Titan Legion creation thread

This thread got me inspired to make this thread, so oil up your robes and pray to the machine god, becuase we are making a titan legion!

First roll:
>What is the Mainstay Engine of the Titan Legio? (1d100)

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If there is one?

Rolled 35 (1d100)

For the mainstay!


OP seems to be temporarily indisposed, so I will say that the dice have given us WARHOUND titans as the main bulk of our Legio.

Scout titans, the smallest of the Collegiate varieties. Swift little buggers who are still colossal enough to level a building. (For those unfamiliar)

Someone want to role 1d100 for the flagship mech of our Legio?

Rolled 7 (1d100)

Another warhound! We are the Littlest Titan Legion.

>The little Titan legion that could

Okay subbing in.
We need the great deeds of our little Warhound. What did it do, and how hopelessly outclassed was it when it did it?

What dice?

Same as last time, d100.

Rolled 38 (1d100)

This Engine is a stalwart enemy of the servants of Chaos, and laid low a Daemonically Possessed Titan of one of the Traitor Titan Legios in glory.

Wooo. We punch above our weight class. No destroying tank regiments for us, no sir.

Okay now we need our homeworld.

Rolled 62 (1d100)

Ghost Forge - A terrific cataclysm has befallen this forge. Whether by accident or design, it's manufactories have fallen silent, powerplants glow no more, and its people have turned from the Omnissiah. The unfortunate Legio to originate from this world is cut off from its home, unable to leverage its once terrific resources in their isolation.

Hmmm, we are lonely.....
Okay, give me a d10 for how old we are?

Rolled 1 (1d10)

Age of Strife - Deep within the abyss of time, this Legio was founded by the proto-Mechanicum to defend its far-flung colonies.

So we are really old. Like really old....
Give me a d10 for our strength


Rolled 8 (1d10)

Battle Damaged - The costs of war have taken their toll on the Legio, but the value of the experience gained is incalculable.

So at least we didn't roll a 1 and only have a single war-hound. But it seems we know what we are doing. But how did we get so venerable? Roll me a d10.

Rolled 3 (1d10)

One d10 commin right up!

Destroyer of Daemons - This Legio has laid low a Daemonically Possessed Titan of one of the Traitor Titan Legios.

So not only did our most famous engine kill a Demon Titan, but we make a habit of it.

Give me a d10 for our trophies of war.

Rolled 4 (1d10)

Xenos Helm - A vile xenos race faced your Legio and was found wanting. Their might was broken against your strength, and their race shattered into oblivion.


However, despite how good we are at genocide, everyone slips up once. How did we fail? give me a d10

Rolled 4 (1d10)

10 get!

I....I don't even want to type it. It makes me feel.... disgusted....
Machine Unbound - Your Legio suffered defeat at the hands of the Tau and their foul Techno-Sorcery.

Lets hope it didn't affect us too badly. What is our quirks, give me a d15

Rolled 9 (1d15)

I hope Farsight did this, anyone else would be too humiliating.

Longstrike could also be responsible

Our only weakness! A foe that uses actual tactics and air support!


Fears Unspoken - The Legio has a hidden fear of a certain foe.


Time to see who we get on with then...
Give me another d15

Also it makes sense since we are in the only titan that the largest Tau battlesuits can compete with one on one.

Rolled 1 (1d15)

I'm hoping for being best buddies with Skitarii

>Astartes Chapter.
Better be Dark Angels, just saying.

We can roll up our allied astarties if you guys want?

Adeptus Astartes Chapter
Super-humans alongside god-machines, how can we loose?
(Except to bloody fish people apparently)

Give me a d10 for enemies, and a d59 for our Astartes Allies!

Do we include successor chapters?

Rolled 3 (1d10)


Indeed, that is how many Official Astartes Chapters there are.

Necron Overlord/Phaeron
Okay, maybe we are scared for a reason. Floating monoliths of stone that shoot as powerfully as us are rather concerning.

Give me a d15 for combat doctrine.

Rolled 11 (1d15)

>mfw when primitive apes trample around my backyard with their giant toys

Doesn't matter if we are only Warhounds if people can't see us!
Data War - Blind and confuse these fools, make them unable to notice the others. Support Warfare, EM Warfare.

HAHAHA! LETS SEE THE FISH MARKERLIGHT US NOW! (Wait, maybe that was the problem, using EM Warfare against techno-sorcery)

Only our Ally Astartes now, 1 d59.

Rolled 23 (1d59)

30 get!
I don't even know which chapter 30 is

Imperial Fists - Institutionally waiting tactically.

We like Siege Warfare. And if our allies are in the fortifications, we can't step on them! Yay!

Awesome! Can we get a recap of these titans?


Okay we are a Legion of Warhounds, Lead by a Warhound who slew a Chaos Possessed Titan. We are ancient from the Age of Strife, and our original forgeworld is lost to us, either by war or by forgetfulness. We are still recovering from a great war, but have many veteran princeps. We also like killing Demon Possessed Titans. In fact we are famous for it. We possess a Xenos Helmet we genocided, but unfortunately, the Tau got one over on us. We are secretly terrified of one enemy, But hey, the Imperial Fists have our back. But a certain Necron Overlord doesn't like us. Maybe we stopped his television signal with all the EM Warfare we do.

I say we name our titan legion "the Venerable Warhounds"

So Legio Canis Bellus Venerabiles?

I like the sound of that

>Love Can Bloom page 5.
Don't mind me, just shitposting.

So seeing as we've made a habit of efficiently destroying a large selection of powerful enemies and are cut off from our homeworld, should we have the idea that we wander around alongside the Imperial Fists and help them with their mobile crusading?

Our support-tactics and small titans allow us to work tactically to give an invisible extra defense to our allies stalwart defenses whenever they need to call on our might. Our major loss came from the Tau being a lot more crafty with tactical warfare than the usual steel-skulled Chaos warband, and the Necrons are obviously a fearsome foe in terms of technology.

It would also fit with us being a size-8 Legio: we take hits because we're Forgeless and on the move, but we're still old and numerous enough to be a real threat.

Also, because we are all Warhounds, its alot easier for the Various Forgeworlds we pass through to maintain us. Its why we are still a decent size, and not actually severely under strength. I mean if a roving Warlord arrives on a Forgeworld its going to be really hard to get parts to repair it. A Warhound, not so much. (At least on a titan level)

I like these guys. They sound scrappy and dedicated, but also wiser than the average Legio.

I say next things are to
>Decide on a color scheme
>Themes/Attitude of the Legio
>Backstory to our top-dog Warhound and her crew

Then after that stuff like characters and history.

I say we should use yellow for some parts, in honor of our brothers in arms the Imperial fists

I imagine they have an attitude of better to win some, than loose too hard to achieve total victory. Hit where the foe are weakest, then retreat before anti-Titan forces can respond. Our greatest achievements come from ambushing much larger Titans, and ripping them apart by hitting in their blind spot etc.

How about black and yellow with blue steel?

Black for subterfuge and our remembering over the loss of our homeworld during the long night.

Yellow for glory and our allies the Fists.

And I included blue steel because it seems more "cyber" than regular gunmetal. Maybe blue lights on the titans instead, or something.

Id say black with blue steel with yellow featuring on one part. We don't want to look like an Imperial Fist vassal, and black and yellow could look a little "Iron Warriors".

Also, that is almost the same as Legio Mortis, who are Black and yellow with brass.

interested bump

Black with blue steel then, and some yellow for little details like checks and lettering.

And we are officially the Legio Canis Bellus Venerabiles? Because then we would be both the "Venerable Warhounds" to the offers and marines, and the enlisted men could recognize us as the "Old Dogs".