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>What did you find wrong wih the King Turret? I just finished putting together 6 of these and the only problem I have is the lamely undetailed tracks.

The fit was so tight that I snapped one off. Gonna file the others down some more or something.

Damn. That's not good.

Oooor you could just try being a little bit more gentle?

Better a tight fit than loose crap like the Panzer 38 (t) where just turning the tank on its side makes the turret fall out.

Due to a variety of real life things, I haven't kept on top of my paratrooper painting. Current group is the top right, who will be getting their khaki tonight but are otherwise done. Then I've just got a batch of 28 command/observer figures, and 36 mortar and HMG crews to do before I'm done. Given it takes ~6 hours to finish a platoon of 28, I'm pretty sure I can finish before the end of April as planned.

I can't load this picture, or three quarters of the images on Veeky Forums actually. What do?

Hm, Veeky Forums's doing the same here. Seems like the image servers are fucked. Hopefully they'll fix that soon.

In list format:
8 17pdr crew
16 6pdr crew
4 HQ PIAT crew
28 Airlanding Platoon members (4 SMG, 3 Bren, 1 Bren Loader, PIAT, PIAT loader, Light Mortar, Light Mortar loader, 1 officer, 15 riflemen)

>Need Khaki on combat webbing
27 Airlanding Platoon members (3 SMG, 3 Bren, 2 Bren Loader, PIAT, PIAT loader, Light Mortar, Light Mortar loader, 1 officer, 14 riflemen)

>Still in the pipe
3 Officer figures
10 Observer figures
13 NCO figures
3 Staff/command riflemen
8 HMG crewmen
12 Light Mortar crewmen
16 Heavy Mortar crewmen

Guys pop quiz, how does LOS into buildings work in TY/V4?

Looking at the rulebook, buildings are tall terrain, so stuff inside them can be seen if it's in 2" of the edges, but they specifically can't be seen through, so you can't shoot through them even if within 6" of the other side.

But I'm assuming this is based on a Phil comment so I'm going to guess that's wrong and there's meant to be completely unstated "you're not allowed to shoot through walls" rule.

Related question, does V4/TY say how to handle moving up/down levels in a building?

You can shoot through walls with a big enough gun. Which is why walls are bulletproof cover.

Yes but have you considered pre planned 80mm mortar barrages against bunkers?

I assume it's just linear movement but up. So you'd just go up 8".

>Yes but have you considered pre planned 80mm mortar barrages against bunkers?
Is this our next meme, following Portable Holes and Cheers?

Unlike Portable Holes, pre planned 80mm mortar barrages against bunkers are entirely intentional.

This is pretty great:

> The rules state that any team hit stops in the middle of the minefield, so unless the enemy are also in the middle of the minefield, they aren't going to get into the fight.

V4 really is amazing.

Finished Zis-2 platoon.
I think it is alright to place guns on medium bases like 6pdr, but their barrel is enormous and looks unbalanced to me.

i don't see a problem with this.

Check the quote against the rule again. Tank teams that fail saves stop, stuff that's hit and survives doesn't. Phil's wrong about his own game.

Yeah, if the gun has 4 or less crew you can use a medium base. The Zis and the PaK come on large bases because they're physically large, but you can still legally swap to medium bases.

Whats wrong with it? Even with quote I dont see what is problem.

Phil's said any team hit by mines stops in the middle of the minefield. Teams hit by mines don't stop; tanks that fail saves stop (infantry don't, because they're dead).

Yes, Phil and Wayne was having different point of view for list building with formation support, it seems Phil didnt wrote whole rule by himself.

>no no no infantry teams become bailed out because v4 cheers phil

ok chaps V4 might have a few balls up but some of you seem to looking for fuck ups wherever.

ok, fuckers, it's question time....


You don't think "infantry teams stop when hit by mines" is meaningfully different from "survivors complete their movement"? Really?


ok Phil. stop fucking w' m' poll!

desu senpai u pst a sht q & u gt a sht ans

Never include memes if you want serious answers.

Lawful Cheers

You honestly expected anything better from FoWtg?

You seem to forget we're on Veeky Forums after all, and still have some trollish tendencies.


i also don't see what you are on about

I think his point is "Phil's idea of what the rules are is notably different from what the rules actually are, indicating that Phil has no idea what he's talking about and/or that BF didn't proofread for shit"

>tfw you're gonna have to sell 2/3rds of your armies soon to make rent

well shit

I"ve been playing americans and i'm depressed.

bmp spam everywhere in my meta. so much AA nothing can survive more than 1 or 2 strafing runs, and enemy Air is shredding me.

only competetive lists i've seen that work vs hordes of bmp is infantry spam with ITV spam.

When are they going to fix this piece of shit team yahkee game for americans? american infantry are 99% worthless,

i'm thinking of buying a bunch of m2 bradleys (anyone know of where i can get some right scale and will be cheap?) and hope that they make it into the book and the lists won't suck then.

We're still better than the (semi-)official facebook page at this point. At least the vast majority of /fowg/ contributors aren't illiterate fuckwits who freak about any little change. Or fail to realise that this doesn't apply to anything but what it says.

Yes, Stars and Stripes is due out this year, probably after Red Thunder, and we're getting the first volley of details probably about Red Thunder at Salute. So you'll probably get a better AA unit and M1A1 Abrams.

I'm late for the party, so can anyone please explan me about this medium mortar vs bunker thing?

>inb4 quick rundown

Bunkers aren't immune to Artillery bombardments no more.

Artillery in V4 start the game with a ranged-in marker on the table which is placed after bunkers but before other troops. Repeat bombardments are particularly dangerous now since every artillery unit gets [Mike Target]. Also, FP ratings have been increased, especially with FP6+ becoming 4+.

V4 artillery is one of the most effective ways to kill bunkers (which is a little ridiculous in and of itself, especially if bunkers are deployed in defilade) and medium mortars are generally the most points efficient artillery.

Meanwhile, 80mm mortars IRL struggle to have any lethality outside of the top floors of houses.

It's this yeah.

Bunkers are gun teams. Artillery that repeats fire re-rolls saves on gun (and infantry) teams. Mortar firepower got a massive firepower buff and no points increase.


People who vote in polls without a vested interest are truly the greatest heros.

>The fit was so tight that I snapped one off. Gonna file the others down some more or something.

>Königstiger breaks down during common use

These are the most realistic models I've ever heard of

Nah, that'd be the BF models glued with shitty super glue, so one or both track units falls out mid-game.

So here's another v4 question: what's the purpose of the 2iC in v4? Page 8 says we pick "the" Commander (as in singular) and all rules I've checked so far only refer to "the Commander". Then there's a little box that says the other guy just becomes a normal Team - does it count as a separate platoon at least? Can it attach itself to other units or is that gone as well?

The stuff in your HQ now forms a separate HQ unit, including the formation commander.

It functions like any other unit, with the following exceptions:
>Can mistaken target to other nearby units.
>Never takes unit Last Stand tests.
>Any team in the unit can spot for arty.

So yeah, nothing special about the 2IC any more.
However, this change does make bigger HQ units (like British 4-tank HQ troops) worth taking.

There is no 2iC, he's just a normal team in the HQ unit.

The 2IC functions similarly to the old 2IC, in that if your CO is killed, your 2IC takes over for morale purposes. Just now he's always got to be nearby the CO (but by extension if your CO is killed, the 2IC inherits his motivational abilities now, so it's a mixed bag).

Mind pointing to me where in the v4 rules it says that a) he takes over the abilities b) has to be nearby?

>a better AA unit and M1A1 Abrams.

so basically nothing of value? bleh .. time to dump my americans then.

armor is overcosted and overrated. why buy a 10 point tank when you can buy 5 2 point tanks that can kill the same target.

americans don't need more high pointed tanks they need cheaper units that can actually do the same work their overpointed crap does.

This is why bmp spam will always beat americans and the only way an american force will win is if they dice the fuck out of the russian bmp spam player.

1 more AA won't cut it either. every force out there has 3 options for AA .. americans only have 1 shitty option that is better used to hit infantry with. (gepards at least srhed bmps and are good AA.)

Vads needs a rework .. they were never fielded teh way they are portrayed in this game.

Where are the stingers? they again won't be attachemnts for infantry if it follows how they were actually fielded.. Where are chappareals? again probably won't be done right again.

lastly M60's .. these need to be the american version of the leopard1. a cheap tank that can get the job done (3-4 pionts) so what if a t72 can kill it as long as i can bring 3 or 4 for every 1 m1 i'm fine with that.

Last I heard, MANPADS, vehicle missile AA, M60s and Humvee-carried troops were supposed to be in the new US book.

also hoping for a cheaper aircraft (f4 phantom?, f16 falcon? f15 strike eagle) .. fucking 20 pionts for a 50/50 no show 50/50 flies off when 2 guys get shot down really sucks.

Page 40.

In TY it was an emergent property I just spent ages typing up, but, now it's explicit on p40.

>so basically nothing of value? bleh .. time to dump my americans then.
Everything suggests the US is getting everything the other NATO forces have gotten. Stuff we've had hinted/told:

Stingers and Chapparals and possibly even the Sgt. Fucking York, a boondoggle that didn't work, so you're likely to be pretty set for AA.

M60 and M2/3s are also very heavily hinted, quite possibly appearing at Salute this weekend, which'll give you your spam-tank, anti-BMP IFV, and scout/spearhead option.

Jeeps are confirmed, loadout isn't, so possibly cheap recce (one wonders how recce can get any cheaper for NATO), possibly cheap mobile ATGMs. They might also be getting an infantry TOW if we're seeing more REFORGER stuff.

Everything said and hinted so far for the US looks like they're going to be up to par with the rest of NATO after Stripes, which is a bit worrying, because the US was the only army it was possible to play without making the ridiculous BMP horde.

Ah, awesome, thank you very much!

If you're wondering why he's got to be nearby, HQs are now "HQ Units", like any other platoon/company, for all rules purposes. You deploy them like any other, use them for counting good spirits, etc etc. Accordingly, they also maintain coherency with each other.

Yeah, I'm slowly, very slowly understanding how that changes the game quite a lot (no more attaching CIC & 2IC tanks to a tank platoon to make a big assault platoon).

Not sure I'm happy with this...

>no more attaching CIC & 2IC tanks to a tank platoon to make a big assault platoon
But you can still attach the HQ unit to a platoon for an assault, and you can also Combat Attach the 2iC to any platoon.

What size is flames of war? I'm trying to find something I can do with my father.


The BMP horde is also fucked against anyone not the US desu. British infantry can annihilate it in assault and keep back infantry with GPMGs (and APC overwatch if needed), and germans get Gepards (and can back that up with more gepards) if that's not enough. Both also have cheap autocannon stuff if they need to attack for some reason. If the US can recreate all the fun of trying to fight germany in BMPs with 12 gepards on the field with the sgt. york, then every NATO faction has the resources to hose every warpac build.

Been out of the game for awhile.

Is 4th going to be good for Mid-War Eastern Front battles?

We'll have to wait and see. So far, we have Afrika Korps and the 8th Army (well, part of the 8th army), for the desert. The eastern front is supposedly coming next year.

15mm or 1/100th scale. Generally you're fielding company-sized forces with some support elements.

Anyone have any idea when the new Eastern Front book will come out? I'm doing a 6k vs 6k Kursk scenario this Sunday and was interested. Not that I'd advocate swapping the book the weekend/day of, just interested.

I'll be posting the game as we play it, Sunday at 10am EST or so.

The next V4 release is in September currently, so I wouldn't expect anything before late 2018.

It could be this time next year.

But that depends on the remaining North Africa releases and the Team Yankee US and Soviet expansions.

>6k vs 6k Kursk scenario

That sounds like it will be impressive.

How large of a board are you playing that on?

Take pics and post them, please!

I'm also playing 5k tomorrow, admittedly Germans vs Germans. I'll probably try to snap some pics as well.

Following from Stripes chat earlier, do we know what's in Red Thunder?

T-64s, BTRs, Spandrels for the Soviets etc.

No sure betting on anything else, but I'd say T-55s in Red Banner at a guess.

We know we're getting the BTRs, because they're in Volksarmee, and apparently the T-64, too. According to one person who said BF had spoken at a con, it's FA 17, but I find that kind of hard to believe because the entirety of the warsaw pact lineup being the same tank but with FA 14, 15, 16 and 17 is too dumb even for BF. It would be pretty Cheers, though.

considering i played a 5,5k (1v1 fortified germans vs my soviet horses and dudes) on a double table you only need a double table.

We did Six by Twelve, three normal tables stacked together.

It's why I really don't understand why it wasn't the T-80. At least that had thermals.

We did a 6x7.5 for ours, 5.5k a side. I still need to get it all done up in a proper PDF report, since the battle was over six weeks ago, but I just keep dragging my feet since there's 53 4MB pictures to cut up for it...

We'll either be using 5 or 6 boards, probably the latter. The space we're in doesn't lend itself to much more. Means that it's one long strip of a table, but we manage. Mostly all tanks, from what I've been told. 4 Russians, 3 German players.

I plan on it, they have wifi there so I'll be posting as turns progress. If I can get entire unit lists, I'll include them.

you sir, just touched on the one area that v4 presently does not cover

"sorry, gotta wait until June of 2018 to play v4 eastern front officially!"


wait, Stripes chat?

what is this i hear?

Stars and Stripes and Red Thunder, the two separate American and Soviet books for Team Yankee to bring them into line with the British, West Germans, and Best Germans who all have separate books with more options than what was provided in the core book.

I thought the books was just called Stripes.

A reference to the comedy film.

>most pivotal and titanic theater of the war
>aint even covered by the rules yet

Sasuga Battlefront

They literally just re-released Mid War as a whole. It's not yet there.

Just use the EW/LW v4 rules with the old Eastern Front book.


We've done this to have some US forces for North Africa; worked quite well.
A 900-point US force seemed reasonably balanced against a 50-point German force.

Maybe I should try it with some Soviets next time I play...

Yeah I am pretty sure you can just use Eastern Front points with V4 rules for the Eastern Front for now. Everything in that book is pretty generic so all the special rule changes should be covered.

So here it is guys... the big Red Thunder teaser from Battlefront.

>No ERA option for T-64

Well at least the BTR looks cool.

I'd say cheers but it's too soul crushing

Cheers Phil.

The T64 sprue.

>T-72 with FA 17 confirmed.

>Signature equipment of Soviet armor
>Omitted for reasons

I wasn't expecting much and I am still disappointed.

Is that not the ERA in the top right?

Yeah... They pretty much ruined team yankee for me, now there is no point, at least for me, to using any warpact nation....

And the few times I am going to play it i am going to think that my west germans are trying to conquer the world... again...

At least i can use the minis for another game maybe a skirmish one, battlegroup fulda gap when?

Damn for some reason i quoted the op instead of

Hatches, Hull rear, other random parts.

The literal top-left-most bit, adjacent to the base of the turret and above the hatches and gun IR lamps.

I can only begin to imagine how terrible the rules will be

Looks like the rear end of the hull to me.

My prediction:

>T-64 is just a T-72 with a missile, no ERA
>Red Thunder just adds the stuff the east germans got (and T-64) but with +1 courage -1 skill
>Stripes will come out
>M60s with ERA