About to start a round of Scion.

I need a good Exploration why the Indian Pantheon isn't existing. Don't like their flavour tbqh. Aztec chars will be forbidden because i am thinking about letting the Aztecs go rogue once the Players hit demigod.

Ploot hooks, stories from your active rounds and experiences very welcome.

What about second Edition? When is it released ? Tbh it seems very overcrowded in the mythology department.


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The Indian pantheon does not exist because OPP are cucks and don't want to offend indians by talking about their religion on an rpg

I mean in the first Edition. There they are in the companion if i am not 100% mistaken.

I have no particular knowledge about the Indian mythology and in my opinion the Indian Pantheon would be vastly overpowered due to having such a large cult. I am looking for a reasonable ingame explanation why they don't exist or why they are dead in the present.

They were all murdered by Ravana and other Titans when they started resurfacing, just before the campagn.

But why the most powerful gods. By Scion logic the Indians should easily be able to attack least hold back the Titans or even push them back.

In my concept once the gods start gaining a following they should be able to gain enough power to win or reach a stalemate at least. The Deva (?) already have that.

*at least hold back....

Damn autocorrect

It raises expectations and stakes.
If the titan menace emerges and It wipes out the voodoo gods first, nobody gives a shit. If they emerge and kick the strongest pantheon shit's first, everyone goes "OH SHIT WHADDUP!!!".
They're your Worf, use them to create a sense of urgency to the campaign.

Not to mention, you then can add all kinds of hindu inspired shit that's now avaible to everyone because the rightfull owners are being chewed eternally by Ravana. Jackpot.

Thats actually a good idea.

I am thinking about using a modified a long road to Heaven. Maybe the Meeting in Vegas is a. Fuck they raped the Deva meeting and the gods are trying to keep it secret. The players have to figure out what the fuck actually happened. That has the added effect of showing them the gods are far from invincible.

I only have to struggle with my own suspension of disbelief because if the Deva are beaten so easily how the fuck are the far far weaker gods stopping them Titans.

And some Hindu Scion without parents. Interesting plotlines about Scions gone Rogue.

>I only have to struggle with my own suspension of disbelief because if the Deva are beaten so easily how the fuck are the far far weaker gods stopping them Titans.
If the Empire defeated the Old republic so easy how could the rebel alliance stand a chance?

Hinduism has a large following but also literally hundreds of Gods, and Islam is cutting into it's numbers heavily this day.

Why the fuck are you outright forbidding two major pantheon's? Just say Eurasia only to your players if you're going to be this picky

>And some Hindu Scion without parents. Interesting plotlines about Scions gone Rogue.
We think alike.

True. And Element of surprise i guess.

>Why the fuck are you forbidding two major pantheons.

3. Loas are also npc only.

Party because i don't quite like their mythology as much and don't want them to be placed as prominently. Partly because i have Plots in mind for these Pantheons and because (in the case of the Aztecs at least) i mostly have new Players and i think they would fail in portraying an Atzlani Scion.

Loa: I see them in a more neutral role. More focused on little things and themselves. Not that invested in the war.

Aztecs: They are supposed to switch sides later on demigod or God level.

And i think not having Scions from 18 different pantheons makes more sense tbqh.

They don't even have too switch to the Titans. Just having powerful Scions with no one to guide them/keep them in check is bound to create a lot of Chaos.

Just one thing: If not the aztect reconsider the voodoo ones at least for PCs. They're hilarious in play. Cheval lets you be such an asshole to people It's a laugh riot every time.

Honestly don't think my Players would be interested in playing them. I think they just don't know enough about their mythology.

Oh well then.

3 of them are most likely playing Aesir and the other one maybe Dodakatheon.

So its not a big deal. I will miss Zombies and Cheval though. You are right about that.

No egyptians? A shame. Aesir and Dodecatheon are still fun enought however. Arete is a little boring If anything.
Be prepared to write a bunch of houserules because the system (1e and 2e alike) is hilariously broken.
But I bet it didn't escape your notice.

Well maybe i have to do a little convincing but maybe one plays an egyptian.

Is it that broken? I mean i have noticed some stuff but i am not that deep into the rules. Is it playable?

Let's put It this way: WW and OP have allways been famous for their atavistic unquenchable hate for the very concept of playtesting.
The gravest offender is the initiative system: read it well in advance and figure something out because It's math is broken.
The powers are unbalanced, but that is relatively easy to fix, You just search the internet for fixes and FAQs.
Epic attributes are unbalanced but You can easily ban the worse ones (hints: anything that has anything to do with initiative and xp)
The dice mechanic is oWod's so It's statistically ridiculous. Just sobstitute with nWod's.
All in all unplayable as is but quick to fix, like 99% of WW/OP products.
The difference is that fixing it is actually worth the while. Not so with nmage, omage, geist etc etc etc.