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>Citadel Painting Guides:

>Figure painter magazine issues 1-36

>Paint range compatibility chart across manufacturers

>Painting Videos only

>DIY Lightbox

>DIY Spraybooth

>DIY Wet Palette

>How to Moldlines

>Fuckin Magnets how do they work?

>List of mini manufacturers for converting and proxy

>Stripping Paint (yes, the ellipses are part of the URL!)

>Priming With Acrylic Gesso

>Green Stuff Casting

>On the consequences of insufficient ventilation

>In the face of death, I shall have no remorse.

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Reposting my russ, better pics now.

Need to make a smoke cloud for the hatch now for when it gets glanced to death.

Current progress on the Shadow War tau team.
I chose Mu'Gulath Bay sept because they have hive world experience and I thought the color would go well.

I'd have never attempted this white except I finally got a wet palette.

>he didn't use the chaos mouse
op pls

Damn sexy! Wish I could paint like this

Working on this guy. I'm still figuring out the whole "how bright does it have to be to look good tabletop" because I'm fucking blind.

Looks really good!

Thank you so much user. Who knew compliments from a stranger on a Caribbean plastic toy remodelling site could make me smile this much? I mixed wash and paint 1:1 and tried building it up, using a black wahsh for shade. I suck at painting being blind (basically life is one big soft focus) so I thought this might be the best way that doesn't require a lot of fine motor control

Usually post in the infinity threads but may as well post here for once.

Nice colors even the blue shine.
Looks great, dude looks pissed off as hell.
I forgot how nice Infinity models are.

Looks good to me user (I assume you're Valhallanon (have I coined that?)).

The track applique armour on the front might need some weathering though, maybe some rust especially if its been tracking through snow which would melt on it.

Im thinking of doing this weathering on my whole army. Did I go overboard?

>MkIII armour in 40k

Tone it down a teeny tiny bit, looks good though

But I gave them Godwin pattern boltguns!

And cool, I'm excited. I really like that it makes them look less duplo-ish. Ill probably cover the whole army in dirt this evening.

I finished my fourth miniature. Pretty happy with it.

>try to """thin paints"""
>paint EXCLUSIVELY flows into cracks leaving dark raised areas and bright glowing depths
>try to fix it by adding more paint
>brush REMOVES even more paint from raised ares leaving huge stains on the panels
>tiny bubbles everywhere

Why can't they just sell paint that is ready to go
why this fucking tea ceremony water divination ritual paint thinning bullshit

Looks Nurgly

Ive had this problem before, you're just thinning them too much.
The solution in this problem is to keep a dry paint brush near by and use it to succ out the wet paint. Don't try adding more until its dry.
Keep trying to figure out that sweet spot to thin the paints. Watch duncans vids and just watch how the paint flows. It's kind of like learning to drive your car within your lane. It might be tricky at first but once you do it for so long it becomes second nature.

Supposed to be an undivided cult that uses lots of poisons and venoms. Does he at least look well-done?

I got this problem too

like it is either too thin and watery like user described
or it is too thick and becomes uneven.

>uses lots of poisons and venoms

dude just give in to your nurglic tendencies and welcome big papa into your heart.

you got a great scheme btw

definitely stealing that green on gray scheme for my nurgle cultists once i finish my red on khaki khorn cultists

So anyone here make there own washes or have some wash recipes their familiar with?

most of the greenstuffing work is done on my Herald, now I just need to decide if I wanna use the Tentacle-arm, or convert That one into a regular empty hand.

Tentacle. Accept no substitutions.

then there's this guy too. I needed to make sure he had a shield-strap, because him just hovering his shield looked strange to me.

then there's this...Thing. I honestly don't know where I'm going with him, but I am thinking sorcerer.

and finally, these two funny fellas. I did the one with the launcher and then remembered that Daemons don't use guns, so he'll have to beat them do death with it. Former catachan, perhaps?

I've been painting for less than a year. Any critique or tips for going forward?

>1.56 MB

This is what I get for phoneposting.

Lukes APS has a video on it in YouTube. Also I've heard you can use acryllic flow extender to just thin your paint into a wash.

Could use another wash to really darken the cracks.
Maybe use a less stark highlight color but either way looks fine.

I actually thought that orange was a trim colour until this user pointed out that that was supposed to be highlighting.

So yeah, thin down your extreme highlights significantly.They should only be thinlines around the sharpest edges. You can add a slightly lighter version of your basecolour around the edges to make the transition less stark.

Also, obligatory "THIN YOUR PAINTS" comment and paint the blood-droplets like gem stones. It's easier than it sounds, and there's 600 gorillion guides for it if you google it.

Use a darker orange for them highlights Blood Angel bro. Also stop playing loyalists and fight for the Chaos Gods.

Is this guy looking okay as a guy with a Heavy Stubber? I couldnt figure what to give him for a second arm so I tried to give him one of those metal cable arms and turn him into a servitor.

Thanks anons.
Also, Chaos is ghey.

If the cable arm is no good how about some nice buff muscle arms?

Looks like he's part-squid

#2 looks best.

how's the skitarii pointing arm look (if you've still got it available)?

WIP of some attempted Tyranid themed terrain I'm trying to make. Just got it primed today, still need to base coat, shade, highlight, add foliage, etc. Still a long way to go.


Yep, Im the valhallan guy, and i guess you have coined that!
Generally tracks that were welded on the front of tanks were either from already destroyed tanks or leftovers in a workshop, so id see minimal weathering from the elements and if any from battle damage, as the crew would usually choose the best intact pieces.
Thanks for the input though


How do you fancy my new Sorcerer Lord of Nurgle?
I'm gonna use Unholy Strike on him so I want him to look properly fighty but at the same time I want him to look like a capable Wizard. Basically I'm after the look of a Nurgle Battle Mage. Do you think I've nailed it, or should I improve some aspects?

I think you get the look across really well desu. The shield and his bulkiness make him look like he could bash some skulls. Though the head looks very small in the bottom left picture

Thanks for the idea user, I still had it

Fucken SOLD

I always had the same issues, then I discovered Tamiya Thinner.

You just mix a bit in with the main paint on your palette or whatever and it thins it without altering the properties of the paint, so no bubbles and no runny water syndrome.

Good to know that I got the look down.
And yeah, the minis massive bulk makes the head look small from certain angles. However I think that only add to the grotesqueness of the middle.


Way too much paint on your brush.

Anybody have experience with jewelry?

I'm wondering if it's easy to find jewelry chain small enough to put on a miniature. I've been thinking of making a golden Necron Pimp Lord, for shits and giggles, and if he isn't completely bedecked in bling it won't be proper.

I'm not looking for actual gold chain to waste, it doesn't matter if it's really cheap brass or whatever, so long as it's the right size. Hell, even not-golden stuff would work since I'm planning on painting over it anyways.

If anybody knows something more suitable than picking up miniature jewelry bits at Michaels then I'd be interested in that too.

Can you help me find reference for this little guy?
I looked through all the books I could find.
I'm new to this

>not using citatel war-ter

Metal Warhammer Black Orc Musician, from 1993 I believe.

They are certainly in the 1993 catalogue and here's their page from the 94 one which I found a clearer scan of.

Man those orcs are cute!

1993? wow
thanks man

Anybody know where i can find the audiobooks for the horus heresy? Youtube vids were taken down and i cant find any other good places. Looking for legion specifically.

Just in case you were meaning a painting reference here's a rather nice one.

Plastic black orc of the same style/year from the 3rd edition Talisman game which got sold in a box for Warhammer soon after alongside those metals.

I was looking for identification in order to look for painting reference, you're ahead of me
thanks a bunch

Yeah 4th edition warhammer was my starting point of actually collecting and it was with greenskins.

Wish I'd been more sensible with my money as a kid and picked up some more of the metals cause the whole range was really solid.


Sorry for the spam just wanted to put the Wolf Riders in cause they were always my favourites.

The plastic wolves were a bit rubbish but I loved the goblins.

Wow, aren't those the same wolves the goblin wolf riders come with today? Them's old sculpts.

I never liked the way the fur is made on those wolfs
it looks like a skin disease

Yep still going strong...and still having a tail that breaks off if you breath near them.

To be fair maybe "a bit rubbish" is a tad harsh especially for the early 90s, but things like the plastic warg riders really put them into perspective as well as some of the wolves available from other companies.

Help me /wip/, I can't stop changing my mind when it comes to color schemes!
>started as AL
>changed to DG
>started repainting them as BL
>decided to go back to DG

>I wanna make them cool, not the standard shit! I'll make the power sources orange and paint armor details blue!
>regret not going standard scheme

WTF is wrong with me

Working on a terrain board at the moment.

Pretty happy with how it's turning out.

With this, the dungeon tiles and kill team though I'm so fucked time wise.

Fucking phone.

>WTF is wrong with me

You are setting too high a bar for yourself.

Always paint in batches of 3-4 miniatures. Its easier and lets you remain consistent. Before you know it you finish things off and the scheme remains stable across the army.

Personally though my CSM are being painted on a 'what I feel like basis' to give them a more chaotic warband feel than the legion/chapter uniform patterns.

>tfw I ought to get a new fucking camera
Well, I finished my first XV25, the design grew on me, disliked it at first, but now I really dig it
How do I improve my highlighting? I still have trouble with being consistent

Coming into a butthole near you.

First 100% finished army. My DA HoR kill team.





One question from a guy who just started painting this Monday for the first time.

I´m following a walkthrough that I found online and it says to thin out the wash that I´m currently using 50/50 water.

Am I getting goofed upon? thinning wash sounds stupid, I can say that the results that I´m getting are not bad, but I just feel stupid doing it.

Its not stupid.

Washes are basically really thinned paints and it's easy to go overboard with them. Thusly thinning them is a return to the old axiom of 'Thin you paints'

Thinning them gives you greater control because you can build up layers just like you would thinning you paints. It also avoids excessive darkening / colouring and helps eliminate pooling problems.

50/50 sounds a bit heavy though on thinning. Try different ratios to find what you work with best.

nice, I like the purple cords

I agree with above a on. 50/50 is too much, but thinning your washes can yield good results.
I will add, though: use actual thinner instead of water. Regular water changes how it adheres to surfaces a bit. With thinner, it's more likely to fill recesses and less noticeably darken the.overall shade of what you're washing

i got the first sculpting done on my deamonhost, ty anons who commented on it last thread!

the first layer is milliput, i added six legs already, cause i like how the lower part turned out and i want them as close to te body as possible , the next stage is greenstuff it needs a longer tongue and snout and more detailing but it will have to dry overnight. the wing is a paper testfit wich is way off but it gives me a general idea of the whole thing , i think i will make the final parts of thin plasticard, i tried clear blisterplastic bit i wont crumple the way i want it to or it gets with stressmarks

3rd is being cheeky.

nice. I like what is shaping up.

I have a silly question thats related to concersion that i'' currently working with... How tall is Lion El'Jonson?

To my conversion that i'm*

Jeez em typos...

Almost done this guy, fairly happy with him.

yup no problem, I'm just glad I've been messing with the same two kits lately and it helped out

Well,here are three generic space marines.They've been base painted and washed,so I'm going to highlight them tomorrow.

Update on first mini in 4+ years. Sorry for pic being shit

Asked last thread but still looking:

Anyone have paint scheme templates like pic related, but for Necrons?

Getting there... one molecular bonding stud at a time!

ty user, the wings are going to take some thinking to get right, maybe a set like in the pic and one set still mostly folded en kinda pressed in with the legs. i took of the stupid snout and added a longer tongue just after posting the last pic, facial reconstruction will be done in greenstuff

while waiting for the milliput to dry i pinned th arms of my magos so here's a group shot minus the inquisitor himself

Nice. Very krisp


Asked a few threads ago, but i'll try again, anyone have actual experience repainting heroclix or mageknight figures? I've heard so much mixed about whether I should strip them, or if all they need is a dry brush and face touch ups?

Finally, I have acquired to courage to start painting Shrike. The black parts of the armour are pretty much done, just a touch up here and there where the paint flaked.

I'm still not sure how to paint the cables trailing from his Claws, white or black?

Got any pics? I have an absolute buttload of heroclix (the old Mage knight ones) so those would need a strip and repaint. Whereas newer ones might just need touch ups (like what I did with my X-wing)

So, I just bought a stick of Oatey's Fix-it putty to deal with some leaky pipes in the house, but I was wondering if I might also be able to use it to fill in the big gaps in slotted GW bases that metal minis don't fill all the way. I don't need it to be something I can sculpt detail and shit with. I just need it to fill in that hole in the base so I can base my dudes. Will it work or should it stay in the garage with the other home improvement shit?

I realize it's a little outside the scope of what we normally do here, but does anyone wanna help me fluff my Knights army? I could use modeling ideas too. They're Chaos renegades of Tzeentch. Here's what I've got:

1 Lancer
1 Atropos
1 Castigator
2 GW knights that I have any weapon options I want for
1 wallet near death that hates me with every leather centimeter of its' being

One of the GW knights is gonna have lots of gaping mouths and eyeballs all over it, going for a Screamer vibe.
The Lancer is gonna have feathers all over the damn place but can't really come up with anything more chaosy than that.
No idea what I'm gonna do for the rest.

First time tackling something this big. Need to clean up some highlights but overall I like it.