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1st for Monkey princess and for wishing that Dulluhan princess wasn't split into two parts so that I could rescue more princesses

I wanna see monkey princess playfully slapping someone's butt.

Monkey princess monkeying around and slapping Sir knight on the rear after he turns around because Monkey princess made him look

Are there Speesh princesses in Speesh stations?

I'd like to think of mimic princess as having normal human intelligence and speech, but because she likely wasn't raised in human civilization, her behavior might come across as odd, such as social behaviors or something, which leads people to believe she's just a simple mimic. And time she spends with you is spent trying to learn more about human customs so she can learn and integrate more, perhaps to better represent mimics as more than just mindless predators.

Technically, if you manage to cap both of their lust levels, you can stick them together and they'll take up 1 cart slot.

I just realized that any Towergirls campaign would basically just be a lewder version of Shovel Knight.

Is that a problem?


>Dullahan Princess becomes one princess
>Old and Young pirate are two separate princesses (because time portals and shit)
>Assassin and Ninja get put back together into the old Assassin
>Gen 2 is now 20 princesses instead of 22

Dullahan makes sense to be one princess, both Pirates could be separate princesses easily, and the Assassin-Ninja split makes little sense as they're practically the same thing with minor differences.

Gen 2 is sloppy, now that I really think about it.

I want to see Monkey Princess and Squire reenacting Secret Journey the Po-Ju version

>Horrible memories of early internet using AskJeeves in the school library to look up Pojo, a trading card and collectibles magazine, and getting Poju by accident

The reason I never went back to Ask Jeeves.

What's Po-ju?

I'm always surprised to see people whose Internet doesn't come with Google.

A porn artist who draws shiny girly boys. Disgusting, degenerate shit.

The reason I was asking was just in case it was lewd, Because I don't want to get Promotions

Thanks user

pff- you act like its a bad thing

btw did some more commission stuff. tiger and jin chan princesses

are images slower to open lately?

Veeky Forums's image server is shitting the bed.

hiro has been cutting hosting budget again

jeeze I cant open anything, hope hiroshimoot fixes it soon

Is a choose your own adventure a story? Would you write it the same way as a story or is it different?

CYOA is an open-ended concept. You can make your own adventure, write it up as a story focusing on minor interactions, the overall event, or whatever else you feel like.

not necessarily

in the case of towergirls most of the princesses only get a minor description so that the rest of their personality can be filled in by the player

its more about putting once choice above another with Veeky Forums style CYOA's

so instead of a goosebumps style "do you go through the right or left door?" its more about "Do you want door #1, #2, or #3" with explanations about what each door would give you

this is also added along with a point system so you can only select a few, which in the case of towergirls is cart space

The images in this thread seem to be alright, but I can't access anything in the previous one.

Wasn't expecting to come home to this. Can't say I'm enthused about it, either.

For some queer reason, I can open them all fine now. And the only thing that changed was I visited the CYOA thread over on /d/ to see what they were up to since last time and now.

Same. Now that I can do that...

Awesome. Thanks for sketching my request, Red.

What's up with Gen 2? I know it's been altered for a long time now, but what was the reasoning?

>Ogre gets new art (better art, even)
>Plant gets new art (Worse colors, better art)
>Original Assassin had her name and Renounce effect moved to a new girl (unfitting move, even). New renounce effect isn't anywhere near as bad as other effects, and is totally negated if you don't become a king.
>New girl is similar to Ninja; high kill rate, confirmed to try to kill you, secretive group, etc
>Assassin also has a negative as a positive (Loses face around said horses), and one negative doesn't matter in any way at all (300 confirmed kills)
>Pirate got dropped down as an extra character
>A second pirate with a wild backstory out of nowhere joins normal Pirate in the extras below
>Special rules that don't really add anything to the character

What was up with these changes? Other than the art for the first two, these changes feel tacked on.

If you got a problem with christmas cake pirate, you got a problem with me

Don't know, I just kept the original pirate.

Gats changed em

the others he wasnt to pleased with

Pirate's original design and base was also the defacto least popular gal back then, even below Holstaur


>taking any choice other than wasteland

Well that blows that it's official. Original Assassin is one of my favorites. All she needed was the new Assassin's art. I personally don't like the new Assassin Princess at all, since she's pretty much a worse version of Ninja.

As for Pirate's design, I can't believe that. That just sounds too wild to be true.

>Rescue Crest, Armor, and Symbiote Princesses
>Use "Love Spell - Symbiotic Relations" on Crest and Armor


>the face is on the torso now
Good job, idiot.

>Smelter Demoness.png

>Crest and Armor become a head-chest abomination
>Use Golem Princess' Clockwork Heart on fused princess

Who the hell do you think I am?

Does anyone have the updated Gen 4? I know that Eversor (or someone else?) updated a lot of the art, and some cards got reworded, but I can't find them.

This is my most recent.

I wish I could see more witch princess.

Witch granted


>All those gaps between new art princesses and their text

A bit distracting, but the overall thing is what I was after. Thank you.

Qalupalik sketch by Red

wasn't posted here forgot to

That image is giving me monkey fever.

I drew one of these last month

Best Filth Princess Fusions?

Red, I've noticed you're really into updating the knights which is awesome but as a person more interested in your lewds, which requests/princesses do you like most?


We've had a lot of mimic fusions, need something unique

Like Troll Princess

Insect, Dawn Elf, Gnoll.

Just off the top of my head.

Fairy for a cute moving dustcloud

Here's a few fusion ideas, just to throw some out.

>Pirate (any) + Ninja
>Zombie + Plant
>Golem + Mouse
>Drider + Scylla
>Vampire + Cave
>Jester + Squire Courtier
>Knight Princess + Boy Princess
>Sir Knight + Yven

sucker for either stronk princesses, or pirate(would totally marry every time)... though Im down for most princesses

>knight fusions
fund it

In that case, I admire some fit girls myself, how about some flexible girls in some yoga poses?

How about yoga pants?

Very nice, dude.

Woah.. woah, what about..
Elephant + Zombie!

>Tribal Knight + Gonne Knight

Wrote up a quick (very quick) run based on the earlier Symbiote on Dullahan thing. Anything I could've done to improve and/or strengthen the end result?

Shit, that pic is creepy as fuck

... Ghetto Knigha?

Yeah, that was the artist's intention.
They did like 6 or 7 total ranging from utterly nonsensical to silly to overly disturbing like that Cerberus.

Do any of the Princesses wear skirts?

Lycan, Gazer, and Tiki, for sure, and Redcap looks like she's wearing one.

for reasons

Who is the one on the end?

Not great options except for Tiki. Some upskirt art of her would be great.

just a gobo gal I found, her art was lewd though so I cant exactly post her

couldnt find her origin

heres a sapper/bomb maker version, since theres already an alchemist in the bunch

10/10, would entertain in my courtyard

Updated WIP on the Dark Knight Princess

I love it

I can die happy now. Thank you. Hmmm i should try my hand at fanart of some princesses



Sapper is the way to go!


more princess

and alt color

>Wake up
>New Blank Maidens
Pretty good.

i just want her thick legs around my head brehs

Hear me out. A hedgehog themed knight.
>spikes on the back of the armor, anyone attacking him from behind will not enjoy it
>knight himself is cuddly but shy
>can roll out and transform into a spiky ball of death

Only if you can fit a "Gotta go fast!" joke in there.

LETS take that!
Bristleback now!

>tfw no Speed Princess to help Hedge Knight achieve his deepest dreams of going fast all the time

Not your best girls but guess you cant always win


So... anons, does anyone think a Double Princess would be viable?

Do you mean Gemini Princess, or do you mean something else entirely?

If I could draw, I'd attempt to draw a Hedgehog Knight right now. Sadly, I can't into art.

Basically a princess based off this:

Basically a Princess based on taking other Princess Crowns.

Well, I don't think there's a princess that steals crowns yet, so it could work.


Was that not a suggestion of what Mimic was like?

Jesus Christ, how Princess.
The original intention was "Thief Princess, but obsessed with regicide" but that is damn interesting too.

+Grand collection of crowns
+Master thief
+So you happen to have an unwanted princess...
-Might not be royalty
-Keep your princesses away from her