MTG Iconic Masters (IMA)

>Iconic Masters offers players a tour through some of the most powerful cards in over 23 years of Magic history. Featuring new artwork on many cards, the set brings an array of massive Angels, Sphinxes, Demons, Dragons, and Hydras alongside some of our favorite and most memorable spells. Every box of Iconic Masters contains 24 booster packs—each with fifteen randomly inserted game cards, including one premium card in every pack. Get your friends together to embark on one of the most iconic and power-packed Draft experiences yet!

>Release Date: November 17, 2017
>MSRP: $9.99 *Applies to U.S. Only


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Sounds pointless

I dun' get it

$10 timmy packs incoming

Prepare for progenitus and Akroma Angel of wrath as mythics

>Our favourite and most memorable spells
>Not yours, the player

Be prepared for Shivan Dragon, Serra Angel, alongside Collected Company and Cancel, with three money mythics only available at Masterpiece rarity.

Go fuck yourselves Wizards, we all know you're not rescinding the Reserved list for this so unless you find a way for the set to beat EMA (which it CANNOT, it will only match it at best), then it's just the weakest fucking cash grab I've ever seen.

It's going to be "Bulk Rares Masters"

>most powerful cards in over 23 years
>Shivan Dragon, Serra Angel, alongside Collected Company and Cancel, with three money mythics only available at Masterpiece rarity.
this is actually so dumb and disappointing I'm almost convinced it will happen.

>Draft experiences
Automatically shit. You'll pay ten bucks for junk with the chance for a few money cards.

I don't understand why they don't just do more Conspiracy. It's a fun draft experience at reasonable prices.

>I don't understand why they
>at reasonable prices.

Y'all so mad, it'll be easy to buy some new art off tcgplayer

But no one buys the shitty Masters boosters

Maybe not at the store you play at, you lucky bastard, but at mine we regularly have whales paying enormous sums for Masters drafts and absolutely nothing in the way of Conspiracy.

retards love to play the lottery, I guess
I don't at all understand, I thought Conspiracy (both of them) were way better than any of the masters set

>Buy two boxes if conspiracy
>Get fun stuff I can use after drafting with friends
>Check back a few months later
>Boxes still the same price

I love Conspiracy to death. It's great.

It was. I couldn't explain it, but I could hazard a guess that it has something to do with Masters feeling like a 'proper' draft format, and they're all wannabe protour players (and one actual former protour player)

Alright. I got this great idea. So, you pick one FNM in October and announce the date today 6 months out. Then you send out a 100-150 packs containing one of each of the fetchlands - 10 cards. And instruct the stores to give them out to whoever shows up at FNM. Let the store do whatever with the remainder.

Done. Everyone is happy.

Alternative art optional.

Most of the stores would never let these see the light of day and you know it. Hell, most stores would never get them in the store at all.

MM1 sold like crazy but the others were all pretty lackluster until MM3 which had a bunch of great reprints.

Why don't they just send out neat promos in the mail like they used to? Those were always fun to get, even though I started playing pretty soon before they stopped doing them.

Why did they stop the 'Player rewards' anyway?

Now you hold on just a minute. I loved Conspiracy as well but Modern Masters (1) had a fantastic draft environment. The second set was trash but I enjoyed both EMA and MM3. I think CNS1 was probably better than both of them (inferior to MM1) but CNS2 was roughly equal.

>MOST of the stores would never let these see the light of day and you know it.
Yeah maybe if your store is fucking dogshit, in which case why the fuck are you playing there? Are you saying you fucking love Magic so much that you'd tollerate a dogshit store? Or that you love Magic so much you don't mind it when Wizards fucks you in the ass with overpriced Masters sets and secondary market pandering?

You're just dwelling on all the fucking horror stories you've heard on the Internet about shit stores. Stores are generally run by nice people and if yours isn't then why the fuck is it still in business?

I've played in dozens of stores and only one was actually shit. So no, MOST stores aren't shit and would give this shit away. And if players are too fucking stupid to know SIX MONTHS AHEAD OF TIME that this shit is going to be free then I guess it's players who are at fault for being ignorant and tolerating shit behavior from stores and Wizards.

To be honest, I almost never consider MM1 because almost no one got a chance to play it, at least around me -- it was impossible to find a store that actually offered to draft the damn thing.

EMA was pretty fun I will admit. I didn't draft MM3, but I personally had way more fun with Conspiracy sets. I heard MM3 was pretty damn fun too, but they're just so expensive to actually participate in.


>Not wurms

Both conspiracy set were trash for drafting, because multiplayer is trash. (Some allowances made for EDH).
People harping about not having expensive cards reprinted are morons, literally zero sets are worth enough to get value out of cracking packs, and if they are the stores sell above msrp. It's a limited release, let limited players who don't mind paying enjoy the format

Pretty sure that cards like Iona that already got "exclusive new artwork" will just use that one in here instead of actual new art.

Came here to post this

Face it, user. The only way cards become genuinely accessible is if they get printed in a Standard legal set, so that stores can't act like scalping fucktards and supply becomes so overwhelming that there's nothing the secondary market can do to keep their precious cardboard from costing less than 50 bucks a pop.

Unfortunately, Wizards invented mythic, so good cards don't get printed anymore.

You lose, just buy chinamade fakes. They're getting pretty good.

>Unfortunately, Wizards invented mythic, so good cards don't get printed anymore.
You actually believe this, don't you?

When was the last time they reprinted a card that desperately needed a reprint to bring down it's obscene price, without mythicshifting it?

All of the fetches in MM3.

But we just had a masters set why are they doing two in one year?

Growth is down so they're panicking and thinking the ship is starting to sink
What? People aren't playing because standard sucks and we're forcing characters no one likes? What are you talking about?

What does that question have to do with
>Unfortunately, Wizards invented mythic, so good cards don't get printed anymore.

>Some of the most powerful cards
It gon be shit

Why sell normal booster boxes when you can sell ICONIC™ MASTERS™ at twice the price and for 2/3 of the normal content?

Ghostly Prison was surprisingly still an uncommon in Conspiracy 2.

Not everyone can afford to drive an extra hour away to another city and simply play at a different LGS, dumb NEET poster.

How is this different from Eternal Masters? Neither of them are going to give us the cards we want anyways, so there's no point in acting like this is a different eternal exclusive set.

So it's eternal masters with shittier cards?
How many fucking angels, sphinxes, demons, dragons, or hydras see any fucking play, or are worth more than 50 cents?
I hope this shit bombs, fuck wizards

The appeal appears to be that nobody will know what's in it until the Hascon thingy, which would be cool for the people getting to draft in that event and nobody else.

>awesome drafting experience
>It costs 2.5 times as much as standard drafting
Fuck that. Every new set, they put bad removal with unexciting common cards for NWO draft, but every time they make an ethernal cash grab draft set, it has amazing cards and archetypes. Then they ask a fuckload of money for it. I wish they went back to put powerful common cards in modern sets.

That's retarded. If they wanted to make a set special and mysterious how about they stop spoiling their cards all the time.

>new art
Oh baby, I'm just salivating for more CGI garbage from everyone's favourite artist Tim Nobody

How fucking retarded are you they literally just reprinted damnation

Hey maybe there will be some cool shit in here. This sounds like it could be cool...right, guys?

You just completely devalue fetchlands (and some other lands) by printing them in every relevant supplemental product from now on.
Duel Decks get 12 rare lands between the two decks, 4 fetch/2 shock if they're both two color, some other combo if they're not. Commander precon manabases start with 1x Fetch 1x Shock of each applicable color pair.
Once enough such things have been released that the prices of these cards have sunk like a rock, they release the 'Commander's Toolkit', which consists of a few staples for that format like Sol Ring and Command Tower...but more importantly, one of every Fetch, Shock, Temple, Fast, Check, and Hybrid land. And it costs the same as the planeswalker decks. And is, of course, reprinted on demand - having it be a Commander product justifies its existence post the costdrop of all those lands
And then all mana problems except in Legacy/Vintage are fixed.

You have no idea how things work

>i want free 50 dollar bills, if not wijjards is bad and i'm going to cry

There better be full art dragons and shit.


No, I do know how things work.
Please note what I was responding to. I was describing a more feasible way for them to go about suddenly deciding to get fetches to everyone than the other person.
It's still never going to happen, yes, because that's not something in Wizards' monetary interests, but if somehow they did decide 'let's do this', they'd do so in a way that A) gets them actual money (from people buying product) and B) if they're actually serious, does so in a way that lessens or negates scalping/unscrupulous stores.

How would giving out a single thousand copies of fetchlands in a single location in America affect the market? Do you realize how many copies of each of those cards exists in just America alone?

who the fuck cares, i just want free fetches.

>still pretending Hydras are "iconic" green

Hydras are the worst shit ever. Wish they'd stop shilling them and pick a creature type that's actually Green in flavor.

Return of wurms as greens signature creature WHEN

But...they are? They're green as fuck. The problem is that they aren't very versatile if all they do is add +1/+1 counters, and when they DO try to do anything other than that people bitch about it not being hydra-like

>How many fucking angels, sphinxes, demons, dragons, or hydras see any fucking play, or are worth more than 50 cents?
Platinum Angel, Archangel Avacyn, Nicol Bolas, Linvala, Avacyn Angel of Hope, Archangel of Thune, Gisela the Broken Blade, Atraxa, Skithiryx, Griselbrand, Sigarda Host of Herons, Sigarda Heron's Grace, Westvale Abbey, Chancellor of the Annex, Gisela Blade of Goldnight, Mindwrack Demon, Serra Avenger, Bristling Hydra, Abyssal Persecutor, Tombstalker, Niv-Mizzet the Firemind, Deathless Angel, Anya Merciless Angel.

Looks like WotC wants Commander players to buy packs.

Hopefully they opt for 'iconic' artists; Guay, Nielson, Avon, Folgio, etc.

The Foglios are not considered iconic by WotC.

Yet more proof that WotC is retarded. As if it was necessary.

Nah, just proof of your shit taste.

I don't get it. None of those card types are iconic, with the exception of shivan dragon and serra angel. "Power-packed" does not mean high-costed fatties with lots of keywords. Actual iconic cards are things like p9, duals, FoW, gaea's cradle, dark ritual, yawgwill, lightning bolt, survival, etc. Not shit like primordial hydra. God I fucking hate wotc

I'm actually fairly interested in this because it could mean fat wincons getting downshifted to common, and Pauper has a severe lack of big creatures.
I just really want to play Serra angel in Pauper, really.

lel is the draft format gonna be all 4+ drops? Swinging' fatties: the format.

>the worldbuilding team outnumbers all of the design and development team by a factor of two to fucking one
Boy I'm sure this is going to be a balanced fucking enviornment


>some of the most powerful cards in over 23 years
>Sphinxes and Hydras
What in the fuck, Sphinxes weren't a thing for ages, Hydras have only been a thing since like Theros and I don't think I can name a single Hydra or Sphinx that's been relevant outside of fucking Commander.

Is Kaarthus still stupid expensive?

Shaarum is ... kind of relevant, or she would be if they didn't reprint her every dam set. Same thing with that other mythic esper sphinx. Not really any standout hydras at this point in time though.

I'd play that draft format.

Hey, if my guess is half right we'll be seeing planeswalkers at rare
If it's fully right then the only mythics will be various incarnations of the gatewatch

If it's iconic stuff then there's probably gonna be come good ramp and removal there too

>it's full of totally rare cards we promise ;)
>simply pay our premium price goyim

and whales will buy it buy the truck full

>complaining without even 1 spoiler

Ok guys I know it's wotc but c'mon

You know what's the most iconic thing in magic in wizards' mind?
The gatewatch

There are currently 40 total sphinxes. 38 of them are blue to some degree..
95 demons (92 are black)
35 hydras (29 are green)
141 angels (129 are white)
165 dragons (109 are red)
Also, they started making sphinxes be blue's thing and hydras green's thing in the same block, Alara, it's just that they're more willing to print uncommon trash sphinxes - the only uncommon hydra printed since they became Green's Thing was in Conspiracy 2, while sphinxes have had random common/uncommon ones, because they can just be random flying bodies.

Actually, hydras became green's "Thing" in theros. It was that recently

Consecrated sphinx, polukranos and mistcutter hydra have all been relevant in standard

No, that's just where they printed an absolute shitton of them because GREEK BLOCK GREEK BLOCK.
Then they went back to one a block for Khans and Battle for Zendikar and Shadows of Innistrad and Kaladesh, as they had with original Zendikar and Scars of Mirrodin and Return to Ravnica (though lolguilds meant it was also red), along with the one per core set. Hell, ALARA has more hydras than most blocks, at TWO plus Progenitus (who doesn't count cause legendary fucknut).
So far it's only original Innistrad Block that hasn't had a green hydra in it since Alara. The fact that the Greek Block had a bunch does not change that it started in Alara.
And if it wasn't hydra, what WAS green's big nasty rare thing during that rather large gap of time where they're printing a hydra a block?
Can't be wurms, most those blocks have wurms at common or uncommon.
Sure as fuck isn't Treefolk or Basilisk or Ooze.
And it can't be Beast or Elemental because those show up at all rarities in (basically) every color. They're generic we-can't-be-assed types

Actually, there's an article from around theros that Says that only THEN did they consider Hydras green's Thing

I think I know exactly which article you're talking about.
And that one doesn't say that's when THEY considered them green's big critter, it's that they were hoping Theros would get the PLAYERS to. Because they were making hydras, but the hydras sucked (so why didn't they just make them...not suck?)

Wizards is afraid of making good cards

this is very true, and its why standard is fucking terrible. They are bad at making sure EVERY card is shit, so inevitably a good card is going to slip through the cracks and break standard (siege rhino, gideon) because no other cards in the format can compare.

Want but won't get:
>Battle Screech
>Parallax Wave
>Cephalid Looter
>Circular Logic
>Chainer's Edict
>Choking Sands
>Vengeful Dead
>Arrogant Wurm
>Fyndhorn Elves
>Worldly Tutor
>Mana Vault
>Bad River
>Flood Plain
>Mountain Valley
>Rocky Tar Pit
>Strip Mine

Nothing even really expensive, just fun old cards that are dumb hard to get NM nowadays. But instead we'll get a shitload of eldrazi and hydras.

If I had to bet, Mana Drain, Flusterstorm, Demonic Tutor, Goblin Settler and Rishadan Port will be the money mythics.

It's Masters Edition: Timmy Edition.

I would find it hilarious if it was just a stream of format warping cards across the ages, from Hypnotic Specter, to Brainstorm, to Necropotence, to Baneslayer Angel. Just everything that was super good at the time, all thrown in together.

And Wayne Reynolds.


>Angels, Sphinxes, Demons,

It should be Griffins, Serpents and Vampires.

Hydras have been around since the beginning.

I like that the Olden Hydras were red alligned instead of green nowadays.

Wurms were the more fearsome and powerful big beasts back then though, so I get why people feel they're more iconic than Hydras.

This, it's going to be like 7th edition and contain some commanders

> Wurms
> not Elementals

I can't name a single Hydra from before 2008, idk why they had to be retconned as the quintessential green beast instead of land-based creatures like Gaea's Liege, Force of Nature, etc, but even Wurms make more sense than Hydras (which are just multi-headed wurms)

*green hydra, that is

Whos this for?

Everyone knows timmies are median age 14 and dont have money

I am really interested in how the drafts for this pan out and what the low end looks like

Is all these gay ass master sets the reason they killed core sets?

Let's be honest, it's the same thing. Old janky bullshit cards. They just rebranded it and upped the price tag.

>Who is this for?
It's for people who love something new no matter what and will pay for it. It might just be a pile of old things but it's been rewrapped in a new package so it's "new". They don't care about quality they just care that there's something new to talk about.

Somewhere out there, some number of players bought the new duel deck even though it was full of utter crap. All those cards were available before, and were pretty inexpensive, but instead of looking for them these people needed Wizards to repackage it before they knew they wanted it. They buy it because it's tradition, they'll buy every duel deck because why not. It's like the people who buy boxes just to crack the packs; many of those cards just sit there in a pile because their only purpose was to be opened.

It's a product for addicts. They may call it "love" but it's certainly an addiction. Because there's nothing to love in any of these Masters sets.

As for the draft experience, these people do it what? Once? Twice? Is that really enough to know anything? You get to say you did it, but you can't say anything intelligent about whether it was a good format or not. It's fun the first time like most things and Wizards is just selling to those people over trying to make something good or useful.

NO RL list reprints; set is DOA!!!

Can't reprint reserve list cards, if there is no reserve list.

And they weren't fucking Green.

Christ. Treefolk, Elementals, Wurms, anything is more Green than Hydras. Hydras are bullshit and lame and terrible.

this desu
MM3 had like a slightly higher amount of playables which is still bad considering it's a "reprint set"

>wizards releases pre-built cube full of powerful, rare, expensive, and reserved cards
>each card has a blue border and special "IMA" backs to make them illegal in tournament play
>after first cube, release small packs to adjust collection

Wouldn't this sell crazy to all the people who left TCGs for board games and expansions? The old "Worlds" packs come to mind. Seems like they are trying to do stuff this anyways with all the "Anthology" sets. Thoughts?

i figured it out,wotc is trying to copy the success of pokemon generations packs.

Someone should inform them that no one gives a shit about nostalgia in MTG. Its not like the IP is based off a ridiculously popular childrens cartoon we all watched growing up.