The Wheel of Time series to be produced by Sony

What are your thoughts on this Veeky Forums?

in these times where "sexism" is cried at every corner? My hopes are not high

Glad it is still moving, but neither do I keep track of production companies nor have I seen one of the referenced series. So I have no Idea what quality to expect.

I'd pay to see how Lizard-Riding Men with half-shaven heads mowing down a group of female casters. But the adaptation will probably be about that boring boy band.

1d6 characters become tar pitch black
1d6 plots are ignored
3d6 character are ruined

It's going to be shit. Sony is severely incompetent.

Wheel of Time isn't a good story to start with, and in this political environment it's heavy focus on the interplay of power between the sexes will cause truly terrible shitstorms.
>implying there are any characters good enough that ruining them will matter
Everyone is a shit. EVERYONE.

>tugs braid

>smooths skirts

>tow still no Malazan tv series

This has the potential to be good, but I don't have much faith in television adaptations anymore. Except Fargo, but that's an adaptation of a movie.

Calling it now. This is gonna be the shitshow that kills the fantasy/medieval drama wave we've gotten since GoT blew up.

Pls no.

I love wheel of time, and i'm really really not looking forward to it being a TV series.


Also with how today's feminists go after every minor issue there ever was, I wonder how they would react to the Battle of Dumai Wells or the fact that the main character is shared by 3 bitches who compromise on him.

They should just make it anime desu

I don't understand women.

I bet user would know better than me. You always seemed to have a way with them.


I agree with these posts, it'll be one more thing for people to go "hey that book series you really like got butchered into a movie/tvshow isn't that cool? I might actually watch it now since you said the books were good."

It's going to give us fap material at best

Please no.


But will they keep the harem?

>no Second Apocalypse
Lost interest.

Ask the folks over on /co/ about Sony productions
>Something something seven billion dollars

If they remain faithful to the books, how many seasons of this show would be needed? 200? 300?

Long, but not that long. You'd eliminate a good third of each book by just being able to visually show what characters are wearing or how their hair is arranged instead of long passages describing it.

Never read it; someone mind telling me all the things that Hollywood will fuck up?

>Battle of the sexes which forms a HUGE part of the book will be turned into SJWing where all the men are incompetent shitheads, but all the women's equal incompetence will be glossed over
>Rand (Main character, designated messiah), will somehow manage to be even more of an edgy loser, as special effects will make his magic seem more awesome, so they'll double down on overacting how bad his fate is.
>Perrin will have at most 3 facial expressions
>Mat will turn into the quirky and incompetent comic relief guy.
>Endless obvious foreshadowing of long-arc mysteries, which will be wasted on fans who read the book (who already know), and eliminate the actual mystery for everyone else.
>Trollocs (the local orc varient) will look colossally stupid.
>They'll play up all the rape and BDSM even further to bring in that teenage crowd.
>All the politicking will have obvious and stupid GoT parallels that didn't originally exist because they'll want to make it as much like an already successful show as possible

Probably more, but that's what I've got off the top of my head.

Aiel might not be allowed to be veiled, possibly change culture to something other to avoid seeming like Muslims.

Children of the light will go full nazi.

Magic effects will not illustrate weaving strings of power, just generic fireballs flying.

Numerous battles will be downgraded to just two groups of dudes.

Not to forget stupid looking lurk makeup. Or they just give them lazy faux blind guy contact lenses.
And Trollocs will be absolutely underused due to budget concerns, despite looking cheap.

I can also see characters fusing, like Padan Fain (independent side villain) turns out to be one of the Forsaken (powerful servants of the dark one).

Or characters being introduced way to early so the audience doesn't have to deal with new people. Like Olver (bratty orphan kid) being shoved into scenes where he doesn't belong and annoying us.

They're hoping for a Game of Thrones 2.0, but WoT is even worse than GoT, so they're shit outta luck.

In the SJWs defense I'm not sensitive to this shit at all but wot is one of the most wierdly sexist series ever, like Jordan wanted to have strong female characters but couldn't leave the Conan behind him so rationalized them all as turbo bitches who needed a good stiff dick

So, was he really a bad guy or just misunderstood?

>Perrin being an idiot

So not far from the books then?

I was more going for unexpressive than actual idiocy. In a medium where you can directly narrate a character's thoughts, that's fine, but in something like television, he's just going to be boring as hell.

They'll probably play up the Faile/Berelain rivalry and make it really stupid too.

Maybe I didn't make myself clear when I said that I had never read the books.

I have never read the books, so can someone explain how Hollywood will fuck things up in a way that doesn't require me to have already read the books to understand?

Keep in mind that I've never read the books, so I don't know any of the characters' names or personalities.

The magic will be generic.

Characterization will be changed (aka Stannis)

Games of Throney aspects will be added. (Actually this could be cool if they let the Forsaken (evil/fucked up side villains) do nore stuff)

Personally I'm excited. Its possible they'll fuck things up but I'm more interested in seeing the world brought to screen rather than a 100% accurate depiction of the story. Although I hope they do a good job of depicting just how crazy channelers are compared to your typical wizard (i.e. no magic words, multiple spells at once, waving their hands and killing 50 people, later in the series teleprting around at will)

If they really are, they should redo Eragon while they're at it, best of both worlds.

Perrin was an idiot, but all the men were.
>They'll probably play up the Faile/Berelain rivalry and make it really stupid too.
It was already really stupid. Everything involving the women was extremely frustrating and petty.

You're honestly just describing everything awful about the books. Even if they're perfectly faithful, this will be terrible.

I really can't comprehend why this series has so many fans. There's just so much bad about it.
And Mat is a shit. A SHIT.

Will this be one of those American shows that makes people have sex every ten minutes because they don't believe I can pay attention for an hour otherwise?

we can hope

Fuck that fucker, seriously. He's pathetic, loathsome and scary as hell, and they will likely not do him the slightest bit of justice in the adaption.

There isn't that much sex in the books to supply that pacing.

Honestly when I read posts about Wheel of Time being full of BDSM, I get the impression that people count a character being immobilized with strings of air magic as a sexual act in disregard of any context or something.

No, we count characters being immobilized with strings of air and then spanked (sometimes also with strings of air), which seems to be a remarkably widespread form of punishment across every culture we come across; as a BDSM stand-in.

>Padan Fain (independent side villain) turns out to be one of the Forsaken (powerful servants of the dark one).

Er, wouldn't that kind of completely derail the entire basis for one of the main plots in the later books?

The whole cleansing of the male half of the one power was based on the taint Padan Fain picked up in Shadar Logoth annihilating the taint from the dark one thing?

Fain seems like a minor side-villain, but his impact is pretty significant, and he wouldn't have any of it if he was just another Forsaken.

You're right, they'll probably do that, write themselves into a corner, and then ass-pull some crap solution.

There's also the Aiel game of 'maiden's kiss', which will probably have a whole episode dedicated to it, despite being barely more than a paragraph in the book.

They would simply write it as brute forcing the issue because muh chosen one stronk and muh fuckhuge sa'Angreal.

>Children of the light will go full nazi.
To be fair, that doesn't change that much from the first five/six books

Might be ok? I dunno, I'll wait until we see a trailer/leaked pilot episode to pass my judgment.

(I've heard of the book series, but have yet to actually read them)

He amounts to nothing really. Jordan builds him up but he's really only ever a secondary threat. The books didn't even do him justice.

Is it about maidens kissing dicks?
S-should I read this series?Got kinda interested with all this talk of sex and magical BDSM.

It's about female warriors being tsundere, because Jordan was a massive weeb

The more I hear about it, the more I'm interested in it. Sending it to my Kindle right now.

Ok not denying that happening, but it is really only sexual when you want to see it that way as a reader. It never compromises the integrity of the plot or scene. Guess what, there is corporeal punishment in a medieval world and a channeler will use the power because it is far more dignified then doing it physically. And villains are of course abusive.

It is said the women in Jordan's life were argumentative personalities. A case of write what you know.

Women end up naked and humiliated way too often in the first place. Sure it never compromises the scene but you have to wonder why these scenes keep happening.

And then there's how he views male/female romances in general. Faile and her mother literally say women of their culture need men who can "tame" them. Egwene had that weird dream almost rape with her love interest. Reading WoT sometimes feel like you've accidentally stumble into some DM's magical realm.

>Reading fantasy literature sometimes feel like you've accidentally stumble into some DM's magical realm.


Yeah, that's the SJW screech we were talking about right there.

I will be hype if this ends up being actually half decent. Watching women babble about men being useless while they constantly fuck things up would be hilarious. There are a few based females who get shit done though.

>Insufferable men are useless
>Gets captured
>Men help pls
>Men show up and save the day

I laugh errytime

The whole idea that Jordan wrote his women badly is stupid as fuck.

Jordan wrote EVERYONE retarded. You just don't notice because retarded dudes has been an expected trope for decades.

It's going to be far worse when actual SJWs see it

Cadsuane gonna beat some sense into you younglings

Dunno, there were quite a few based characters. In fact there wasn't any middle ground, they were either retarded or based.

By that logic, Game of Thrones would have been cancelled immediately.

People are slowly slipping into comfortable apathy about most topics.

>By that logic, Game of Thrones would have been cancelled immediately.
I don't see why satan. Nobody actually listens to the screeching

Exactly my point, Eve. Exactly my point.

>People are slowly slipping into comfortable apathy about most topics.

This, desu. I have no issue with basic equality for pretty much everybody (marry whoever, pay should be based on the work you do and not your plumbing, generally speaking don't be colossal dicks to each other), but the constant and unrelenting screeching by self-proclaimed SJWs means that I just don't CARE anymore.

I'm not going to go out and join a MRA group or something, or start campaigning to remove the franchise from women of naturalized immigrants, but I'm not going to be an ally of the people protesting things...even if or when they actually do have a point. Being mad about everything everywhere everywhen has cost them somebody who was otherwise somewhat sympathetic to their basic goals and might have been an ally.


Being a male with magic in the setting makes you go insane, and the MC wangsts a lot. Trollocs are described as looking like sheep-men or something, it's been a long time since I read it. Perrin is a dude who's whole schtick is that he's emotional on the inside but flat outside. And there's loads of politics, bust most of it is inside the sterile mage council rather than with sexy/scandalous characters and situations.

I love it when there is a whole bunch of politicking going on and someone shows up, slaps their dick on the table and tells them to shut it.

As long as it has "Narg Smart", it can't be too bad.

Trollocs are mongrel beast men. Some have ram horns and bird feet, others have dog snouts, etc. They're just a mess of features.

Trollocs are chimeric mutants.

>bust most of it is inside the sterile mage council rather than with sexy/scandalous characters and situations
Reminder: pillow friends is a thing in the tower. A very prevalent thing. And the green ajah are a thing. Hell, even moraine "I'm going to find the dragon reborn or murder everyone else trying" gets posted up with Thom eventually

I thought Perrin whole schtick was people think he's dumb but he's just deliberate. He has a fair amount of emotional outbursts, especially since becoming an otherkin.


This. There's going to be fuckups, it's Sony - probably colossal fuckups. But I can't help a bit of excitement at the thought of watching Asha'man exploding people at Dumai Wells.

Oh yes.

It's a minor thing, but I want a Tel'aran'riod sequence where every shot involves a costume change.

That's literally every Tel'aran'riod scene. I'd be impressed if they actually put that much effort in just once

Tolkien was a decent fellow and his works were free of magical realms. Even Sanderson controlled himself better than Jordan.

They can explain it away with learning how to control it.

They could, or they could never even bring up the whole clothing thing. The story wouldn't lose much beyond Jordan's fondness for lewdly dressing his characters. Still, I'd forgive all other failings if the show had just one scene where everyone had a different dress every shot

Sanderson seems to catch a lot of shit, but I liked the last few books of WoT.

He did fine, but the final confrontation was severely underwhelming.

He also didn't handle the mythological reference aspect well at all. Instead of keeping things on the level of subtle allusions, we have an actual Mjolnir being made for Perrin and shit.


>mat being loki and perrin getting mjolnir is fine.
>rand being jesus any more than he already was would have just pissed people off though.

Mat is Odin, not Loki. What do you think the association with ravens and losing the eye and his mastery in battle are all about?

And Rand is obviously Tyr. I'd been calling him losing his hand somewhere around book 5.

So Perrin is Thor?

Was the red hair and beard and hammer not hint enough?


heres your (you), now please offer genuine conversation or leave

in as long as I have lurked here I have yet to see wheel of time mentioned as a thread topic. great books, prolly be a shit show. also >>/tv/

In fairness, this point here is pretty much correct.

>in this political environment it's heavy focus on the interplay of power between the sexes will cause truly terrible shitstorms.

I don't know, there's a WoT thread once every two or three months that usually gets to autosage.

There is no way they finish. No way in hell. The series is just too fucking long.

...You know I could dig it. Throw it at the nutcases doing Rage of Bahamut.

>Everything involving the women was extremely frustrating and petty
Sounds about right, everytime i had to work with women those were my emotions.

There is A LOT of bloat that could easily be removed.

Nice, a good image about trollocs. that's rare.