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first for stannis

In about 10 hours we gonna have Ynnari vs Death Guard.

Yncarne vs Morty.

Anyone wanna bet who is going to win?

Third for who the fuck is stannis

nth for genestealer genocide when

Posting for criticism on 1250 list.

Pedro with centurions to tank AP

Lib with plasmadevs to reroll gets hot

Combat squad the vets, half on a tank/transport, half on infantry

When the Sky Mother comes

Is there such a thing as a good Ork list?

everyone who isn't playing them

Are you using the reactors on the plasmadevs? You're aware they up the chance of get hot right?

Is it worth it to take the Maelstrom of Gore as the core in the Butcherhorde detachment over the Chaos Warband?

Fleet and +3 are nice, but paying the extra for the zerkers feels like a waste of points

pls let running a fuckton of Raptors be viable in 8e

I just want to play fluffy Night Lords

Tbh senpai the truly faithful will be reborn

plasma large blasts are fucking disgusting and he can reroll them anyway, why wouldn't he

Obviously Ynnari. Otherwise that shit is rigged.

If you choose "average" units from the Eldar codices the match will come out much better than if you just pick the scatterbike list from hell.

You mean invisible, deep striking, non scattering d-scythe wraithguard?

riddle me this Veeky Forums:

how can jet bikers with a 3+ armour save, strength 6 weapons, and that can travel the entire board in one turn... be so cheap?? and yet count as a TROOPS CHOICE?

WWP archon escorting D-scythe wraithguard with whateverseers attached spamming Telepathy for Invisibility is not an "average" codex unit.

I went up against GGA yesterday with my in progress Guard. It was an intense 2000 point Maelstrom game. About halfway through we shifted to using Escalation rules for his Shadowsword, which made a huge difference and gave him a fun time of destroying all my fun and important units. That made up for me seizing the initiative and grabbing 7 points right away.

The Psychic Phase was a comical battle of shutting each other down. We both rolled up Forewarning to give to our blobs, but more often than not, we denied the power. I think we only got to use it 2 times each despite getting it off every turn. The highlights for him were obviously the Shadowsword destroying everything. I didn't get a chance to do a lot of damage, but I managed to do my objectives.

I got very lucky and ended up winning by only 1 point. I rolled a 2 to see if the game went on, which saved me from being tabled.

Anyone play any fun games lately?

Because GW thinks its player base only plays against friends with beer and pretzels while forging the narrative.

Anyone else watch the Tabletop Tactics Gaius War series? I thought the first 4 installations were amazing -- super Your Dudes tier. Number 5 literally brought in fucking Guilliman, and of course the goddamn Ultramarines won. Herohammer needs to go.

WHF 6th edition try to do that. Look what happen.

The more they should care about not having such OP bullshit. I mean its impossible to play friendly against the Eldar. All they field is utterly broken.

And now with soulburst, its like they are playing a different game altogether

Criticism on 750 Ravenwing list? Lots of plasma because dark angels

First list ever so go easy on me.

is the Deathwatch any good/viable right now?

get some black knights

Yes, I calculated the probability of taking a wound on a devastator when I have the librarian for prescience at about 3.7%.

I can show you the math:

2/6 chance of gets hot on first shot
(2/6)^2 chance of gets hot on reroll
(2/6)^3 chance of failing armor save on double gets hot

No no you see, when forging a narrative! You bring what ever you like! Just tell your friend to try something different like a WraithKnight

My Banshees and Shining Spears disagree, hell if they leave the Avatars 12" bubble they struggle with tacmarines.

Maybe if I bring 4000 points of Chaos space marines against 1850 points of Ynnari I might have a chance

Where? Twitch?


One that's fun to field.

That's essentially what the command squad is. Do you think I need more?

as an ally? maybe. as an army by itself? no. none of the ally kinda armies can stand well besides GSC and War convo (but that's more from how it's almost a decurion)

Yes, if you can

That's quite possibly the worst formatted list I've ever seen on TG, it ranks right up there with 8000x400 battlescribe dumps.

>Shining Spears
>tfw when never getting full plastics
>tfw never getting phoenix lord
>tfw least played shrine.
>tfw everyone hates bike-dar because of scat pikes.
why must it be so?

Not if you play competetive. They have too few models, like the Thousand sons, but lack the invuls and spells of Thousand sons

What the hell is so special about the War Convocation?

You could try Magnus and some Thousand Sons, they are super powerful!

If your Eldar friends feels your AP3 is too much just let him save anyway!

Oh the Eldar killed all your units with Soulburst? That is 40k! So fun!

About 500 points of free upgrades?

Coincidentaly Magnus and Thousand sons are my 40k army...

I'd just settle for fucking Hit & Run.

Why waste that on fucking spiders, the shits never close to melee on purpose, AND THEIR ENTIRE GIMMIC ISN'T COMPLETELY RELIANT ON CHARGING.

It's been a slow creep to get to that point, and I don't think GW realizes what's fair to have as troops sometimes.

If they were capped at 1 weapon per 3 bikes, or just put a cap of 3 weapons if it's really that important to have a small squad be uniform, then they'd be less annoying.

What would also help is if Eldar jetbikes only gave a 4+ save. No real reason they have to have marine armor along with the toughness increase.

Doesn't help matters that Eldar Jetbikes are also special and faster than all other bikes and jetbikes. It would also be nice if you did have to have a bike HQ in order to access them as troops, but that wouldn't really change too much.

Ideally, you could have Guardian Windriders be 4+ armor, 17 points, and be limited to Catapults as the Troop choice, and then make an elite variant that can get those heavy weapons but is capped at a smaller size.

It's op as fuck. Army wide Canticles if fucking great, *FREE* weapon upgrades (with fucking ad mech) and no get's hot.

WAACfaggots in my gaming store made up a rule that WD formations aren't allowed when their precious Eldar/Tau/Gravspam lost

Dark Eldar Jetbikes have a 5+

Yeah autism kicked in and I posted the uncropped one, my bad.

Yeah, and I'm saying it would be better if ALL Eldar jetbikes had a 4+. There's no real reason for Reavers to be that frail, and there's no reason for Windriders to be that durable. Shining Spears have heavy aspect armor for a 3+ anyway, as do Autarchs.

What's Veeky Forums's opinion on deamon Magnus. OP or not?

An autist would do a proper job.
Even if it's not his list.

well there is a reason why people played 3 DoP and him together

That is rather cheesy list.

Want to have anal sex later? I like to give

If he has enough batteries to carry him yeah, but like Tau, take away the "marketeers" and you're left with a very expensive, very resilient Doorstop.

How is it cheesy? It's probably just gonna blow itself up after a couple turns of shooting because of all the plasma.

Is it true that the Emperor was a jerk? I saw someone commenting he was pretty evil in The Horus Heresy.

This is why i had to stop playing crons against friends. There's just no way for me to field a casual list that people enjoy playing against.

Naw mate, i only play as lucky Pierre and I'm all sore from today's stretching attempt, shit keeps falling out.

>Is it true that the Emperor was a jerk?
>I saw someone commenting he was pretty evil in The Horus Heresy.
Don't trust anyone on HH, people are so invested in their guys they'll literally lie about the books to prop up their faction (looking at you chaosfags).

>they'll literally lie about the books to prop up their faction (looking at you chaosfags).

Give one example of this and use the archive.

did things really change that much since i left?

reminds me of a skit i did back in a quest fag complain thread

Has anyone noticed that the various legion detachments in the Traitor Legion books aren't actually required, in their restrictions, to be the legion they represent?

So theoretically you could have a world eater Vectorium detachment

I was going to make it more obvious with "a very gay list"

>Dark Angels
>Shooting hot loads of plasma

But oh well.

With 8th Edition coming out do you guys think GW will be able to balance all of the armies? I'm not asking you think they will, but if it's actually possible? I've only played for about four years so I've only ever known Tau and Eldar being filthy rape machines. Was the game balanced before now or has it always been this poorly done?

its possible, but it requires a level of effort and testing and community involvement they aren't giving.

>Was the game balanced before now or has it always been this poorly done?
Eldar have never been bad, they haven't always been top tier but they have never been bad or even mid-tier.

The fear is that, as GW isn't doing so well, they won't dare nerf popular armies because they fear losing customers.

Any army can be OP if a player knows what list to pick and how to min/max to the fullest extent of WAAC.
It's not,really up to GW to balance the armies, it's up to the players.

It will be shit like every edition. Since the competion sucks colosal balls GW will survive.

40k doesn't need to be perfectly balanced, but it does need to be better than it is now. If they update everything all at once that should theoretically help, as staggered releases have been one of the largest problems with unbalance.

Please make a WAAC list with Orks or more easy with SoB that can defeat Eldar or Tau WAAC.

How scummy are Knights at lower points? I'm a new Skitarii player and as much as I love Dragoons, I can get a Knight for less than a squad of them so I'm up in the air between Dragoons or a Knight.

I only have troops and Infiltrators apart from that but I've always wanted to paint a Knight and autismfag over the heraldry and lore of my house.

Magnus isnt the OP part of that list

GWs stock is at it's highest point ever. Pretty sure they're doing just fine.

Fuck it anons it's time for a GGA batrep. So gather round kiddos stop shitposting for a few minutes because for once something 40k related is actually happening. Did a 2000pt Deadlock game against another Veeky Forums user and Guard player so I hope you fuckers enjoy.

It would be possible, but only if GW is actually willing to take a look at things. That said, there aren't really that many things they would need to change to bring things in line. Even just an overhaul for Tyranids/Orks to fix their point values and give them options, along with a Traitor Legions style update for both of them and guard would be enough to drag all of them up to being more solidly mid-tier.

Combine that with some nerfs to some of those top-level models and formations so that the top-tier isn't quite as strong, and you'd have things in a pretty good range.

Already I would say that CSM is on the level where it can really compete with vanilla marines, even excluding magnus. And that's an army that was tapering right on the edge of low tier against one that's in the top 4, and all it took was one supplement.

Orks say " 'Ey, ye git"

Anywhere i can find the audiobooks?

over 1k points its fine. Below 1k points would be a colossal dick move

The other side of my deployment. And yes my opponent agreed to the Shadowsword. We decided to do 24 inch deployment zones because the diagonal deployment eats ass.

CSM still have an issue with a lot of things being too overcosted and that stupid rule that sorcerers have to take one power from their god's discipline

>Eldar have never been bad, they haven't always been top tier
I can't remember any edition Eldar was updated in that they weren't the best army.

You do realize it's a British company? You don't have to guess. You can look.


GW isn't doing especially well, their decline has slowed down though.

I believe because there wasn't one

That's kinda fluffy even

Other guy already posted. Also
Fuck off

Drown yourself in semen faggot

Yeah, they still have issues, but those issues are more a matter of design rather than power level. A couple point drops for the lesser used units and a general clean-up of rules and they'd be in a good place.

Besides, any Legion list that wants to not take god-specific psychic powers because of Mark restrictions could just ally in a Cyclopia Cabal for 3 Black Legion ones easily enough.

They're in a very good spot aside from Thousand Sons lists, but the same could be said of Chaos Daemons who have Tzeentch as an amazing top-tier force while the others aren't nearly as good.

The gap is much smaller, and the CSM codex has largely overcome most of its flaws.

Depending on the author, he can be evil, autistic or both.

And if you guys are listening just tell me. My opponent and I were pretty much WYSIWYG. They deployed second and it was pretty much the usual Veeky Forums approved Guard army with auto cannons and Paskisher. And all of the astropaths were taken from Imperial Agents.

I'm going to be playing for the first time in years next week and I need a hand filling out a 1850 point list for pure Sisters of battle.

So far I have:

+ HQ +

Canoness [130pts]: Combi-Plasma, Power Weapon (Axe), Relic - The Mantle of Ophelia, Replace With Ranged Weapon, Rosarius

+ Troops +

Battle Sister Squad [135pts]: Sister Superior x2
. Battle Sister x2
. Battle Sister w/ Special or Heavy Weapon: Heavy Flamer
. Battle Sister w/ Special Weapon: Flamer
. Immolator: Twin-Linked Multi-Melta

+ Fast Attack +

Dominion Squad [175pts] x2
. Dominion Superior: Combi-Melta
. Dominion w/ Special Weapon: Meltagun x4
. Immolator: Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer

Seraphim Squad [195pts]
. Seraphim x7
. Seraphim Superior: Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon (Axe)
. Seraphim w/ Special Weapons x2
. . 2x Hand Flamers

+ Heavy Support +

Exorcist [125pts] x2

+ Elites +

Sororitas Command Squad (C:IA) [175pts] x2
. Celestian: Combi-Plasma x4
. Hospitaller: Chirurgeon's Tools
. Immolator: Twin-Linked Multi-Melta

++ Total: [1545pts] ++

I have a lot of infantry still available with most heavy weapons, but no more rhino chasis. No new Celestine or rules for her either atm. I do have Coteaz and a generic inquisitor, along with a shooty henchmen squad. I've got a few priests and Jacobus. I can also put together some death cultists and I do have a squad of repentia.

I watched a couple of games tonight and there was nothing super cheesy, but it was fairly competitive. I will look at picking up Celestine and possibly an assassin, but for now I just want to use what I've got without proxying.

My main thoughts where coteaz, a priest, a heavy bolter retributor squad, aegis defense line and maybe another basic squad if there's still points left over.

Yeah I should have clarified that they were not top tier only for a short time during one of the editions. They were updated, yes.

>not doing especially well
>decline has slowed
>share price at a MASSIVE two year high
Do your research mate

Here was the other side of the table. There was Forewarning on both sides of the board and the mutual goal was to meet all the blob squads in the middle for a glorious melee.
user I finally got the time to do the batrep now.

They aren't doing well, considering what they have been. And they are in decline, there's not getting past it.

Why are you fanboying over a company on the internet? GW isn't your friend.

3.7% Per trooper is 14.8% Per shooting Phase. Or about a 74% chance you accidentally kill one guy after 5 rounds of shooting.

Still better than my plasma-spamming list: 5 Leman Russ Executioners in a Steel Host. That has a 34% chance of at least one glance every turn! Thank god for Techpriests!

Why do people like Orks? They massacre or enslave whole populations out of boredom. Imagine seing your friends and loved ones cut down, eaten or worked to death by xenos filth. Billions of innocent souls sent screaming to the warp for the amusement of an npc race.

They have no redeeming qualities.

Because they're funny, because people like playing the villain and besides, the imperium does the same thing all the time for different reasons.

Why doesn't Asmodai's model look like this?

Buzzgob, bikerspam, Supa kannon batteries, It may not beat T1 armies going all out cheese but iIassure you noone will be having *any* fun.

What's with the two combi plasma command squads? That's a hell of a lot of points for one round of shooting. (Personally, I run one with four heavy bolters, and attach a psyoculum having inquisitor to it.)

Good to see a fellow sisters player though. I'd advise you to get your hands on a third exorcist sooner or later, they're actually quite good.