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Be excellent to others!

Is a character that WANTS to be Good actually Good hearted just for that?

>Is breeding with random animals to create half-dragon hybrids running about the countryside and creating a population of half-dragons who will forcibly breed more once a year not "dangerous" because to me that looks extremely dangerous.

Half dragons are sentient creatures. If they do bad things it's no them, not who birthed them.

>pazio pays garbage money:

If I was one of the top 10 writers in the RPG field I would expect more than what a middle manager makes at fucking starbucks. This is why the hobby is a fucking mess and nothing has gotten better in the last 20 years.

>sample image

That's not being excellent.

How does your inhuman nature manifest? Something simple like an unusual eye color? Or do you look like some body modification fetishist?

Whenever I am a Paladin, my code is pretty simple in general if anything

"Dont be a jerk, talk things out if possible, help others who need it, smite those who dont want to talk"

>why do people who make less than minimum wage suck at their jobs?

Because if they didn't suck at their jobs they would make more.


You didn't edit this one particularly well. You've got Blacksmith talents and class features but no blacksmith class levels and no way to have that AND a Conscript dip on a musket master with gun training.

Actions mean more than intentions and speak louder than words. The worst personality in the universe who keeps talking about murder and rape would count as good if all he had ever done was in the benefit of others at his own expense and expected minimal or no rewards, doing it because that's what he wanted to do rather than out of obligation.

>poor people opinions


1. Violence is a last resort, never a first effort.
2. See the world as it should be, but understand the world as it is.
3. Be a beacon for others, even if it means setting yourself ablaze.
4. Never spill innocent blood
5. It's not about you. It's about them

You are correct.

I had written "conscript 1" when I should have written "blacksmith 1."

The build remains the same otherwise.

I believe it has been around ten days since Spheres of Might's legendary talents were first introduced. I tried to convince the Spheres of Might writers that the Oversized Weapons and Stable Shooter talents were bad ideas, but they do not seem to have listened, and so here is what they now reap.

Let us see what Oversized Weapons and Stable Shooter can do on a 6th-level spheremighter, shall we?

Level: 6th
Race: Human
Class: Blacksmith 1/gunslinger (gunfighter, musket master) 5
Ability Scores (20 point buy): Strength 7, Dexterity 17+2+1+2, Constitution 14, Intelligence 10, Wisdom 16, Charisma 7
Key Traits: Empathic Diplomat (Regional), Reactionary (Combat)

• Human Bonus: Point Blank Shot
• 1st-level: Precise Shot
• 3rd-level: Weapon Focus (double hackbut)
• Gunslinger Bonus: Gunslinger
• 5th-level: Any, retrained to Vital Strike at 6th-level

Martial Tradition: Combat Gunner
• Equipment (no dedication): Firearm Proficiency, Gun Kata
• Open Hand
• Sniping

Other Combat Talents: 7 = 1 blacksmith + 1 equipment specialist + 3 gunslinger + 1 Rapid Reload associated feat trade + 1 gun strike
• Equipment (1 free): Distance Shot, Expert Reloading, Gun Kata, Oversized Weapons (legendary), Steady Shooter (legendary)
• Open Hand
• Sniping (already gained from martial tradition): Focusing Reload

Key Equipment:
• 4,150 gp: Self-crafted masterwork Large double hackbut
• 4,000 gp: Belt of incredible dexterity +2
• 2,000 gp: +1 magic enhancement bonus for Large double hackbut
• 1,100 gp: Mithral chain shirt
• 1,000 gp: Muleback cords
• 500 gp: Cracked dusty rose prism ioun stone

6 Dexterity modifier
+2 trait from reactionary
+1 competence from cracked dusty rose prism ioun stone
Total: +9

Range Increment:
20 double hackbut
+30 Distance Shot
Total: 50 feet, firearm attacks within this first range increment are touch attacks, and the deadeye deed can extend this

Would have done what my GM wanted and fuck the dragon.

>poor people who would wallow in their own shit and starve if no one provided a job for them tend to have a lot of time to find anime images and post them
I'm not that surprised.

t. person wasting their time on tiawanese basketweaving forum

Misfire Chance:
2 double hackbut
-2 Firearm Fiend
Total: 0 misfire

Attack Bonus:
+6 Dexterity modifier
+1 Weapon Focus
+1 enhancement
Total: +14

Damage on a Vital Strike with Sniping's deadly shot:
6d6 Large double hackbut
+6 Dexterity modifier from musket training
+2 sharpen weapons
+1 enhancement
+6d6 Vital Strike
+12d6 Sniping's deadly shot
Total: 24d6+9 (average 93)
Average CR 7 Touch AC: 12.3
Average CR 7 Hit Points: 82.3
Average CR 8 Touch AC: 11.8
Average CR 8 Hit Points: 96

This character starts combat by pointing their Large double hackbut at a CR 7 or 8 enemy and then instantly gunning it down with a 95% hit chance. They then proceed to regain martial focus with Focusing Reload.

This is why Oversized Weapons and Stable Shooter are bad ideas.

Where are the three gunslinger talents coming from? You appear to have normal feat and deed progression and you're not using the spheremighting archetype that I can see.


>TFW the events of last thread
>TFW the start of this thread
Talking about Valeriya's tits is a much better use of our time than this shit.

What a difference a brief return to "the good old days" makes.

So tell me, whats so bad about Summoners? I've never seen anyone play one, and everybody calls them broken? Why? They seem fun, id like to play one someday.

Seems like more of double hackbut being an issue than Oversized Weapons to me.

I actually enjoyed the dragon discussion.

Back to /c/, cuteposter.

>Certain stronger spells come in at earlier levels than other classes
>Your eidolon means you have a second set of actions, which breaks action economy
>Your eidolon will often out-damage your group's martial unless they're optimizing hard
>Your summon monster ability means that you have a really big toolbox to work with and can fill lots of roles by proxy

To name a few things.

How is what they said cute posting?

Can one enjoy killing and still be good?

They'd prefer it to interesting game scenario discussion/arguments.

Enjoy the act itself? I'd argue no.

/pfg/ was always trash, "new /pfg/" vs. "old /pfg/" is just arguing over different piles.

The gunfighter is the spheremighting gunslingr archetype.

Then perhaps Stable Shooter should not specifically call out the double hackbut as a valid weapon.

I mean, it's not like we're getting that here anyways.

>Shitposting and trolling about boobs and character relationships
>Shitposting and trolling about mechanics
>Shitposting and trolling about idiot decisions in games that probably never happened
Pick your poison, mates.

Which one provides love and headpats and good feels?

A couple of flavors.

The Standard summoner gets an Animal Companion++, which lets you play a pretty good mage (prior to Unchained nerfing the spell list, Summoner was basically a 9th-level caster disguised as a 6th-level one) while also having a bodyguard/second character that could be just as good or better than a martial at their jobs. Also you get a way better Summon Monster as a class feature and can buttfuck action economy.

Master Summoner weakens your Eidolon but nothing is keeping you from retaining its services by putting all its points into skill stuff and having a utility monster on tap. Then you make the rest of the party superfluous with your buffed Summon Monster class feature and REALLY fuck the action economy to death.

Then there's the synthesist summoner, who instead of summoning their guardian merges with it as a suit of armor and gains its combat abilities and phsysical stats. Unlike every other summoner, it DOESN'T buttfuck the action economy but people realized something was wrong when an arthritic octogenarian can summon up his extraplanar megazord and become both a caster and a considerably better fighter than the fighter.

Do I get to see pictures of the boobs being shitposted about?

How fucked up is it to have, as a tertiary or quaternary goal, to sleep with every other PC in your party? Slap some sense into me before I have the time to contemplate this further.

Boobs and character relationships.

Speaking of, any word on if Seska and that user from last thread hooked up?

>Shitposting and trolling about mechanics
>Shitposting and trolling about idiot decisions in games that probably never happened
Yes, I'll take these. Please and thank you. This is what the board was fucking for.

That's okay, even if we don't convince you otherwise the other players have no desire to sleep with you.

>Good feels

>yet another discussion about how "dude paladin codes lmao"

The discussion boiled down to "you are in an actually unwinnable situation because of how the oath is worded" followed by half a dozen posts of "yea but how about I say I was right anyway?"

Only if the other players are fine with it

If they arent, then just drop it, its going to cause alot more trouble than it would theoretically achieve

>"yea but how about I say I was right anyway?"
Welcome to Veeky Forums, brother.

>tfw both me and another player in my group have that exact goal
>we've already conquered separate halves of the party

It's not so bad.

I don't know if they did but I had a little chat with the player, and they're quite nice.

If that user didn't send their PM, I wholeheartedly encourage them to do so.

Most people are nice.

>reviewanon asked what to review next, someone posts what they want
>no reviews posted

The character was so bad, the reviewanon killed himself.

Probably the best argument to get him to not do it, ouch.

In any case I finally ran another session with my players, they had a fun time taking down an encampment of human, non-human and animal trafficker bandits in the attempt to rescue the daughter of a nearby town's mayor.

Combat took quite a bit of time since there was a lot of enemies in the camp, and the party even made peace with the Shadow drake and Fairy dragon they were pranked around earlier by to do the job. One player almost died but in the end you could say they... made out like bandits taking the defeated enemy's supplies.


You're an autistic faggot, stop trying to make SoM worthless.

Give Disk a break, user, he's a busy man.

You're right, SoM should be overPoWered 2.0.


Ssalarn already did that all by himself.

There's a difference between a busted system that's easy to exploit and these autistic fringe builds 2hu makes.

>Dancing dog girl gif.


Pointing out strange interactions of a product is important the health of a product. Fringe builds or not, if their point is valid it should be taken into consideration.

Almost nothing 2hu makes is a fringe. They have fringe aspects to them(like always cheesing out being a small race usually) but nothing about the builds are fringe themselves.

Very seldomly is there anything esoteric or bizarre going on.

Is this the same dude from the /wodg/ threads?
Look dude I don't know how to tell you this but it sort of doesn't matter. The game is already completely and utterly broken beyond any hope of repair. One more broken specific build doesn't change jack shit.


Which Overlewd girls are the bustiest?

Who would actually think to make that build besides him? He's autistic.

>Pointing out strange interactions

It is worth noting that Oversized Weapons is literally right above Stable Shooter in the legendary talents list, and that Stable Shooter explicitly calls out the double hackbut as a valid weapon.

Both of these talents were written by N. Jolly. What did they *think* would happen by allowing those two to be taken together?

Do you think they're perky, or have a bit of sag?

Puffy or inverted?

I liked the shitposting about DHB.

Anyone want me to go back and compile more of the character stats. I'll do class, race, alignment, sex.

What else though should be on the statistics?

>One more broken specific build doesn't change jack shit.

Balls. It certainly affects how the community views the product, which would affect how much steam it picks up in the community and whether or not it can alter how products are made in the future.

I went by what they were talking about. I've no desire to actually read SoM so I'm not versed on the specifics.

Virgin vs Unvirgin?

Although what to do about it is beyond me.

You already need GM permission to take either of the talents this character is built around as per legendary rules, so the GM has to know what they're getting into if they green-light this.

And secondly people like the idea of being able to use oversized weaponry. It's a concept as old as Beowulf and very well-represented in media, but 1pp huffs and fusses if you ever try to make someone that can actually use a fire giant's greatsword.

It seems wrong that you would be obligated to deny someone the right to build Guts because the -possibility exists- that someone might focus entirely on dice-stacking with a gun that's not even in the PRD.

If we're talking about personal codes, how's this for a TN?

>"Never play a game you have no chance of winning. Better to lose face than to lose everything."

>"There are people meant to love and be loved. I am not one of them. Look what happened the last time I did."

>"Never let your guard down before the other person drops theirs."

>"The gods are more trouble than they offer in return. Their servants are not much better."

>"It's not about pride. It's about not taking a raw deal."

>"Do NOT lose your only mode of transportation. That kills you."

>"If it won't make you sick and you're hungry, eat it. You can't get picky on the road."

>"They say that everyone dies, but only a few truly live. How naive of them."

>"If it feels like they're out to get you, they probably are."

>I liked the shitposting about DHB.
Kill yourself.

Not sure DHB puts that detail in most of the time, so most would be either unknown or speculation.

It at least was sort of an intersection between thread drama and mechanic shit posting.

>It certainly affects how the community views the product
Probably not. I mean if people are still playing pathfinder then they either know full well how busted the game is and don't care, or they don't because they do rando fun builds and only run into the surface level broken stuff, in which case those builds aren't likely to come up.

It's easy to figure out if someone's a virgin or not based on their Personality, age and backstory.

I mean, duh. Their full backstory will involve whether or not they had sex.

"The GM can always ban them" is a pathetic excuse for the talents in question being deeply dubious in the first place.

Stable Shooter simply should not exist. Oversized Weapons should confer a nondamage benefit instead of a raw damage increase, such as repositioning enemies from the sheer force of blows.

What apps are the cutest virgins? What about the non-virgins?

Doesn't matter, as long as they're cute!

Perky. Definitely perky.

Probably just slightly puffy

Then who's the cutest?

Alright. Go through the Overlewds apps and for all the characters that don't specifically say if they're virgin or not, figure out which ones are and aren't virgins.

I'm more saying that the double hackbut should have never been printed, and DMs should just outright ban the weapon from use.

I AM >:D

Thought it was the ruse ooze for a second, not gonna lie.

Well, I mean, you're kind of high and dry with the oversized weapons thing. That's how they WORK in the core game.

"You can use an oversized weapon only it does the damage of a medium weapon but does this other thing" is gonna be clunky.

> Quarter-Dragon

>STRENGTH-based Acrobatics and Fly, Fly always in-class
>+10 Acrobatics to Jump
>standing jump as if running
>jump straight up by check result, NOT divided by 4 (ie literally x4 a normal person's jump height!)
>then horizontal glide distance of 5ft + [current Fly bonus rounded down to multiple of 5] per 5ft fallen, 40ft horizontal maximum per round (gonna assume you just stay in the air if you hit that cap before turn end, which makes sense because your fall is slowed by how much you glide)
>feat that gives +10 Acrobatics to jump again (?)

time to get RIPPED
>Level 1 quarter-dragon Barbarian with that feat, Greater Dragon Wings
>Strength bonus +7 (while Raging)
>+10 racial to jump, +10 again from the feat
>+4 just for having Fast Movement
>1 rank, class skill so +4 total

>Acrobatics to jumping: +35
On average your stacked lady with "no racial seduction bonuses" jumps 45.5 feet straight up, no back problems. Minimum 36 and maximum 55.

>Fly: +11 (so 10 is used for the glide, plus 5)
5ft descent per 15ft horizontal with 40ft max horizontal per move action (I think we assume you are forced to take this move action at least once a turn or you fall, but you don't have to use both for it, otherwise you'd float longer while staggered)
You can stay up in the air for 3 to 4 glide actions based on how high you jumped, average 3.55, and can make this last for just as many turns after your jump, otherwise landing in 2.

If you cannot at this point attract ANY MATE YOU WANT, you will at least be classed and equipped to take them by force. Sooner or later your cute farmboy will forget to look up while in the field, and bam.

Some people run on anime logic and assume women are "pure" unless otherwise noted. For example, Onryou should be a bit experienced considering she traveled the Inner Sea as a developing teen with a very perverted sensei... But SEagle has said she's still a maid.

>"You can use an oversized weapon only it does the damage of a medium weapon but does this other thing" is gonna be clunky.

A necessary evil. Elsewise, Oversized Weapons is a talent for mindless +damage, which, I believe, is something that Spheres of Might was trying to get away from.

Which could still make sense. I don't know the character, but it's possible she didn't like that part about her teacher so it turned her off of those type of relationships.

Personally, I think the best is when they're just saggy enough to show how large and heavy they are.

>who would think to take the largest dice firearm in the game
>then take the talent to use a bigger one for even more dice
>and then the talent this explicitly calls out that firearm for getting a bonus
>while using it with Sniping/Vital Strike that act as multipliers on your weapon damage dice which you have made huge
The double hackbut sniping build is literally the most straightforward fucking thing in SoM.

+damage, which, I believe, is something that Spheres of Might was trying to get away from.
You're mistaken because you are legit autistic. The issue isn't raising damage numbers at all. The issue is utterly ridiculous damage numbers that fundamentally warp combat around a few classes/tactics.

Literally the only logical thing about having an oversized weapon is "it looks cool as fuck" and "it does a FUCKLOAD OF DAMAGE"

I still think we're all going to be shocked when Valeriya tells Casimir to be gentle because it's her first time.