Ships come into the solar system, begin mining and creating more ships...

Ships come into the solar system, begin mining and creating more ships. They spread to every planet except for the Earth & Moon. Any attempts at communication are ignored and any probes that get close enough are broken down for resources.

What does humanity do?

The only thing we're good at.

Irrational warfare.

Fuck off we're full.

I bet you like it when someone cuts down all the trees surrounding your property.

scream into the darkness like we always do, happier now that we know its full of passive aggressive strangers like we always assumed. Someday we will approach them as equals, and as they proceed to enact their un-rationalized destruction upon us, we will do the same, and call it an economic exchange.

Hello Jupiter. How is your anus cancer treating you? Is the designated shitting capsule working well?

If you cared about it, clearly you should have bought them too.

We own the solar system by right of birth

>t. martian

Fuck off Europaen.

We can only claim that which we can hold.
Sadly, at this point, that is barely the rock under our feet. It was generous of them to leave us the moon.

Probably send a maned mission to see what happens.

Alien tech is too juicy a potential reward.

Its a rather cruel fate for us.

Assuming nuking them does nothing, we'll probably then try and make a big ass EMP, which also likely won't work. We'll try and study them from here, maybe get a big of info, but without actually being able to study them up close I don't see us learning much.

Then we're left with no other planets or resources in our solar system. Which completely fucks any interstellar plans our species might have had. So our species enters a cultural melancholy, and we die a slow death, trapped on Earth.

>Probably send a maned mission to see what happens.
If decisions were made by scientists I could see that happening but they're made by politicians and popular opinion, sending astronauts on a one way suicide mission to talk to aliens that have been completely ignoring humanity is too much of a clusterfuck to ever get off the ground.

>die a slow death, trapped on a planet that has held life for hundreds of millions of years.
Over dramatic much?

>implying Humans are not exiled/fleeing Martians

You're corporate squatters on Tharsis League soil
>plastic whores get out

>except for the Earth & Moon

Well at least they're polite enough to leave us alone.

Transhuman Space > Eclipse Phase

Finally make contact with them

"I'm sorry, but your request for us to stop has been denied. As per the the agreement signed here by your religious leader Jesus you had 2017 years to claim the surrounding planets and failure to act on this has given us control of these resources.
Have a nice day. Please refer any complaints to the department of galaxies located 42 light years from here."

Hardly. The fate of humanity rests in the stars. If we cannot explore and spread amongst them, our purpose is moot. Our society's fate will be tied to the burning ball of helium we happened to evolve next to, instead of our species living as long as the cosmos itself.

The one thing I deeply care about is space exploration. I'd be willing to lay down my life to fuck up these uppity Von Neuman's in a heartbeat if it meant even a tiny fraction of a chance that it would stop them.

wouldn't losing Jupiter's gravity mess with our orbit?
I know for a fact that scientists have said we probably have jupiter to thank for developing intelligent life.
Reason being, that the massive gravity has caught many asteroids/comets that may have otherwise hit us and either killed all life or at least knocked off a few species with a huge dust cloud.


A. If the aliens can eat jupiter in a human timescale we have bigger things to worry about.
B. By the time they did eat jupiter all the asteroids would already be gone.

A) they already said the probes (not aliens likely unmanned) left earth and the moon alone. I'd worry about flying out of the sun's orbit or into it.
B) there's this thing called the Ort cloud so far out that it makes pluto look close. A comet that we see once every seventy years would be an example of this.

>I'd be willing to lay down my life to fuck up these uppity Von Neuman's in a heartbeat if it meant even a tiny fraction of a chance that it would stop them.
And that is why Humanity will always win in the end. We are a species comprised of suicidal/homicidal zealots.
>I'd be on that ship with you in a fucking heartbeat.

I'm probably gonna regret asking this, but what's wrong with xkcd?

Crush the alien thieves!!

**joins crusade against alien hordes**

>what's wrong with xkcd?
Nothing, he's just one of those people who have a gratuitous need to bash on anything and everything popular.
That is to say, a Hipster.

Arms race time.

I hate to say this, but what about sending a nuclear missile at them, just to provoke a reaction?

Damn, there go my dreams of interspecial crusading.

Who can kill the invaders first?

That or everyone decides to cooperate, if it's believed to be a credible threat.

China, Russia, USA, EU, Japan, SK, UK, India, Brazil, SA.

Most of the major economic, technologic or military powers, engaged in a single project:

Unchecked arms race against our new aliens neighbors / possible invaders.

We don't know what THEY can do, so the sky is the limit! Suddenly every defense budget sky rockets.

he needs a good wedgie desu

Jupiter effects earths orbit somewhat. But not to that scale. Jupiter vanishing will likely have a measurablr effect. But won't cause anything as drastic as earth leaving the habitable zone.

It's not great. But in Veeky Forums terms that means it's normie garbage worst shit to grace the jnternet

Imagine the collapse of the Soviet Union but on a planetwide scale.

Oh really, did the US collapse?
It's time you accept that the USSR failed not because of the arms race, but because of it's inherent defects exposed by the pressure of said competition among other factors.

SU relied on importing food to survive. What's gonna feed that freakish superstate?

I was thinking of a military-economical alliance of unprecedented scale.

Yes, that's extremely unlikely, to not say impossible, but I feel it's less ridiculous than a superstate.

it seems that occupied places are off limits to them

I'd make for a colony on mars. once there then the invaders would have to contact humanity or risk violating their own rules. once contact is established argue that we have domain over all the planetary resources in the system, at least all the bodies we've landed probes on. which would be every planet except mercury Uranus Neptune, most of the moons of Jupiter and most of the asteroids in the a belt and k belt

>I'd make for a colony on mars
Easier said than done.

Use nuclear propulsion to launch slabs of rock at the aliens to destroy them

is that a challenge?

Literally nothing? Ships that are capable of that kind of travel and centuries above our technology. If they inhabit the entire solar system at this point and are doing their own thing, we cant contact them? We cant fight them? Simply observe them and try to learn as much as we can.

>And that is why Humanity will always win in the end

Lol HFY at its dumbest, they would wipe the floor with us and kill us all with relative ease if they wanted too

They move? Replace the ships? What's the endgame here?

study what we can
create hypothetically functioning weapons and defences
retroengineer something if possible
see if the fleets react differently to different "food"
see if the fleets react differently to the same "food"
do not attack, they are not being directly aggressive despite looking like they are able to so there's something telling them not to break down earth stuff

propose to send harmless eartling and earth stuff to the fleets to see what happens

start regularly sacrificing goods and people to the "star gods" and subjugate humanity by making it believe your sacrifices are what is saving them and you're the only one capable of doing so

>The fate of humanity rests in the stars. If we cannot explore and spread amongst them, our purpose is moot.
After all stars in the universe will be claimed you'd start saying that mankind's moot unless it can outlive this universe and then what else more.

face it, mankind IS moot; just enjoy relative purpose, man.

>We are a species comprised of suicidal/homicidal zealots.

>We are willing to do stuff like attack a foe literally thousands of years above our TL with our lives on the line!
>That's why we'll win!

That's why forces with superior technology have always lost against plucky bands of savages with spears and religious zeal.

this, the guy you're replying too is a total moron

You can go interstellar with only Earth.

>Ships that are capable of that kind of travel and centuries above our technology.
We have technology for interstellar travel.

Wait, wait... you're telling me Return of the Jedi isn't a documentary?

We really don't, maybe for an unmanned probe if we a really patient but sending squishy humans any distance, no way

Are you pretending? or are you actually retarded? We don't have the resources or tech to make an effective manned interstellar mission.

We can send probes outside of our solar system but we have yet to send even an unmanned probe to another solar system. Weve yet to send a manned mission to another planet. Yet these hypothetical alien ships are able to enter our system with ease and colonise every planet. We wouldn't be able to do anything

>Weve yet to send a manned mission to another planet.
Reeee moon landing was hoax.

At this point interstellar travel is question of trowing few trillion dollars at NASA, considering what USA military budget is 600 billion, Trump may become first emperor of galactic empire.

>>Weve yet to send a manned mission to another planet
>manned mission to another planet

Do you know what a planet is

Also are you trying to imply trump even remotely cares about space? Hes gonna pump more funds into military forces

Send probes that break down their probes that break down our probes into resources to make probes that break down our probes to be broken down by our probes into resources.

Infinite resources

Hasn't he already increased NASA funding?

Still no. Even if the world's nations were to beat their swords into ploughshares there are still engineering, physics, social, and medical problems with interstellar travel we don't even have theoretical solutions to. It's going to take more than all the money and a catchy slogan to fix those.

$19 billion for mars research. Not all that much in the grand scheme of things but a good start. That's assuming congress will give him the money