Would your character use a wishing macguffin, Veeky Forums?

Would your character use a wishing macguffin, Veeky Forums?

He would wish for a Kender free world

>them ribs

Well, when your game is based around the concept of a wishing macguffin. I dunno, probably

Yes. To become the Pharaoh.

....loqo pics coming right up

Not what I was referencing with my character.

fuck the haters, marik's design was balla as fuck

Also great

Playing in an ancient world setting as a summoner wizard. My character's goals include collecting rare spell scrolls and eventually returning home to overthrow the pharaoh.


What does he like summoning?

Mostly elementals. Trying to work my way up to a point where I can transform partially into a dragon, though.

>Be in a game with a bunch of powergaming faggots
>Free a genie who'll grant a single wish to the group
>The group quickly degenerates into dick-waving about who should get the wish
>After about 20 minutes of listening to that shit my character pipes in, "Wish that every single person in the world has their favorite meal for dinner tonight."
>The genie bows, "As you wish, sayyid."
>The table erupts in a massive shitstorm.
>The DM's laughing his ass off describes people ranging from the poorest shitshoveler to highest king having sumptuous banquets and for one brief moment, the entire world is happy and at peace.
>mfw my 8 Wis rogue caused world peace for a few minutes with the exception for the few faggots he was with because they were greedy bastards.

Considering my PC can cast Wish 4 times a day, he'd probably just toss it in the trash.

Why the fuck would anyone run a wis 8 rogue? How the fuck is he supposed to detect?

The violence inherent in the system.

>Playing an edition where rogue skills aren't percentage based
>Not prodding everything with your trusty 10' pole

It is like you don't even know how to rogue.

At 8 wis, would how would he think to use a pole

>I poke at it, does it do anything?
>you can't tell

I have 3 on the go at the moment

>brother Malek
would almost certainly return it to the church so that someone wiser than he can decide what should be done.
and inevitably get chewed out by the party when they wish for something stupid

>the Assassin
would probably wish to share his "art" with the world (just so we're clear by art he means murder)

>chief constable commissioner thrax
would make jokes to/at/about it till someone punched me, at which point he's ask for a quarterly raise and Tuesdays off

Simple, he'd wish that the Archlich would permanently die.
My character is the only one who was there at session one. Empires have risen, kingdoms have fallen, gods have been slain, we've walked from plane to plane, he's lost his friends, family, wealth, followers, lover, and purpose all at least once if not twice for a few of those. Now after betrayal, death, and loss all he wants is for the adventure to end so he can go live off in the woods with his child the dragon he adopted. If it weren't for his promise to see the struggle to the end, he probably would have quit years ago.

Best picture of Marie.

>Oh, well I guess the girls are just peeking...


Oh my

that's pretty dark

She's a nice mixture of cute and morbid.

Only war character: he'd use it to Kill all the fucking orcs
Pathfinder guy: he'd use it to find/ become The perfect undead existence