Where do you get your character art?

Where do you get your character art?

Blazbaros is practically my go to guy for art.

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Good lord are those H cups?


>it's another thinly valid fetish posting thread
Ha ha my favorite. But Veeky Forums can make it board related because we're cool like that ha ha.

Those girls would be shanked in the tits within seconds of entering combat.

Unless they know how to DOOOOGE

lonekakapo.tumblr.com/ is the go to for my gaming circles. A few people have splashed out on getting art from Weremole, too.


>shanked in the tits

That's kinda hot

>Any girls would be shanked in the tits within seconds of entering combat.

ftfy stronk fighter women are a bad meme anyway no use sperging about realism after it's already been handwaved

porn artists are actually one the best places to look for character art... provided they do normal art on the side. or its easily crop-able.

Grognard Booru

huh, this is actually a decent site. thanks user!

>implying the point of the bikini barbarians isn't to fight other bikini barbarians, thus making it fair

When I'm invested in my character, I commission art of them from whoever's style fits the character.

This is my Half-Dragon Duskblade/Warblade from a high power 3.5 gestalt game. The DM loves giving our overpowered characters an actual challenge.

>not drawing your own character art
lol plebs

>It's all just fetish posting

Why do the mods allow this?

>tfw you draw your own character art too, but don't tell your fellow players you drew it yourself out of fear of being judged

This artist draws porn don't they.

>when one mediocre artist gets more recognition than is deserved

I take it you only play Magical Realm shit.

Its only Magical Realm if its unwelcome.

MimicP is my guy.

Some guy called s0ulafein

usually i just do a google search until i see something that fits the concept. or i make a character art thread and cross my fingers, hoping it doesnt get jacked before i find something good.

This is a relic of old Veeky Forums, to be cherished. Get out.

Well, would it even be physically feasible for a well be-titted woman to armor herself properly to keep the things in check?

How much extra room could you make in a breastplate's design without sacrificing protection?

I go to pewbutts for all my artly needs

It feels like summer comes earlier and earlier with each passing year.

This is now a professionally self done character art thread

Veeky Forums is becoming diluted with newfags. Telling them to lurk moar won't work, because with so many they'll end up picking up bad habits from seeing other newfags.

For characters play, I make my own.
For npcs I'm DMing with, a quick sketch, or google if I just don't have the time..

May seeds of the olds rebirth be sown by these threads

Fucking reactionaries

Nearly all of my dragonborn characters use cat-boots' art.

Why is that?

Also general lack of patience with lurkING before they wanna make their ideas known

better understanding of anatomy? If you can draw a body well enough to get people off, you can probably draw well enough for other things.

Pinterest is a surprisingly useful place to search for character concept art.

That is an... interesting aesthetic choice, but can't say I disapprove. Who says dragonborn cannot be cute!

I draw my own, usually.

Granted, it's mostly pencil sketches but I can't imagine characters not looking exactly how I want them to.

am I any good?

This is pretty good.
Especially the facial expression.

All of my character art comes from artists with incredibly identifiable art styles.

Isn't that one guy who drew Witchblade's wife? who has an oddly similar style to her husband?

IIRC, she does the colors and shading and he dose the inks for that comic, so it's that they professionally collaborate on a bunch of stuff. It's sort of hard to tell where one starts and the other stops, professionally.

It's not summer, Veeky Forums has just gotten dumber.


I don't give a fuck if your character art is fetish If the art is actually good, you can get away with anything.

I draw my own.

I don't even gotta read loomis for this shit

character art threads on Veeky Forums



I browse around on pinterest, creating endless bookmark lists of interesting collections that I will never have time to revisit. So much good shit, so little incentive or time.

>When you're so trash-poor, you're doing your own art

>How much extra room could you make in a breastplate's design without sacrificing protection?

You could fit E cups in a breastplate without having to do any wizardry with bindings or specially-made titty holders.

Sometimes I'll look up something and find images that approximate the character's look and design, sometimes I'll photoshop something together, just cut and pasting stuff into an image. A few times I've sort of like, gotten a basic person template and poorly sketched in the details myself, not to look good as a picture, but just to give a sort of accurate depiction of their clothes, proportions etc. Recently I actually commissioned art of my current fish-girl character from a friend who does art commissions, which turned out very nice, and I might start commissioning more character art in the future.

Also, sometimes a photo or piece of art will actually inspire a character, and I that's obviously what I use. That can range from an interesting historical photograph to a funny frame of Homer Simpson.

No, I don't want to see your PAWG collection.

Thay filename is a lie, they specifically said he wasn't a lawyer


I get a lot of my character art from Veeky Forums. My current elf bard.

On a related note, Veeky Forums needs to do more loli character dumps.

I actually like this one

It tends to throw some DMs for a loop as well. Their expectation is this imposing, monstrous being that would terrify the population of a small town, but being as tall as the party dwarf and looking as unintimidating as possible managed to change peoples' first reactions from "kill on sight" to "curiosity at best".

Fucking hell I have been here for two years. I'm sure you will call that too new to post as well since it is never good enough, there is always someone just slightly better all the time.

My point is that this shit doesn't really add much to Veeky Forums. I don't know why you are proud of it, It is almost as bad as bait "stat me Veeky Forums" threads that don't go anywhere


>Veeky Forums needs to do more loli character dumps.


>My point is that this shit doesn't really add much to Veeky Forums
this is the wrong mentality user.
utility to Veeky Forums is a stupid criteria, i mean how do you judge that?
with the right mind set everything doens't belong in Veeky Forums.
take for example (disclaimer do not assum i hold any of these beliefs i have however seen people who have ):
>general: clogs up the boards for uniquethreads, usually degenerate in to circlejerks, are often slow or simply runs out of steam and turns into a massive shitpost session.
kek/warhammer threads as a whole, lods of them are shitposts filled with shit posters.
>pathfinder threads: filled with fucking fetish fags.
>DnD: threads, faggots should nut up and stop playing this fucking shit.
etc etc

utility in general isn't a good way to judge anything on Veeky Forums anyway.
Veeky Forums was known for being able to roll with shit threads and turn them good, and it has a lot to do with going off top and as it is i'd much rather a bit of gold with we have wade through a bit of pyrite myself.

Shit, can you post more of whoever this is? That style is pretty nice.

I just make my own pixel art for my group. There's pretty much no other way to depict their insane characters.

Here's their current party, though the Party is a large collection of characters that operates on a rotation basis, the players able to switch out the characters they want to play each session.

My art is culled only from the very finest of Veeky Forums, refined after untold years of lurking threads.

>Where do you get your character art
>character art
Nowhere. Why would I use that, and most importantly - HOW? What? I'm suppose to print it or something?

Ed looks like the kind of familiar I'd want to share a flagon of ale with.

Is that a dryad?

>Not having a game wiki to upload reference pictures, GM handouts, backstories, session notes and other information to


Interesting, but what about beyond that? At what size is it no longer feasible?

thanks buddy
certain details were difficult to display given the format, like how that's more of a kilt or robe than really poofy pants, but I think I captured the spirit of him pretty well

here's his not-stand the GM gave me after I made an off-hand joking comment about his desires to be the little girl

My friends and I play through the internet and so generally have at least one image for the character sheet, and sometimes more to link each other

One of my players is a budding artist. He draws the characters every so often.

>one of our players is a moderately talented artist
>he has little interest in drawing our characters, busy doing commissions
>one of our other players is also an artist, and actually likes to draw our parties
>he's crap

life is suffering my dude

Give dude #2 honest criticism on how to get better. Unless he's a pansy, he'll appreciate it, so long as you approach it clinically.

>tfw your GM converts pictures to silhouettes and then uses them as a base to make some arts
>tfw he does it for a character you made
>tfw it's good and hits all your buttons you didn't know you had

hnnnnnnnngh yes

If you're somehow able to maintain a lean physique and healthy back with F or even H cups, you're gonna need a custom-fitted breastplate for your breasts. This is the only time boobplate would be acceptable... And could also be the origin of less endowed girls wearing boobplate, if a major historical figure who was known for her immense accomplishments alongside her immense chest wore boobplate.

> I have been here for two years
>My point is that this shit doesn't really add much to Veeky Forums

Clearly you haven't been here long enough if you think that your point fits right into Veeky Forums, you dumbass.

>bait "stat me Veeky Forums" threads
>It is almost as bad

Jesus fuck I legitimately cant tell if you are trolling or if you are this much of retarded ignorant newfag mongoloid.
Get the fuck out of Veeky Forums, you are the cancer that is killing it.

Well what I had in mind was less outright boobplate and more just a somewhat modified normal design. Where the front surface bulges outward more at the top and then slopes inward somewhat as it goes towards the waist.

This is for an incredibly no-nonsense character that very much would prefer to to draw as little emphasis to the chest the gods gave her as humanly possible.

As someone that has been here for nine years, and witnessed the truly horrendous days from before we were moderated, I'd say this shit is still pretty bad.

Least it isn't furry.

We've been through way worse, but I'd rather we could put the whole thing behind us.

Oh, well that works too. I know about the uniboob design you're talking about, and from my recollection it's pretty tame.

How big are we talking, anyway? Is there even a reason you've got a tough fighter chick with what I can only assume are tits as big as her head?

I make my own :)

Then you haven't witnessed any of the horrendous shit if "stat me" fucking annoys you, you thin-skinned prima-donna.
So no, I do not believe you. I think you are a redditor pretending to be an oldfag.

Are all "stat me"-Threads good? Fuck no, but some produce funny content or an interesting discussion we otherwise wouldn't have had. JUST LIKE ANY OTHER THREAD ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE, REALLY.

Even ELF SLAVE WAT DO had the potential to be hilarious before the PC-Brigade arrived killing every single one of those threads by bitching about it.

Veeky Forums is dying because of reddit.

>We've been through way worse

LIke fuck. Even as far a summer goes Veeky Forums was never this bad. In every second thread you have suddenly people bitching how "power fantasies" are something to be looked down upon because the FUN POLICE doesnt understand that if people wanted to play as John Smith the accounting guy from cubicle NR.10 on the 3rd floor they would not need escapism.

>Then you haven't witnessed any of the horrendous shit if "stat me" fucking annoys you, you thin-skinned prima-donna.

You must be mistaking me for someone else. I don't care about "stat me" at all.

>Even ELF SLAVE WAT DO had the potential to be hilarious before the PC-Brigade arrived killing every single one of those threads by bitching about it.

To my memory, that potential was realized maybe in one thread out of ten.

>In every second thread

Every second thread? Try non-Veeky Forums fetish porn shit in literally every thread.

I don't understand, is character art getting your character drawn?

What's the point?

>can't prove him wrong so better derail about how tg sucks now

>all this nice detail everywhere else
>"I'll just use a slightly more detailed smiley face for the face lol!"

>How big are we talking, anyway?

To be honest I haven't decided exactly, they're just "big" in the design notes as of now.

>Is there even a reason you've got a tough fighter chick with what I can only assume are tits as big as her head?

Well, to sum it up I got the inspiration for this character and literally the entire setting I'm presently working on from a single image of some ridiculous titties, and the concept just kinda carried over because I was thoroughly amused by the idea of having this large-breasted but incredibly modestly dressed character.

DeviantArt. I usually commission it. Or get it from an art friend of mine.

> Where do you get your character art?