Dawn of War III Reviews have started rolling out


The general consensus so far:
>Single-player is meh, coming off as more of an extended tutorial than a real campaign.
>That being said, the AI is pretty good and it sounds like the cinematics are also good
>The game feels like it was heavily inspired by the Blizzard RTSs
>The gameplay is fun and adrenaline-pumping
>Heroes are badass and provide lots of strategic opportunities
>However, the game has trouble balancing micro-managing your heroes with managing your army as a whole
>The three factions have distinct playstyles and are well-balanced against each other
>But it sounds like the game has a bunch of mechanics that it doesn't tell you about and can seem overly complex at times
>That being said, units work similarly to their tabletop counterparts, so if you know that, you should be fine
>Also, no retreat button is problematic

From the sound of things, it's looking like ZoranTheBear and ThunderPsyker were right; it's a good RTS, it's a good 40k game, but it's not a good Dawn of War game.

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>but it's not a good Dawn of War game.
I don't understand this.

What make a Dawn of War game? Considering every installment in the franchise has been radically different from each other, there's nothing tying them together in one cohesive "This is a Dawn of War game".

>good RTS game
>good 40k game
>somehow not a good Dawn of War game

Explain this backwards reasoning.

Sounds like a good time to me. I know the campaign in DoW1 was pretty much a tutorial too. Never any mission types other than "build up a base and destroy the other base".

are marines skellyingtons now or something? whats with those proportions?

That was due to the trailer's artstyle. The game's marines are more reasonably proportioned.

ZoranTheBear and ThunderPsyker's First Impressions:

The part I was referring to starts at 39:50

>What make a Dawn of War game?
It's difficult to explain, but I'll do my best. The main things that set the Dawn of War games apart from other RTSs are the carnage and chaos. CoH did this as well. Things like sync-kills, cover getting knocked around, buildings getting destroyed, masses of dead bodies and scarred terrain everywhere. Watching a Dawn of War game should feel like watching an actual battlefield. The should look and feel gritty. This game looks and feels clean and tidy in comparison.

Also, the fact that the only game mode is MOBA-mode is concerning.

I'll give you that, but it wasn't in CoH like you imply.
>cover getting knocked around
Not in DoW1
>buildings getting destroyed
Not in DoW1
>masses of dead bodies and scarred terrain everywhere
In Dawn of War 3
>the only game mode is MOBA-mode
At launch, they plan to release more modes shortly after launch. It's still a pity, but they apparently wanted to focus on their MOBA mode.

Word of God says that the reason there is currently only one game mode is because they want to get this one down pat, then expand out.

>it wasn't in CoH like you imply.
That wasn't my intention. I was just pointing out that playing/watching CoH felt like watching an actual battlefield. DoW 1 and 2 felt the same way.

>masses of dead bodies and scarred terrain everywhere
>In Dawn of War 3

>At launch, they plan to release more modes shortly after launch.

Again, this game looks and feels too neat and tidy for DoW. This is the most Dawn-of-War-esque screenshot I could find from this game. Compare it to the one I posted here.

And for the record, I'm not condemning this game or saying it looks awful just because of the style. I'm going to buy it and play it. I'm just saying it looks like there's something missing that keeps it from being a real DoW game for me.

>Never any mission types other than "build up a base and destroy the other base".
To be fair, pretty much every RTS campaign did this at the time. Age of Mythology had like 30-odd missions in it's campaign and 95% of them were this.

Here's another review:

Not digging the texture work. It looks too, shall we say, pristine. Like if everything got washed clean just before that.

That fuckin chapter master

He looks like he grabbed the hammer from smash brothers

It reminds me of Dota 2.

One of my main problems is the lack of races. The very first Dawn of War had 4 and with Dark Crusade and Soulstorm we had even more added, and even Dawn of War 2 which I didn't like that much had like 6 races at launch I think? After I heard that this one was only going to have 3 races at launch and saw Gabriel doing backflips and shit I figured there was no way this game was going to be for me. Seeing the nice and clean screenshots is just another nail in the coffin for me.

>Dawn of War 2 which I didn't like that much had like 6 races at launch I think?
It had 4 at launch, SM, Eldar, and Orkz. CSM were added in Chaos Rising and IG were added in Retribution. Tau and Necrons were also added after Retribution, but to Last Stand only.

>SM, Eldar, and Orkz
'Nids too, I forgot to say.

That's still more than three. And because of how the current vidya market is, you just know they're going to be charging 10-20 dollars just for other races later on just like Total Warhammer and likely won't be seeing any extra campaigns.

There were more factions, but they had a fraction of the units that are in DoW3. From what I've seen, the factions in DoW3 have almost every unit from their respective codices other than named characters. I think Bikes are the only missing SM and Ork units.

I really wanna give DoW3 the time of day, but I just can't get past the Ork voices. They're not gruff and orky enough; they just sound ponce and weedy.

their are sternguard in dawn of war 3?

are their vanguard vets?

where are the centurions?

or the vindicator?

where are the jetbikes, or the striking scorpions, or the warp spiders (a dawn of war STAPLE) or the fire dragons or the wave sepents or shadow weavers or war walkers or mega armored nobs or kommandos or flash gits or battlewagons or wartrakks or burnas or meks?

you get the point yet m8?

Den ya need ta krump Boss Relik and become da new warboss, ya git!

All there.

as long as BLUD REHVENS are in it then it then it will be a great game xD

Yeah, but they at least had interesting maps and unique models or terrain features. Most of the DoW campaign you'd be hard-pressed to tell from skirmish mode if not for the limited tech tree.

Usually the campaign is a tutorial, although dawn of war I campaign allowed you to use special campaign only units in some missions which were imperial guard at the time. It also had an ok story, although my preference when going back is usually the expansion with the guard or the Dark Crusade.

Fuck... I miss Age of Mythology. I need to track down my old copy of that game....

The weird thing is they updated that game and give it a Chinese/Far East DLC on steam. I believe it wasn't very good though.

Are strategy fans always so whiny?


>Chinese/Far East DLC
>not Aztec
>not Hindu
>not Japanese
>not Judeo/Christian
The hell are these people doing? Age of Empires 2 is still cranking out expansions but Mythologies isn't using the setting to the fullest.

I dont know man thats why it did terrible.

That rainbow is kinda random, lol it's like the devs knew they were going for colorful vomit.

Its why their genre died

It's a poorly done Starcraft clone. Goofy animations, no synch-kills to make it kid friendly, barely any blood. No cover other than those retarded force-fields, can't expect children to think tactically can we? The MOBA elements from DoW2 were upped to eleven, with classes such as 'nuker' becoming a thing.

But the worst offender of all? Complete and total disregard for the fluff. Angelos jumping half a kilometer in Terminator armor, anime style. Lascannon beams looking like lasgun shots. Basic melee swings creating a lightshow out of nowhere. It's the final nail in the coffin for the DoW franchise and one more for GW.

Point made.

Game looks like garbage, only one fucking MP Moba mode, and 3 god damn factions only is inexcusable. Seriously no god damn reason to justify that. Can't even use the "GRAPHICS UPDATE MEANS HAVING TO REWORK EVERYTHING FROM TEH GROUND UP" argument given that the graphics look like shit and are arguably worse than the previous games. All that on top of a horrendous art style that looks like a god damn starcraft ripoff. I'm alright with color being in the games, but holy fuck the artstyle makes it look like a cartoon. Total War Warhammer was colorful as fuck but still had a god tier art style so it worked. This game looks like fucking trash with it's bright colors and cartoon style.

Oh my goodness yes.


The Chinese faction itself is relatively well-done. Their playstyle is fairly unique and the expansion also covered some design flaws in the original game, like ensuring that every faction has access to healers of some kind. That being said, some of the chinese myth units are just bland retextures of other units, and their campaign is complete shit.

If you don't mind the retextures and don't play the campaign, they're good fun though.

Oh god, they missed like 5 units from each codex, those cheap bastards. Especially when we recall that the original DoW and it's sequel had like a dozen units per faction at launch.

>no death company for playing Blood Angels

Had no hope for the game anyways

>Expecting anyone but Blood Ravens to get any attention
>From a Dawn of War game
I don't think even the BR's can think of a way to get a Death Company "gifted" to them.

Fair point. They may be thieving bastards but there's an extent in which it becomes "too far."

Get that bitch a Knight. BITCHES LOVE KNIGHTS!

They did manage to be graciously gifted with Grey Knights though.


Dark Crusade on, you can use Grey Knights.

And then there's that whole thing with Bjorn the Fell-Handed...

Me? I'm just waiting for a Dawn of War game with Swooping Hawks in it.

Heard Eternal Failsade has them.

A Dawn of War game user, not just a 40k game. What good are Swooping Hawks unless you can field triple digits of them?

Fair enough.

Wow, this game came out really, really quickly. They must've rushed it out to take advantage of the hype.

Are armies customizable in DoW III? Because they made a point about giving you more YOUR DUDES mechanics/options when they first talked about DoW III.

Atleast the Striking Scorpions are in. I've been asking for those in a warhammer game since Winter Assault.

That's just due to that particular shot, which was something like the first shot they put out. A lot of the stuff wasn't properly put in at that point, with a good number of models just copy pasted in.

>Wow, this game came out really, really quickly.
~11months after the reveal trailer, doesn't exactly feel rushed to me, most games reveal and release within a similar timeframe.

Already 11 months?

Time passes too fast.

All I want from DoW3 is mods. I want the race selection list to be scroll-worthy long, like it was in Soulstorm with a bunch of race mods.

You haven't heard the regular Boy and Nobs then: they're the same

YOU SEEM TO BE ON Veeky Forums NOT /V/

This is a 40k containment board get over it.

>knight with dule avenger cannons
>not a sword and cannon like in the teaser

They have one ingame. Seperate Elite.

The game fucking sucks imo.
I am glad that they released an open beta so I could test it out and confirm my suspicions of it.

The elite mechanic is fucking retarded, matches are slow as fuck because you can't punish your opponent for making mistakes until like 30 minutes in to the match, and due to all of the bs abilities going on, half of the time you don't even fucking know what is going on.

DoW 2 is better than this, as is DoW 1. If you want tactical combat with smaller scale, go for the former, if you want big matches with tons of units, go for the later.
This abortion of the game mixes up the two in the worst possible ways.
Also, units die in microseconds which I absolutely fucking hate in RTS games.

No its not, only 1 knight

I just checked the My Games folder for the beta. It's got folders for workshop content, so integrated modding confirmed.

Its less of an big army rts than dow 1
Its less of squad tatics than dow 2
It's lazy.
Dow 2 is in my top 5 video games, but I would have gladly took a Dow 1ish game, despite not being good at rts'. This is a lazy cash in on the moba genre.
Fuck man, I'm probably still gonna get it cause i'm a sucker for WH40K, but hell, I can't come up with a good point for it.
This is disappointing.

it's not there in the beta but I'm certain there's a seperate Knight Paladin elite

Nigger the pop cap is insane in DoW 3 it feels bigger army than one.

The game just needs more content although I like the army painter.
I don't really know how you can like DoW2 that much for it to be in the top five it was pretty mediocre.

Strategy fans are dividedly soundly into two camps. The fake bastards that try to pretend DOTA is a strategy game, and those who remember the days of Westwood being the final arbiter in what makes a good strategy game.

Ever since EA killed westwood, GOOD strategy games became exceedingly rare, to a point where us RTS fans would often go half of a decade between releases of good RTS games. Meanwhile all of these companies everywhere are trying to make fake clones of Dota, while simultaneously marketting towards the true RTS fans who, and at the same time ignoring all of the core tennets of what makes a good rts GOOD

> Base building mandatory
> Simple resource system
> No army-cap
> Resources become scarce as battles go on
> Micro as well as Macro are vital for success

You should give Planetary Annihilation a try. It fits your description.

I played it for a bit. Shit's hilarious when you start spamming the everloving shit out of Unit Cannons.

>Elites system is confusing and micromanaging them is awful
>Squads are squishy as fuck but still expensive, leading to a fucking slog of a game
>Eldar Mechanics largely a fucking mystery with no practice mode to figure them out
>Listening Posts are 200 req and don't actually increase output and provide basically no extra defense
>Upgrading a squad's weapons replaces all of them
>Voices are awful
>UI is one of the worst I've seen in years
>mfw all of this

No Last Stand, the single player campaign doesn't look interesting, units seem less lore-conscious. It feels like a game made by people who thought DoW1 and DoW2 were cool and needed to be more like Starcraft, with little interest in the 40k game.

Way to much focus on cool multiplayer stuff which, to me, was the least interesting part.

I'm canceling my preorder and probably just play DoW1 and DoW2 again.

The retreat button was shit and you know it.

>>UI is one of the worst I've seen in years
It seems like they arbitrarily decided to swap it from the old ones.

I have at least 200 hours in DoW1 and 300 in DoW2. So no, it's not shit.

Basing a game around the idea that you want to retain squads - reinforce/upgrade them specifically - and yet not giving a simple way to make a tactical decision to pull them out of combat? Yeah, it had pathing issues in 2, but it was still better than this shitshow.

It's also kind of a really unique gameplay mechanic for DoW? It's there with what defines it next to the capture/hold, req points, and the squad system.

There is so much large, unnecessary garbage. Why is this shit in the bottom left of my screen? Does it need to be that large? How is it possible to be that large, and yet still hugely unfucking readable? It's one of those games that make you realize you only notice a UI when it's either really bad or really good.


user, trying to grow your e-peen on fucking Veeky Forums isn't going to work.

It's not a unique feature at all dude. It was ported from Company of Heroes

There was a retreat button in DoW1?

Nope. It DID, however, have the unique Morale system.

Not this retard, btw

Well I wasn't expecting much and I'm still disappointed. I pretty much preached what I felt the game would be like when we started seeing the gameplay and after playing it, I was correct, shame I can't be right about lotto tickets,

Gameplay is throw units at units and hope for the best, in most cases blobs. Then your blob gets wiped by a hero ability or bombardment ability. Rinse and repeat. Some people are saying you just need to micro but micro is more or less non-existant unless it's a hero unit

A game boils down to a few skirmishes at the start over points, once the listening posts are built you can't attack them till later so everyone waits for their resources to pool and tier up, build units... 10 minutes pass and then people leave their base and so begins the elaborate spaghetti where no one wants to initiate the fight. Eventually someone moves their blob to the other and we get a lot of flashy effects, most units have abilities but you'll only ever get your hero's abilities off since the rest of your units are already dead.

If the blob that wins isn't to hurt it pushes on to the joke of a turret, then pounds the power gen and ends the match, congrats you've just wasted 30 mins.

Winning in this game seems hollow, especially with this game mode, last match all I did was build Dark Reapers and Wraithguard, pressed A and clicked on the part of the map I wanted them to go, I evaporated everything. Shield, turret and core, along with an enemy army. The game gives you nothing to fight over without having to dedicate a large amount of resources to take it, atleast in DoW2 you could harass req/power points with low cost units, have fights over points and such, this game mode just makes everyone bunker till someone gets bored and the snowball begins.

Game is a step back from DoW1, this feels like DoW1 came after it. Neo-Relic have fucked up.

Checking out the credits for DoW1, DoW2, and Deserts of Kharak will give you an idea of who jumped ship and who's still on at Relic.

Spoiler alert: A lot of people in higher positions (Producers, audio) went off to make Homeworld: Deserts, and it's a good game. And DoW3 is a bad game.

Really makes you think.

>who jumped ship and who's still on at Relic
Thanks for boiling it down for me. That's all I really needed to know.

No glorious cinematic - first sign that whoever is in charge is new.

It feels more like a 40k mod for a Starcraft knock off more than a proper 40k game.

>Have a nice force with tanks
>stroll to one point
>get fucking both the Knight AND Gaberial dropped on my head
>entire force is fucking wiped

I know its 40k but this is insane

DOW2s hero units were not this insane

> Very little purpose to actually keeping your units alive and making good plays with micro
This game needs Veterancy for Units, so that when I outplay people in micromanagement, my units get stronger over time. Veterancy has been a staple of RTS titles for a very long time, especially in the command & conquer series.

But as it stands, it's complete bullshit that to reinforce my units, it costs exactly as much as a new unit. So there's very little purpose to actually outplaying people and keeping my dudes alive in the process.

>But as it stands, it's complete bullshit that to reinforce my units, it costs exactly as much as a new unit. So there's very little purpose to actually outplaying people and keeping my dudes alive in the process.
I thought it was 25% less?

Of course, you often need to remove them from combat so long I'm not sure that 25% is worth it opposed to just making new ones to send in.

Also just tried a match of mostly spamming scouts. Micro for them is fun if you can successfuly lead people with the blind grenades, and then set off a volley that leads them helpless. But the scouts themselves are entirely too fragile.

In fact every unit in this game feels too fragile. It feels like I spend so much time trying to outplay people and get a bigger blob, but a single orbital bombardment or hero unit is enough to fucking end everything in an instant and leave me reeling.

I'm calling it, the first couple of mods for this game(Since it evidently has full mod support) are ones that quadrouple the healthbars of everything so the game stops being rocket tag.

Those scouts look pretty damn generic compared to the ones from earlier games. In fact they look like they're from XCOM.

Right, I'm going to get lynched because my opinion is different, and called out for shit taste.

But I've been having a lot of fun with the game, and the only problem I've had with it is sound design, a lot of the weapons sound dinky.

Also I just fucking love the Assault Terminators, they feel so good.

Wraithknight Taldeer fucking Knight Solaria when?

>Very little purpose to actually keeping your units alive and making good plays with micro

I disagree with this, i disagree with this a lot. It's extremely important to keep your units alive, especially at the start of the game, if you lose your starting squads you pretty much lose the game unless your opponent is an idiot and just goes back to sitting in his base instead of stealing all your points.


>Putting the Bone in Wraithbone

Ork voices have steadily been getting worse over time. They've forgotten the orks are gruff, heavy and brutish with room for some cunning.

I know the games origins are in England, but does every ork have to sound like from the streets of sussex?