My Racist Character

So i've just started my first time D&D campaign and my character is a former slave owner. Any advice for roleplaying as him other than caling blacks niggers? And yes he does have a wip.

Simply treat them as inferiors, refuse to use manners with them, maybe take part in a couple lynchings.

>has shiftless negroes as slaves instead of superior elf slaves

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>humans being racist towards other humans in a world where completely different humanoid species exist
you have already failed

>implying blacks are human
Sorry, someone had to post it

i would personally say that being as stereotypical and vile as possible would get boring quickly. instead, act kinda kind.... in the same way you would to an animal.

that's what your focal point should be, they are, compared to you, animals. and not the pet kind, but the workanimal kind. like an ox, ment to be pulling a cart.
you can still appreciate and be fond of the animal, but if it doesn't pull the cart... then it's not of much use to you....

>problematic backstories

I prefer to call out lowbrow troll threads for what they are.

>humans not being racist towards other humans just because species exist as well
Are you an idiot? There's countless examples throughout history of people backstabbing their their (genetically practically identical) neighbours to work together with foreign invaders from another continent. Why would that be different just because there's some dwarves and elves now too?

yeah this

Depends on your setting. Maybe he respects the freed peoples of the black Kangdom or whatever but sees the slaves as just slaves.

I think the better way to go would be to make slaves more like Roman slaves than American ones...conquered peoples rather than a specific race. And slaves can work to pay off their debt rather than being bonded for life.

>backstabbing their their (genetically practically identical) neighbours to work together with foreign invaders from another continent
i didn't realize op was talking about this weirdly specific scenario

Go with the "But I treated them right ! And they were happy to work for me, at least they had a roof on their head instead of starving in the streets" route

>Any advice for roleplaying as him other than caling blacks niggers?
Unless he's a psychopath or views negroes (which is probably a more appropriate term for the time than niggers unless you're trying to directly insult them) as beasts, he probably won't whip them to death for no real reason and try to justify things, or simply believe that the status quo is justified.

He doesn't see himself as oppressing or harming his negroes, but rather helping them. They're kind enough folk, but they have neither written language nor civilization and if it weren't for the white man he'd still be hiding in caves at night, thinking the thunderstorms are the wrath of some angry deity and performing silly dances in hopes of curing his tuberculosis. Only under the white man can the negro be educated, clothed, fed and provided shelter. Being forced to perform menial labor in return is only the white man demanding rightful dues for his generosity, he isn't running a charity here after all! That's a different way to play a slaver other than the "Yer name is Toby!" stereotype.

Hell, if you want to be really controversial he might actually BE the civilizer he imagines himself to be. He might actually teach them to read or write, and have "house niggers" who are actually allowed a relatively cozy life where they are afforded free time and the right to roam from their masters estates as long as they remain within a certain distance. They might even learn professions that are useful around those estates like engineering or accounting, and maybe even the "field niggers" have somewhat ethical working hours with food breaks here and there. In my eyes that's how you properly do grey morality: you don't make everyone a douchebag, but instead you make the villains somewhat sympathetic.

This. Remember at least in real life, slaves were better as slaves than "free men" because there was no place for them outside of the home of their owner. And many owners re-hired their slaves and still treat them like dirt, and worse, now the bosses weren't entitled to take care of the slaves nor give them a place to sleep.

So in short, just behave like a normal human bean, you had slaves but it was for the greater good of society, it was so the productivity increased, and it was so they wouldn't become criminals as free men. You gave them a home, even if you had to whip them from time to time.

slave owners can be humanitarian too.

It's not specific. History teaches us constantly that your average human has enough hate in his heart that he can be as racist towards niggers, muslims, elves, dwarves and aliens all at the same time. White and black working against green is stupid.

Not enough pertinent information. What class is he? What's his alignment? Why did he stop being a slave owner to become an adventurer? What's the setting? Is he human? What was his family like? What was his treatment of his slaves like? How did he react to fugitive slaves? Did he keep and educate house slaves? Was he the actual owner of the place where his slaves worked, or are you thinking of something more like an overseer, or someone who goes out and captures slaves, or what?

Did you just make this thread as bait, OP?

This - it actually looks like shit you'd be able to hear people say without having to go to 1800's tavern-equivalent of /pol/

There is another out group. Fighting other breeds has to be put aside for humanity general.

Brazilfag here.

This reminds me of arguments in favor of slavery in the 19th century.

>Follow the slave care recomendations, and all will benefit.
There were booklets about it.

>They die by themselves.

>It is natural, machines aren't.

>From this wreteched existence, we elevate them to civilization, moral and christian as it must.

>My blacks want to be like this.
And many actually prefered to have no responsabilities, it is quite human.

>The Bible wills it.

I might also add that while one could be racist and think of some as exceptions, black of body and white of soul. A lot of people still think like that. He would call the lot of them niggers, except Jonathan, for he is a good and proper man.

>Brittonic rulers siding with Anglo-Saxons to fight other Brittonic rulers
>Rus lords siding with the Mongols to fight other Rus lords
>Mayan vassals siding with the Spanish to overthrow the Mayans
>Native Americans siding with Europeans to fight other Native Americans
>Javanese rulers siding with the Dutch to fight other Javanese rulers
>anything the British East India Company ever did anywhere
>Feminists siding with Muslims to fight White males

It's a recurring pattern in all of human history that people consider their immediate neighbours to be worse threats than an objectively more alien outsider—with whom they will gladly ally if it means gaining an edge over their rivals.
It makes sense, too—those neighbouring people are in direct competition with you over land, resources, and influence, while the outsiders are (initially) not.

The definition of in-group doesn't magically extend to ever broader circles when faced with an alien threat. It remains largely static, so you ally with whoever you think will help you promote your usual in-group over the out-group that's been bothering you for a long time already.

If OP's setting has humans owning slaves, they'll treat those slaves (and the populations they are drawn from, perhaps) as inferior to their own peers. If those peers are Elves, Dwarves, and what have you, who own slaves too and have a common interest in keeping them down, then I can guarantee you that OP's character will be more comfortable around them than around typical slave races, if they're even in the picture.

Woah, really made me think.

No seriously it did, I think you are correct now.

I suppose there's a recurring theme of shortsightedness as well - trying to take down your immediate rival instead of seeing the danger in the foreign peoples.

Multiclass as bard

Why not both?

> Assuming OP isn't playing an alt-history, post civil war wild-west confederate guerrilla warfare campaign

Plebian of the highest degree.

>And yes he does have a wip
Did he remember to thin his paints?

Treat them as machines. As you treat your fucking frige or PC.

You don't thank your fridge, and neither are "bad" with it. It functions, and you use it.

It's not even a cool object like a car could be, in many cases.