Dark Souls Board Game

Whats everyone's thoughts? It's coming out tomorrow.

Maybe it'll put an end to Soulsborn rpg beg threads, but probably not?

Honestly, I'm not a fan if the game, I like the gothic Cthulhu look though and want the game.

I'm actually looking to be convinced its trash.

The thing is that you can't really make souls an rpg. At least not one thats anything special. Everything in souls is based on the gameplay and the map; gameplay isn't something you can really emulate in tabletop settings and the map would have to be GM made.

A generic dungeon crawler with the Souls asthetic. Not bad, but missed the point of what makes the Souls games good.

While seeking to directly emulate Souls mechanics is a fruitless effort, I'd argue that it should be possible to make an RPG built around the ideas of the Souls games.

A focus on choices, making the right call or being punished for it, of learning your environment and your enemies and exploiting them to achieve victory against extremely dangerous foes.

How far you go and how literally you interpret it is up to you, but I think with some solid design work it could make for a highly compelling game.

Well, that's not quite true, the problem is you'd have to take apart an rpg with a dynamic combat system, and hard-brew a total Dark Souls conversion for it. The problem is that we no longer have anyone on Veeky Forums autistic or brilliant enough to do so.

It's shit - as anything from this faggot company

Kickstarted on a whim because I enjoy the vidya so much, but after reading the rulebook I'm not really that excited to play it.

Backed it for the minis. The game is just a nice bonus although I can understand why people would be upset with a game that removes skill and adds dice rolls in its place. I personally dont mind it

I ordered the Kalameet, Gaping Dragon, Old Iron King, Darkroot, and Vordt expansions. I really wanted 4kids too but I was tight on money at the time

was hype for it until I've seen the quality of final miniature

I think the inherent problem is that almost every rpg system uses dice rolls, which is antithetical to the DS mindset of punishing you for mistakes while being fair, letting you win once you make all the right moves and don't mess up.

>comes out tomorrow

No it doesn't. It comes out May 5th.

I want a souls roleplaying game, if only to push forward the concept of trying again after a PC death.

So many campaigns are needlessly discarded because people are unwilling to just let players rewind and try again. The idea of re-tries is needed to remedy this.

It ships in the UK tomorrow.

I really hope they don't end up using that last seen sculpt of the Dancer. Looks like she's diving head first into the ground. If they do, well, guess I get to learn how to cut and sculpt her leg back into a good pose

Youre pretty much right on the money. DaS is where your personal skill improves over time and you take that out and replace it with randomness people would understandably get buttblasted. For people who don't take the game too seriously I see it being more enjoyable but the hardcore fans will never be happy with it

Comes out on the 21st for retail backers if I remember it right

Closest I got to that was a solo game of Runequest where your passions rose and fell every time you died.

There are some things which are closer to that.

Although it's very much not a basis for a DS game, the dice system in Legends of the Wulin is closer to what I'd like.

You roll dice before declaring actions, knowing all the values you have available to you at the start of your turn and it being a matter of figuring out how to use them most effectively.

That focus on decision making, not entirely without randomness but letting you control what you do with it, is something I think a Souls RPG would capture.

I'm also working on a vague idea for a Souls-ish combat system using cards, with each player having a number of 'frames' before them, preassigning actions to each frame and then going through them one by one, everyone involved resolving simultaneously, with various interactions between attacks, defences and other special actions in various frames, as well as ways to expend resources like stamina to make a lasts minute defence or some such.

I've been doing a bit of homebrewing based off of a brief misunderstanding of Legend of the Wulin's rules, and I think it might work here. Basically, you roll at the beginning of the round and distribute your dice sets (e.g. having three 8s gives you a set of 38) to the actions you want to try. This keeps in a bit of randomness--which in my opinion is necessary to emulate all the stuff like suddenly-crumbling terrain, nerves, and other things that we can't reasonably track--but puts much of the focus on making smart decisions.

That or you just go diceless.

>The thing is that you can't really make souls an rpg. At least not one thats anything special. Everything in souls is based on the gameplay and the map; gameplay isn't something you can really emulate in tabletop settings and the map would have to be GM made.

At no point in the past decade+ has that ever stopped Veeky Forums from demanding that someone make an RPG for [FLAVOR OF THE MOMENT].

I like the models but am curious about the gameplay. I still need to check out kingdom death too.

Oh, shit. Any news on when the late backers will get theirs?

Nothing about late backers but here's a copypasta of the important parts of the last email we got

i don't like the darksouls series.

i have no doubt this game is just random bullshit with darksouls figurines.

basically just star wars monopoly.

Actual board game is nothing special from looking over the rulebook, minis look great though. Backed for the minis, will probably play a few times because it doesn't look bad.

I kickstarted it and am looking forward to having a dive into the box! I'm eager to see the miniatures and then finally I am pretty eager to actually play the game! :)

So, probably shipping for us in Freedom Land next week or the week after, huh?

I hope so. Been itching to paint some minis even though I'm really average at it

Same, desu. I hope it arrives soon.

Kickstarted it for the minis, if the game is even vaguely good that's a bonus.

Just finished my practice runs with a paint job to mimic the phantom effect in the games. I'm no expert painter but I think I'm on the right track, even though most of the summons and invaders will just be red and white phantoms

It's just priming grey, base coating black, then dry brushing some white on it. If it has another color I just drybrush over the white with the appropriate color or leave it if its a white phantom. It really benefits from some edge highlighting but I didn't do it much here

This picture looks a lot shittier than I expected it to look. Sorry

I'd try to make the red phantom more...red, but otherwise I think it's aight.

It's definitely a darker red than I intended. I bought a brighter red shortly after painting that one, which happened to be the first attempt at this

What's it gonna play like?

Haven't kept any tabs on this at all.

The white looks pretty gud, yellow needs some orange added to it like pic related. The blue is right for the actual game but translate bad I think, I would do something lighter so it has that "phantom" effect to it.

So how much

I was mainly look at the Dark Souls 3 gold phantoms when I did it but if I were to redo it in the future, a base coat of orange or orange with a brown wash would be better suited. I don't know if I'll actually paint any of them blue but a lighter color is definitely needed.

most of the results for the dark souls 1 phantoms look like the ds3, I purposely picked one out that was a little off looking. it's more about recognizing them then 1 for 1 replicas I'd say.

Also you did good you should totally paint them! Colored figures are always nice to see even if they aren't perfect. Friends will think they are neat.

I planned to paint every model with proper colors. I'm using this as a chance to up my skills too. Been using old minis to practice some techniques in preparation of the minis coming in, although the only thing becoming more and more apparent is my lack of paint variety. I need a lot more paints

At least it's not from FFG.

That's because Fromsoft didn't really write anything about the world itself. Th information we do have is incredibly vague like Carim being home to stout warriors and little things like that. We're never shown how the world at large actually operates.
The souls games have interesting characters but a nebulous world that would ultimately make for a boring experience to roleplay in. It's not very satisfying to be constantly reminded that your actions in this imaginary world are completely meaningless even in the context of the game.

What the fuck is this color? Some kind of dark army/olive green?

Looks like it, P3 makes a paint that matches it almost exactly, "Cryx Bane Base", if you're interested.

Damn, that's a perfect color, but my local model shop only carries Citadel, Vallejo Model Color, and Tamiya. You think Vallejo's Uniform Green would work?

second from right on bottom row looks closer.

Pic cuts it off but the chart says it's Yellow Olive. Thanks, I'm a little colorblind with my greens

And for anyone who'd know how, what would be the best way to get the cold steel look of the Outrider Knight's armor?

The shading looks like the most important thing, it's more noir.

Fuck, I'm awful at shading. Do you think this would work?

>paint metal
>drybrush an icy blue white mix
>drybrush and small highlight with pure white

Interesting idea, but WIP most likely will grant you greater insight into technique.

Sam fool but it looks like reverse shading btw. Light and darkness are switched and darkness is emphasized.