlapping fan bases are going to influence each other. It is also inevitable that any medium owned by a company will also be influenced by outside factors as said company attempts to increase its own consumer base.

I don't know if I'd use the word pollute, but where I see the biggest divergence between what the community was and what it is now, is online. Largely the current players in the area I live in have the same mind set as ones I have played with in the past, so I think there is a geographic factor as well. Whereas the internet has no geographical boundaries so it is essential a clusterfuck of opinions and it just seems that the community has drastically changed.

Sadly I have to agree, as someone born in the very early eighties I'm an outlier, but still considered a millennial. Luckily for me the everyone gets a trophy mentality hadn't kicked until I was getting into the workforce.

Not to pollute, pollinate.

Odd as this suggestion may seem, look to the Soulsborne games for inspiration.
They're a very distinctly Nippon attempt at western fantasy, but that's still a window into pre/non-anime Nip fantasy.

1. If the player in question is actually interested in playing a faux-Guts from the Golden Age arc, it's not at all bad. He actually grows to love his bros.
2. Nothing wrong with shonen protagonists, at least roleplay wise. They don't really ruin the flow unless their behavior really clashes with the tone of the campaign.
3. ....Alright, you're right here. Ravioli ravioli and all that jazz.

Things were better when we all played old wise wizards, noble human fighters, haughty elves, and drunker dwarves :^)

>m-muh anime is sophisticated

Genetic fallacy.

My point is players have always been unoriginal.

...because there's nothing there in the first place so anything that adds a little but of colour, even If that colour happens to be shit-brown- counts as an improvement.

That's not what he is saying..

I always appreciate the irony of someone unironically using "weeb" as a derogatory term.



No, uncreative teenagers ripping off bad anime did.

I don't think anyone here would complain about someone using, say, Berserk as inspiration for a fantasy character or campaign as long as they did it well and it wasn't a one-to-one copy.

On the flip side someone watching a shitty anime like, say, Youjo Senki, and then deciding "you know what my next Only War game needs? Tanya Degurechaff with the serial numbers filed off" is pretty much universally bad.

But that's just my two cents. This shit applies to all forms of fiction. Someone literally making Daenerys Targaryen with a quick name change is just as bad.

Yeah, everyone knows you're only allowed to make your character a copy of Conan, Elric, Aragorn, Legolas or Gimli. Anything else would be faggy, gay, weeb or possibly a combination of the three.

That is an effective image.

Are we playing ironically?

>When you're rolling really well against the enemy but the DM loudly shouts [CLANG] whenever you do damage

>herp derp: the post

If the fighter is asian, the rogue is a trap, the cleric is a raccoon and the wizard is a bear then you've just described my GURPS party.

Yes and no. I think the rise of anime, normcore video games, "le nerd culture" (ala Big Bang Theory, Avengers, Reddit, etc) and D-list tabletop LPs (ala Critical Role) have helped and hurt roleplaying games.

On the one hand, the increased exposure has vastly widened the pool of potential players - it's easier than ever to find a game, and there are more great games to play.

On the other, it becomes a hell of a lot harder to find actual, quality players from that pool. A lot of them don't throw the traditional That Guy red flags, but they end up not really caring about the game. They're just there to make stupid references and show off how funny and random they are.

Dumb idiots have always been making dumb copies of Conan, Legolas, Drizzt, etc. so I don't see much difference when they copy Sword Art Online or Avengers or whatever. I just wish I could avoid them.

>On the other, it becomes a hell of a lot harder to find actual, quality players from that pool
The percentage of good players hasn't changed, it's just that your standards were different back when it was impossible to find any.

Maybe. I don't mind. I personally think the roleplaying community has bigger problems, but you're free to talk about it if you want.

Number one complaint here seems to be ripoff characters. But if the gameplay has enough oomph, such details quickly fall by the wayside, IME. So I have to think that the problem is novice designer/DMs not producing a compelling adventure. Players build pop-sci-fi self-inserts as a good-natured way of ensuring they have fun anyway, in liu of resorting to the bad-natured way of skulduggery and PK.

>Number one complaint here seems to be ripoff characters. But if the gameplay has enough oomph, such details quickly fall by the wayside
I also personally believe that rip-off characters don't stay like that for long. Any person is shaped by his experiences, and if the PC actually has an interest in roleplaying and the DM crafts interesting scenarios, then the situations faux-Conan finds himself in will eventually shape him into something similar to but different from Conan.

I think Critical Role did more damage than manime ever did.

Anime is one of maybe nine general fandoms and personality traits that are excellent predictors of whether you're a giant piece of shit.

> Anime (all types)
> Star Trek
> M:tG
> Pathfinder/people who think 3.5 can be "fixed"
> Miscellaneous Tumblr shit (SuperWhoLock, Homestuck, etc.)
> Virginity
> /pol/-browsing (all types)
> My Little Pony

The more fandoms you belong to, the more likely you are to be a piece of garbage. I've met people who were into Star Trek and MOBAs who weren't trash, and people who were virgins and MLP fans who just sat on the sidelines and didn't interfere in games, but the vast majority of people who fulfill more than about 4 of these categories are trash. More than 5, and you're looking at an almost inevitable That Guy.

I've never had a problem player who wasn't into anime. I've never had a problem player who wasn't into M:tG and Pathfinder. The worst player I ever had -- one who destroyed a group and broke a bunch of friendships in the process -- didn't browse /pol/ and definitely wasn't a virgin, but satisfied literally every other category.

You can be an anime fan or a virgin or a Star Trek fan or a bunch of others all at once, but let's be honest: nerd culture fucking sucks, and whether it's the posturing normies at the tip of the iceberg or the pillow-fucking autists at the bottom of the Challenger Deep, you're going to get problem players from the nerd culture.

Nerds are kind of trash.

This. “It’s not where you take things from - it’s where you take them to."

>If you don't have sex you're a bad person
Nice try roastie.

>all the way at the bottom

thanks symphogay

This has been primarily my experience as someone who has almost exclusively played ripoff character for three years now.

It actually gets frustrating in a weird way when your dumb ass wants to keep the ripoff as true to the original as the setting will allow.

It's more like an indicator, since overt shitheads and insufferable morons won't have sex. If you find out a person hasn't had sex, there's a stronger likelihood he belongs to one of those groups.

Anime polluted fucking everything

>Legend of the Galactic Heroes
>Normalfag tier

That show has a high bar of entry, 100+ dense episode that only got a US licensee a few years back.

>Cowboy Bebop
>Ghost in the Shell
>Not Normalfag Tier

That shit was on Adult Swim for so long that it is practically Williams Street content.

Yes. Whilst it's theoretically possible to take influence from anime and not destroy the tone of a western-fantasy RPG, or otherwise simply run a compelling RPG of weeb fantasy, this is sadly the exception, and not the rule

Maybe it's just my experience, but I seem to find a correlation close to zero for that claim. I've had people for which your claim is true, but also overt shitheads and insufferable morons fuck at the god-damn table, and virgins nicer and more competent than anyone I've met.

Why is anime bad tho

Why are you posting on a mongolian wall scroll pictograph board if you don't like it.


wew lad

Not to mention, anime influence HAD the potential to the cultural end of caster-supremacy, a la "bullshit weeaboo fightan magic", but here we are.

Really? The fucking iDOLM@STER of all things is alien tier? Have you BEEN to Japan? Fucking random street cabs have iDOLM@STER posters on them. They got them on buildings and shit, people listen to the songs from there in grocery stores. It's like the Japanese equivalent of the Minions movie, except the hype never ended.

Didn't 4E and 5E get rid of caster supremacy though?

Literally everyone on /a/ agrees that showing your powerlevel is terrible. Those idiots are a minority, and all from MAL or reddit.
This is a fucking anime imageboard, what are you faggots doing here if you hate anime?

4e did but it is back in 5e because of "FEEEEEEEELS." Though not to the degree that it existed in 3.x.

No, politics did.

Pandering to the current market trends shits on settings for the one reason: It shits on anything.

You can have 20 people in the room having fun and laughing, then some ass hat brings up something no one is really there to talk about and it kills them mood.

Same thing happened in RPG's.

No one gave a shit about trans/gay/race/whatever until people began forcing it into stuff.

My dream is my grandkids will be telling their my great grandkids how retarded their parents views were.

>jojo below monogatari

maybe when it was still a fucking manga

That's been true since the 80's, though, and it dominated the 90's. You just haven't noticed it since you probably started around then and the politics seemed "natural" to you.

There's also the fact that people age. Many of the guys currently autistically screeching about transsexuals in their elfgames were right at the correct "impressionable slightly emo self-absorbed teenager" phase to find Mage: The Ascension inspirational.

People who are virgins past the age of 16 creep me out. There's just something off about them.

Maybe they just want to save themselves for marriage, and are picky.
Like myself.
It's not like I couldn't fuck a prostitute or whore, I just don't fucking want to.

>neither faggy nor gay
On what fucking planet?

>There's just something off about them.
The fact that they don't think of highly of sex as you do? You're starting to sound like a butthurt roastie. Personally I'd be more worried about people who have had sex before the age of 16.

In the mind of a grognard, fagness is determined by distance from Gygax, not desire to fuck dudes.

In the twisted mind of women, being a virgin makes you subhuman but fucking prostitutes makes you even worse than that. So it's not that it's virginity itself that they find disgusting, but something it implies. Maybe something concerning how these men choose to spend their money, or better said: on whom.

Really gets your noggin' a-joggin'.

Honestly I think it's better to be picky. The first time I had sex I was far too young and stupid and it was all-around a terrible time.

This chart is a mess

I want to fuck someone I love. I care about a lot of people and get along with them well enough, I would put my life on the line for some of them even, I just haven't yet met anyone that I can honestly say that I love in a romantic way. If I go to the grave a virgin, then so be it.